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Dennis Mullins 06:42:44 1/23/2004

Hi,My name is Dennis Mullins, and I'm trying to coorspond with any one that can relate back when I were a kid. I am now 75 years old and living in Fairborn, Oh. I played "Bluegrass" music on the old Radio Station WKIC, located on Main Street, in Hazard back in the late Fourties, and early Fifties, while coupling on a motor at Carrs Fork Mining Co. My self, Arther Stamper, Lemuel Hale, Willie and Junior Hall, made up the Blue Grass Band back then. After that I went in to the Air Force and spent 22 year's and worked another 22 years for the United States Government. I married Malcolm and Lou Ranie Hicks who lived at Happy Kentucky. Malcolm worked at the Defiance Coal Co. We often visit the old home place and try to keep up with all the happenings around that part of the country. If any of you'all would love to coorspond; feel free to do so.Sincerely,Dennis

Dennis Mullins From Fairborn, Ohio(45324)

Jeff 05:57:58 1/23/2004

Brenda,My email to you was unsuccessful, please try mine.


paul mullins 09:48:03 1/21/2004

I remember being in the open door children's home!!!!! EMAIL ME BACK!!!

paul mullins

Brenda-Sue 22:59:43 1/20/2004

Interesting site. Anyone out there remember being in Open Door Children's Home between 1963-1973?

Brenda-Sue From New York

Peter (smack Me) Williams 21:20:51 1/20/2004

i love this website and does anyone know where paul mullins lives??

Peter (smack Me) Williams From knott county

Paul Mullins 21:17:58 1/20/2004

Great website!!! I would also like to say hello to my girlfriend Le-Ann from Red-Fox I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!

Paul Mullins From Vicco Ky

martha hamm 10:18:19 1/20/2004

roger and i lived in jeff,ky and rented from george and betty casebolt. we moved to raleigh nc and i really miss everyone. would love to move back to hazard.

martha hamm From hohenwald, tennessee

Muguocha Mbgada 08:50:36 1/19/2004

All guymen make una commot here because I don land hereooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Muguocha Mbgada From Naija

Madonna Corbett 06:41:08 1/19/2004

Wondered upon this site by accident. I truly love it. I was born in Hazard Ky in 1958. I lived in Kodak until I was 8 and moved to Indiana. (boy was that a mistake). My father was Estill Amburgey, son of Hillard and Londa Pridemore Amburgey of Knott Co. My mother is Eunice Shepherd Amburgey from Leatherwood (Cornettsville) Ky. she is the dau. of Will and Drucilla Halcomb Shepherd. I attended the Robert Combs school in Happy the years of 1963 to 1966. If anyone knows any information on the Amburgey, Pridemore, Halcombs, or the Shepherd family please E-mail me.I would love to know more about my family. I really Love this site.

Madonna Corbett From Scottsburg, Indiana

Charlene Caudill (Doan) 16:08:58 1/18/2004

I am the daughter of Milton Caudill and Goldie Caudill. I was Miss Kenmont in the 1937 Hazard Coal Carnival Beauty Contest.

Charlene Caudill (Doan) From Boynton Beach, Fl.

Vernon Stacy, Jr. 13:54:28 1/18/2004

If anyone has any basketball team pictures from Dilce Combs Memorial High School from 1949-53, I would love to see them. Also, if you have a picture of Jenny Newberry cheerleading, I would love to see that, too. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.

Vernon Stacy, Jr. From Hebron, KY

Bobbie Young Kline 13:12:07 1/18/2004

DECENDENTS OF JOE AND IDA HALLI am researching my father Leness Youngs family. I am really stuck on the father and mother of my Grandfather James Ira Young who was Idas brother. I know the names of their mother and father William P. Young and Martha (no sur name) I found them in the 1900 Perry Co. census but have been unable to find them before or after that time. I remember going to Aunt Idas and Uncle Joes when i was very small. Their kids names i got from the 1930 census are Delmar, Sussie, Mable, June, Cora, Opal, Corbet, and James H. I am sure someone knows the Halls of Mason Creek. Any information you may give me would be greatly appreciated. I also have a tin-type of Ira and, i think, Ida which looks like they were around 20. On the back is written Ira and sister. Thank you in advance for any help you might give me.

Bobbie Young Kline From Dacula Ga

mona eversole mills 18:00:44 1/16/2004

Does anyone out there know the where abouts of Alma Jean Eversole Craft. She is my first cousin I would like to locate her. Both of us graduated from DCMS in 1955. thanks for any help you can provide.

mona eversole mills From corbin ky

debra hensley davidson 18:32:17 1/15/2004

i was raised at buckhorn ky. i left there in1978 and we movd to indisna.i am the daughter of cecil and betty hensley . grandparents were william and hulda smith hensley

debra hensley davidson From lexington,indiana

Clouse, Caroline, S. Clouse Flynn 11:26:06 1/15/2004

I was born in New House Hollow at Blue Diamond. 1940. My greatgrand father Alex Clouse operated the mine. My father Edward F. Clouse married Gracy Huff of Perry Co. Would like to share family information.

Clouse, Caroline, S. Clouse Flynn From 1596 Wyatt;s Bend Rd. Falmouth,Ky. 41040

Alex Combs 08:56:29 1/15/2004

I love hazerd a lot. My family is from hazerd. Im lucky to be the granddaughter of Cora and WIlson Combs.And the daughter of Steve and Connie Combs. I love all of my family and everyone in hazerd, and being I have to love the Hazerd Boys. I miss hazerd when im not there and I love the whole town. You could ask most people where Hazerd is and they couldn't tell you. I love the part that it is a small town. God Bless everyone, And everyone tryin to help with Joshes dream. My cousin's have been there and I love everyone helping. God Bless!!!Oh and I can't forget Brother Johnson at the Vicco Church of god. My roller Coster partner I love you!! And sister Johnson!

Alex Combs From Lexington Ky

Clara Johnson 05:31:20 1/15/2004

My daughter is at Joshua's Dream Foundation and I appreciate any news about the foundation. I do enjoy listening to the raido on the internet. Thank you very much.

Clara Johnson From Williamsburg, KY

PAUL WILKERSON 18:35:04 1/14/2004



Becky 16:57:26 1/14/2004

I am looking for relatives of Mullins from Lottscreek,or anyone that knows them.

Becky From michigan

Kimberly Collins 16:55:10 1/14/2004

I just recentlly moved away and I miss Hazard sooooo much and Its like stepping back home for a second...

Kimberly Collins From berea kentucky

DORA HOLBROOK (nee campbell) 18:41:57 1/13/2004

Great web site-really brings back wonderful memories.

DORA HOLBROOK (nee campbell) From panama city,florida

Lynda Combs Gipson 20:53:54 1/12/2004

We have a Perry Co Genealogy website that I would love for all of you to visit. Here is the URL...

Lynda Combs Gipson From Frankfort, Kentucky

wayne muncy 19:16:35 1/12/2004

Frist of all i really like the web site.second i was born and harlan , ky. My father Harvey muncy had brothers , names were henry , andrew, eugene ,not to sure of the other names. I really need help if any one knows of this Muncy line.I would appreciate any help. Thank you and God Bless , Wayne

wayne muncy From ms.

ken 13:38:11 1/12/2004

jeanette in northern kentucky:since i found you i love you as much now as i did in that picture of you sitting on the steps

ken From indiana

Penny (Duncil) Jackson 16:17:36 1/11/2004

Hello to everyone in Hazard. Hope you had a Happy New Year. I graduated from Dilce Combs in1967. I grew up in Fourseam. I would love to hear from my old classmates or childhood friends.Penny

Penny (Duncil) Jackson From Versailles,Ky.

Pauline Patrick Osborn 07:27:51 1/11/2004

Hello everyone in Lotts Creek and Hazard Ky. My father was Paul Patrick and my Uncle Green Patrick from Lotts Creek. Also so a big hello to all the Fugates, Danny, David Rufus!!

Pauline Patrick Osborn From Victor, WV

Janice ( Neace ) Campbell 19:25:54 1/10/2004

Hello everybody, I grew up around Darfork, Hilton Camp and Bulan, if anyone remember's me, feel free to e-mail, Thanks. And i think this is the best site there is.

Janice ( Neace ) Campbell From Indianapolis, Indiana.

Robyn Hammock 17:06:41 1/10/2004

I've been looking at this web site and it's great! I was raised in Harlan County and can remember visiting relatives in Hazard as a child. I had an uncle who lived in I believe, Allais(?)His name was Claude Osborne. We also visited a great aunt, who I only knew as Aunt Stell. I believe the last name was Nopolis. Her daughter was Marie who was married To Carl Jones. Carl used to work in a shoe shop on Main Street. I can't remember the name of the street where they lived. I do remember passing the big Goose house though. My dad used to work at Jewel Ridge Coal Company on Leatherwood. One of his best friends was Bill Couch from around Hazard somewhere. It's nice to read about places and remember good times from my childhood. Keep up the great work with this site!

Robyn Hammock From Madisonville, Tennessee

Veronica Ruth Birchfield Bowman 22:58:59 1/09/2004

Looking for anyone related to the Birchfield, Medley, Mullins or Smith families from around Perry, Knott or Breathitt counties.

Veronica Ruth Birchfield Bowman From Scottsburg Indiana

Eddie Utley 13:10:42 1/09/2004

looking for decendants of Sam Everidge and Dosie Combs

Eddie Utley From Harriman Tennessee

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