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Linda Hines 06:17:31 3/05/2002

I was born in hazard in 1966. My Dad is Arthur Howard. And My mother is Wilma Sue Howard. Iam looking for Eversole, Kilburn, Whitaker, Lewis, Pennington, Hoskins,templeton, This site is great.Linda

Linda Hines From Charlotte Mi

lc colwell 09:24:00 3/04/2002

MIDGE; I lost your e mail add. please respond.

lc colwell From st marys oh

kd 05:40:44 3/04/2002

great web site.see lots of names of people i know.borned in vicco and raised in hazard.found jt from 6th grade.after all these years.visit site jt in nothern ky do ever lose me again.thanks hazard bye kd.

kd From eastern indiana

Ken Hurley 18:10:32 3/03/2002

I'm looking for anyone who might know Ted Hurley, my father, who played guitar in the Hazard area in the early 50's. I know he played on the local radio station at one time. What i am looking for are old pictures and old band members and friends of his. He also played at the Colonial Club in the mid to late 70's. Pictures would be great if you have any. Ted is currently living in Columbus,Ohio and is still playing every wk/end.

Ken Hurley From Heath, Ohio 43056

melanie 16:38:33 3/03/2002

I'm researching my family history. Looking for family pictures. info, etc. My mother is Frances Owens Wilder, grandparents Hulda and Harve Owens, greatgrandparents Sam Bush and Leaner Stacy Bush and Thomas Owens and Armelda Combs Owens. If anyone has pictures of these people, I would love to see them. Also looking for descendants of my great grandparents.

melanie From johnson city, Tn

Carol Wilder Wilson 08:16:33 3/03/2002

Hi, anyone who remembers me at Hazard High School email me. I graduated in 1977.

Carol Wilder Wilson From Hazard, Ky.

chester c brewer 17:42:02 3/02/2002

great site! enjoyed reading of the 1957 flood. remembered the 1955 hazard high state championship with johnny cox!!!

chester c brewer From jackson, ky.

Juanita Brown 17:39:29 3/02/2002

NEED HELP Trying to find Lesa & Angie Engle.Mother was Ilene Smith Engle,they have two Brothers.The girls would be in their late twenties and early thirties.Have lost a lot of family members, since we saw them last. They are my Brothers Children, and would love to get in touch with them. If anyone can help me, please respond.God Bless

Juanita Brown From Pleasanton, Kansas

Sally Campbell 09:44:46 3/02/2002

I love this site.Found it by accident and have passed it on!!!

Sally Campbell

Doris Acup-Mugler 13:42:36 2/27/2002

Just found this site.....loved reading everything. Am looking up family tree, and was intrigued to find the name of Acup in the area as well as in W.VA. My grandfather had told me a very long time ago that we originally came from KY. Does anyone know where I can find more information on the name of Acup and its history in your area?? Please e-mail me!!!! Great site!!!!!!

Doris Acup-Mugler From ILLINOIS

Carolyn 11:58:55 2/27/2002

Hello! I was just wondering did you guys get any snow Because we got about 4 or 5 inche up here in Indiana.Also I would love to here from anyone who might know me.I was a Stidham in school I went to willard elementry from 1978 to 1985.Please let me know if anyone knows who I am. Thanks Carolyn

Carolyn From Indiana

Freida 15:08:44 2/26/2002

Looking for information on my mother's family. She was Lula Bolen, daughter of John and Hulda (Engle) Bolen. She was born in Perry county Dec. 1, 1924. She passed away Dec. 7, 1993. She was married to my father, Jim Collins from Leslie county. Does anyone have information on Hulda Engle or John Bolen, would like to find family history.I was born in the old Blue Diamond Coal camp in 1956 then moved to Lost Creek in 1962 (?).

Freida From Letcher county

Betty Ann 06:42:11 2/26/2002

i heard from a friend whos 2 kids are on fire dept about fire this am and came to read/ listen about it. i just wish you would put the whole morn news on here it was great hearing Farrons voice again. If you do do that please let me know i lkived in Hazard for 18 yrs till 2000 and i still try to keep up with the news.

Betty Ann From Chicago,IL.

Inis Stollings Begley 11:44:57 2/25/2002

I was sent this e-mail from a classmate at Buckhorn Hi School, class of 48. It has been so long since I lived there. I remember the Goose well.I am really enjoying looking at all the pictures of where I was born. I intend to sent this to my children. Keep up the good work.

Inis Stollings Begley From Loveland, Ohio

Kay Musick Brown 19:28:10 2/24/2002

I am answering a post by Linda Little Leach from 10/24/2000. I am a cousin to Gaylene Knight. She married and lives in Salem, AR. Her sister Fay also lives out there. We have a family reunion every year in July. I'll tell her you were wondering about her. My grandmother and her father were brother and sister.

Kay Musick Brown From Newark, DE

rc couch 05:51:05 2/23/2002

i have enjoyed the looking for photos of the old miners camp homes and them and any old home sites

rc couch From ohio

Sandy Iacono 12:19:43 2/22/2002

I have just started using this site, and it's so informative and interesting. Anyone who knows about the owner of Caldwell General Store during the depression, would you please contact me? Thanks, Great Site

Sandy Iacono From Phoenix, AZ

amy boris 07:14:54 2/22/2002


amy boris

Lowell Colwell 17:39:35 2/21/2002


Lowell Colwell From St. MARYS oH. 45885

Emmanuel Salley 17:10:44 2/21/2002

Enjoyed read the Message board. 1976 Graduate of Dilce Combs High School.

Emmanuel Salley From Whitesburg. Ky.

Billy Campbell 10:10:07 2/21/2002

My grandfather, William Campbell came from Little Leatherwood in the early 1900's. I know there is many Campbell's up there. Now that Pop is gone there is only my dad, brother,nephew, and myself to carry on the Campbell name. I would like to hear from Campbell's or anyone that might know anything about our family history.

Billy Campbell From Richmond, Ky

Patricia King 19:25:34 2/20/2002

I find this to be so very interesting. Like reading a history book about Hazaard, KY.

Patricia King From Michigan City, IN

laura gayhart 16:51:43 2/20/2002

i would like to say hello to all the late r,b miller,s church members,wish you all the luck going on with the church,my prayers are with you, love sis laura gayhart

laura gayhart From chicago,ill

Dexter J slone 08:47:59 2/20/2002

nice site my name is Dexter J slone I am from walkers branch ky born 1937 at home mid wife mrs Salyers my moms maiden name was Delia Napier I am ken to Banks walkers would like to hear from any one that knows me by for now god bless

Dexter J slone

James Farler 18:33:43 2/19/2002

I love this web site.Looked up some old friends and family.Would like to hear from more old friend.Keep up the good work Hazard!

James Farler From Indiana

lowell colwell 07:26:17 2/19/2002

I was born in vicco and went to school at kodak ...HELLO THERE...

lowell colwell From st. marys ohio

martha feltner barker 20:07:15 2/18/2002

i would like to say hello to hazard ky.and to faye barker.hello ratcoon cr rd.theres no place like home.see you all soon.

martha feltner barker From commiskey in

robin boutwell 16:32:43 2/18/2002

i am hoping to find friends from henry clay high school in lexington from the year 1982-83 and crawford jr high 1979-82.

robin boutwell From louisiana

Janice ( Neace ) Campbell 20:07:15 2/17/2002

Hi everyone, Does anyone know Issac and Nellie Mae Holland? If so would you please e-mail me, Thank you! Little

Janice ( Neace ) Campbell From Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dacker & Shelby Combs 18:47:58 2/17/2002

Thanks for the pictures and Shelby would like to know if anyone has any pictures of Kodak during 40'S and 50's.

Dacker & Shelby Combs From Vicco, Ky

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