Lorenzo and Eleanor Fugate

Lorenzo Dow Fugate and Eleanor Fugate This is a picture of Lorenzo Dow Fugate and Eleanor Fugate. Lorenzo Dow was also know as "Blue Anze"  and was mentioned in the article The Blue People of Troublesome Creek which can be read here.

I believe the picture was taken about 1915. I am not for sure but knowing their ages and the way they looked, that's my best guess. Lorenzo was the son of Zack Fugate of Ball Creek. Even though I have never been to Hazard/Perry county, my dad was born and raised there.

I had no idea that our family had such a long history there and were some of the first families to settle in that area. If anyone else has any pictures or information on this line of the Fugates, I can be contacted below.

This web site gives my a great perspective into the life and times of this wonderful Appalacian community. Please keep up the good work that ya'll are doing. Thank you.

Kevin Fugate
Pensacola, FL

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