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Velma Mae Stacy 15:58:20 4/21/2002

Im from Hardburly. We moved from there in 1957. Im looking for Thelda Mae Hurt. She moved from Hardburly to Garrett, KY. Her father was Holbert (which is now a minister)& her mother was named Georgia. She had 2 sisters, Freda & Wanda, and 2 brothers. I heard that she got married & moved to Dalton, OH. If anyone can help me with information, please email me. Thank You!

Velma Mae Stacy

JERRY & GAY FUGATE 12:32:15 4/21/2002



benny thorpe 12:59:31 4/20/2002


benny thorpe From muncie indiana

william jack feltner 03:41:46 4/19/2002

This is such a wonderful website. I visit it quite often. I was born in Hazard,Ky. in 1945. I lived there until I graduated M.C.Napier High School in 1965. I still have a lot of family and friends that are living up there now. I've been gone a long time but I am still there in my spirit.william j. feltnerwfeltner@msn.comSt. Louis, Mo.

william jack feltner From st.louis, mo

Faye Barker 18:51:28 4/18/2002

Hi to all my relatives and friends in hazard I was born in Fourseam a lot of years ago. After getting married , lived in Glomawr for 10 years.Before that worked for Columbus Mining Company at Allais. I love this Hazard site. I visit it almost daily.Would love to hear from some of my cousins.Some I have never known.My mother was Bessie Cornett Barnett.My dad was George Barnett. feel free to email me...Faye Barnett Barker

Faye Barker From Clearwater,Florida

Emily S. P. 17:17:23 4/18/2002

Very interesting!

Emily S. P. From Florida

Virginia Phillips Bingham 12:26:52 4/17/2002

Can't believe 53 years and thousands of miles later that the memories are so beautiful and fresh by way of internet.

Virginia Phillips Bingham From Indian Springs, NV 89018

Velma Mae Stacy Green 10:38:49 4/16/2002

I was born in Hardburly.And i;m looking for Thelda Mae Hurt.She moved from the late 50 and moved to Garrett,Ky.Her father name was Holbert and her mother name was Georgie.I have found out she married and lives in Dalton,Ohio.And her father is now a minister.She had two sister Freda and Wanda.If anyone knows where abouts of Theda Mae Hurt please let me know.Thank you.Velma Mae Stacy Green

Velma Mae Stacy Green From Monroe Mi.
fand v green@

Julie Mae Harris 07:45:02 4/15/2002

Good Morning, My name Is Julie Harris. I attened Dilce Combs in 84/85 as a freshman and continued my education for a couple of more years until my family needed me and I had to drop out. I am just looking for some of the classmates that may have remembered me along that time of my life. Those were the best years of my like attending Dilce even if it was short lived. feel free to write me:) e-mail address is

Julie Mae Harris From Western Kentucky

Audrey faye ross niederkorn,harrison 03:44:15 4/15/2002

Hello I was born in Busy Kentucky in 1948. My familys name was ross. My Father was egar ross. my mother remarried and I was raised in arkansas. I still have a step mom Mabel ross, 2 brothers Jr and Hubert in Kentucky. I would love to hear from anyone or anyone that knew my family. Thank you Faye harrison

Audrey faye ross niederkorn,harrison From South amboy,New Jersey

Adam Combs 01:16:59 4/15/2002

I believe that my dad, Caesar Combs, was on the first HHS football team, the Hazard Bulldogs. Anyone knowing anything about the football team and the boys on it is requested to get in touch with me @ my email address.

Adam Combs From Lemoore, CA

jerry and gay fugate. 18:33:30 4/14/2002


jerry and gay fugate. From BOWLING GREEN, KY.

Katherine N Caudill 21:26:14 4/13/2002

Hi I'm Kat and im 18 years old... I am looking for my father his name is Randy Lynn Caudill...I havent seen him in 15 years...but would love nothing more than to reunite with him.. I have dreamed of having my father for years...I just want to get to know him and maybe start a relationship..I have proof that he is my father so if anyone knows him and can contact him please let me know thank u and God Bless

Katherine N Caudill From Im from hazard kentucky but do not currently live there!

Christena Southwick 19:24:47 4/13/2002

I came up this web site quite by accident, but was thrilled!! My father's family was from Hazard, KY. It was the McIntosh clan, John Sr. and John Jr., Carlos, Sam (my father), Boyd, and two sisters. My grandmother's name was Ida. I never met them as my parents divorced in the early '50's after only a few years of marriage. It was been especially hard on my brother all these years to have never met his father, and efforts to locate him have failed, until we recently learned he died in 1986. However, I know that there must be relatives of his that I could still meet or talk with, and I know it would mean a great deal to my brother as well. So, if you know anything about the McIntosh family (they later moved to Osgood, IN) I would LOVE to hear from you! Thanks so much.

Christena Southwick From Morrison, CO

jerry hughes, jr. 18:04:12 4/13/2002

hi everyone,this is a great sitei surly have enjoyed itif anybody remembers me feel free to email me thanksole jer

jerry hughes, jr. From cleveland,ohio

dasiy 15:11:56 4/13/2002

I am working on my Combs family tree and I have read several messages poted on this board. I have tried to e-mail several people but it seems as though they forgot to update the message board with their new e-mail address. If anyone has information regarding the Combs family in Hazzard Ky (Perry County) Please e-mail me at Thanks in advance

dasiy From Kentucky

larry cornett 23:21:55 4/12/2002

we welcome you to the hazard community. if your visiting .we have the famous black gold festival in septemberor check out my sight laconett hazard ky.

larry cornett From slemp ky 41763

Wanda Bradford maidenname Pelfrey 17:12:22 4/12/2002

Hey Shirley,My e-mail account is right now. You should have no problems. I just tried e-mailing you and it said you had permanent fatal errors. If you have a new e-amil just let me know. It is great to hear from you. I hope we can get the e-mail situation straightened out so we can catch up on old times. Please respond. Hope to hear from you soon. Wanda

Wanda Bradford maidenname Pelfrey From Inverness, Fl.

coypeters 15:58:50 4/12/2002

I was borned on Black Gold hill.To John&Bertie Peters.There was 9 of us Kids.Kathkeen Maxine Coy Roy Bobby Billy Lorene Virginia&Shirley.wood love to hear from any body that knew us.

coypeters From madison,in

Matilda Copone 13:28:48 4/12/2002

I just wanted to say that I beleive that this is a great site that I have stumbled onto. I've seen a lot of information about my ancestor Al and I hope you don't mind me writing on here. My mother never talks to me about Al anymore. She was trying to hide everything about until I got assigned a history project on bootleggers and prohibition. When she found out she tried to call me teacher and tell him that i can't do the prject. But, she realied that i needed that mark. Anyways, I've got to go write now, so if you want to know any improvements it would be...get pictures, it makes it interesting. Thanks fo your time! Matilda Copone

Matilda Copone From Sicily

Rhonda Campbell 11:05:57 4/12/2002

What's up everyone! I miss Hazard alot but I am coming home today. ha ha

Rhonda Campbell From Hazard, Ky

Tanya Wonnell 19:08:51 4/10/2002

My mother is from Hazard Kentucky. Her name at that time was Rayma Sue Hall.

Tanya Wonnell From Tecumseh, Michigan

Kellie Lemons 12:37:24 4/10/2002

My family lives in Perry county. Their last name is Grubbs. They have been living there for along time.

Kellie Lemons From Harrison, Ky

Angela Jones 09:41:48 4/10/2002

I wish I could find anyone who knows the Jones from Vicco. Richmond or Lige. They are my family. Would love to know more on the Jones from that area. I do miss it there so much. I grew up there and I often think back on the mule pulling the sled my father and uncle made. Going up on The hill and blasting for coal, and us kids loading it up. I try to come down every spring. I get home sick thinking of Vicco. I will soon move ther with prayers and hope. The people in Hazard are so nice.

Angela Jones From Cincinnati Ohio

Tommy Miniard jr. 01:55:13 4/10/2002

I was born in Hazard and lived on Big Willard until I joined the Army in 1970. I went to Germany in 1987 and stayed for 15 years, I just returned to the states in Jan 02 and found this page by accident it's good to read about Hazard it brings back alot of good memories.

Tommy Miniard jr. From Columbus, Ohio (temp)

Shirley Riddle Stacy 20:21:16 4/09/2002

This is a hello to Wanda Pelfrey in Tampa Bay Florida. Tried to email you but it was returned. Please let me know what your email address is and I will message you. Thanks.

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Phoenix, Arizona

Angie Jones 18:42:30 4/09/2002

I lived in Hazard from 6 months to 6 yrs I have family in Hazard and love it there. I am glad to have found this web site. I miss all who lives on Georges Branch, my grandparents were Jim and Sally Jones, if anyone knows them or Earl Jones please e-mail me. Thanks you so much

Angie Jones From Cincy Ohio

Steven 12:42:36 4/09/2002

Hello there everyone my name is Steven Sandlin and I just moved from Vicco last week. A lot of family lives in Vicco does anyone know Burchell Kilburn, Billy Banks, Bobby Banks, Samuel Sandlin, Burchell Sandlin (my dad) just to name a few? I am a 18 yr old male i was always over at the Vicco ballcourt. If you think you know me or just want to chat e-mail or im me (under my cuzs screenname).


Julie 11:52:02 4/09/2002

Does any one know the Bowling family that lives in Perry co? Their names are Lanzo. Paula, Josh, Clint.

Julie From Lincoln co. Ky
LOver girl@VH1

Wanda Bradford (maidenname) Pelfrey 08:18:03 4/09/2002

Would like to hear from anyone in Lothair or Hazard area especially Spurlocks or Couchs (mother's name was Leona Couch, father's name James Spurlock. Was adopted by James & Virgie Pelrey of Lothair, Ky. I am now 63 years old. I know I have half brothers and sisters I have never met. If interested my email is at top. Waiting eagerly.

Wanda Bradford (maidenname) Pelfrey From Inverness, FL

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