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April McIntosh-Wooton 13:48:12 2/06/2004

Love to come visit my family @ BakerFurniture and the Wootons from Krypton.

April McIntosh-Wooton From Richmond,Ky.

BRUCE COX 10:59:27 2/06/2004


BRUCE COX From beloit wi

BRUCE COX 10:49:18 2/06/2004


BRUCE COX From beloit wi
bruce c 56 @ sbcglobal. net

Lorie 10:32:32 2/06/2004

This Website is Kool!!!

Lorie From Ky

wayo jipiti 13:17:33 2/05/2004

i luv this site

wayo jipiti From lome togo

Sharon 09:46:36 2/05/2004

I have alot of family still living in Hazard. They are from my Father's side Grigsbys, deceased Grandmother Jennie Ritchie. I will read more of you site soon! Thanks

Sharon From Middletown Oh.

jean combs 07:42:06 2/05/2004

i love ky expectly hazard i have lived here all my live and can't think of living anywhere else it is so beautiful here my family is here all but some aunts and uncle that lives in indiana and michigan and one brother that lives in arizona now miss him and his family and i have two nephews that lives in somerset ky missed them too i think that there is no place like hazard

jean combs From cornettsville ky
zjc 43@yahoo,com

Klaus Hohmann 07:38:07 2/05/2004

Hi there !What a great job, collecting and presenting all those great pics from the past. I'll use these pics of your community as a model for my H0 model railroad town, which is just under construction. It isn't easy from over here to get the look and feeling of a typical mainstreet in the 50s. Your photos will help a lot !Thanks and all the best to you from Klaus in Germany

Klaus Hohmann From Muenster/Germany

John (Bojack) Neace 02:41:16 2/05/2004

Hello everyone, I love Hazard I was born and raised there.I love hazard it's a beautiful place to live.I miss home a lot these days I've been gone for 3 year now.I get to come home few times a year. Well if anyone wants email me sometime!

John (Bojack) Neace From Saylorsburg, PA

ruth hankins 17:28:59 2/04/2004

hi i was born in knott fathers name was Gorden Reynolds I went to school there in the late forties and early fifties would love to hear from anyone that remembers my my maiden name would be ruth reynolds

ruth hankins From Indiana

Frances Couch 19:41:59 2/03/2004

I enjoy looking at this site very much. I see how hard our people had it back many years ago and see how fortunate we are today to have the technology we have. Sometimes it takes something bad to make you see how good you really got it.

Frances Couch From Hazard, Ky

Dodge Osborne 18:02:04 2/03/2004

Very interesting site, will visit again.

Dodge Osborne From Newark,Ohio

Charlie Baker(Choppy) 16:23:02 2/03/2004

Your web site is great.

Charlie Baker(Choppy) From Waco Ky.

Norma Wallace Bledsoe 11:33:41 2/03/2004

How is the weather up there? it`s about 60 here

Norma Wallace Bledsoe From Martinez ,Georgia

LINDA DALTON 07:49:53 2/03/2004



Stephanie 12:51:29 2/02/2004

Tears. That is wha

Stephanie From New York City, New York

Gerry Adams Bowling (Jurlean Adams) 12:45:40 2/01/2004

I visit this Guest Book often. to visit this web site is to find friendsof days past I signed in 8/2003 andnow have a different e-mail address asper above. Anyone remembers the 40's around Vicco, Scuddy, Defiance, get in touch would like to hear from you.

Gerry Adams Bowling (Jurlean Adams) From Hazard, Ky.

Marie Morris Ferguson 09:56:42 2/01/2004

Looking for Wally Gambrel. I e-mailed you at, but I did not get any response. I know my grandfather is your great g-grandfather James B. Napier. I have been to your grandmother's home when I was young, so please e-mail me at as soon as possible. We have family to talk about.

Marie Morris Ferguson From Florida/Ohio

Jerry Turner 19:53:06 1/31/2004

My Dad played football for Buckhorn in 1959. I think that He played for them the first two years they had a team. We would talk about his "highschool days" when I was younger. He passed away 10 years ago. If you have any pictures of him or a team photo will you plaese contact me? His name was Wilgus Turner. Thanks

Jerry Turner From Cincinnati, Ohio

Leigh Ann Fields Joseph 07:23:12 1/31/2004

I love Hazard. All my family are there, I come and visit alot. I went to RW Combs until 1996.

Leigh Ann Fields Joseph From Somerset, Ky

Shirley Riddle Stacy 20:52:25 1/29/2004

Been away from my cpu for awhile. Just wanted to say hello to all . Love the Hazard website. It is great. Shirley

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Peoria Arizona

Lisa Laufer 08:16:46 1/29/2004

Loved your site! My family is from Viper and Hazard. My great grand father ran a one room school house in Viper. I am a teacher and am helping my students learn about other regions of the United States. I would appreciate any info.

Lisa Laufer From Chino Hills CA

Carolyn 15:07:11 1/28/2004

I just wanted to say hello to everyone in Hazard. I hope you guys are having better weather than we are.We have a bunch of snow. Well thats it for now take care and God bless you all.

Carolyn From Indiana

Ollie Campbell Teltow 22:12:01 1/27/2004

You have a wonderful site, I enjoy every visit here. I was reading your archive Guest Book and came across a message dated July 2000 from a cousin, Mary Fields Whealdon, who's parents were Tug and Nora Campbell Fields. This is my Uncle Tug and Aunt Nora, my grandfather was Nora's brother Tug Campbell. I would love to contact her or anyone from Aunt Nora's family. Thank you.

Ollie Campbell Teltow From Indiana

Wayne Goins 15:12:35 1/27/2004

I am looking for two classmates from Leatherwood High School. First is Donna Sue Napier. Her Dad worked for Jewel Ridge Coal at Tilford. Second is patricia West. Her Dad worked for Blue Diamond #2 at Tilford. Thanks, Wayne

Wayne Goins From Wyoming

Tish 16:50:05 1/26/2004

i am looking for any feltners from leslie county....i just found out my gma had a father i didnt know about...shes passed away i have family that i havent even met yet :) Ray Feltner was his name

Tish From in the heart of it all

Evelyn 03:07:56 1/26/2004

I am looking for people that may be interested in creating a ghosthunting group in the Hazard area.

Evelyn From Hazard

Darlene Kusek (NOBLE) 10:39:45 1/25/2004

I love this site, i have recently started researching my roots, any help would be appreciatrd. Dad is Randall Noble,married Gladys Owens,his dad was Rex Noble married Beulah Petrey, and his dad wasBorcain Noble married to Martha Napier Martha. My Mom Gladys Owens Dad was Ernest Owens son of John and Sally, her mom was Manetta Cornett daughter of S.Kenton Cornett and Katty.

Darlene Kusek (NOBLE) From Chicago Il

Conda Almond 09:22:02 1/25/2004

I like Your web page.I grew up at Vicco,and Allock. I love Perry Co.,and I wish You well.I visit this web page often. Any may feel free to email me .

Conda Almond From Taylorsville In.

Phyllis Allen Gutterman 12:02:33 1/23/2004

Does anyone know a Jessie Bush that's about 40? If so tell him I said hello.Went to Delce Combs in 1978. Phyllis

Phyllis Allen Gutterman From Louisville, Ky

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