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christal machell bush 20:18:42 3/12/2003

I was looking for pictures of the old county road. If anyone could help me I would greatly apprecite it. Everybody names my family the creech's.

christal machell bush From hazard

martha jane baker 09:46:21 3/12/2003

lived in combs all my teen years,went to combs school on the hill.lived in sun fire bottom,if any one has a school pic.from 1950 to 1955.sure would love to have one.em thank you

martha jane baker From mi.

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy 17:23:55 3/11/2003

This is a message to Ed Strong from Sumner Washington. I do not know you, but I used to live in Seatle and had quite a few friends pn your town. Dont know if any are still there now, But if you happen to see any Gearharts there tell them a hello for me. Thank you. Shirley'

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy From Peoria Az

Carolyn 17:05:43 3/11/2003

Hello to everyone in Hazard.How is everyone in them there mountains? I would like to send my love and prayers to my nephew Henry in Kuait and to all of the other men and women in service whom are over ther serving our country.May god bring you all home safe.

Carolyn From Indiana

stephanie 12:21:59 3/11/2003

hey hazard hows everyone doing?Good I hope. my prayers go out to my cousin henry while hes away come back home safe and we all love and miss you

stephanie From Indiana

G. Barnett 22:37:43 3/10/2003

Would like to hear from anybody who went to Cordia 73-77. Great website takes me back to times and the simple pleasures of what I considered a good life.

G. Barnett From Combs Ky

Louise Miller 18:31:28 3/10/2003

Great Web site. I was born in Blue Diamond, KY

Louise Miller From Wilson OK

John Larry Neace Sr 16:58:44 3/10/2003

I Love It There. Born And Raised .It Is Heaven.

John Larry Neace Sr From Martinsburg WV

Wanda Bradford 08:37:05 3/10/2003

To Shirley(Riddle) Stacy. Glad to see you're still out there. Will try your new e-mail. If i fail just know I haven't forgotten you.

Wanda Bradford From Inverness fl.

ED STRONG 12:08:13 3/09/2003


ED STRONG From sumner,washington

Trish Edwards 11:59:05 3/09/2003

Home is were the heart is.....All I Miss is my boyfriend,OLLIE GENE JONES....but we still have our weekends,and the passionate adventures we take and live for......................

Trish Edwards From Lexington,Ky45005

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy 12:29:55 3/08/2003

This is a hello to Wanda Bradford from the Lothair area. I have a new e-mail address and can not seem to get it working correctly. I will keep trying to contact you. Shirley

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy From Peoria Az

Logan E. Combs 10:49:16 3/08/2003

Son of William Golden Combs,Campbells Creek/Krpton?(Mary Fraley),of Logan ?. Combs (& Marybell/Bell Fugute)of ?Jackson G. Combs of ???Emphrim Combsrelated to Bud Fugute/Cassie Wooten/Carl Campbell/Erie Combs, many more

Logan E. Combs From Dearmanville, AL

Joanne Bohnett 15:06:35 3/07/2003

My father, Burnie Centers was born and raised in Hazard. If anyone knows about the Centers family, or had contact with them, please let me know. I believe most of my father's side is still there.

Joanne Bohnett From Scotts, Michigan
Joanne n Keith @

Amy 12:14:21 3/07/2003

hay all

Amy From ohio

Kimberly Griffith-Cole 09:45:56 3/07/2003

This is a really good site!! I enjoy it a lot!!

Kimberly Griffith-Cole From Krypton, Ky

searching 19:54:50 3/06/2003

im lookinf for a old friend. he used to drive a cab in hazard. his name is forest smith. some called him bay. last i heard he moved to florida but he is from glomar. if anyone knows where he is can u please email me. thank you.

searching From usa

Marcie Collins 10:36:49 3/06/2003

I Love This Website! :)

Marcie Collins From Hazard

linda dalton 20:56:18 3/04/2003

I was born and raised in hazard would love to here from anyone who remebers me.

linda dalton From coldsprings, tx.

barb kleiva 11:53:02 3/04/2003

I have some very old pictures of perry county. I would like to send them to this forum but I don't know how to. Could someone help. My e-mail is momkleiva@yahoo. The picture are of the Slone family in Hazard Kentucky

barb kleiva From batavia il

nellie combs 22:30:17 3/03/2003

this great i was borned and raised in hazard

nellie combs From greenvillive ohio

Brenda Hayes Turner 09:53:18 3/03/2003

Hey thought i'd wirte a few lines. And say Hello" to everyone.. I woould really like to get in contact with some of my old friends from school.

Brenda Hayes Turner From Bulan ky

Brenda 09:16:55 3/03/2003

I really enjoy getting the web page.

Brenda From bulan

stephen b napier 08:03:43 3/02/2003

i woul like to thank you for making this site it helps me remember home and i would like to say thank you again

stephen b napier From afghanastan

wilma lewis jodrey 06:12:04 3/02/2003

hi i lived on black gold from 1946 till 1958 i was born in st marys hospitaldoes anyone know how i can get some pictures of black gold hill in late forties and fifties it was where hazard community college is now would really appreciate the help thank you wilma lewis nice site

wilma lewis jodrey From hanover indiana

deborah nease 17:53:24 3/01/2003

I can't find the pictures of the 57 flood of chavies that Linda Bailey Dunn had posted would like to hear from her my family was from there (Berdetta Thomas). Georgia Sanders Thomas

deborah nease From seymour indiana

Marie Morris 17:03:28 3/01/2003

So nice to visit my hometown and listen to the radio like I did as a child. Also, so sad to read and see all the destruction caused by the recent flood. I still have family and friends there even though I haven't lived there in almost forty years.

Marie Morris From Bonita Springs, Fl.

Wanda Bradford 15:19:14 3/01/2003

i hve a new system. i find i cannot communicate or make comments or respond to queries. can you tell me how to do this.

Wanda Bradford From Inverness, fl. 34452

Jessica Neace Sawyer 17:14:32 2/27/2003

Hello, my name is Jessica Sawyer and I am the daughter of Bill and Bobbie Jean Neace. My dads parents were Henry and Polly Neace. If you have any info please e-mail me.

Jessica Neace Sawyer From Indiana

Jerry Thomas 12:58:48 2/26/2003


Jerry Thomas From Cable, Ohio

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