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mr mrs richard morris 07:33:54 2/05/2002

this is our e mail address if any infomation on alabama campbell or ance miller our georgeann napier please contact us thank you.

mr mrs richard morris From muncie ind

mr mrs richard morris 07:29:54 2/05/2002

hello there dose any one have any information on alabama campbell she was my grand mother she was marrierd to my grandfater wiley morris and my wife is ance miller granddaughter if any one has any information please contact us.

mr mrs richard morris From muncie ind

shirley davis 21:01:58 2/04/2002

dear folks,my parents are from hazard their names were margaret,and charles haney.that was 54 years ago.i live in ohio now if u knew them e-mail me at

shirley davis From ohio
reddie54 reddie

REGINA GIBSON 20:20:50 2/04/2002



Billy Charles "Smokey" Grigsby 10:12:49 2/04/2002

I really enjoy the old pictures! I need more information about the "Lotts Creek Fresh Vegetable Growers Association", if possible, to go along with the picture from 1954. THANKS!

Billy Charles "Smokey" Grigsby From London, Kentucky

Penny Reda-Blandford 12:44:44 2/03/2002

I am the granddaughter of Mose and Lillian Reda. They had a theater in Vico back in the 30's, 40's or 50's, I not for sure on the years. I am wanting to find out if there are any pictures of that theater in Vico. I may be contacted by email. prbdb5862@aol.comThank You for your help.

Penny Reda-Blandford From Hazard, KY or Vico area

John Menges 11:51:48 2/02/2002

I went past Hazzard in 1999 on my way to a golf holiday in N. Carolina. I almost thought I would see orange 1969 Dodge Chargers flying overhead... But, that show as actually supposed to be in Hazzard Georgia. (fictitional)Is there any family named Duke in Hazzard? That would be cool.

John Menges From suburban Chicago, Illinois

Nancy 11:16:48 2/02/2002

Hi Marcie.. I might have copied it wrong sorry..Thanks for your is or you can go to the bottom of this page and click on chat and type in #50+

Nancy From London, KY

Marcia Miller 08:56:26 2/02/2002

The person with the new chat room for oldies. Can't get that address to come up. Please check address. Thanks

Marcia Miller From Hopkinsville, Ky.

A. Haught 16:42:29 2/01/2002

I'm looking forward to my first trip to Kentucky, and will be arriving in Hazard in March for a volunteer program to help build houses through my University. Can't wait!

A. Haught From Pennsylvania

hazel corely 03:58:48 2/01/2002

love this site.

hazel corely From Bristol, TN

jewell vermillon,now adams 22:43:43 1/31/2002

Hey, I love Hazard..have friends there i went to school with...i'm married now and have 3 gkids...if any one should see my name and went to school with me email me back..hazard is a nice place.

jewell vermillon,now adams From Atlanta, GA

Carla 20:56:59 1/31/2002

I might take a road trip to Hazard! I just love the name of the town! And I've never been to Kentucky, all my friends that have been there say it's a beautiful state. So look out Hazard, prepare yourself for some wild Minnesotan teenagers!

Carla From Brainerd, MN

Connie 15:58:35 1/31/2002

HELLO HAZARD!!!! My mother's family hails from around there! Know any Fugates? Dumb question,huh???? Would like to correspond with family members. My grandmother was Dorthula Fugate-Terry.

Connie From West Virginia

Larry Brashear 13:47:08 1/31/2002

I am heartened to find that part of my heritage is being preserved and displayed for many to visit. I grew up at Viper and graduated from Dilce Combs Memorial in 1969. I have never attended a reunion but would like to hear from any of my classmates.

Larry Brashear From Sebastian, FL

Leola Browning Vanover 11:46:50 1/31/2002

Graduated from MC Napier high school 1962 looking for friends and relatives in that area.

Leola Browning Vanover From Lexington,Indiana

Tina Ritchie Gordon 10:25:42 1/31/2002

I lived in Hazard for 18 years and it today is still a part of me. I miss the tall mountains and the tall hearts of the people of hazard. I've been gone for almost 14 years but with all the memories, it seems like only 14 days.

Tina Ritchie Gordon From Fort Worth, Texas

Jo Ann Napier Blanton 22:11:13 1/30/2002

Keep up the Good Work, My Parents are from Hazard, Fred S Napier and Belvia McLemore Napier. Kentucky is a wonderful place.

Jo Ann Napier Blanton From Huber Heights Ohio 45424

Joe Lee Combs 20:38:11 1/30/2002

Born in Winchester, KY. 1954- Grew up in Alase,if I spelled that right. Walkers Branch, Walkertown Station. Where the old Commissary and coal temple stood at the mouth of the holler. Left Perry Co. when I was 12. Go home every year. Got a quite a Combs family tree compiled. Have'nt seen all the site yet, but working on it. Love the site. Give a holler. Bubba-

Joe Lee Combs From Fort Wayne, Indiana

nadine farris slay 14:52:29 1/30/2002

I was born in hazard ky my dads name was fred farris my mom flossie farris smith i found some of my relatives my grandfather was a sheriff in 1850 is name was william smith i would like to no more on him can you help thankyou

nadine farris slay From Lakeland Fla.

Nancy 07:16:37 1/30/2002

I am trying to get a chat room started for us oldies...It is called 50+ at ...It will take a while to get this going but maybe for the ones that have moved away it help us to connect again and who knows maybe we will find an old friend..

Nancy From London, KY

Kathy (Lawson) Taylor 18:46:24 1/28/2002

I have just recently found your web page. And i had to tell you how much i have enjoyed it. I was born in Hazard back in 1952. At St. Mary's Hospital.It is really a pleasure to see places Mom and Dad talked about when they were younger. I've been there myself a few times over the years. And i thourghly enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me reminence.

Kathy (Lawson) Taylor From TN.

Debbie Wells 12:57:22 1/28/2002

My Grandparents and Great on up are from Perry Co. Names are James Pratt married to Dulcena Francis. Juda Pratt was their daughter and my grandmother. My mother was born and raised in Perry Co. KY. Any Info. please send to above email. Thank You

Debbie Wells From Corbin, KY

Venison Turner 06:06:12 1/28/2002

Please visit my Blue Diamond page ( which is off my main page (

Venison Turner From New England

J.T. 05:18:02 1/28/2002

Enjoy readin all of the comments from Hazard folk.Amazing how far away some have gone. To:K.D.Sorry if there was a mixup in.E-Mail. returned to me.

J.T. From northern ky.

Brandon Watts 15:15:24 1/27/2002

Ive lived in kentucky all my life.It in my opinion is the greatest place in the world to grow u

Brandon Watts From Chavies,Perry

Nick Slover 09:52:26 1/26/2002

Hey what's up not to much here!!!!!Are you going skating this week we met we don't yet.Where do u go to school at big boy!!!!!!!

Nick Slover From Hazard

BILLY r mCINTOSH 17:34:03 1/24/2002

I lived on highland avenue in the 50's and early 60's would like to hear from my friends. worked for cambell grocery on broadway. went to broadway school.Iwill visit hazard in may of this year

BILLY r mCINTOSH From texico nm

Bill Mcintosh 16:52:49 1/24/2002

was born and grew up in hazard come to new mexico in 1964

Bill Mcintosh From texico mn

Thelma (Couch) Sweany 12:47:04 1/24/2002

glad i found this web site.I was born in Yerkes,then we mved to Busy,from there we moved to Hyden in Leslie County.My mother's name was Nannie Collins.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.I last went to school at Leslie County High School.I've been looking for Judy Chappel who was my best friend,so Judy if you read this please contact me at the above web address,or if anyone knows where Judy is please contact me. Thanks a lot Thelma Sweany

Thelma (Couch) Sweany From Austin,Indiana

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