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Jerry Hughes, JR 17:28:55 4/08/2002

Hi to all! I just love this site, brings back old memories. Does anyone remember Meole jer

Jerry Hughes, JR From Cleveland, Ohio

Jimmie Gillum 16:58:18 4/08/2002

I lived at Jeff KY. In the early thirties. My grandfather on my mother's side was sheriff of Perry county in the early 1930s. Don't remember exact years. See if you can find out for me. His name was Alfred B. Shackelford. I was born in West Virginia henlawson near Logan W.VA. I ended up at Dover, Fla. Buisness: mobile home park. Also have cousin at Jeff: Maxine Hall. Last I heard the Halls had a store at Jeff, Hall Grocery, on the main highway into Hazard. other relation William Gillum of Jeff. Send me email. Thank you.

Jimmie Gillum From Dover, Florida

Christine Furlong 15:14:34 4/08/2002

Love these articles about old home places. I am from Ary, Ky and love hearing and reading about places from home. I visit every chance I get and always take the little ones to HomePlace to play as I did when I was a kid.

Christine Furlong From Indiana

Tommy Miniard Jr 03:59:52 4/08/2002

I was born in Hazard and grew up on Big Willard. I joined the Army in 1970. Retired in 1990. I lived in Germany from 1987 until January 2002. The last time I was in Hazard was about 18 years ago it had changed so much I couldn't find my way around.

Tommy Miniard Jr From Columbus, Ohio

Wilma Feltner Mattox 20:44:25 4/07/2002

I will always miss the mountains. Have great memories of living in Kentucky with my grandma, mom and the rest of the family. My heart will always be in those mountains.

Wilma Feltner Mattox From Citrus County Florida

Elizabeth Davis Martin 17:25:24 4/07/2002

I like the web site. Looking for someone I may know. I found a person on there I used to work with.

Elizabeth Davis Martin From Rt. Fork Maces Creek, Viper Ky

Henry and Kara LeAnn Sizemore 21:47:29 4/06/2002

We were both born and raised in Hazard. It's a great place and we are very grateful for all the memories we have. We want all of our friends and family to keep in touch with us. We hope to come back and visit after Henry's service in the USMC. We hope all of our friends will e-mail us and let us know of the events going on in Hazard!

Henry and Kara LeAnn Sizemore From Yuma, Arizona

Veda (Miller) Bowlin 12:43:54 4/06/2002

I sure do enjoy this web site. I was born in Bulan, Ky. My daddy was Johnie Miller, my mom Sadie Combs. her daddy was Monroe Combs. My dad's daddy was Albert Miller. I still have relatives there: Harold Miller, Clay & Henry, Helen Sue ... I could go on and on. This is so wonderful. I visit Hazard every year. I love it. It's a beautiful place and beautiful people.

Veda (Miller) Bowlin From Wolcottville, IN

KD 02:31:44 4/06/2002

Visit this site everyday. Sure miss my home town. Come back as often as I can. To JT in Northern KY: Sorry, I miss you.

KD From Eeastern Indiana

Kim Stacy Gray 19:36:50 4/05/2002

I love checking out this site! I get to see lots of people posting that I know, and get to read a lot of interesting information!!!

Kim Stacy Gray From Hazard

Kerry Samples McConnell 17:28:16 4/05/2002

I was just looking at this page, I think my grandfather was from near Hazard maybe Manchester his name was Wendell Samples, My grandmother also her name was Zedra Webb, her mother was Hayley Webb, not really looking for any information, just checking things out.

Kerry Samples McConnell From Osgood, Indiana

Coleen ( Collins ) Skaggs 18:40:33 4/04/2002

I came across this sight by accident and it just about stopped my heart. My Grandmother and Grandfather were from Hazard and I was just wondering if someone on here can help me find out some history on there parents. My grandparents names were Ruth ( Richie ) Collins and Able Collins. If anyone has info I would appreciate it. Thank You!!!

Coleen ( Collins ) Skaggs From Magnolia and Louisville, KY

Trena Caudill 16:42:44 4/04/2002

Perry Co. will always be my home. As for now I'm in North Carolina, but miss you all. Visit me at, I would like your comments and sugestions.

Trena Caudill From North Carolina

Jill Shively 14:11:09 4/04/2002

Hi: My father is Shelton Shively, born in Vicco in 1928. Does anyone have any info or pictures of him. I am looking for anything of his childhood. Thanks.

Jill Shively From California

Detlef Janotta 10:44:15 4/04/2002

I`ve never been in Hazard, I've even never been in the USA. But I like the American railroads of the forties and fifties. As a model railroader planning a layout Im always looking for some interesting photos of the "good ol`days of American railroads". Most of the pictures Ive found are showing only railroad scenes. But how did the smaller American towns look like in those days? Like the most people from the "rest of the world" I only know these famous pictures of the big cities. And now I found these wounderful pictures of your town. That's great! Perhaps I can built some scenes on my layout. And maybe one day I'll take a journey to the USA, and can visit your town. Thanks www! And there is another thing, which connects me with the people in Hazard: The river we live nearby also "visits" our House twice!

Detlef Janotta From Ingelfingen, Germany

John Marinich 21:50:22 4/03/2002

My name is John Marinich son to Dan and Aileen (Gayheart) Marinich. I was born in Hazard in 1953. My Uncles names are Tommy, Paul, Aunts are Anna (Wooten), Mary (Robertson) of Walkertown, and Aunt Faye. My grandma Margaret (Eversole) married Henry Yancy after the death of my grandfather John. Growing up I loved to visit ALL my cousins, aunts & uncles in and around Hazard.

John Marinich From Las Vegas, NV

Steve & Blanche Thorson 11:51:00 4/03/2002

We lived in Hazard in the early 70's Steve worked with the community mental health care as a Psychologist. We Still remember some of the nicest and friendliest people we have ever met.

Steve & Blanche Thorson From Long Neck, Delaware

Albert & Donna Anne Alexander 21:37:56 4/02/2002

Phyllis J. Alexander Brown...your Uncle Junior has been trying for a long time to locate you. Tried to send you an e-mail; however, the address shown on the Guest Book Page is incorrect. Please send us an e-mail. us.

Albert & Donna Anne Alexander From Homosassa, FL

Thomas Combs 15:41:00 4/02/2002

I was born in Anco Yellow Creek in Knott co. Went to Carr Creek High School from 1964 to 1967. I would like to hear from anybody that went to school with me.

Thomas Combs From Marion, IN 46952

Crissy Thornton-Mullins 11:41:35 4/02/2002

This is a great website. I love to look at the old pictures. I have lived in KY all of my life. I really like it here. I like to know the history behind the pictures. Keep up the good work. Someone needs to add some pictures of the flood we just had so the younger generation can look at it when we are older.

Crissy Thornton-Mullins From P.O. Box 374; Chavies, KY. 41727

Albert and Sandra Huff 16:33:21 4/01/2002

I love the site

Albert and Sandra Huff From Winnabow NC

Anita 14:23:01 4/01/2002

Hello Hazard. I was born in Hazard at Mt. Mary where my mother was a nurse in 1956. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, brought back memories of my childhood. My dad was state patrolman in Hazard and I remember the Shamrock restaurant. Lived in Walkertown, too. Will soon be visiting to see all the old sites. Any Pratt's or York's out there?

Anita From Franklin Ohio

Rhonda Holt 19:13:52 3/31/2002

Wish we had a website like this in Lewis County, Kentucky. I think it is great......

Rhonda Holt From Tollesboro, KY

John J. Peavley 14:48:31 3/31/2002

I would just like to say that I love all of my family still there in hazard and miss them very much!! To my girlfriend Christy I love you very much and miss you!!!

John J. Peavley From Knoxville, TN

HELEN (LEWIS) 08:37:46 3/31/2002

My family was from Greenridge, Vicco area. Dad worked in coal mines back in 40's and 50's (Raleigh Lewis) He was born and raised in Hyden, Ky. We also lived in Carrsfork, (maybe mispelled). Brother named Ronald.. Sisters, Mary, Carol, Linda... Well there's alot of us,,That's just to mention a few. If anyone knows of my family would love to hear from you.


John E. Noble 14:39:56 3/30/2002

I really like this site. Keep up the good work on it and you will keep me coming back.........Thanks

John E. Noble From Rockwood TN.

Pauline Patrick Osborn 12:45:43 3/30/2002

My family the Patricks from Lotts Creek Kentucky and the Beverlys from Hardburly Kentucky. I was born in Hazard Ky in 1955. Also related to the Fugates of Hardburly. I visit Hazard as often as I can I am now a Registered Nurse here in WV.

Pauline Patrick Osborn From West Virginia

Nellie Combs 19:52:34 3/29/2002

I was born and raised in hazard. I have been gone for about 28 years now but I still go back sometimes. It is good to read about people fom down home.

Nellie Combs From Arcanum Ohio

Michelle Collins 21:15:47 3/28/2002

Hey I am the daughter of Sherry Collins and Sherman Collins. I go to church alot and i love it. I like a boy name Jonathan.

Michelle Collins From Kentucky

Phyllis J. Alexander Brown 22:33:26 3/27/2002

I was born in the coal mining camp of Greenridge and lived in Vicco with my grandparents the Alexanders until 1947. Any Alexanders out there in cyberland? Anyone remember the "Blue Goose?

Phyllis J. Alexander Brown From Monterey, TN

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