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Cheyenne ( Jackie ) Cornett 05:27:19 3/17/2002

Looking for a old friend Peggy (?)When to school together in the early 60's. She lived in backwoods with her father and brothers.

Cheyenne ( Jackie ) Cornett From West Carrollton, Ohio

Gary Combs 21:19:46 3/16/2002

Hi this is a interesting site I found it while looking for some history about my father which was from Hazard. His name was Fred Iota Combs. I was looking to find any info on his father. I have pictures I will submit later of his mom and dad. Keep up the good work

Gary Combs From Augusta Georgia

Donald Murrell 21:16:52 3/16/2002

I lived in Hazard in the early 60's and went to Roy G. Eversole Elementary. I had Mrs. Hall for a teacher. I am trying to remember some of my classmates. There was Cindy Hatmaker and Denise Shoemaker. My Grandmother still lived in Hazard until her death in 1999 when she died at the age of 102. My Aunt still lives there her name is Esta Adams and she is the nicest woman you will ever meet. I remember the Flood of 1963. Take care everyone and thanks for the memories.

Donald Murrell From Carthage, NY

Terry Isaacs 21:01:56 3/16/2002

Just wanted to say 'HI' to old friends Great site guys Keep up the good work

Terry Isaacs From hazard

Hazel Bowling Corley 18:57:08 3/16/2002

Hello everyone. I'm looking for an old friend, Josephine Bowling. Jo, if you or sharon read this email me. Miss you all.

Hazel Bowling Corley From Bristol, Tn

ShirleyRiddleStacy 11:21:06 3/15/2002

Just dropping in to say hello.

ShirleyRiddleStacy From Phoenix, Az

Shirley (Hurt) Tricker 10:40:26 3/15/2002

Just to say hello to everyone near and far from Hazard. Hello Bobby Hurt!!!!!! Been to Fourseam lately?

Shirley (Hurt) Tricker From Bonnyman, KY

John L. Godsey 10:17:06 3/15/2002

Just passin' thru

John L. Godsey From Lawrenceburg, IN

Pat Sheegog - Vinson 11:44:03 3/14/2002

Thanks for adding the new Hazard pictures they were both about 1947 and I would love to find out all the children. I also sent some pictures of my parents in the early 1940's. Most of the ones I sent had the mountains in the background. My Dad has been ill and the pictures will really lift his spirits. He and Mother live in Austin TX now, they just moved from Lafayette LA. Thanks again.

Pat Sheegog - Vinson From Austin Tx

Ralph Edward Hall 22:01:04 3/13/2002

I would like to hear from some old friends from Dilce combs that graduated in 1983 great site I still live in Hazard love the mountain

Ralph Edward Hall From Hazard KY

Lesley Buckner 08:39:20 3/13/2002

Just wanted to let all of you fellow Hazardites know that Jay and I finally tied the knot in December. Who would have thunk it, right? I'd like to hear from all of our old friends from, email me!

Lesley Buckner From Lexington, KY

Laura Henderson 07:13:43 3/13/2002

I like this website a lot. The people who post are the most helpful I have found. I am looking for information and pictures of people from the Buchorn Children's Home in the time frame between 1948 and the early 1950's.

Laura Henderson From Rantoul, Illinois

Jerry Wells 05:49:26 3/12/2002

Hi, My name is Jerry K. Wells and I live in Lebanon, Ohio. I have lots of family in Hazard, KY, ei; Bowling's and Wells's. I'm now working on gathering information, so I can put together a family tree. Any help sure would be appreciated.Jerry PS: This is a GREAT WEB SITE!!!

Jerry Wells From Lebanon, Ohio 45036

ROLF HAZARD 14:01:35 3/10/2002

Maybe I have to move??


josephine dunaway 13:20:29 3/10/2002

Just to update. I was Josephine Herald when I lived in Combs, KY. I have been gone since I was 15 I am 53 now. I know I still have relatives there somewhere. I was trying to locate relatives from this area and around combs any old friends not forgotten just misplaced. Let me hear from you.

josephine dunaway From Ohio

Imogene 04:45:57 3/10/2002

Linda Hines. I had someone else forward my e-mail message to you, did you get it? My e-mail to you comes back to me. You can e-mail me and it comes through. Is Arthur's parents James & Nellie (Hoskins) Howard?

Imogene From Ohio

Louise Miller 19:07:08 3/09/2002

Great web site,I visit every day. My daughter and I are planning a trip to KY this summer.Is there any public transportation from Louisville to Hazard? Thanks Louise

Louise Miller From Wilson, OK

Inis Stollings Begley 14:26:13 3/09/2002

I check this site often to see if any friends or relatives of mine are still there.

Inis Stollings Begley From Loveland, Ohio

KD 07:49:59 3/09/2002

Great web site. Visit everday. Makes me homesick. To JT in Nothern KY: Sure miss you.

KD From Eastern Indiana

Darrell Hudson 23:09:05 3/08/2002

Hello KY, looking for info on family tree dad is william, his dad estil. from medowbrook near dwarf... drop me a line..

Darrell Hudson From Indiana

Sid Bowling 12:51:16 3/07/2002

Was born in Hazard in 1960. Lived in Chavies until I was 14. Went my freshman year to Buckhorn was in the class of 78. Anyone remember me?

Sid Bowling From ?

Shirley McDaniel (Jones) 09:20:34 3/07/2002

I'd like to thank who ever did this web page! It's wonderful to go back in time. George McDaniel was my grandpa, Troy (Chad) McDaniel is my dad from Litt Carr, Ky however my grandparents live in Scuddy, Ky dad was a child ,they had a grocery store. Id love to hear from folks that can remember my grandparents. thanks Shirley Mcdaniel Jones

Shirley McDaniel (Jones) From Spencer,Tn

Laura Noble Henderson 21:23:56 3/06/2002

I like your web site. My dad's family is from the Perry Co. area and I have been trying to research my history. If anyone has any info on the Noble, Milam families I would like to hear from you. My Greatgrandfather was Hiram Newt Noble m.Armina Ellen Newton. My Grandfather was George Washington Noble m. Poppy Jane Milam. My dad is Tommie Newt Noble. My other Greatgrandfather was Tommie Milam. I don't know his wife's name yet. Please contact me if you have any info at all, whether you think it may help or not. THANKS!!!

Laura Noble Henderson From Rantoul, IL

Hazel Bowling Corley 19:58:18 3/06/2002

hi hazard, and all my family

Hazel Bowling Corley From Bristol, TN

Bruce Lutes 16:16:55 3/06/2002

It is so nice to see pictures of Hazard; my grandparents moved away from there after WW2 and for several years went down to visit relatives. I was lucky enough to go with them at times and the memories I have of that place will always be pleasant. Took my wife and kids down there last year and had a good visit.

Bruce Lutes From Connersville Indiana

Lloyd Campbell 08:45:23 3/06/2002

I am trying to locate some old class mates of mine. Odis Thompson Leon Campbell Rose Stidham and Evelyn Wooten. We where studance at Yerkes in the early fifteys.

Lloyd Campbell From Middletown ohio

Imogene 04:05:40 3/06/2002

Linda Hines, I tried to e-mail you but it came back to me. Please E-mail me at

Imogene From Ohio

Liz 22:19:38 3/05/2002

I'd never heard of Hazard, Kentucky until I followed a link during a research project on the "Blue People of Kentucky". However, I have been pleasently surprised by your site. You must be proud of your town! The photos are quite interesting. Good luck and keep up the work. Every little bit of history counts!

Liz From Canada

IdaLee Hansel 18:52:41 3/05/2002

Robyn (maiden name Napier)in CA: I got your email and tried to respond but it came back to me twice, saying that it was an invalid recipient. Sorry about your broken wrist and I would love to hear from you again. Ida Lee Hansel

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

Barbara Iris Lewis Saucedo 18:15:26 3/05/2002

Looking for anyone who knew my mother, Madeline Grigsby Lewis, or her parents,Luke and Eliza Grigsby from Lotts Creek. Thank you.

Barbara Iris Lewis Saucedo From Gallup NM

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