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Oldest home 

This log cabin was originally built circa 1800 by Jacob and Mary Eversole near Chavies. It still stands today and is owned by Perry County Judge Executive Denny Ray Noble.  It is one of the oldest landmarks in Kentucky.

Jacob Eversole was born approximately 1760 probably in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He died on his farm in Perry County, Kentucky, around 1833 or '34. He married Mary Kessler, also from Lancaster County, PA. Sometime after the Revolutionary War, where he was a wagoneer, Jacob and Mary Ebersohls, (early spelling)  joined a company of pioneers who were following Daniel Boone to the fabled "Blue Grass" region of Kentucky. When they arrived, they found too many settlers, so they went back to the mountain section of eastern Kentucky and bought a farm a mile up the Kentucky River, south of Chavies in Perry County, near Krypton. This area, however was part of Virginia at the time and called Kentucky County. Jacob built a one-room cabin with a dirt floor here in 1789.  In 1800 he added on to the cabin, converting it into a large two-story house that featured a "dog trot" in the middle with living quarters on one side and kitchen and work area on the other. It still stands, and is owned by his descendants to this day and is one of the oldest land marks in Kentucky.

Jacob was a Baptist minister as well as a miller and had one of the first water mills in this part of the county. Because he could not speak English plainly, his congregation left him, but he was later furnished with a pulpit when members of his family organized the "Old Grapevine Baptist Church" where he preached many years.

After Jacob died, his son, Woolery continued to live in this house until his death, then it passed to Woolery's son, Major John C. Eversole.  At least two substantial battles took place at the Eversole house during the Civil War. The first was in 1862 when about 100 Confederates surrounded the house at day break. The Rebels knew that Union Major John C. Eversole and some of his men were inside the house. The Confederates opened fire, shooting out the windows and shooting through the doors as the Yankees ran out and across the river to the woods. In the brush the Yankees took cover and returned the fire. At least one Confederate was killed but the Eversoles survived the first encounter.

They were less fortunate when a second encounter took place on May 2, 1864. Major John C. Eversole and his brother Joseph reportedly had left the service by this time and returned home to Krypton. The Rebels either were not convinced that the Eversoles had in fact given up the fight or sought out retribution for the Yankees earlier action. A substantial group from Caudill's 13th Kentucky Cavalry (then under the command of Major Thomas Chenowith) attacked the Eversole house with great force that spring day and were successful at killing both Major Eversole and his brother Joseph. The Eversole house was riddled with hundreds of bullet holes throughout the thick poplar logs. Many bullet holes remain obvious today. It is notable that Irvin Eversole, a relative of both men, was a Confederate and served briefly with Colonel Caudill's 13th Kentucky Cavalry, but it is not known where he was at the time of the fight.

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Viewer Comments

"This web site is fantastic.  The power of the Internet is just amazing!  I read all of the comments and am truely pleased and surprised at the number of Eversoles and descendants who replied.  I, too, am a descendant of Jacob Eversole.  My mother is Joyce (Eversole) McNeely.  I don't know how many generations I am from Jacob (although I'm sure my mother does), but I have four children and another generation below me.  The proud legacy continues to grow.  Keep up the good work!"  Lisa Lasater, Waxahachie, TX

"I truly enjoyed the pictures of the old cabin, story and all the comment from a lot of relatives.  Is anyone aware of an Eversole reunion?  If so please let me know!  PS I am sister to Joyce (Eversole) McNeely."  Judy (Eversole) Boyd, Ebro, Florida (Panama City)

"Dear Mr. Noble, My father is Carl Eversole of Big Creek, KY and this cabin is part of our heritage.  Thank you for having this for people to view.  I am so thankful that the cabin is being preserved by you.  I wish I'd known about this cabin way back.  I lived in Hazard for awhile after graduating from M. C. Napier in 1969, but the economy being what it is, I migrated South.  I hope that you can get help from the government to restore the old place and wouldn't it be nice if you could open it as a living museum and have college students to volunteer as actors to portray the history of the house.  I will certainly come to visit the cabin the next time I'm in the area. Thank you again for your efforts to restore a part of history of Kentucky."  Karlin A. Eversole-DiMarcello,  Knoxville, TN 

"I enjoyed the pictures and history of the Eversole house and respect the fact that it's looked after and cared for by someone related to the family.  There was an old home on upper second creek that belonged to the late Owen Combs that was a nice home.  But was tore down about 1995.  The land company owns the land now.  Another part of Perry County history gone.  I live on the old home place of the late J. E. & Polly Moore on Upper Second Creek an enjoy it all the time.  Keep Perry county history in mind.  Thanks."  Manuel Moore, Perry County 

"I'm from Litt Carr, Ky.  I enjoy this website.  Keep up the good work on our state.  It's so beautiful!!  Proud of Kentucky."  Shirley McDaniel Jones, Quartzsite, AZ

"Thank you very much for this wonderful picture and all the comments from some of my relatives.  I am a descendant of Jacob.  My Dad was Rob Eversole of Big Creek (Avawam).  I would be happy to exchange
information with anyone."  Joyce (Eversole) McNeely, Waxahachie, TX

"I enjoyed the article about the Jacob Eversole house immensely.  I originally learned about the house's existence by viewing a picture of it at Reno's Roadhouse in Hazard, Kentucky.  It was through my cousin, Joyce, that I obtained this e-mail address.  Thank you, Joyce.  My father is Carl Eversole of Big Creek.  His parents were John and Judy Eversole.  My paternal Great-Grand-parents were Thomas and Rebecca Eversole.  My Great-Great grandfather's name was Woolery Eversole.  I, like so many others, have not yet visited the old cabin.  I felt very drawn to the picture and was compelled to ask many questions about it.  If anyone can enlighten me further I would appreciate it.  It would gladden my father's almost eighty-seven year old heart as he is the last surviving member of eleven children."  Gloria Eversole-Tartaglia, Rockford, Illinois

"I am so glad the cabin is being restored.  I am also trying to preserve a two story log cabin, it has been in my family since 1902.  I just learned the history of it about five years ago.  It is Anderson county's oldest cabin & business, built by a Revolutionary soldier, David Hall, between 1799 and 1803.  The cabin was an early tavern
and Inn.  I love these old cabins!"  Libby  Elizabeth Bumgardner, Anderson County, TN

"I remember as a little girl in the late 1930s, visiting this old log cabin with my father and mother.  I do not know who lived there at the time and I did not know the connection of this place.  I now know that I am sixth generation from Jacob Eversole.  My father, Justus Begley, was the son of Hiram Begley and Eizabeth Smith.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Preston Smith and Margaret Eversole.  Margaret Eversole was the daughter of
Abraham Eversole and Sarah Williams.  Abraham Eversole was the son of Jacob Eversole.  I am very proud indeed of my Heritage."  Betty Jane Begley Coots, Marietta, Ga

"I need info on Rebecca Eversole.  Does anyone know whom she married?  She was born June 6,1864 and died Feb.8,1939 in Hazard, KY.  Thank you."  Pam Duff-Enright

"I really enjoyed the pics.  My girlfriend and I are trying to restore one that was built in the mid 1800s and it is a real job. We had to take it down and move it around 17 miles and are putting it back together in our back yard.  It was nice seeing yours, puts the love back in the job.  Thanks."  Mike Mihm, Spencerville, Ohio

"I love this house!  It is so pretty and I can't believe that it could stand this long.  It's like a testament to the hard work and lives of the people long ago."  Crystal, Hazard, KY

"This is the first time that I visited this website and I am so glad I did.  This house was my mom's birthplace.  I have visited it in years past and took pics.  It was my understanding that Dr. Boggs built it in 1803.  If this is not correct, someone please let me know.  My mom was born there in 1934.  She is the youngest daughter of Orpha and Martha Napier.  I don't know the circumstances surrounding her birth, whether they lived there or maybe just a midwife dis or whatever.  I don't know, but I do know our family history, which is Napiers and Campbells of Perry county.  They came from Scotland.  I was told stories how my great aunt Lula Napier did at one time live there, how she baked pies and cooled them in the breezeway.  Seeing these pics has made my day."  Cathaleen Abner, Jackson, KY

"Still searching for relatives in and around the cabin homeplace.  I know there are relatives still living close to the cabin.  I grew up in Leslie County, Kentucky.  I went by this house a lot as a child.  My dad is Augusta Eversole, (still lives in Leslie County ), and my mom's name was Bessie (Langdon) Eversole.  If anyone is related to us, would love to hear from you."  Dwight Eversole, Poplar Bluff, MO

"I have visited this cabin.  My Grandmother Artie (Feltner) Collins lived here and worked at a motel across the creek.  She told stories of using a boat to get across so she could work.  I have also visited the old motel at Krypton, vacated now, but would love to know any information on the motel.  If anyone knows, please email me." Sharon Hueston, Oxford Indiana

"I am a decendent of Jacob Eversole.  My parents are Lowell Eversole of Second Creek & Virginia Hurt of Couchtown.  Both graduated from Napier High School.  (My mom's family moved to Typo, where I spend summers at my grandparent's home- right off the railroad tracks.)  Am looking for information on the Hurt side of the family.  All I have are the names 'Nicholas Hurt' and Alaphair (sp?) Baker.  I understand someone in this clan are 'the' Ma & Pa Baker.  Would appreciate help, if anyone has any information!"  Darrell Eversole, St. Louis, Missouri

"My mother, Artie Feltner, was raised in this house.  We have visited there several times.  Would like to have information on my mothers family.  Thanks."  Hazel Phillips,  Madison, Indiana

"I have lived around Chavies all my life and still today the old cabin amazes me.  It brings back some good old memories for me.  I can remember playing in the ozaaaaaaaald cabin as a kid and I really love the pictures of the old place.  I'm from a place that is really Eversole Creek but now is being called Keneva road about a mile away from the old cabin and every time I come to this sight it just makes me smile.  Thanks, Denny Ray."  Kelvin, Chavies KY

"Looking for lost relatives decedents of Cash and Bessie Eversole of Hazard.  I know I had cousins but lost touch.  My father was Joe Eversole and had brothers Carl, Joe Webster Edwin and sister Olive.  Please let me hear from you if you are from this group."  Joe E Eversole    Jenkins, KY

"I'm a descendant of Jacob and Woolry.  I know this because I used to have a book showing the whole Eversole family and how everyone is related starting with Jacob and ending with my dad, his brothers, his cousins, and distant cousins.  I've lost this book and if anyone can email me and tell me how to get another, I would appreciate it."  Kristal Dawn Eversole Wilder, Whitley County, KY

"I remembered my dad taking us to see this old house.  He was raised at Krypton, KY."  Bobbie-Richie, Hazard, KY

"I'd love to see the old cabin.  If you could just let me know exactly where it is over there.  I'm Denny Ray Noble's cousin but we've never met. Cecil Hudson was my father.  My sister lives at Krypton. Thanks."  Mattalou Hudson Campbell,  Southfork, Breathitt County

"Just wanted to say hi and just looking around Hazard.  Moving back to Eastern Kentucky.  Always been interested in old log cabins etc.  Take care and have a nice day."  Larry Thornsbery, Visalia, CA

"I am a descendant of the Eversoles and never knew all until my lady looked up my background.  I now wish I was born in 1849 with Woolery's son, Jesse, my great grandfather.  That would be grand!"  Walter Johnson, Manchester, KY

"Mr. Denny Noble, my great-grandfather was David Noble.  He was married to Sarah Feltner.  I just wonder if there is a connection?  I love the fact that an old house like this is still around.  I sure do miss them old hills."  Gary Thomas, Stanford, KY

"I am a descendant of Jacob Eversole and I am ashamed to say that I have never visited the house.  I would like information on whether or not I could actually visit the house and maybe go inside.  My grandmother's name was Cassie Eversole and her father was James Eversole."  Sandy Adams  Berea, KY

"I grew up in the Chavies, Gays Creek and Buckhorn areas.  The people of this area can tell some great stories of the past.  My grandmother was Lucille Bishop of Grapevine.  I am not a descendant of the Eversoles.  I no longer live in Kentucky, but I do miss home."  Michelle Lee Wood, Chapmanville, WV

"This is so cool to me!  I have been looking for anything about Perry county's background, as my mother and father grew up around this part of KY.  It is good to see this type of articles of the past.  'Ya all seem to be really proud of the heritage there!  That speaks a lot about my roots.  Keep up the great job!"  Sandra Stacy, Rich Sargent, TX

"You know, ever since I was a little girl, I always loved old houses.  Knowing this log cabin was built back in the 1800's and still standing today just amazes me.  You know, I would give anything to own a cabin like that today."  Wendy Bush, Hazard, KY

"I am a decendent of Jacob Eversole and have a photo of this cabin, that my aunt took last year on a trip back to Hazard and the surrounding area.  I was real impressed with this web sight.  Took me by surprise.  Hope to visit it soon my self."  Don Eversole, Coeur'dAlene, Idaho

"My great grandfather was William Perry Eversole.  He was born on March 3rd 1852 in Kentucky and died in Dixon, Wyoming in 1917.  His father was Woolsey (?)  Eversole who was born around 1826 in Kentucky.  I like to believe this house of Jacob Eversole was his home.  Does anyone have any information?"  Milford Eversole, Powell, Wyoming

"These Eversoles are part of my line on my Mom's side.  We visited the home in May 2000.  Very nice and beautiful surroundings."  Venison Turner,  W. Bridgewater, Massachusetts

"This old house brings back a lot of memories.  My father is Dwight Eversole.  My Grandfather is Gusta Eversole.  My great grandfather was Roscoe Eversole.  It has been passed down that my family came to Kentuky with Daniel Boone but nobody has any proof.  If you think you have something that will prove to me that we did, please e-mail me.  Thank you.  Oh, I love your website."  James Eversole, Poplar Bluff, MO

"I have never been there but plan to go.  I don't know if I am related or not, but would love to talk to someone who may be able to help me find out.  Thanks."  Barbara Eversole Mcqueen, Dry Ridge, KY

"My great, great grandmother was Drucilla Eversole of Big Creek.  She married Cash Eversole.  My great,great grandmother was from Leslie County.  If you have any info please E-mail me.  Thank You."  Samantha Hill, Perry County

"I grew up less than a mile from the old log house.  I went to  Buckhorn High school from 1965-1969.  I'm very pleased to see Denny Ray preserving the old place.  Hi Denny, have'vt seen you since high school.  I remember Peggy Lee Napier lived in the house before Denny's family.  She was a grade school classmate at Krypton Elementary.  I wasn't too interesting back then in history, but I now long for the memories of my childhood.  I think all of us do.  I plan to visit the sight next time I get up there, Memorial Day.  Thank you for allowing me to put my  'two-cents; worth in."  Reuben R. Sizemore, Mount Washington, KY

"I feel it would be a great loss to the State of Kentucky if this house is not preserved.  Also, I would like to know what happened to the house of Doc Combs.  Are there any photos of it?  My grandmother, Sue Godsey Combs was his sister.  She married Jasper T. Wilson in Hazard in 1915.  He died in 1922 and she left Hazard for Louisville a few years later and my family didn't have the pleasure of growing up with knowledge of the Combs family and my many ancestors.  I have done a lot of research and am proud to be a descendant of the Combs Family of Hazard, Ky.  If anyone has any stories or folklore, photos, news articles to share, it would be greatly appreciated. E-mail me."  Faith Berry, Louisville,KY

"This is the farm where my grandparents (Cecil and Lula Noble) lived for 26 years.  The farm was owned by the Eversoles in the Chavies and Krypton area.  The 26 years that my grandparents lived there and took care of the farm it was owned by Dr. Boggs of Hazard and then sold to Denny Noble who is the brother of my mother Joyce Noble  This farm is very special place for me.  I have very fond memories there on the farm growing up. My grandmother taught me all about how life was many years ago..all about farming and I even watched her make soap in the yard some 35 years ago.  I now live in Frankfort Kentucky and have for the last 5 years.  I am so grateful to have found the site.  I now can pull up the pictures whenever this country girl starts to dream of the most perfect and wonderful place in her childhood memories.  I am so grateful that it will be shared with so many others." Linda J Combs, Frankfort, KY  

"My Grandfather used to work in Perry County.  He has told me many times about stopping to spend the night in this house.  It has slipped my mind who he said lived there at the time.  It was around the year 1925.  I love this page.  Try to keep this beautiful house standing.  It sure has a lot of history in it."  Curtis Shepherd, Asher, KY (Leslie County)  Curtis020@Webtv.Net

"I visited this house many times as a young child.  The Noble connection is that the Nobles also owned the home and raised several children in that home.  It holds a lot of memories for Denny Ray.  That's why he's restoring it and how he ended up with it."  Anonymous

"I am one fourth Eversole.  I smiled just reading about the Eversoles.  My grandfather was Ranz Eversole from Clay County.  We spent many happy days there."  Betty Fox Farley, Lexington, KY

"In the summer of 1999 we went to Kentucky on vacation with the Stanley Edwards family from Big Sexton.  Stanley took us to see the old Eversole house at Chavies.  Standing at this old house and thinking about all the history and memories it holds for so many is an awesome feeling.  This property has been in the Eversole family untill the present owner bought it with the promise of restoring the log cabin. (so I was told).  In my research I was told the Eversole family raised horses and sold them to both the North and the South during the Civil War.  The location would have been good for this purpose because of the fertile valley and a river and a railroad ran past the front of the house."  Juanita Eversole Baker, Metamora, Indiana   

"My grandfather, Preaton Eversole, was one of the Eversoles who was related to Jacob Eversole.  According to my uncle, he was about fourth or fifth generation.  Good to see people interested in this page."  Anonymous

"Our Grandmother by marriage, Artie Feltner, was raised in this log cabin. We can remember many stories about this old home, such as her Father added the back porch which no longer exists, which I have pictures of. She married Irven Collins and later moved to Deputy, Indiana.  My parents were Bige O Campbell & Virgie Chaney-Collins-Campbell."  Kathy Ann Campbell Khazami, Tampa, FL

"My mother was an Eversole.  Her parents were Preston (Press) and Margrette Grigsby Eversole.  My grandfather was the son of Irvin Eversole who lived to be 102 years old. I know where this house is located."  Gladys Crawford, Bonnyman, KY

"Hi Denny Ray.  We lived up the hill from you.  I hope this gets to you.  Would love to hear how things are going on there.  Wish we has stayed there.  Please e-mail me."  Tootsie & Ron Hoffman, St. Cloud, FL CLOWN4628@AOL.COM

"Denny Ray please reply if you are the son of Lula & Cecil Noble.  If you are this is your 1st Cousin Juanita. Please respond."  Juanita (Engle) Brown Pleasanton Kansas

"My blood runs Kentucky Blue.  My great great grandfather, John H. Williams married Mary Polly Eversole.  His brother, Robert, married Susannah Eversole.  I only visited Perry County recently for the first time and the place seemed strangely familiar.  Who was Arraham Eversole's wife Sarah Williams' brother, sister or parents?"  Roger Bailey  RDBAILEYKY@YAMOO.COM

"I thought that the old log cabin used to once belong to Dr. Eli Boggs of Hazard KY, and that his dad owned it before that. So what happened to all of the history from that time until now? I think that this should really be added on to the story of the old log cabin. Thanks!"  Anonymous, Perry County

We welcome any details on the history of this home.  Please submit additional comments below. Editor

"Could someone please give me some detailed directions to the location of the old log home?  I know where Chavies is located and I'm really interested in visiting this site."  Jon Bentley, Hazard, KY

"Do you have any info about the Eversoles?  Doing family trees."  Andra Huff, Winnabow, NC   shvirbud@wilmington .net

"My daughters, Sarah Elizabeth Ogrosky and Anne Catherine Ogrosky, are the direct descendants of the Eversole family, through Dr. Deborah Eversole. Excellent historical work on Perry County history, especially the Civil War."  V. Martin Ogrosky, Charlotte, NC

"I was born and raised in Breathitt County and have been to Hazard many times.  I never knew about this cabin but I will surely see it on my next visit home."  Thank you very much."  Adam Miller, Chicago, IL

"In the mid 60's I lived with my grandmother, Della Sizemore on Keneva holler.  We sometimes traveled to Dunraven to visit my grandmother's brother, Lige "bear" Sizemore, when we would go past this old cabin that was across the river.  My grandmother told me that this house was full of bullet holes from the civil war.  I am very pleased to say my grandmother knew the history very well."  David L. Jones, Sevierville, TN

"This home is a treasure.  It would be nice if Perry county could purchase this home and surrounding land for a historical park. This is a valuable part of history that could very well be lost if not put in the proper hands. Please inform your county officials."  Florida viewer

"My father, Herbert Begley, visited his uncle living there about 1920.  Dad said he dug lead from the walls for fish sinkers.  My grandson and I visited the old house 1998 and 1999.  Unless preservation is started soon, it is lost forever."  Herman Begley, Little Rock, AR

"My parents are from Texas and they loved the afternoon we went to look at the old log cabin out at Judge Noble's.  I'm sure the cabin will be restored beautifully and kept for future generations to admire."  Brooks Webb, Hazard, KY

"So many people have forgotten about the old days and are trying to keep up with every one else these days.  Sites like this make you appreciate what you have today."  Thank you."  Morris Pendleton, Somerset, KY

"I was born on Lost Creek.  I was wondering what was the oldest house.  Now i know.  Thanks."  Fay Vaughn

"So good to see this on the web!  I remember as a small girl visiting the house and having the bullet holes pointed out to me and stories told. Didn't mean a lot to me at the time, but it sure does now.  I live about 3 or 4 miles from the house pictured in my 'old home place' on the hill, in the same hollow."  Teresa (Holmes) Slone, Chavies, KY 

"I am from Perry County and did not know of this history.  Maybe I will go view it some day."  Letty Knapp, Ohio

"I loved the story of the oldest house.  It makes me wonder how I was related to Major Eversole because my father's name was John C. Eversole and he was born and raised in Hazard."  Pete Eversole, Bethel, Ohio

"So glad to see pictures of this log home on here.  I hope that someone will take the initiative and give information and maybe even permit local schools to take tours of this local landmark. The history of this place needs to be preserved."  Anonymous

"I think tours would be a great idea."  Anonymous

"This is fabulous. I enjoyed this very much. I agree schools should visit this site. Great job Mr. Noble.Thanks."  Vickie Fields, Glomawr

"I was just seeing the old house on the computer and I think its just GREAT that they would have a web page for this old house.  I really enjoy seeing it."  Mandi,  KY

"I enjoyed reading about the old home and looking at the pictures.  Thank you for putting  them on here for people to look at."  Anonymous

"I heard some family talking about the house and thought I would look on the Internet to see if I could find anything."  Jeffrey Gabbard, Dupont, Indiana

"I am a descendent of Jacob and Mary.  My grandmother, Alta Eversole, would have been pleased to see your site.  Thank you."  Paula Elvick, Sacramento, California

"My husband's mother is Sally Eversole Huff from Leslie County.  Her mom & dad are Irvin Eversole & Millie Feltner.  We are are looking for his & her family.  Hope you help us."  Sandra & Albert Huff, Winnabow, North Carolina

"Wow!"  Lindsay, Hazard, KY

"I like to find my homeplace."  Diane Winnett, Troublesome Lane, Ary, KY 

"Thanks to Mr. Noble for having the foresight to save this valuable Kentucky landmark."  Anonymous

"I live about a 1/2 mile from the oldest log home.  I am fortunate enough to see it each day and it still amazes me each and every time.  A big thanks to Denny Ray Noble for taking such good care of this landmark."  Lucy Langdon, Krypton, KY

"I think that the old log home should be restored to 'like-new' condition. Surely Mr. Noble could get this done, and preserve it even longer!"  Anonymous

"Thank you Mr. Noble.  These pictures bring back memories that I have of the Noble family and the memories of spending the night with them in the cabin."  Allen Wooten, Leslie  County

"During the history I did not see the Noble name listed anywhere.  How did Denny Ray Noble end up with this?  Where are the grandchildren or other kin?"   Anonymous

"I have seen the oldest house in Kentucky many times. It is located in Chavies.  The beautiful house that sits next to it is owned by Colby Noble and his family. All I have to say is please don't tear it down."  Anonymous

"Three years ago my husband, Don & I went to Perry County looking for our Smith / Eversole connection.  We were told about the Eversole house and looked it up.  My grandmother, Lucinda Fox, was born in Kentucky and I had never been to the State of her birth.  Lucinda's parents were Sarah Jane Smith and Harmon Fox.  Sarah Jane Smith's parents were Sylvester Smith and Dicey Jones.  Sylvester Smith's parents were Jeremiah Smith and Elizabeth Jones. At that time, however, I thought that Sarah Jane's parents were Preston Smith and Margaret Eversole.  Soon after we came home from that trip were learned my mistake that I had the brothers mixed up.  Both had daughters named Sarah Jane born near the same time. It is so confusing sometimes with everyone naming their children the same name.  As it turned out the Eversoles were only uncles etc.  The trip was well worth it to see that house.  We were told at that time, that the house might be restored. I hope this proves to be correct, as it is a great house.  I agree the school children should be taken to see it. Thanks."  Ruby Prescott, Dallas, Texas

"I'm ashamed to say that I have never been to Perry or Breathitt County.  My great grandfather, George Washington Noble rode with the 13th Kentucky CSA and is buried at Red Hill Cemetery."   Albert Edwards

Want to add your two cents worth or share a memory of Perry County’s oldest home? Submit your comments below.  Be sure to give us your name and where you live.

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