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Melissa (Bowling) Marksberry 18:01:30 1/23/2002

I really like your site it has been very interesting to find out my true heritage.All of my family is from Bowlingtown.My father died when I was 8 and my grandfather died when I was 3.So I had no one to talk to about things or where we came from.Thanks to this site I now know what happened to the Bowling clan and why they left Kentucky.Anyone with pictures or knows the Elbert and Molly Bowling Family please e-mail me with your stories and pictures.Thank-you and God Bless you all.

Melissa (Bowling) Marksberry From Seymour, Indiana

Elozabeth 15:32:43 1/23/2002

i like it here

Elozabeth From hazard

tammy 15:09:35 1/23/2002

i am one of 2 daughters born to leon allen who lived in hazard until his death in 1990. my sister rosalind vanished several years ago and had married a young man by the last name walls. if anyone knew my dad or any of my family, i would love to talk

tammy From p.o. box 76 malta, il 60150

Nancy Holland "Tiny" 14:34:51 1/23/2002

Hello everyone! I'm now residing in Lexington and prior to that Louisville. I've been gone from Hazard for about 11 years now. I miss my friends and family and although I'm very happy were I'm at, the mountain hertiage will always remain in my heart. I would love to hear from friends and classmates. Take Care and May God Bless!

Nancy Holland "Tiny" From Lexington, KY

IdaLee Hansel 09:25:56 1/23/2002

The beautiful old log cabin pic sent in by Mr. Wyatt could have been built by my ancester, Alfred Couch. Mr. Wyatt, would he be Alfred who was married to Belle and one of their children was Stewart Couch? If you have anything on the Couch that was the builder of this cabin, please let me know. Also, I note it is on private property evidently and can one visit this cabin? IdaLee Hansel,

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

Curtis Sanders Jr. 12:09:56 1/22/2002

My family has really enjoyed this wonderful site. Brings back lots of memories of my mom and dad (Curtis & Vesta Sanders)and grandparents.

Curtis Sanders Jr. From New Mexico

IdaLee Hansel 14:30:28 1/21/2002

Browsing my favorite site and love new pics. The one of Broadway school class brought back memories a-plenty. I recognize in the very front, Linda Wilder (in the black dress); behind her on the far right is one of the Dodson girls, and beside her is a memory way out of my past, Ann Gail Lewis, who is the daughter of Denver and Nadine Lewis (Denver worked at the Electric Bakery) and they were our neighbors. I took Ann Gail to school. Her sister was May Carol. Wonder if Ann Gail is out there somewhere? Help.Then to the left behind the pots is a cousin of mine the second girl with the big grin, is Shirley Dixon, the granddaughter of Pole Fields. I think her sister, Sue Reynolds, still lives in the Hazard area. Would love to hear from her too.Thanks for this stroll down memory lane again, seeing the young faces that I have so good memories of. I was about 14 when this pic was taken.Ida Lee Hansel

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

Victoria Lee Murdock (Toler) 12:13:46 1/21/2002

My mother(Katherine Susan Toler) once told me she lived or was born in Hazard,KY. That was about 1933. Anyone remember her? She married Kenneth Paul Murdock and raised their 5 kids in Maryland. Any info. would be a blessing to us.

Victoria Lee Murdock (Toler) From California

Kim Harman 22:45:56 1/20/2002

My mother was born in Blue Diamond Coal Mine in Perry County in 1928, and her family is from Big Willard holler. Her maiden name was Pearl Williston. She had a restaurant in Hazard in the early50's called "Pearl's Grill" on Main Street. Her mother was Rebecca Engle,and she (Rebecca, my grandmother) married Alonzo Burns (deputy sheriff?)after my grandfather, Albert Williston died in a coal mining accident. Ifanybody has any info about the Williston-Engle family, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

Kim Harman From Lexington, Kentucky

Gale Duff Havens 22:36:42 1/20/2002

I am from Hazard. Would love to hear from you at my email.

Gale Duff Havens From Lexington, KY

Steve Ward 22:32:24 1/20/2002

It's always good to touch the green, green grass of home. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.

Steve Ward From Phoenix, Arizona

Dwight Stevens 22:22:08 1/20/2002

I was curious if you could put me in touch with Donald Dan Caudill. My people are from Kentucky and I just love to talk to the old timers about moonshin' and huntin' and such. Would appreciate you putting me in touch with him if he wants to talk. Thank you

Dwight Stevens From Indiana

Nancy Combs & Susannah Combs Goodman 22:19:17 1/20/2002

This website is wonderful! Took me back to my much-beloved childhood trips east to Hazard to see my grandmother, Molly Napier Combs, and to the Combs Reunion at Buckhorn. Now my daughter can see what I'm talking about when I tell her about Hazard. Her grandpa PaulCombs, whom she never knew (d. 1981) is even pictured in a Democratic Party photo from the 1940s. Thank you!

Nancy Combs & Susannah Combs Goodman From Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Patricia (Horton) Todd 20:17:10 1/20/2002

I have a new e-mail address since I first signed the guest book in Dec. 1999. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers the Hortons who lived on Wooten Avenue in the mid-30's until April 1944.

Patricia (Horton) Todd From Sheffield, Ohio

Larry Combs 17:10:22 1/20/2002

I'm very interested in finding out more about my background- I know my father and all his brothers(&) and sister grew up in Hazard. My grandfather's name was Eli Combs and My grandmother was Mollie Napier Combs. If you know any thing about thier time in Perry Co. I would be interested in hearing ab

Larry Combs From Evanston IL

Janice (Neace) Campbell 16:18:02 1/20/2002

To Vivian Neace, I tryed e-mailing you a couple of times and it was returned, if you have a different address let me know ok. tell everyone hi for me. Jan.

Janice (Neace) Campbell From Indianapolis, Ind.

flora huff spencer 10:56:41 1/20/2002

the jimmy adams and marcus mullins that i was refereing to was from redfox in knott county, attended carr creek high school ,jimmys dad was ben adams of refox and marcus,s dad was john wes mullins of redfox,this was back in the late fiftys , i would appreciate any info any one would have ,,thank you,, flora huff spencer,

flora huff spencer From hazard ky 41701

Linda (Kelly)Chapman 20:03:44 1/19/2002

I have just read the story on Vicco, in Community Forum, and would like to say that we are not dead, we are very much alive and moving in Vicco! Yes, there are a lot of places that no longer exist in Vicco (such as the beer joints) and personally, I feel we are better off without them. However, our community is not dead. Daskum's Beauty Shop is still right where it was and Daskum is still working at age 84! Now that's life! She opened her beauty shop at the age of 18 (way back in 1935). Being her youngest daughter, I was raised in that shop and have seen many a woman come in to relax, get a new do, and visit with friends. It's still happening and Vicco isn't dead!Yes, Martin's has closed their doors, but Vicco didn't die, though we were saddened at their closing. The Martin's building has been purchased by the Vicco Missionary Baptist Church, and should the Lord tarry, plans are in progress to build a new place of worship. Where people once came to shop for household items and clothes, soon they can come to witness the fact that Vicco isn't dead and there is "New Life" to be found in our community! The story on Vicco,in Community Forum, would leave one to belive that there is nothing left here, but we still have: Daskum's Beauty Shop, Shear Maddness, Dixie's Beauty Shop,(for a total of 3 beauty shops), Post Office, Dollar Store, Electrical Supply store, 3 churches, Jan & Cora's grocery & cigarette outlet. So if that's dead, someone bury me! No, Vicco isn't the same as it was 50 years ago, but then what community is? Thanks for a place where we can let the world know that Vicco isn't dead! Come see for yourself!

Linda (Kelly)Chapman From Vicco

Lloyd Widdifield Sr. 17:39:59 1/19/2002

I was just browsing and decided to take a look. Enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work!!!!

Lloyd Widdifield Sr. From Larder Lake, Ontario, Canada

Ovitt Couch 16:39:03 1/19/2002

A Great Place to look around. Thanks!

Ovitt Couch From Brownsfork, Hazard, Ky.

Billie Turner Griffith 16:38:49 1/19/2002

Visiting your website brought back many memories - thank you for sharing them. I was born in Hazard in December, 1931, and left there in 1948. After many years in Florida, I am finally back in the mountains of Western North Carolina

Billie Turner Griffith From Hayesville, North Carolina

Pollyanna 16:29:35 1/19/2002

Looking for information on my husbands family....Robert Collins...had brother Andrew and sister Virginia...not sure how many others..died approx. 5 or 6 years ago..all info appreciated..

Pollyanna From indiana

PHYLLIS MAGGARD MOON 11:51:04 1/19/2002



flora huff spencer 11:49:51 1/19/2002

i would like to find info about several friends , we lost contact with, jimmy adams i think lives in indiana, marsus mullins last time i heard lived in mich years ago. if anyone knows anything about either one ,its really important that i get in touch with them ,i would really appreciate any info,thank you so much , flora huff spencer,,

flora huff spencer From hazard ky 41701

venetta bingham colson 10:23:07 1/19/2002

Enjoyed looking at the photos, as I remembered my childhood in Hazard. I have returned for visits over the past 43 years and enjoyed them all. I was there last in Nov, 2001 visiting the Tim Bingham family in Hyden.

venetta bingham colson From clearwater, florida

Julie North 06:43:25 1/19/2002

Hazard's a great place to live.

Julie North From Busy,Ky

Phill Fortuna 00:33:41 1/18/2002

I have relatives in Whitesburg. I would go to Hazard alot when I was a kid in the late 70's. I really enjoyed the old photos. It's kind of interesting to compare the pictures of early Hazard to the ones of the present. Love the web site and the historical info, thanks!

Phill Fortuna From Detroit area , Brownstown , Michigan

Old Ex Buddy 17:30:38 1/17/2002

M.B.A Try some "Banquet" Homestyle bakes,It ll remind you of me!

Old Ex Buddy From Hazard
Lost Friend

paline 16:07:36 1/17/2002

Wow.I couldnt believe my eyes.It was like walking down memory lane looking at this site.I too grew up in hazard.went to school at dc wooten&combs at combs maiden name was hensley.I HAVNT LIVED THERE IN 31YRS.BUT SURE MISS IT.AGAIN THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES

paline From toledo ohio

JESSICA BAKER 12:57:20 1/17/2002


JESSICA BAKER From sharonville,ohio

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