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Nancy Moulton 15:22:05 7/13/2003

I am a native of Owsley County, related to the Eversoles, Gays, Frosts, Parkers.Abners, Williams,Moores. A member of Owsley County Historical Society. You have a nice site, this is my second visit. Thank you

Nancy Moulton From Overton, Nv

Joretta Newton Estes 04:59:44 7/11/2003

This is a wonderful site! The pictures are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone. I only recently found out some of my roots go back to Perry County. I related to Newton Jasper Williams from that area. He was supposedly killed in a Rail Road accident some time between 1896 and 1900. Any information on him would be most appreciated. Keep up the great site. I am also related to Minor Clint Taylor who lived up that way. Thanks again for the great site.

Joretta Newton Estes From Irvine, Kentucky

Lee Ann Gabbard 16:51:06 7/10/2003

This is a great website!

Lee Ann Gabbard From Lexington, KY

flo 13:50:48 7/10/2003

love the web site it brought back a lot of good memberies

flo From perry county

Stephanie S. 09:22:27 7/09/2003

There's no words better to describe Hazardkentucky but AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, WONDERFUL. I've lived here all my life, and I learned more from this site then from my own experiences. Just.. wow.

Stephanie S. From Hazard, Kentucky

Dianne Farler Turner 23:01:38 7/08/2003

Just checking out the site ~ Anyone from 1994 Dilce Combs HS... I hear a reunion next year is in the works...would love to see familiar faces.

Dianne Farler Turner From Richmond, KY

Brad Wilson 18:50:01 7/07/2003

Reading a missionary book about the Church of the Nazarene in Hazard and thought I would check out the website. God Bless!!!!!

Brad Wilson From West Monroe. LA

WILMA CAMPBELL HAMMOCK 13:47:14 7/07/2003



red dog 02:12:51 7/07/2003

what a wonderful web site

red dog From hillbilly heaven

denna scantland 18:46:06 7/05/2003

hi everyone ,i was borned on combs branch,in perry county,i know i have still living relation there ,have lost touch through the years ,father david franklin combs was married to nannie parker,who had 7 girls and two boys .william b.combs,was killed at blue diamond ,in 1940,and our house burned in 1941,we moved from perry county in 1942to fairborn ohio,mom passed away in 1970,dad in 1988,there is only 3 of us left in our family ,just wondered if there might be cousins or such out there yet,if so e-mail is attached ,hope to hear from someone,best regards denna ,your site is great

denna scantland From palmadale fl 33944

scotty ward 14:59:16 7/05/2003

hey just to stop by to say hey so hey!!

scotty ward From ky

Millie Herring 19:57:44 7/04/2003

Just wanted to say I have just returned from Hazard and Perry Co. The web site is very informative wish I had located it before the trip. Keep up the good work,

Millie Herring From Pine Bluff,AR.

Melinda 15:24:19 7/04/2003

WAs browsing and found this site. Great job! It's great to look back on what used to be, and look through post's and maybe see someone's name from years ago.

Melinda From SW VA (formerly of HAZARD)

Sandy Sorrell Davis 15:40:05 7/03/2003

Hi everyone I love this web site it is toooo cool!!!! I am from Knott Co.(Sassafras) to be exact went to Carr Creek H.S my parents were Charlie and Ila Sorrell I would love to hear from my friends especially Jacqueline and Martha I will allways have a special place in my heart for you girls. I love the Mts. of Ky though I havent lived there or visited in years this web site is wonderful and makes me miss home very much. Keep up the great work ok??? Love to all of you! Sandy

Sandy Sorrell Davis From San Antonio Texas

Stephanie 09:05:31 7/03/2003

Two thumbs up! This website is everything you could ask for. I have it set as my homepage.


Sandy Jones Wells 06:16:22 7/01/2003

I just found this site and its great. I was born and raised in Cornettsville,Ky.Haven't been home in a long time and this has brought back a lot of memories. I have a lot of cousins back there and would like to hear from some of them . Louise Gray Campbell??? We use to call you Loony , If you are out there get in touch with me . Love you very much Miss you.

Sandy Jones Wells From mooresville,indiana

James H Hogan 17:47:09 6/30/2003

Great web site,I was just trying to find info for my dad.he was born at first creek blue diamond coal camp 1929.

James H Hogan From Leeco ky

Shirley Riddle Stacy 15:26:28 6/30/2003

Just sending a big hello to all the folks back in the areas of Hazard and Jenkins. A big hug for my sisters , Madelyn of Hazard and Betty of Jenkins

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Peoria Arizona

Amanda 13:53:55 6/30/2003

Hey people, I am going to high school in August and I need to meet new people who are already there so i am not so lost in the dark... If u go there could u help me alittle and tell me everything u know! email me

Amanda From Hazard

Vikki Fugate(Melvin) 04:33:35 6/30/2003

Graduated at K.C.C. in Hindman. Grew up on ball creek,moved away in 1990.Theres no place like home.Love the mountins and music.I love and enjoy visting this website its gr

Vikki Fugate(Melvin) From Florence,ky

£auren 17:12:04 6/29/2003

Hi i wasjust skimming throu the names eger to see if iknew any of the names!!!-£auren

£auren From Hazard

Patsy (Walker) Foister 16:58:03 6/29/2003

Is there a Walker family reunion planned anytime soon? (granddaughter Roscoe Walker)Would appreciate any information. Thanks.

Patsy (Walker) Foister From Hamitlon, OH

Amber Pohl 23:41:06 6/28/2003

My Granfather James Kemplin was born and raised in Hazard/Caney Kentucky. We know he had a lot of sibblings but due to unknown circumstances the family was splintered. My Grandfather has passed away several years ago but we would like to know more about him and life in Kentucky. If you ever knew of him or the Kemplins I would like to hear from you. Thank-you

Amber Pohl

Debbie Metcalf 14:56:56 6/28/2003

I am looking for my biological father. His name is James Henry Combs and was born around 1932. He is from Hazard, KY.He married Zella Frye from Cincinatti, Ohio around 1950 or so. His brothers name is Alex, sisters name is Maxine. Any help in locating my father will be appreciated.

Debbie Metcalf From Palmetto, Florida

nellie 09:34:21 6/25/2003

just to say hello to all the people in hazard i married lynn combs from vicco if anyone knows him let me know

nellie From ohio

Stephanie 09:15:35 6/25/2003

This website really represents all that Hazard is, a community that has had it's rough time, but is full of good people. Hazard is a wonderful website.

Stephanie From Hazard, KY

Rebecca pitman crank 07:06:54 6/25/2003

i just found this site and its very interesting just wanted 2 look at the guest book 2 see if i recognized any of the names

Rebecca pitman crank From near buckhorn

Jonna (Ely) Pemberton 09:31:17 6/24/2003

I just found your web site and found it interesting. I was born at Leatherwood in 1949. My parents are James and Mary Ely.I have two brothers, James Harold and Raymond and a younger sister Rhonda. We went to school at Livingston Grade School. I attended my freshman year at Leatherwood High School. Then we moved to IN in 1964.

Jonna (Ely) Pemberton From Mitchell, IN

Ernie E Lawson Jr. 20:12:59 6/23/2003

Lookin for a gold 1970 Chevelle [SRC] last seen on State Route 229does anyone remember me?NO SUGAR TONITE IN MY COFFEY

Ernie E Lawson Jr. From Somerset , Kentucky

Sherry Estep 11:58:13 6/23/2003

Well i was once an employee at sykes and i loved the job and i was working but i had a baby and i came back after two weeks worked to days and then i had noone that was able to take care of the little one and was not able to come back and i had an interview and now i hear that it is closing and i am so sad for all the good people that i worked with now they will be without a job and its all so sad so i wish the best for all of you but we still all have good memories and that will always stay

Sherry Estep From Leslie County Kentucky Bearbranch

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