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Virgil L. Marcum 20:17:09 1/02/2002

I was born in 1933 in Bulan and raised in Glomawr.(both in PERRY CO.) I was raised by Clarence & Laura Feltner. I left Perry Co. in 1950.I enlisted in U S Army, went to Korea.Returned to Ky. in 1957 till 1968. My Aunt(MOM) Laura Feltner still resides in Glomawr.

Virgil L. Marcum From Dunkirk, Indiana

Celesta 18:25:59 1/02/2002

Just wondering what happen to all my friends and people i knew before I left. If anyone remembers me, please e mail me.

Celesta From Leatherwood

Lisa S. 18:47:13 1/01/2002

To all of Hazard...Happy New Year

Lisa S. From Hazard Ky

Wayne Napier 09:37:46 1/01/2002

Happy New Year

Wayne Napier From Hazard,Ky

byron walters 12:42:13 12/31/2001

greeeat, Like it all especially thepolitical comments.

byron walters From hazard

carol(barker)hall 10:10:03 12/31/2001

born here in Cumberland but a lot of my people are from Perry Co.Ky. and Wise and Lee Co., Virginia.My surnames are, Barker, Pennington, Hall, Gilliam, Cornett, Lee, Napier, Penley, White, Halcomb, McKnight, Smith etc.Thanks Carol <>

carol(barker)hall From Cumberland, Kentucky 40823

GAIL MITCHELL 06:18:25 12/30/2001

i was born in hazard ky i have lived in ohio since i was 6 i am just trying to find out some information on mitchells,moores,feltners, if antone has any comment please let me know thanks

GAIL MITCHELL From spfld,ohio

STELLA RUTH NAPIER PETERS 19:34:24 12/29/2001



Ed Evans 11:06:18 12/29/2001

I was born in Kodak, just out of Vicco in 1947. I have the Kodak grade school yearbook for 1954 in my posession.It's the only year I have as we moved to Indiana in 1955. I'll be happy to share any information from this book that anyone would like to have. My family ran the boarding house in Kodak until my parents divorced. My father Carl Evans lived on High Street in Hazard until his death

Ed Evans From Carmel, In

gary robinson 04:29:46 12/29/2001

real nice coverage of hazard. I know several people from there and I'll tell them about this. thank you, gary.

gary robinson From campbell county ky

Irene Cornett Touchton 17:19:58 12/28/2001

I just found out about this page today, Dec, 29, 20001. This is really super. I was born in Viper, KY, 1925.

Irene Cornett Touchton From Branford, Fl

Juanita Engle Brown 07:16:43 12/27/2001

This message is for Mable Roberts. Have tried to get through to you, but they keep telling me the e-mail address is not valid. Nina is my sister, would love to talk with you. Juanita

Juanita Engle Brown From Pleasanton, Kansas

Jessica Wilson 16:26:15 12/26/2001

Just checking in 'cause it's been a long time since I visited. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to All. Love Jessica

Jessica Wilson From Lexington, Ky

kenneth davidson 11:03:35 12/26/2001

this site is great. see a lot ofnames i remember.if any one remembers me write.if anyone hasinfo.on jeannete nolan alsip give her this message.she call me a few years ago after i put ad in newspaper.curtis couch in fla.i saw your email.

kenneth davidson From richmond indiana

Rosie Lee Pulliam Couch 05:08:01 12/26/2001

Hi - Just found this web site. It is great.

Rosie Lee Pulliam Couch From Henryville, IN

Clifton Brutus Ellis Jr. 15:19:37 12/25/2001

I'm from Frankfort KY Born 1951. My grandfather and brother were from Hazard but I don't know much about them. Their names were Taylor and Charles Combs. Taylor lived in Frankfort, married to Millie Carter. Charles lived in Dayton Ohio. My daughter is giving birth to a girl in March and wants me to start a search of our past. If anyone can help, please e-mail me at

Clifton Brutus Ellis Jr. From Temp. address Fairfield OH

Aaron Evans 11:35:55 12/25/2001

Merry Christmas Hazard and to all of my old pals.

Aaron Evans From Seminole Florida

Ken Cornett 10:44:37 12/25/2001

Merry Christmas to all my old pals in Glomawr and Jeff, see you on down the road

Ken Cornett From Houston, Texas

Dan Baker 09:02:40 12/25/2001

Very excellant web site. Even tho I never lived in Hazard, I have been tru the area a few times and enjoy East KY. Keep up the good site !!

Dan Baker From Adrian, Michigan

chanda collins 19:42:22 12/23/2001

hazard is a great place.i would like to tell all my friends and family i love them and have a merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.

chanda collins From hazard

Claudia Ann Shepherd Purdom 18:24:31 12/23/2001

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE IN HAZARD AND PERRY COUNTY. I have located two playmates in the past two months and we have not seen each other for 44 years. We're now 54. I finally found my friend Button in Ohio and Bernadene in Corbin, Ky. My life is now complete and now we'll never loose each other again. We're planning a slumber party for three very soon. I have written a letter telling about my search and the results. If you'd like to read it, just e-mail me. I'd love to share it with everyone.

Claudia Ann Shepherd Purdom From Cynthiana, Ky.

Ida Lee Hansel 16:42:32 12/23/2001

Webmaster: I wish to let the friends of Jimmy Perry (Wallace) lovingly called at times "Abner", passed away at his home on Oak Street, in Dayton, Ohio, on Friday, December 21, 2001, at the hour of 12:00 a.m. Jimmy and I are first cousins, and he was reared and lived in Kenmont Coal Camp with his mother, Pearl Perry, wife of Ben Frank Perry, his cousins, Louis Pruitt, now deceased, and Anna Mullins Smith, of Dayton, Ohio. He yearly attended as his health provided, the Kenmont Reunions held in Hazard, as he loved Kenmont and the coal camp where he lived and played for many years.His wife, Kathleen Wallace (nee Kathleen Davidson)and his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, mourn his passing. Jim and Kathleen lost their oldest son, Bubby, two years ago.His family thought some of his friends out there would want to know of his passing. He will be interred on Thursday, December 27, 2001, in Dayton, Ohio.If you want to contact his family or give your condolences, email me at I will then give the address and phone number if you wish.Respectfully, Ida Lee Hansel

Ida Lee Hansel From Spartanburg SC 29303

Robert (Red) Williams 16:45:47 12/22/2001

Merry Christmas to every one in Hardburly,Ky.,my old home town.

Robert (Red) Williams From Somerset, Ky.

Walter Robert Crain Couch 16:18:57 12/22/2001

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone.

Walter Robert Crain Couch From Mississinewa Lake Indiana

Bobby Mills 11:12:36 12/22/2001

merry christmas to all in gregory branch & all of perry county. merry christmas to the JOE THORPE FAMILY BOB & NILA PARIS TENN.

Bobby Mills From PARIS TENN.

Shena Ritchie 17:53:56 12/21/2001

Hey I am 15 yrs. old and I just found this web site and i would just like to wish a very Merry christmas and very Happy New Year to everyone I know and to everyone who has signed this guestbook and wo visits this sight....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Shena Ritchie From Hazard Kentucky

Don Strunk 11:08:25 12/19/2001

Merry christmas and a Happy new year to every one around Hazard and Combs

Don Strunk From loveland ohio

ernie 05:54:52 12/19/2001

i lik to ask any one know a person name julia debrode please let by e mail she a lady i met back here

ernie From hazard ky

Heather 05:44:41 12/19/2001

You only live once so make it worth it. Do what you gotta do for you.

Heather From New Jersey

ken davidson 22:57:51 12/18/2001

curtis couch in florida.e mailnot correct. looking for jeanienolan also.mid fifties. fatherfrank.she she use to write mewhen i was station in air forcei am from vicco and hazard. ifany davidsons from jacklot holler please write.ref. jeanienolan.

ken davidson From richmond in.

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