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Betty (Campbell) Horn 23:30:30 5/06/2002

Great site! I have enjoyed going down a bit of memory lane. I lived in Rowdy Kyfor quite a bit of my childhood. My grandparents were Dorthy(Noble) and Hiarm Campbell from Francis Branch. My parents Louise and Andy Campbell. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me or my family. My name is Betty Campbell went to M.C. Napier in 1972 Freshman year.Thanks You.

Betty (Campbell) Horn From Richmond Ky

CHARLES E. GROSS 11:40:24 5/06/2002


CHARLES E. GROSS From new port richey

RALPH TICK 13:40:38 5/05/2002



Raymond Carlisle Sergent Jr. 22:41:43 5/03/2002

My father's family were from Harlan Co. Abraham Sergent was my GGGGrandfather. Would like to share photos and information with anyone. I love this site.Thank You For Your Time.

Raymond Carlisle Sergent Jr. From Houston,TX

Vicki Sparks 20:02:43 5/02/2002

Nice sight, makes me home sick for the mountains,not been back since 1995. Will visit soon. Went to Dilce Combs, grau. 1975 keep up the good work

Vicki Sparks From Las Vegas, NV

Helen Campbell 18:11:57 5/02/2002

I love this site, but agree that the REAL Hazard chatroom needs to be put back on. The other is pitiful....someone please help!!!!

Helen Campbell

Carolyn Crable 09:19:20 5/02/2002

I am looking for a Mildred Baker, who gave birth to a little boy in a hotel room on August 12, 1952. The boy was named David L. Baker, now is David Brown living in Bettendorf Iowa. He is my son's father and I would like to get family history before it is too late.

Carolyn Crable From Davenport IA

The Dunaways 20:42:54 5/01/2002

Hello. We received an email telling usabout you guys giving us some airplay at your station..."The most powerful FM station in KY they said"WOW! We are just floored...Thank youso much..God Bless You! Randall, Tammy, and Kanah Dunaway

The Dunaways From Mississippi

Joyce Morris Grigsby Lamaster 20:20:13 5/01/2002

I really enjoy the news about Perry co. I would love to find out who Walden Morris from Beattyville KY are if anyone knows just email me please.

Joyce Morris Grigsby Lamaster From Indiana

Ruth 15:54:32 5/01/2002

I love this web-site but I think we need to put the Chat room in here.P.S. If any1 went to that June Buchanan, and Buckhorn b-ball Team that went into 4 over times..I played in that game I was #10!

Ruth From perry

Mabel Connors 18:26:34 4/30/2002

My maiden name was Roberts. Love this site

Mabel Connors From Warren Mi.
mabel@prodigy. net

RON BARNETT 18:30:18 4/29/2002

Great site grew up in Knott county listened to Hazard radio station all the time. Keep up the good work the mountains will always be my home.

RON BARNETT From Mocksville NC.

Ashley Rice 14:37:13 4/29/2002

This is a great site. Whenever I want to learn about the history and happenings of my surroundings I come here. I feel like a part of me is in the origin of Perry County and Hazard, Ky.

Ashley Rice From Hazard, Ky

SSG K.W. Whitaker 08:42:28 4/29/2002

Greetings, Hazard natives! Just a prior Hazard boy checking in to say 'Hi'... it is hot as blazes here in San Antonio, somewhere around 98 or so. Love the site and I am looking forward to coming back to Kentucky to visit sometime in the near future. Maybe the city will finally put my name on the Desert Storm monument... :) Drink one at Buckhorn Lake for me!!!

SSG K.W. Whitaker From Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio, Texas!)

Wanda Ripberger 04:53:35 4/29/2002

I am the niece of Anna Lois McIntosh her husband was Millard both are deceased but they have 3 adult children living around Squabble Creek. Anna Lois's mother was Sallie Vires Deaton Oliver and she lived on top of Buckhorn Hill. I am trying to find where grandfather Buck Deaton who died in the mid 1930s is buried. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wanda Ripberger From Elsmere, KY

Evelyn McIntosh 01:45:34 4/29/2002

My first time here, and like many it was a accident to find this site. I am really thrilled to find this site because I believe this will be a better place to have a chance to find our lost kin. To bad other places doesn't have a site like this one. I plan to email many of the Deatons and McIntosh people listed on this site in hopes they know some of our family. I think even neighbors and school friends might know of Alfred Ray McIntosh born 9-5-1946 or his mother Nora Deaton born in 1928. Please if anyone knows of these people please email me. I think Noras mother was Nettie Walker(Deaton)and Alfred had a brother named Earl born in 1941 and a sister Ruth born in 1948.This is all I know of and would really like to find one of these people.It's something I really want to do for my little girl.I doubt if any of the family even knows of her. When I heard that she looks like her Papaw McIntosh it only makes me want to find them more.Any help to locate any of these family members I would be more then grateful.Again want to say this is one fine site and Hazard should be real proud of it. To me it makes me feel I'm right in Hazard looking and not on the internet, because as I read the messages it tells how most were from here, but has maybe moved elsewhere,but yet everyone can keep in touch threw this wonderful site. I know I will be back just to read the post.This site even makes me feel I have got somewhere with my search even though I haven't yet. God Bless the Hazard Guest Book!!!!!!!!

Evelyn McIntosh From Muncie Ind.

Carl Timothy Childers 19:06:39 4/27/2002

Checking the internet for the Childers

Carl Timothy Childers From Carlisle,Ohio

Jack B. Gross 12:45:35 4/27/2002

I graduated from Hazard in 1972. I still have lots of family left in Hazard. Would love to hear from friends or family and my teammates from some the baseball teams I played on! I think the web site is excellent.

Jack B. Gross From Harrodsburg, KY

Roxx 00:47:37 4/27/2002

I was just wandering if anybody knew how i could get in touch with my biological father which is Terry Combs who has a daughter named Becky. I have never even had the chance to meet him because of Becky and her mom but would really like to. Also to let him know he now has an 8 month old grandaughter. By the way, I love the sight and Kentucky is a very beatiful place.

Roxx From Indiana

roxx 00:43:22 4/27/2002

if anybody in here has any inforMation on rockford moore,mallie moore, please write me and let me know the way i love the sight and kentucky is a very beatiful place.

roxx From indiana

Penny (Hurt) Bodner 20:10:48 4/26/2002

My roots are in Fisty and I know many of my relatives. I am part Hurt, Singleton, Tomlin, Holiday, Holifield and more!

Penny (Hurt) Bodner From Richmond KY

Billy McIntosh 16:30:45 4/26/2002

I lived in Hazard from 1952 to 1963 on Highland ave. I went to Upper Broadway School. I will be visiting in Hazard the 13th thru the 16th of May. Will be so glad to see my old home town.

Billy McIntosh From Texico, NM

Martha Barker 23:52:33 4/24/2002


Martha Barker From Commiskey in

Cindy Combs 16:43:43 4/24/2002

Reading this take me back thinking about my first job back in '93 just out of high school working at the 2-story McDonalds in town, those were the days to all the wonderful friends I met there I still think of you all Kelly, Scotty,Tabatha,Little Joe,Tim, Paula,Mardy, Tammy and everyone there I have alot of wonderful memories of those carefree days we sure did have some fun hope you all are having a great life and are still having a great time !!!!!

Cindy Combs From Kentucky

John Bachmann 14:23:12 4/24/2002

Nice page. It could use some more updating of current events. I was only in Hazard for 5 years but I sure remember how beautiful it is there and how wonderful the people are. If you remember me give me a hollar.

John Bachmann From Hammond, Indiana

Evelyn McIntosh 03:53:33 4/24/2002

Very nice site!

Evelyn McIntosh From Muncie Ind.

Rose Ballard Durham 03:25:07 4/24/2002

I couldn't sleep this morning and I got up early to look something up on the computer about an article I had seen in The Lexington Herald while visiting my brother this past weekend in Whitesburg,Ky. Well was I surprised to find out more than I was looking for. First I found pictures of The Mother Goose House then for a long time I have wanted a copy of a song by The Singing Miner, George Davis, and I typed it in the search and all this came up by accident...a good accident. I was born at Roxana,Ky. I lived in Letcher County until I was 16 and I moved away and have made Harrison, Ohio my home for 41 years. My parents were Clayton nd Ora Hall from Letcher Co. I wish there was something like this from there. I write a column for the Mountain Eagle called Southern Ohio. Thank you for a wonderful visit.I will be checking back.

Rose Ballard Durham From Harrison, Ohio

David Boggs 21:13:53 4/23/2002

My uncle Paul Boggs has been researching our family history. He told me about this sight, and I have enjoyed it very much. There is a reference to my father John Lewis Boggs written by Paul. My father brought us children to Hazard back in '84 so we could see where our family came from.

David Boggs From Rossville, TN

Ada Rudd Arrington 20:00:16 4/22/2002

I was born in Allock and lived there until I was 9 years old.I went to R.W. Combs for only 2 years before we moved. My dad,Carl Rudd, was a coal miner there for many, many years, my mom's name is Princess, brothers Harold Griffin and Jerry Wayne Rudd, and a sister, Mavis Griffin. Does anyone there remember my family? I'd love to hear from anyone that remembers us. I love your site, very informative and interesting. And it also served to get me in touch with my sweet uncle. He knows who he is. Hi Herman!!!

Ada Rudd Arrington From Hattiesburg, MS

Velma Mae Stacy Green 08:08:48 4/22/2002

Hi.I was born in Hardburly.And i;m looking for Theda Mae Hurt.She moved from Hardburly to Garrett,Ky.Her father name was Holbert and mother was Georgia.and now her father is a minister.She got married and moved to Dalton,Ohio.If anyone knows Theda please contact me Thank you.Velma Mae Stacy

Velma Mae Stacy Green From Monroe Mi.

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