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Jim Daley 18:33:00 4/06/2004

I'm trying to locate my first cousins, Bruce Williams (born 1950) and Sandy Williams (born 1945) who used to live in Hazard, Ky, during the '50s. '60s, and '70s. My aunt,Mary Williams (formerly Daley), of Parsons, Ks, their mother was born in 1914 or 1915. Their father was the late CW (Clay) Williams, a retired L&N RR employee and a Kentucky Colonel. Any information to their whereabouts would be appreciated.

Jim Daley From Wichita, Kansas

Charlene(Grigsby)Polasky 18:52:36 4/05/2004

Im Charlene Grigsby Polasky, trying to contact Roy Gene Young's son. I lost the E-Mail he sent me. But i believe his name is Brian. I am Rachel Young's niece.Please contact me at my E-mail address.

Charlene(Grigsby)Polasky From Mason, Ohio 45040

Lynda Combs Gipson 18:30:37 4/05/2004

Hi, Sytha was actually Cynthia Stacy born 20 October 1873in Perry Co, and her parents were James Stacy and Hulda Engle.I tried to email you, but your email address not all there.I have more if you need it. Email me. Lynda

Lynda Combs Gipson From Frankfort, Kentucky

Dorothy Brewer_Bryant 18:02:08 4/05/2004

Hi, my Dad is from Bulan area,Pigeon Roost area. James B. Brewer I would like info on his Mother Sitha , was she a Stacy?where was she from? Any help would be apperciated .I like this site.I miss hills of home.

Dorothy Brewer_Bryant From North Little Rock , Ar.

kentuckylady54 21:31:06 4/04/2004

Yes i know a Kenneth Francis. He did work at citizen bank in hazard.He might still do.I used to live close to him when he lived with his mother at Wabco.

kentuckylady54 From ky

kayla 17:34:35 4/04/2004

does anyone know kenneth francis you my know him as beaver francis, if so plz let me know. kayla

kayla From hazard

Charlene Watts Brown 16:41:13 4/04/2004

My father Farris was your father's cousin. I only had the pleasure of meeting him twice--only once when I was old enough to remember. Daddy dies in 1986, but always remembered and talked about the good old days in Vicco. One story I remember is one about how our fathers and someone called Stacey enjoyed a summer of causing havoc to all the women in Vicco. Seems they had a habit of sitting their "slop jars" out on the porch each morning to be emptied. The "Watts" gang had a high ole time shotin' holes in the jars! Until, of course, they got caught!

Charlene Watts Brown From Louisville KY

Knoha Howard Andrews 12:59:36 4/04/2004

Hello, I am looking for information on my ancestors. My grandfather was Harland Howard from Quicksand. Great grandfather was Cooney Conley I would appreciate any information for a family tree. I can go back to great grand parents only. Please email to Thank You

Knoha Howard Andrews From Indiana

roy boy baker 11:17:10 4/04/2004

song wrighter,singer recorder,artist,musician,entertian,parents of gilbert and haley baker perry county ky,roy boy,baker,wellknown song coal minner son recorded 1950

roy boy baker From knox ville tenn
no e mail

Ada Bailey 23:43:25 4/03/2004

Thanks for the connection to old friends and new alike. I would love to hear from anyone who knew of my family in Hazard and Big Creek. My parents names were Sallie Baker-Bailey and Elijah Bailey and/or my brother Bronson Bailey. I attended elementary down on Big Creek and about 6 months at the Combs High School, before we moved north. My aunt was Mallie Baker who covered news from Big Creek. This has been a plesure to reminasse (My daughter's e-mail address is I look forward to hearing from anyon!! Ada

Ada Bailey From Cincinnati, Ohio

Tasha Hurt/Bolton 06:02:16 4/03/2004

Hi! My mother Evelyn was born and raisedin Hazard Kentucky along with her 12 brothers and sisters.They are related toHurt Daniels Combs and Napier My grandfather was Everett Hurt and my grandmother was Loraine Daniles/Hurt please if anyone is any relation to my family please contact me at the following email address I am trying to find information about my family history thank you.sincerly Natasha Hurt/Bolton....also if you are related to Jeff Beasley or Robert Bolton please contact me ASAP thanks.

Tasha Hurt/Bolton From Cincinnati ,OH

Tasha Hurt/Bolton 05:48:21 4/03/2004

Hi!My mom is Evelyn Hurt/Bolton/Beasleyshe is related to Hurt's Daniels Combs and Napier's I am trying to find out more about my family history so if youare related to these people or are related to my mother please contact me at the following email address thanks.

Tasha Hurt/Bolton From Cincinnati ,OH

becky 17:20:27 4/02/2004

this is a wonderful site, i love looking at all the pitures,because my mom grew up in hazard, and my dad is from jackson,it always nice look at history, but mabe some up to date pitures would be wonderful,thanks beck,

becky From chicago

steph 18:43:59 4/01/2004

hey hazard comeing down next thursday can't wait missed everyone

steph From indiana

wydell(elvis) 18:12:08 4/01/2004

Does anyone know wayne or jr. couch, or where I can get in touch with them ?? Wayne and I used to be Starkey & Hutch. This was the days of REO & Ted. They live somewhere in Hazard or Busy. Their ma works at Wal-mart in Hazard. I sure would like to hear from wayne again. My dad was the one with the bar in the basement. I remember Vic and Jerry Larry.

wydell(elvis) From wi

Kenneth Combs 16:50:48 4/01/2004

I love this site. It is like I am back Home.I grew up on Town Mountain.

Kenneth Combs From Warrensville Hts. OH

crystal johnson 02:33:28 4/01/2004

love the pictures

crystal johnson From austin in
c812j@aol .com

lc colwell 13:46:01 3/31/2004

Great web site Is there any pictures posted here of KODAK school

lc colwell From St Marys Oh




Megaboost 05:51:25 3/31/2004

hey people what are you all doing

Megaboost From nowhere

martha jane baker hurt 19:34:26 3/30/2004

hello hazard,and howdy juanita fields,and pearl if you see this em write to me,i have been waiting for a return letter,and some pic. your friend jane

martha jane baker hurt From il

Love One 13:07:39 3/30/2004

Happy Birthday Van Raleigh!!!!!!

Love One From Jackson

Berry 12:25:37 3/30/2004

This Hazard, KY site is really nice.And to the Lee Crutchfield family, a long time "Thank You" from all of us. You kept our cars purring....

Berry From NC

jean webb shepherd ( lightcap ) 19:44:13 3/29/2004


jean webb shepherd ( lightcap ) From wapakoneta,ohio

Shari 19:14:23 3/29/2004

Hi EveryoneIm searching the site for any information on Darb Fork Coal Mining Company. My Grandfather and his brother worked in the mines as teenagers, and my great uncle had played for the Darb Fork Baseball team. We found his uniform this past week while going thru my grandparents house. If anyone has any information on this team please contact me. Thier names were Hargis C. Kendrick and Arco Estes. As far as i know Hargis past away in 1927 after he was invited to try out for the Cincinnati Redstocking i think thats what it was at the time.

Shari From Dayton Ohio

art barker 17:08:19 3/29/2004

to legana barker i have a new mail adress,try this one i have been having trouble with old onewhen you get this klick on reply and send

art barker From kettering,ohio

Terri Halcomb-Duncan 22:24:06 3/27/2004

Searching family history from Perry County

Terri Halcomb-Duncan From Bowling Green, KY

Shirley Stacy 21:58:39 3/27/2004

Nice to connect with website in Hazard. Great site you guys have put together.

Shirley Stacy
60@yahoo .com

Shirley 21:53:08 3/27/2004

Hey, I finally can log on to Hazard Website.It is great to keep in touch with folks from back home.


Shirley 19:11:15 3/27/2004

Just wanted to say that the Hazard Web page seems to be working great now. It is a good way to keep in touch with folks back home


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