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Candice Collins 18:12:18 3/09/2004

I'm not from Hazard but I worked there for almost a year and I met a lot of great people. This is an interesting web site and Hazard has some friendly people.

Candice Collins From Hyden

Christina Herald Dale 17:34:56 3/09/2004

I was born and raisd in Hazard. Went to Hazard High and graduated in 1992. I moved to Tulsa in 1997. I am glad I found this website. It helps me to know what is going on there. Would like to say Hello to all of my friends. If anyone would like to e-mail please do

Christina Herald Dale From Tulsa,Oklhoma

Edward B. Romine 16:46:35 3/09/2004

I am looking for information on my family. They used to live in Hazard. My uncle's name was Marion Romine And My Aunts name was Eve Romine. He died in 1975, I beleive. I had a great grandfather named Noah Romine who was killed in a coal mine. All your help would be appreciated

Edward B. Romine From Corydon, Indiana

Paul Akers 11:43:46 3/09/2004

Here is a song that I wrote about my grandfather, Willard Akers. He is still a resident of Perry County. Many of you know him."THE BALLARD OF WILLARD AKERS" © 2003 (V1) Willard Akers was raised in Scuddy Holler, His daddy worked the mines to make a dollar. Worked the coal mines by age 16, By the next year in Army Greens. (V2) World War II broke out in ’42, And proudly defended the red, white and blue. Fought the Germans for 3 long years, Received 7 Bronze Stars for kicking their rears. (V3) After the war he was homeward bound, When seeing O’ Liberty he kissed the ground. Willard is such a kind and gentle man, And earned the respect of his fellow man. (V4) Flo Lewis won Willard’s heart, They were married and vowed to never part. He raised three Children to fear God, Without even having to raise a rod. (V5) Willard retired from the Hospital, President of the Union for 23 years. He has been a gospel preacher for over 50 years, And says with God there is nothing he fears. (V6) He has touched, the hearts of so many souls, So many, one song can not hold. Before this man I stand in awe! This great man is my Papaw!

Paul Akers From Menifee County, KY

Stacey Fugate 20:23:45 3/08/2004

I am a descendant of Purda Stacy and Rachel Allen. Purda's father was Jasper Stacy and mother Latisha Kelley. My granmother Rachel Allen Stacy was adopted because of the death of her mother. Any information about susan Allen would be greatly appreciated.

Stacey Fugate From Breathitt

Dorothy [Brewer] Bryant 18:25:23 3/08/2004

Hi, my dad was borned and raised on pigeon roost,His name was James B. Brewer,I am his daughter. I would like to know more about his side of family.About his Mother and Father,Email me at .I like this page.

Dorothy [Brewer] Bryant From North Little Rock, Ar

Larry probus 12:32:02 3/08/2004

Really enjoy this site and visits to Hazard/perry Co.,married to the former Doris Cornett of Leatherwood we visit every summer as Doris oldest son lives in Cornettsville,looking foward to our visit this april as Doris 1st grandson will arrive so we will probaly be making 2-3 trips a year to Perry Co. now to see the grandson!Folks in Perry Co. are good people!

Larry probus From Beaver Dam,Ky.

Denise Hewitt 10:30:13 3/08/2004

I am trying to locate my biological family . I was born in Cincinnati in 1953 and my biological mother's family was from Hazard. They moved to a community called Lincoln Heights, Ohio. My grandmother died in childbirth due to high blood pressure complications. I have an uncle that played with the Negro Baseball League and my biolgical mother's name is Geraldine. If anyone has any information that might lead to my biological family, please let me know. Thanks.

Denise Hewitt From Cincinnati, Ohio

Setys Combs-Kelly 09:16:45 3/08/2004

Is there anyone out there willing to get a copy of the Hazard phone book for me for the current year? I will pay for it? I'm thinking, I can try to find some relatives in it.

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

Imogene (Campbell) Colwell 19:56:10 3/07/2004

I grew up in Campbell's Creek Ky.I graduated in 1962 from Buckhorn High School.My parents are Richard and Ollie Campbell.I married Hubert Colwell in 1963 and moved to Ft.Wayne--a few years later moved to Convoy, Ohio, then to Austin 1976. I have 2 sons, Mike and Elliot Colwell. Would love to hear from old friends.

Imogene (Campbell) Colwell From Austin, In.

James Smedley 00:58:37 3/07/2004


James Smedley From Cincinnati OH.

Diana Gail Clark 20:32:14 3/06/2004

I just found this site today, and really like it. I will be back very soon.

Diana Gail Clark From Frenchburg

wes francis 16:41:18 3/06/2004

i visit every day

wes francis From laporte,in

Jimmy Smedley 08:33:43 3/06/2004

I love reading about the past and present. I left hazard 1976-77.My brother & sister still live there.Betty &Jerry. Do you remember me.

Jimmy Smedley From Cincinnati OH.

Jimmy Smedley 08:27:11 3/06/2004

I love reading about the past and present. I left hazard 1976-77.My brother & sister still live there.Betty $Jerry. Do you remember me.

Jimmy Smedley From Cincinnati OH.

Veronica Ruth Birchfield Bowman 07:07:34 3/06/2004

How do you get this radio station on the internet. Would love to be able to listen to it and know what is going on around Hazard.

Veronica Ruth Birchfield Bowman From Scottsburg Indiana

elizabeth bush 07:00:58 3/06/2004

I listen to wsgs every day since i relize what a radio was. My mom would turn the radio on to listen to the 12o'clock news and things. it's nice to have a radio station on the enternet to go to.

elizabeth bush From chavies

Lynda Combs Gipson 22:23:19 3/05/2004

Contact me for the Perry Co Genealogy site.....I noticed it didn't come out too good below.

Lynda Combs Gipson From Frankfort. Kentucky

Lynda Combs Gipson 22:18:21 3/05/2004

I see some of you want to find some of your roots. We have a Perry Co Genealogy website you might like to visit.

Lynda Combs Gipson From Frankfort, Kentucky

Freda Ferguson 21:37:37 3/05/2004

My mother, the late Connie Pratt Mason, was born in Perry Co. She passed 9 years ago.I never knew much about where my mother was raised nor much about her family tree. Does anyone know any Pratts in Perry County? Please contact me if you do. My grandfather was William Pratt and my grandmother was Dallie Pratt.They had 7 daughters and 1 son.

Freda Ferguson From Indianapolis, IN

James 21:30:32 3/05/2004

Bring Back the Chat room, I always thought it was the best part about

James From Hindman

Kathleen Farler 21:01:29 3/05/2004

My husband Sanford Jr. was born in Viper in 1927. He has brothers and sisters still there. However I haven't seen any Farlers listed.Reading all the comments reallt makes me homesick.

Kathleen Farler From Marysville, Wa.

Felicia Muncy 12:55:42 3/05/2004

Hello I cannot seem to get a hold of any one looking for the Muncy/Gilbert/Lincoln information If you would like to know where most of your family is contact me @

Felicia Muncy From Jeffersonville, Indiana

ocus dobson 12:52:56 3/05/2004

I enjoy the site and visit often

ocus dobson From ashland ky

FORMER NAPIER STUDENT 08:43:01 3/05/2004

Arround sep. of 1978, we had to learn the deca creed in miss Ashers DE room,I wrote on my next days DE lession i turned into miss Asher"no creed today, asher!!!"


Tina, daughter of Juanita Miller 21:44:10 3/04/2004

I am looking for anyone that may have known my mother, Juanita Miller, born in 1935 in Blue Diamond, KY. She graduated in 1953 from MC Napier High School. I have tons of photos to share of people from that era.

Tina, daughter of Juanita Miller From Indiana

jvanhoose 19:08:07 3/04/2004

I love this site. I would like to visit in the summer and find my family. Are there any VanHoose's visiting this site.


Renee(Roark)Flanary 10:20:36 3/04/2004

Love this web site. I was born in Hazard in 1956,but have lived in Ohio since the early 60's. This is a very nice way to catch up on what I've missed.

Renee(Roark)Flanary From Celina,Ohio

dessie gibson 21:53:36 3/02/2004

i am searching for a man by the name bernard graham barker[nickname buddy]lives in harlah, co. ky. he is my husband and we have a daughter.if you know him,his address, or telephone no.or email address would you please email me at

dessie gibson From clayton, ga

Angila (Grigsby)Napier 20:31:29 3/02/2004

I love this site and I would love to hear from some of my friends I graduated with in 89 from Hazard High. I'd like to say hi to my very good friend Regina Spencer and my friend Pointed Head. Love and miss Hazard

Angila (Grigsby)Napier From Tazewell,TN

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