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Carolyn 11:43:36 2/13/2003

Hello Hazard! I love this website.I hope to come home and visit real soon.P.S. if anyone knows me send me an e-mail.My maiden name was Stidham

Carolyn From Indiana

Bill Peterson 07:40:01 2/13/2003

Love your web site. The old photos are wonderful. Someone has put a lot of effort into this, and deserves congratulations.

Bill Peterson From Seattle

David Faulkner 22:05:05 2/12/2003

My mother was reared in Marlow, and Viper. Her Dad was Vanis Webb, her mother a Marlow. Does anyone have knowledge of Marlow and/or the Marlow Coal Company? I would love to hear.

David Faulkner From Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Greg Combs 15:08:41 2/12/2003

I found your site by accident. Great Site. It's so nice to see the COMBS name going on.....and on...and on..

Greg Combs From Atlanta Ga

Glenn Ferguson 15:06:57 2/12/2003

Oh how I remember coming to mam-ma Brashear's to stay. I would be so excited to see my cousins. We would walk to the river, find river muscles, go across the swinging bridge, or just walk the railroad tracks and talk. What peaceful days! I brought my 2nd wife to be over when mam-ma was so ill, she instantly fell in love. Oh how I miss you all, and long for those peaceful times again.

Glenn Ferguson From New Haven, WV

John Upchurch 22:35:26 2/11/2003

The pictures bring back memories that I did know I had. Thanks.

John Upchurch From Charlotte, NC

Ada L. Rudd 21:32:19 2/11/2003

This is a great website, I always manage to find something new and interesting every time I get into it. Does anyone have any information on a man named David Beatty. He dated my sister (Mavis Griffin) back in the late 50's and she was wondering what ever happened to him.

Ada L. Rudd From Cincinnati, Ohio

Jodi 11:03:52 2/10/2003

My Grandpa and his people were from Hazard a long time ago. They moved to Ohio in the 1930's. I am looking for local archives to search my family history. My Grandpa was a 'Strong' and his mother was a 'Cornette'. If any one has information on either family I would love to have it.

Jodi From Florida

alonzo feltner 09:52:32 2/10/2003

Hi every one at HARDBURLY,KY

alonzo feltner From bowlinggreen,ky

Misty Baker 09:28:25 2/10/2003

I like this site real good, it would be alot better if you put a place for school closings,so I wouldn't have to set up all night to listen to the news.

Misty Baker From Knott County

dexter j slone 09:00:54 2/10/2003

when I was little I use to go fishing by the train bridge by allais going across to wabaco those were fun days I used to play hooky from school and go fishing there does any one remember going fishing there

dexter j slone From rolling mds il
kentucky guy @msn com

dexter j slkone 08:28:53 2/10/2003

I was born in allais walkers branch 1937 I remember one time when Dad took me to town when I was little when i had to go to the bath room dad said I had to go inside we allways had an out house i wasnt going to go iside of a house no way times have changed thank goodness

dexter j slkone From rolling mds il
kentucky guy @msn com

tim wooten 16:21:17 2/09/2003

hello haz.

tim wooten From fl.

jimmy lawson 13:47:11 2/09/2003

hello hazard. great site. keep up the good work. HHS1961

jimmy lawson From danville, ky

Heather Bryant-Pigman 14:33:51 2/08/2003

I was just researching information on the "Blue People of Kentucky" when I came arcoss this web site. I haven't lived in Hazard in the last 8 years, but I do visit often. I really enjoy this site!

Heather Bryant-Pigman From Bowling Green, KY

estill johnson 12:42:14 2/08/2003

great site

estill johnson From pippa passes,ky.

cotton 21:37:54 2/07/2003

Ilove the site and i keep looking for people that i no great place great people from Glomawr NathanDalton

cotton From Houston Texas

jay ritchie 19:44:57 2/07/2003

born at fisty 12-38 gandson of doug ritchie would like to hear from any of my kin 1601 gears rd. houston tx. 77067

jay ritchie From houston tx.

Zachary M Sandlin 18:18:31 2/07/2003

My father was from Buckhorn and my mother from Hazard. I used to spend summers in Hazard with my 2nd cousins Jay, Jan, and David Lykins.

Zachary M Sandlin From Peachtree City, GA

Mitzi Marsh Price 08:06:34 2/07/2003

It's been a while but this website posted a picture of the Hazard Baptist Institute late 1920's mens basketball team that participated in the state tournament. I believe they finished in second. My grandfather, Bill Mayhew is in this picture and I have not seen this picture in some time. Can you post this picture again or let me know with whom I can get in cOntact with about the picture... I would greatly appreciate it. Mitzi Price

Mitzi Marsh Price From Rogersville TN

GLENDA SUE THORPE EMMITT 07:54:55 2/07/2003



creekbird 14:17:12 2/06/2003

i'd like to say hello to my nephew herny,he'll be on his way to iraq this week.although i have'nt seen or spoken to him in a while i want him to know my thoughts and prayers are with him.may god bring you home safely and remember we all love you.

creekbird From romecity indiana

Carol Sue Lewallen 12:34:33 2/06/2003

I love this website. I still live in Hazard but i still like to visit the site. I like to read about all people tha lived here. I was born here and will proably die here. My parents was Lee and Ella Lewallen.

Carol Sue Lewallen From hazard

Ellen Cox 11:13:55 2/06/2003

I visited Hazard on 2/3/03 for the first time. My great grandparents lived in Bonnyman, KY. Their names were Miles and Nannie Taylor. If there are any Taylors in this area please contact me. This is a wonderful, historic site on the web and I'm glad I found it.

Ellen Cox From Jacksboro, TN and Nash, TX

bull jones 10:19:42 2/06/2003

just an amazing website i enjoy visiting so much,is old barney bryant still a city cop or is he to old

bull jones From head of holler

Daniel Grigsby 09:54:14 2/06/2003

I enjoyed the web site...

Daniel Grigsby From Campton

Teddy Hardigree 03:15:26 2/06/2003

I really enjoy this website so much. It allows me to keep in touch with Hazard. I really wish you would post Birth and Death announcements. They're so hard to keep up with.

Teddy Hardigree From Harrison, Ohio 45030

ERIC S JETT 16:49:17 2/05/2003



cotton 13:33:05 2/05/2003

Greg Cornett E-mail me at

cotton From houston Texas

Rikk Turner 06:37:15 2/05/2003


Rikk Turner From Hazard

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