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NORMA JEAN HALL 11:48:01 6/23/2003



kentuckylady54 19:39:19 6/19/2003

I was married to a duff. My boys are Duff's. Their daddy was James Duff Junior. Their Grandpa was Jimmie Duff and their Grandmpther was Ethel Duff. I don't know if you know or kin to these Duff's.

kentuckylady54 From perry

Lyrae Duff 13:27:40 6/19/2003

I'm relatively new to this website and I think this is my first post. I am researching my Duff roots. I know my dad's family was from in and around Hazard. My Dad is William Calvin Duff. His parents were Vard Charles and Shirley Ellen Kerr Duff. If you have any information about this family line please email me when you can. I would love to hear some stories about this side of my family. Regretably, we moved from Kentucky when I was about 2 years old.

Lyrae Duff From Richardson, TX

JuliaDeaton 23:35:19 6/18/2003

I Love this page,It takes me back to what i remember as a child and how my mom and dad always talked about Hazard.They came to Maryland in 1959 and I was born and raised here but have always loved Hazard and the mountains,I Have alot of family still there i visit and plan on moving there real soon.Keep this sight going it's great

JuliaDeaton From Maryland

Bobbie Kline/Young 17:19:31 6/18/2003

I am having trouble with the email address I used in an earlier comment.My family left Kentucky around 1947 and moved to Michigan. We lived at Vicco or rather up by the Scratch Back cold mine. My parents were Leness and Mavy Young. Had a best friend named "tootsie" can not remember her last name. The Jinkins lived above us and Mrs. Shivy lived below us. can not remember any other names. If anyone around vicco remembers us would love to hear from you. My sisters names-Loretta,Linda Sue, Diana.

Bobbie Kline/Young From Dacula, Ga

Amber Sandlin 16:55:50 6/18/2003

This website is awesome. Its lets you search information about your home town & meet others. Please email, we all need to keep in touch.

Amber Sandlin From Buckhorn, KY

Kathy Snyder 23:35:38 6/17/2003

Web site is really touching.God bless.

Kathy Snyder From Pa.

ashley 05:44:26 6/17/2003

i love this site! it has all the info u need!

ashley From hindman

Roscoe Helton 15:22:41 6/16/2003

I plan on attending the Hardburly Homecoming this Labor Day Weekend. Could some please give me all the info. on the Homecoming, time,date,etc. Looking fwdg to attending. Thank you.

Roscoe Helton From Ft. Myers, Fl.

Hager Fugate 14:24:43 6/15/2003

I was borned in Knott Co. ( Clear Creek ) We last lived in Dwarf, ( Perry Co.) I enjoy your web site, it is both informative and entertaining .

Hager Fugate From Hamilton, Ohio

Jennifer Holland 11:56:47 6/15/2003

I love this website. I got to see pics of the place that my family use to talk about and stuff. And it is strange to see what Hazard looked like then and now... BIG CHANGE!

Jennifer Holland From Hazard

Ken Jones 17:39:08 6/14/2003

taught and coached in perry county for years before moving to powell co. any former students or players, i'd like to hear from you.

Ken Jones From stanton, ky

Donny Amburgey 14:29:28 6/13/2003

Big hello going out to all of Hazard & East KY. Keep up the good work on the website. Does anyone know of some good websites about Letcher county, if you do please let me know. Also where i can get online obits (letcher co.) 2-26-03. ~Thanks~

Donny Amburgey From Parma Hts OH

Tammy Baker Cummings 11:42:13 6/13/2003

Thought I would say hello to all my friends. Great website! To anyone who wants to chat e-mail me.

Tammy Baker Cummings

Tabathia Farler 19:53:32 6/12/2003

I live in vicco upuntil I was in the 6th grade went to R.W.Combs..I will be down the week befor the 4 am looking for some friends i grew up with Brian and Crystal Spencer..i think thats the way to spell the last name if anyone knows them or how to get intouch with them please have them email me .......

Tabathia Farler From Merrillville IN

neice2 15:08:53 6/11/2003

Uncle Gary We miss u and love u and we hope to see u again someday.We didn't get to say goodbye but maybe we will get to say hi again.we love u with all our hearts!!!! love always Roxi and sam

neice2 From my father Gary Cornett

Melissa Scruggs Brashear 08:42:56 6/11/2003

Hi, I'm Missy (Scruggs) Brashear. I am the daughter of Jimmy Scruggs and Lyda Statzer Scruggs.I'm a pantherette that graduated in '85. Married Marty Brashear, D.C. class of '81. We have one baby girl- McKenna, now 14 months. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew either the Scruggs, the Statzers, or the Wallens(Ona, Monnie). Both my grandfathers were coal miners. (Lee Scruggs, and Lyda Statzer). My grandmother Ona Wallen Scruggs died when my dad was only 3- papaw then married Geneva Collins- love to hear from any of the Collins family or friends as well. I'd also love to hear from my school pal, Mia Mobelini- last I heard she was in Lexington. Bye for now!

Melissa Scruggs Brashear From Vicco,Ky

Brenda C. Dean Miller 07:14:25 6/11/2003

Great site ! Love reading through it. I am from the Hazard area, raised around Big Creek & Combs Ky. Went to Big Creek Elm. and M.C.Napier , parents were Ted & Edith Dean. I have two sisters that still live there Hilda Napier and Wanda Hughes.Hi everyone !

Brenda C. Dean Miller From Paris Crossing, Indiana

Mildred Hanvy 04:13:52 6/11/2003

My family lived in Hazard for many years and I was born in Hazard. I've been back several times over the years and loved it. I am coming back again this August.

Mildred Hanvy From Michigan

nellie combs 22:56:54 6/09/2003

if aaanyone rembers me give me a yell my mothers name is maggie sizemore and my dads name was sam morris would love to hear from some one my maddin name was morris i marrie lynn combs from vicco

nellie combs From ohio

CAROLYN 18:30:04 6/09/2003

Hey, I just wanted to say hello to everyone in Hazard. Hope to come down and visit in a couple of weeks.ttyl


Traci Gross 17:29:25 6/08/2003

After living in Richmond for almost five years, it occurs to me that there is no place like home. Yerkes is always etched on my mind. To all those that live there I say hello, and I miss you. Contact me via email anytime. Sincerely Traci Gross aka Traci Wooton

Traci Gross From Richmond, KY

Connie Cox (Bryant) 03:26:15 6/07/2003

Hello,I am proud of my family from around Hazard.Most all of them live there or in Viper. I am the granddaughter of James and Mary Jo Bryant/Ray & Maude Brown and the neice of Cecil Douglas Brown (one of many uncles/aunts) If you have any info on my family history I'd love to receive it. Thanks!!

Connie Cox (Bryant) From New Carlisle, OH

Stephaine 17:12:16 6/06/2003

hey hazard been along time sense I've been that way I miss everyone hope to come down in july until then ttyl

Stephaine From indiana

Ben Sweet 20:29:44 6/05/2003

Just surfing through.Enjoy reading all the jokes.

Ben Sweet From Xenia Ohio

Lajena Barker 16:34:07 6/04/2003

More info on my search for old friend Sarah Ellen Creech. When I knew her our families lived at Greenridge. Her mother was a sister to Rev. Coy Turner. Her family moved to Pittsburg I think, and Sarah moved to Miami where she had a beauty shop. Would like to talk to her again and find out how she and her family are.

Lajena Barker From Point Pleasant, WV

nellie gombs 17:42:16 6/03/2003


nellie gombs From OHIO

Bill Ferguson 08:10:53 6/03/2003

Im writing again to see if i can get some of my old Lothair buddies or anyone who was raised up back there.also any one that i went to high school with at viper.ive heard from very few so far thanks Bill.

Bill Ferguson From Okeana Ohio

vaughn hall 03:18:54 6/03/2003

went to dilce combs high graduated in 1972 ,anybody know me email me. love hazard. go panthers

vaughn hall From newport ky

Glen O. Boling 20:35:00 6/01/2003

I've visited this web site many times the last few years. I believe it is the best city website in the country. I never fail to see some place or person that I recognize that I had missed on the last visit. Congratulations to all those responsible for its creation, as well as those who contributed photos, stories, etc.

Glen O. Boling From Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

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