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Debbie 06:50:32 8/09/2003

i was born here in Hazard,my mother name was Anna Miller i came from a large family 4 brothers and 6 sisters the ones that is still liveing still live in or around hazard we all love this place and i guess we will die here,if anyone knows me please e mail me at i would love to hear from you.

Debbie From Hazard

kentuckypeach 06:39:38 8/09/2003

I was bornand rasied here in hazard,i guess i will be here till i die,i have moved away a few times but i have always came back heart is in Hazard and i guess that is where i will stay.

kentuckypeach From Hazard

BOBBY HURT 22:02:30 8/08/2003

Just a big thank you "Webmaster" for keeping this site CLEAN.. Enjoy visiting every day...


Ann "Gwinn" Blair 14:35:03 8/08/2003

Hello. I grew up in Hazard and went to M.C. Napier High School Class of 1992. I am looking for some of my childhood friends. If you know me get in contact with me. I have been away from Hazard for many years. Would love to hear from some of you like....Andy (Johnson) Combs, Lisa (Hurt) Smith, Jenny (Combs) Hamm, Melissa Longworth,Joy (Napier) Turner, April Longworth.Any of you out there???????

Ann "Gwinn" Blair From Bonnieville, KY

Faye Barker 12:17:29 8/08/2003

Sorry, didn't get all my email address on previous comments. I have cousins living in and around Hazard that I haven't seen in lots of years. Surprise me and let me hear from you. I still love you.

Faye Barker From Palm Harbor Florida

Faye Barker 12:12:29 8/08/2003

Hello to all the good people of Hazard and Perry County. I am one of you. I was born in Hazard. Lived in and around Hazard for many years. This website is one of the most informative and heart warming than any I have ever been in.It is always a pleasure to come back home as It always puts a smile on my face. I love you Hazard.

Faye Barker From Palm Harbor, Florida

Helen Napier 08:06:00 8/08/2003

Hello ya all Hi Brenda Fields and Mary Allice Harvey I would love to hear from both of you If anyone knows where they are please let them know I would love to talk to them. Email my daughter at

Helen Napier From Dayton OH

Sandra Sorrell 20:16:10 8/07/2003

Hello I am looking for anyone who knew of the napier family My mom is Helen Napier she was born in 1948 and attended MC Napier HighI would love to put my mom in touch with an old friend.she has alot of brothers who live in hazard still Claude, Johnny, Joe Tim.Her mom Gladys died last april she never left hazard her entire life does anyone know Helen Napier?????? I would love to here from you

Sandra Sorrell From Dayton OH

Bobby Mills 19:11:54 8/07/2003

anyone out there know anyone from Christopher ky who knows any people named Mills-- Sweet from christopher let me know thank you

Bobby Mills From paris tenn

Natasha 13:14:30 8/06/2003

Am Looking for a friend that went to Hazard high School. Was good friends, and was just wondering what ever happened to him. His name was Jason B. Adams

Natasha From Breathitti

Troy Johnston 11:45:13 8/06/2003

Great place to visit. People are very friendly. Great views of the mountains.

Troy Johnston From Amarillo, Texas

anna mullins smith 22:54:38 8/05/2003

does anyone know of a man named james h lawson he was from leatherwood i think he went to leatherwood high school we worked together in the a and p grocery store in hazaed, ky i would like to hear if anyone knows where he is

anna mullins smith From dayton ohio

anna mullins smith 22:54:27 8/05/2003

does anyone know of a man named james h lawson he was from leatherwood i think he went to leatherwood high school we worked together in the a and p grocery store in hazaed, ky i would like to hear if anyone knows where he is

anna mullins smith From dayton ohio

Natasha Noble 09:28:47 8/05/2003

A GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Noble From Hazard, KY

Geo. H. Oliver 09:15:29 8/04/2003

Does anyone know Tommie Stacy's E-mail address ? She went to Walkertown Grade School in late '40's and early 50's. Her dad was Tom Stacy, who used to drive the local bus. I think she lives in Tenn. now. There used to be a posted topic about Walkertown School, but it's been deleted. Searched for it w/no results. Tommie had made a few posts in that.

Geo. H. Oliver From Benicia, Ca.

?????? ??????? 04:11:25 8/04/2003

Charlene,i e-mailed you,but it returned,is that addy right?

?????? ??????? From Gays Creek,Ky

charlene 22:57:57 8/03/2003

Looking for James & Marion Romines or Romine. James was my great-great grandfather. They lived in the Gays Creek area of Perry County.

charlene From tennessee

bessie haddock 17:13:18 8/03/2003

Randel are you Bentley Combs grandson Tried to E-mail you but I get a return.

bessie haddock From Frankfort,ky

Amanda 11:32:48 8/03/2003

Hi! Everyone in Hazard. I am writing because I need everyones help. I was dating a John Gabbard for a few months and he up and dissappeared in May. I have something that I really need to let him know. If anyone out there knows where he went please let me know.I just need to tell him something.


Roy L Chadwick 06:49:36 8/03/2003

Hi everybody in Hazard,and surrounding area.I am formerly of Harlan Co. I am trying to find some info on two old Army buddies of mine.We went into the service together in 1962. Their names are Logan Belvins,and Rodger/Roger Bowling from that area. Any info would be helpful. Thanks for the very nice website to visit. Roy.

Roy L Chadwick From Lake Geneva Wisconsin

kennita mullins 20:09:47 8/02/2003

hi everyone i would love to see some pictures from mc napier high school in the 80's

kennita mullins

Randall Combs 18:10:44 8/02/2003

I am a Combs. My mother is a Noble From Rowdy Ky. I would like to know more about the Noble families in the Rowdy Ky. area.

Randall Combs From Seymour,Tn.

Sonny Gum 12:50:48 8/02/2003

Thanks for continuing to add information on this web site! I wanted to send my new email address.

Sonny Gum From Danville Ky.

Carole Brown 10:43:19 8/02/2003

Hi! This is a great site! I am looking for anyone who knew the Turner Family of Hazard from back in the 1940's. I am interested in finding Genevieve or Wilburn Turner. I know that Wilburn was a truck driver. Please e-mail me if you have any information. Thank you!

Carole Brown From Conway, SC

Shanda and Darrell Ross 10:19:52 8/01/2003

I loved this site. My husband is trying to find some lost relatives from Perry County. His granfather was Willard Ross. We found his name on the 1930 census roll in Blue Diamond. Anyone related or with any info can email us at any time. Thanks

Shanda and Darrell Ross From New Albany, IN

Randall G, Combs 09:10:15 8/01/2003

I am the 1 0f 12 children of the late Clarence Combs and Ruby (Noble) Combs.I really enjoy the website,very informative.

Randall G, Combs From Seymour Tn.

JamesFarler &Pamela(Burgett)Farler 19:43:55 7/31/2003

Hi everyone ....we been away from Vicco for a long time...we visit yearly ...we miss everyone...we love this site...and old friends who remember us give us a hollar....we both went to R.W.Combs way back when....

JamesFarler &Pamela(Burgett)Farler From Gary Indiana or

Mabel Connors 17:52:01 7/31/2003

Hi my madien name was Roberts .I went to Hardburly,Robinson and M.C.Napier high.My parents names were Hoey and Goldie Roberts of Tribbey.I had a brother Don Roberts.If anyone remembers me please e-mail me

Mabel Connors From New Haven Mi.

Andrea 07:16:39 7/31/2003

My grandmother is looking for information on "Big" Tom Combs who was killed by several policemen in 1980 or 1981. He lived in Glowmar. Anyone with information, please email me. Thanks!

Andrea From Nancy, Kentucky

IdaLee Hansel 13:41:50 7/30/2003

My day would be incomplete without a visit to Hazard via your Website and News.Need to find Ovitt Couch re Couch Reunion. Ovitt, please email me at

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

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