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Setys Combs-Kelly 12:16:47 2/17/2004

Been reading the guest book. Love the pics no wonder my mom loved Hazard. About th e ghost stories, my Gma Clara Noble-combs used to tell of Rawhide and Bloody bones who came off the mountain and took children away. really scary! Is her neice Kim Duff out there I hear she lives in Gertrudes house on the hill. I made rexervations at the Hampton Inn for the reunion, in Aug. My first one ever. Looking forward to seeing all the relatives I never knew I had. Thanks for this great site, I'll come back often. Need to call me dial 937-390-3969.

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

Setys C. Combs-Kelly 11:09:09 2/17/2004

Loved the pics. Some helped me to identify the places in the pics my mom left me when she died. Would love to find someone who knew her and could identify some of the people and places. She was Naomi Edsel Combs and married Ernest Combs. she was called Honey Bunch.

Setys C. Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

Mel 09:56:41 2/17/2004

Hello everyone. I am looking for an old friend from Cynthiana KY. His name is Chris Hurst. He would be about 25-27 years old. When in school, he had black hair. Mind you, this was about the time he was 16. If anyone knows him, or where I can get in touch with him, please email me at thank you so much, i have exhausted most of my resources. I have moved back to Ky and am trying to get in contact with him to catch up on old times, and I have severals apologies to give. I sort of ran out on our friendship and much more, but unintentional, and mostly forced. I would like to see how he is doing and hang out again. When we were unable to hang out anymore, due to some odd circumstances, we kept in touch by mail, but like I said, that died and we lost total contact finally. Again, any help you have is greatly appreciated.Thanks again,Mary Moore

Mel From Lexington, KY

Tyesh (Johnson) Whitaker 06:18:06 2/17/2004

I was browsing around your school page and I was wondering, would the old Lotts Creek Community School qualify to be put on your page? Of course I am the wrong person to submit a picture. I attended the new Lotts Creek Community School (Cordia) and proudly graduated in 2001. Hopefully someone with some connections to old photo's of the Lotts Creek Community school can submit some to you along with some history.

Tyesh (Johnson) Whitaker From Fisty, Ky

Madonna Amburgey Corbett 15:18:25 2/15/2004

Still looking for anyone who knows information on the Pridemore, Amburgey, Shepherd and Holcomb family. My grandfather Amburgey was Hillard. My grandmother Amburgey was Lona Pridemore (I do know Lona had a brother named Jim who lived in Kodak and I think she had a sister named Cora). My grandfather was Will Shepherd (I do know he had a brother named Arthur and a sisters named Sally, Nancy, Mary). My grandmother Shepherd was Drucilla Holcomb. If anyone knows any information please e-mail me.

Madonna Amburgey Corbett From Scottsburg, Indiana

Charlene Williams Sturgill 11:08:35 2/15/2004

Hi my name is CharleneWilliams Sturgill. I graduated Dilce Combs High in 1974. My father's name was Ardell Williams and my mother's name is Phebia Jent Williams. If there are any of my relatives out there or anyone I went to school with who remembers me please email me at

Charlene Williams Sturgill From Vicco, Ky.

Veronica Ruth (Birchfield)Bowman 07:52:42 2/15/2004

Looking for info on the children of Joe and Pearl Farmer. They were our neighbors in Wixom Michigan in the 60's. They moved to Pikeville Kentucky and we lost track of them. They had four children that I knew of Ulen, Loretta, Sandy and Danny. I sure that the parents have probably passed on now. Both my parents have, their names were Gardner (Brud) and Tilda Birchfield. I would appreciate it if anyone knows of them to relay the message that I would like to get in touch with them and maybe catch up on what they have been up to. You can reach me by my email address anytime. Thanks Ruth

Veronica Ruth (Birchfield)Bowman From Scottsburg Indiana

ruth ann jackson 06:42:23 2/15/2004

trying to find info on mineing accident that took the life of my moms brother nov 29th 1943.willie lee profitt . my grand father was sam profitt and grand mother was bell frazier profitt they were from wolfe county .any info on the mineing accident???

ruth ann jackson From alabama

ruth ann jackson 06:41:23 2/15/2004

trying to find info on mineing accident that took the life of my moms brother nov 29th 1943.willie lee profitt . my grand father was sam profitt and grand mother was bell frazier profitt they were from wolfe county .any info on the mineing accident???

ruth ann jackson From alabama

REGINA COMBS 06:34:31 2/15/2004

hello everyone just wanted to sign the guest book and try to find some people who went to m.c. napier from 1987-1991.

REGINA COMBS From hazard, ky

tommy crawford jr 22:45:18 2/14/2004

looking for an old friend,her name was phyllis caudill years back,she was from around london,she had a brother named pete,dennis and george,if anyone knows her where abouts please let me know,thanks

tommy crawford jr From indiana

Guy Ramsey 18:23:02 2/14/2004

This is a beautiful website with an excellent pictorial and verbal history of of the people who helped create the history. Y'all should be proud to be from or live in an area where people work so hard just to enjoy life. I am one of the fortunate few in this world that have visited and enjoyed the riches of this beautiful area. Thanks for the great history lesson and a interesting few hours on this website.

Guy Ramsey From Alexandria, Mn

Charlotte Akers Brown 12:23:55 2/13/2004

My mother Hazel Napier Akers wants to find a old friend Laura Campbell Wadkins she lived in Defiance. Her husband was Clay Wadkins. She had a brother Joe Bill Campbell. If anyone knows them I would appreciate you e-mail me.

Charlotte Akers Brown From Louisville,Ky.

Bruce Cox 12:22:46 2/13/2004


Bruce Cox From WI

LOST STUDENT 10:42:12 2/13/2004



Stacey Collins 10:30:09 2/13/2004

I love the old photos of my hometown. I can not believe some of this stuff is still standing. I miss home alot. My Dad, JImmy Collins, was a coal miner for many years. I would love to see some pictuers of old mines. He worked at many but the only one I really remember is Benco. Thanks for reminding of everything my hometown is about.Stacey Collins

Stacey Collins From Lexington, North Carolina

Kim Myers 20:01:15 2/12/2004

I come from the Slones, Lewis, and Caudills, from the left fork of Mason's Creek. Great Site Keep it Up!

Kim Myers From Trenton, Ohio

nikkie sparkman 13:36:36 2/12/2004

well i use to live in hazard and my man still does and my daddy is buried back down that way. so i get down there every chance i get. hazard will always be my home no matter where i am. and if anyone knew cledis sparkman can u plz email me thanks

nikkie sparkman From indiana

velma turner (collins) 08:38:31 2/12/2004

i love this website,i had no idea that there was is a great way to contact people that i haven't seen or heard from in years. thank you.

velma turner (collins) From north carolina usa

PORK CHOP 11:12:20 2/11/2004

whats up hazard!!!

PORK CHOP From lexington ky.

Angel 09:39:53 2/11/2004

looking for information on a Donna wooton and Jennifer Osbourne fo the Hazard area. Thanks

Angel From paris ky

Wydell 18:38:42 2/10/2004

I'm still looking for wayne couch, he lived in chicago in the late 70's maybe the early 80's. He has a brother by the name of carter(jr), and 2 sisters by the names of lisa and missy. Lisa has a birthday this month on the 24th. They are old friends of mine from chicago on talman street. I read this site almost everyday, I really like this site.

Wydell From wisconsin

Bobbie (Young) Kline 14:52:35 2/10/2004

I love this web site and return to it weekly to check it out. I was born in Vicco many, many years ago. We left Ky in the middle 40's and I still remember Vicco and our childhood there. Now I am working on a family history and I need help despertly. I am looking for any of Ida and Joe Hall's children or grandchildren. I have an old tin type of Ida and her brother James Ira which i would love to share with them. what I need help on is information on our mutual Great-Great Grandfather and Grandmother. All I know is their names, William P. Young and Martha ?. If anyone knows the Halls from Mason Creek please tell them about this posting. I am hoping they may know something about William P. and Martha. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bobbie (Young) Kline From Dacula Ga.

martha jane baker 09:01:22 2/10/2004

love the web site wish i still lived in place like home,so i keep up with the hazard web site and love every body in and arounnd hazard.if any one knows me feel free to em. me would love to ear from you.have a good day

martha jane baker From IL.

linda perkins [millberg] 06:23:12 2/09/2004

i am from hardbury ky just read glady potter i stay at there house alot when i lived there i ran with her sister isure miss them days

linda perkins [millberg] From albion in

Robert McIntosh 03:07:10 2/09/2004

Hello Hazard I was born in Bulan, in 1951 my dad is Henry Clay McIntosh my Grandpaw,was Henry McIntosh my mom is Virginia Mae McIntosh my Grandpaw is Abert&Betsey Collins my dads Mother is Sarah McIntosh an this is Robert Gene McIntosh,I want to say HI,to my uncles,an aunts an cousins an to let uall know that mom an Dad are well an doing good,SO Good Bye for now"

Robert McIntosh From middletown,ohio,45044

THADEUS KING 17:51:09 2/08/2004



Mona (Caudill) Joyner 02:46:28 2/08/2004

Hello Hazard: February 07,2004I am Mona Caudill, formerly of Evarts, KY. I am now live in Seattle, WA. My parents were Earnest & Mildred Caudill, from Evarts,KY. If anyone who reads this are relatives, or knows of us, please call or write me ASAP. I left Evarts in 1979 and I am needing family history. His Mother is Polly Polson and her mother was Mamie Strickland.I enjoyed finding this website and hope to hear from someone soon.Mona (Caudill) JoynerPO BOX 21493Seattle WA 441-7725(206) 675-3248

Mona (Caudill) Joyner From Seattle Wa

eddie sizemore 18:28:18 2/06/2004

I grew up in Hazard with five other brothers and even though we had lived through hard times, I am proud to say,that all of us may something out of ourselves. So I say thanks Hazard ky for giving us good roots and close ties to this great town I call my home.

eddie sizemore From acapulco mexico

Carolyn 16:22:01 2/06/2004

Hello to all my family and friends in Hazard Ky.I hope to come down and visit real soon.See y'all later take care and god bless you all.

Carolyn From Indiana

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