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Charity Sizemore 18:41:38 3/02/2004

Great Site.

Charity Sizemore From Ohio

Raleigh Eldridge 16:54:58 3/02/2004

I was born at Yerkes and grew up around Combs.I love this site and would like to hear from friends back home.My wife is Ann Eversole Eldridge from Pigon Roost and Butterfly.

Raleigh Eldridge From Charlotte,Michigan

Marie Morris-Ferguson 16:05:24 3/02/2004

My grandfather was James B. Napier and My grandmother was Celia Miller. I am interested in finding iformation about their brothers and sisters. Any response is greatly appreciated. They lived on Greatvine when I was a little girl.

Marie Morris-Ferguson From Florida/Ohio

Setys Combs-Kelly 08:26:09 3/02/2004

This is the greatest web site in the World! I have found some relatives and am looking for more. I will be at the Combs reunion in Aug. I love these pics. How can I submit more. I would love to identify some of the places and people from the 20's to the 50's. If you know Ernest or Naomi (HOney Bunch) Combs, please e mail me.

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

Patt Lewallen Conway 16:36:24 3/01/2004

Hi,Hazard...Both of my parents are from Hazard and i have lived and visited all my life. I Love Hazard. My mothers name is Linda Coots and my fathers name is Ray Lewallen if anyone rememmbers them or me let me know.

Patt Lewallen Conway From Laurel,MD.

jane baker hurt 10:10:29 3/01/2004

hello hazard,my home town i lived most of my days in combs,went to the school on the hill and lived in sunfire parents was andrew and ruby baker.have a good day,love this website.i read it every day,keep up the good work.

jane baker hurt From IL.
supers 19621

Rod Nickell 09:51:02 3/01/2004

Would like to hear from any of my classmates from M. C. Napier High School Class of 1970. I will be visiting Hazard May 26-27, 2004.

Rod Nickell From Cocoa Beach, Florida

velma turner (collins) 14:43:16 2/29/2004

I was raised in leatherwood,would love to have photo's of old school.miss my best friend Jean Fields (Vance)if you see this i love you.please e-mail me

velma turner (collins) From lexington n.c.

brenda caudill jump 14:13:25 2/29/2004

our family lived in fourseam till 1953. would love to hear from anyone who knew my parents, opal and little caudill or my grandfather charles m. blankenship

brenda caudill jump From fourseam, ky

Kathleen Farler 07:00:41 2/29/2004

My husband Sanford Jr.was born in Viper in 1927.He still has family there.I have visited there many times.Our twin sons were upset because the post office was moved from Viper. They thought it belonged to the family.I thoroughly enjoyed reading about old friends.

Kathleen Farler From Marysville,Wa.

WAYNE LAWSON 21:04:42 2/28/2004

im from hazard vicco area (Love this sight ! ) i tell all my friends bout it and they want me to look up the home town that they where from but NOTHING LIKE THIS ONE it has my vote for best web. sight and for the best info. and guest book (hey i found a lot of old friends by just reading the guest book thanks Wayne Lawson ft.Lauderdale Fl.


Johnny 18:15:56 2/28/2004

This website is great to keep up on what is going on in Hazard.I would like to say Hi to every one in Hazard.

Johnny From Tazewell TN.

ann mcintosh 16:50:57 2/28/2004

i lived in ajax holler;and heiner

ann mcintosh From austin in

Dorothy (Brewer) Bryant 15:30:25 2/28/2004

Hi enjoyed reading the guest book.I'mlooking for Ben Brewer and Sitha Stacy, they are my grandparents on Dad side from Pigeon Roost and Bulan KY. The year is 1860 to 1905. my Dad was born in 1905.Dorothy Brewer Bryant

Dorothy (Brewer) Bryant From North Little Rock,,Arkansas

Robin 13:38:28 2/28/2004

Hi ! Love the web site ..I was in Ulvah and Leatherwood alot this summer .Even on the hodang?(big strip job on jent mountain) riding four wheelers.Went to the Boone and got on stag and sang with gabby? Met some great people :) would love to hear from any one that met me ..

Robin From indiana

Bill Wilson 08:05:28 2/28/2004

Love the website. I was born in Hazard in 1950. Does anyone remember my father, Bill Wilson? He moved to Hazard after WWII and worked initially in the coal house by the court house as a job trainer. He was an excellent golfer and a member of Hazard Country Club. We moved away in 1955 and would like some pictures or stories about my father.

Bill Wilson From Owensboro, Ky

david collins 01:38:45 2/28/2004

It's been a long time ago. was born in Blue Diamond in1945. left in 1953

david collins

Paul Hicks 12:06:03 2/27/2004

Moved from Hazard as a child.I am doing research on family.Jim and Matilda Brewer Hicks,his dad was Elijah mom was Elatha Spencer. Mom's parents Benjamin Brewer and Citha Stacy . All help Thanks in advance

Paul Hicks From St. Paris, Ohio

Paul Hicks 12:05:19 2/27/2004

Moved from Hazard as a child.I am doing research on family.Jim and Matilda Brewer Hicks,his dad was Elijah mom was Elatha Spencer. Mom's parents Benjamin Brewer and Citha Stacy . All help Thanks in advance

Paul Hicks From St. Paris, Ohio

Denise 07:30:36 2/27/2004

Here is a link for the East Kentucky Chat website. logged me in.

Denise From Hazard

stacy 21:15:53 2/26/2004

I have family from Perry county. My fathers family was raised in Ary,ky. His father was Purda Stacy. His grandparents were Jasper and Latisha Stacy. I would appreciate anyone who knew them to contact me. Also looking for any one who knew Susan Allen Garrett and Harrison Garrett.


Virginia (Collins) Eachus 20:12:10 2/26/2004

Looking for Troleen (Lawson)Campbell. If anyone knows her please let her know that I would love to here from here. She can email me at the address below.

Virginia (Collins) Eachus From New Lexington, Ohio

Clara Herald 10:43:58 2/26/2004

Hi, I grew up going to Combs Elementary School in 1957 and I would like to see more about Combs School, because my daughter wants to know more about where she was born, because she has never been there before.

Clara Herald From Falmouth, KY

Lori Feltner 07:12:15 2/26/2004

Just found this page, and I must say that I can't wait to tell my dad, Clarence "Vic" Feltner. Would like to hear from some relatives, even if we never met since I've never been able to attend one of the reunions. I do plan on attending this year with my parents. I will have to put this webpage in my favorites now.

Lori Feltner From West Palm Beach, FL

Lisa Armfield Prather 01:12:11 2/26/2004

I would love to hear from family and friends in Hazard.

Lisa Armfield Prather From Tazewell, TN

Tasha Caskey 14:35:25 2/25/2004

Hey, everyone that goes to A. B. Combs Elementary school in Hazard, KY! If you would like to talk to someone that knows a lot about A. B. Combs, just email me at I'll answer your requests back. I have been going to that school for 6 years now, I think it's the best school ever. I am in the 6th grade there, and we have great, wonderful teachers. If only you knew how it was there now, you'll love it. Our school colors are blue and gold now! Our mascot is a bearcat, like always, and we have the best principals ever. We are the biggest Perry elementary school in Perry County. We have the most students and teachers than any other elementary school. It's great! Well, if u have any comments or questions, u know my email, thanks for ur time, bye, love ya everyone in Perry County! Love Alwayz, Tasha Caskey

Tasha Caskey From Hazard, KY

Eric Church 03:55:19 2/25/2004

My Father Watson Church (born in 1926) was raised in Hazard and I was trying to find out more information about his childhood and hopefully find some long lost relatives that still live in or around Hazard. One of my good buddies from the military lives in Ironton Ohio (right next to Ashland) and I visit him a couple times a year and always thought that it would be great to see where my Father was raised, but never wanted to stop in without knowing anyone. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks!

Eric Church From Allentown Pa

Kym Thornsberry 18:24:38 2/24/2004

I would love to hear from any of my classmates that graduated from KCC in 1990 or a NASCAR fan of #8! Go Jr.!

Kym Thornsberry From Knott County

charlie cornett 15:44:28 2/24/2004

i would like to hear from some of my class mates from M.C.Napier high school...class of 1986

charlie cornett From michigan

Renae Hoskins Baker 14:29:20 2/24/2004

Hello,I am searching for info on my Fathers side of the family. His father was James E. Hoskins killed while working for the WPA in 1938 His father was Sam Hoskins m. to Mary Sizemore. James was married to Okalee Shepherd. Her parents were John Shepherd and Dora Bowling, Dora died when Okalee was young so she was raised by Johns 2nd wife Elizabeth Caldwell. I need info on the Hoskins, shepherd and bowling lines. PLEASE HELLLLLP : )Thank you, and God Bless!Renae

Renae Hoskins Baker From Myakka City Fl.

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