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Setys Combs-Kelly 18:08:07 3/15/2004

I just found my cousion on pg 23 of the Guest Book. His name is Randall Combs and he is living in seymour,Tn His web address is not working now. Does anyone out there know him? I have not seen him or spoken to him since they moved more than 25 years ago. Can you help?

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

IdaLee Hansel 14:24:45 3/15/2004

Faye Cornett (nee Allen) and her sister, Gerri (nee Allen) are looking for an old childhood friend by the name of PATTY ADAMS who lived in the Big Bottom or East Main Street Section of Hazard, and emailed me to see if I remembered her. Can anyone out there help these girls find their friend. You can email me at

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

Sonya and David 09:20:01 3/15/2004

Wedding day for Sonya and David York are May 20th @ City Hall, All friends and family and welcome to come.......6:00 p.m.

Sonya and David From Viper,Ky

Robert C. Southard 16:01:15 3/14/2004

Perry county is a great place to be from . we all would love to return someday. Thanks for the memories.

Robert C. Southard From Baton Rouge,Louisiana

melvin3198 13:28:12 3/14/2004

yes i have a comment on the registering of the memorials and tributes i have signed up for a name and they havent sent me my password yet so if any one knows how to get it please contact me at

melvin3198 From austin indiana

Jena 09:18:37 3/14/2004

ArtBarker. Still no luck. My emails to your address just won't go anywhere.Sometimes just the placement of a dot will throw it off. Are you getting emails from anyone else with that address? Try sending me a message on my email address.

Jena From wv

myself 02:54:42 3/14/2004

Hey, Hazard, Just got in from work here in Harlan. Was wondering if anyone from a place called vicco ever sees/reads this guestbook. Oh, by the way, keep up the good posts. Harlan's guestbook has turned into a chatroom.

myself From harlan

Ada L. Rudd 21:23:38 3/13/2004

Hi Hazard, I look to hearing from anyone who remembers me or my family. We lived in Allock until 1966. My dad was Carl Rudd, coal miner at Carr's Fork, mother is Princess Gabbard Rudd, brother, Harold Griffin, sister, Mavis Griffin, brother, and Jerry Rudd. We lived next to Scruggs, Mullins,Bill Bailey, and Combs families. We had relatives in Vicco...the Sam Steele family. Also am looking for a David Beatty who dated my sister in the late 50's or the early 60's. He had a birthmark on his left cheek. Anyone with any info please email me. Thank

Ada L. Rudd From Cincinnati, OH

dee 16:46:08 3/13/2004

The message board is working now!!!

dee From ky

art barker 16:24:39 3/13/2004

message for lajena barker i have sent you another message,by e.mail if you are on line please reply

art barker From kettering ohio 45420
art barker @ net zero .net

Carolyn 16:00:40 3/13/2004

Hello to everyone in Hazard. Hope all is doing well.I hope to come down and visit real soon.See y'all soon.

Carolyn From Indiana

Lajena Barker 14:50:35 3/13/2004

to Arthur Barker. Still can't get a message to send with your email address.

Lajena Barker From wv

LINDA DALTON 07:18:20 3/13/2004



SHANNON BANKS 17:50:08 3/12/2004

I lived in Hazard for my entire life..I am 27 and i just moved to SC ...i lived in Hazard for for all of those 27 yrs and every now and then i look at the sites to see what i left behind and what i am missing...I have moved to a city, but they will never take the country out of me........

SHANNON BANKS From Effingham, South Carolina

Rochelle R. Ricciardelli (Rice) 17:12:45 3/12/2004

I am looking for any information on my father Dennis B. Rice he was married to Maryann Caldwell in 1982. I lived there briefly but my father did some horrible things and I left out of guilt for his actions. Maryann and her 10 children and their spouses and children were wonderful to me.Any info on any of them would be great.I don't have any recent info on Dennis and would like to know if he's even still alive.

Rochelle R. Ricciardelli (Rice) From currently Colorado

Setys Combs-Kelly 14:26:09 3/12/2004

I found a phone book. Thank you my friend! I would now like to know about this Perry Co. Museum I heard of. Where is it? Is it real? Who runs it?

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

BRUCE COX 13:39:34 3/12/2004



Jeri Fittler 20:56:32 3/11/2004

It is so nice to see this site. There are so many names I remember my mom speak of. I was born in Hazard but left when I was a little girl. This brings back so many memories. I am a Coots girl and I know there are people there who knew my mom and her family. God Bless to all of you. Excellent site.Please feel free to visit my site at Enjoy!!!!

Jeri Fittler From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bo 18:58:53 3/11/2004

I miss Hazard!!

Bo From Broadheadsville, PA

arthur,barker 15:36:19 3/11/2004

Sorry I entered my email adress wrong. Please try again.Later,Art

arthur,barker From kettering,ohio,45420

Lajena Barker 08:11:21 3/11/2004

to Arthur Barker. I tried to respond to your email, but it wouldn't send. Are you one of the Barker's from Caney, Ky originally? They are my relatives.

Lajena Barker From WV

pam pena 04:24:02 3/11/2004

really like your site. my mom and dad were born and raised in vicco kentucky. mom's maiden name was sumner dads name is farler.nice to think someday i might talk to someone related to me on here that i don't even know!

pam pena From gary indiana

arthurbarker 18:33:41 3/10/2004


arthurbarker From kettering.ohio45420

R.J. GIBSON 17:51:22 3/10/2004

Family ties/Gibsons/Sizemores/Stollings/Deans/Sellers/Hollands/worked in three countrys and played hard in 47 states and 12 provadences and still make it home at least evry other year to Hazard!


Megan Noble 16:47:03 3/10/2004

I think that the whole time i have been in hazard that i have been able to say it is a really beautiful city and i love it here so much i think it is so much better then a busy city...

Megan Noble

Nils Torvalds 16:12:17 3/10/2004

Probably coming for a story about jobs going to India for Finnsh Broadcasting. Take care!

Nils Torvalds From Washington

Shirley Stacy 14:10:22 3/10/2004

Just wanted to say "hello" to all of the great folks in Eastern Ky. Been a few months since I signed in, so today is the day. Was raised in the "Lothair" area and left home in 1959. Have been back several times though. Stay healthy.

Shirley Stacy From Peoria Az

Webmaestro 00:13:14 3/10/2004

Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website!!! :)

Webmaestro From Miami,Florida

dgj 22:50:22 3/09/2004

i am looking for a man by the name of bernard graham barker sometimes goes by the name of buddy barker.if any one knows of hin or any way i can get with him .would be most thankful by the way he is in harlan, co. ky last i heard.i like harlan lived there for just a little while i use to work in i think the name was the riverside bar in harlan i loved it i met so many people for the frist time i would love to visit there again sometime later. keep on going harlan

dgj From georgia

dgj 22:42:29 3/09/2004

i am looking for a man by the name of bernard graham barker sometimes goes by the name of buddy barker.if any one knows of hin or any way i can get with him .would be most thankful

dgj From georgia

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