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Louise Mayton Miller 14:38:22 12/07/2001

Enjoy your web site.I was born in 1923 at Blue Diamond,KY.Moved away in 1943.Always looking for anyone I went to school with. Thanks

Louise Mayton Miller From Wilson Ok

Vivian Colemire 12:09:07 12/07/2001

Loved your web-page, keep up the good work.

Vivian Colemire

Jeannie 06:00:28 12/07/2001

Love ya Kentucky

Jeannie From Cornettsville

keneth n davidson 04:15:07 12/07/2001

lived in vicco and hazard from37 to 53. sure miss them mts.hello to jeannette nolanalsip if still alive.

keneth n davidson From richmond indiana

EDWARD JONES 00:29:17 12/06/2001



Lynda Combs Gipson 18:57:22 12/05/2001

I love this site. We have the 1880 Perry Co Kentucky census for sale. It has 300 pages and has notes on about 85 persent of the names, (who they married, DOB, DOD, Parents and etc.) 35.00 Contact me at or Jimmie Combs at

Lynda Combs Gipson From Frankfort, Kentucky

Jeff Skaggs 15:00:52 12/04/2001

Hello Cornettsville, Sunshine Mt. Dilce Combs 72-72 What a time! Sorry for the screw up.

Jeff Skaggs From Haleyville, AL

Jeff Skaggs 14:57:02 12/04/2001

Hellow Cornettsville!Sunshine Mt. Dilce Combs 72 -76 What a time!

Jeff Skaggs From Haleyville, Alabama
jskaggs@sonet. net

chantele 11:13:57 12/04/2001

hey this is cool bye

chantele From ONTARIO

Shirley Riddle Stacy 20:11:48 12/03/2001

Would like to wish everyone in the Hazard area a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Wish I could be home and there would be snow.

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Phoenix Az

Vera Holland 08:05:27 12/03/2001

Hi,just miss the old home town if anyone wants to contact me feel free to do so would love to hear from folks from Hardburly Ky

Vera Holland

Jan Kersten 03:35:15 12/03/2001

I found your site when looking for info about Kentucky. Very nice and informative. I have added a link on my site to it, so everybody can enjoy it. I hope adding this link isn't a problem.If so, just let me know, and i will remove it from my site.My site can be found at: Greetings from Holland,Jan Kersten

Jan Kersten From Eindhoven, Holland

Hazel Bowling Corley 19:39:54 12/02/2001

Forgot to say that Kenneth James Combs (kenny combs) is my son and i'm very proud to have him as my son. Mom loves you kid.

Hazel Bowling Corley From Bristol. TN

Hazel Bowling Corely 19:33:56 12/02/2001

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say Merry Chistmas. I should be coming home for Chistmas.

Hazel Bowling Corely

Donnie Rose 11:14:42 12/02/2001

I was bron in Norton Va.,but lived in Clintwood Va. and Elkhorn City,Ky.We moved when i was young because of my farther"s health.He worked in mines all his life and had to move to get away from the coal dust.I drive a truck and sometimes get to return ,and remind my self that this is my home too.I still love the hills and will never lose that love. I can still remember the Santa train, and playing in the creek at Jhon mores branch.Thank you for this web site.It brought back a few old times from my child hood in this old Pike Co. boy.Keep up the great work.PS. My DAD and MOM lived in Hazzard for a number of years after they were married.

Donnie Rose From Danville Va.

Wade Carder 22:38:55 12/01/2001

Born in 1929. love to hear from anyone of you who remembers.

Wade Carder From Hazard KY, bonnyman perry county

Shirley McDaniel (Jones) 18:20:52 12/01/2001

Im born & raised in Litt Carr,Ky * remember this flood of 1963 I lived @ Smithboro,Ky an was in this my daughter was 3 yrs but seems to me i was in one in 61 a smaller flood. Im daughter of Troy(chad) McDaniel an Maebell Hall .I still have two uncles on my mothers side Willie & Jr Hall also two aunts on daddys side Bertha , an Ruby my grandpa George McDaniel had a sawmill head of Carr. Love this web page brings back lots of memories. Thanks: Shirley Jones

Shirley McDaniel (Jones) From Quartzsite,Az

RUTH WILLIAMS 16:42:47 12/01/2001



Amanda De' Hart 05:44:02 11/30/2001

" i hear my mom and my grandmother talk about all the old things that where in hazard from when they were little and now i get to see the pics. of the places that they talk about a lot. this site is a great enjoyment to me because if i look at the pics, i can feel how they lived their life before i was born."

Amanda De' Hart From hazard, ky

Dennis Collins 16:09:56 11/28/2001

I was born on second creek in Perry County and lived in Bonnyman and went to school at First Creek High School. Hazard has been and always will be number one to me.

Dennis Collins From Orange Park Fl

Lawrence Combs 05:23:36 11/28/2001

I love this site,I was trying to get in touch with any of the guys I was in the National Guard with from Oct 29th,1983 to Oct 29th,1992-If any of you se this e-mail me of if any of my old ladt friends see this e-mail me,Would like to catch up on old times.Well hope to here from you all soon bye.

Lawrence Combs From Williamsburg,Ky

Imogene "Naomi" (Feltner) Park 04:35:55 11/28/2001

Hi everyone. We finally made the move back to Ohio, close to Columbus. If you've had trouble getting messages to me that's because my e-mail is now

Imogene "Naomi" (Feltner) Park From Ohio

Eddie Sizemore 17:38:37 11/27/2001

I did stop by last year and said hello to ovetta basey. She was a great english teacher. She is 80 years old now and still looks the same. Eddie Sizemore

Eddie Sizemore From Acapulco Mexico

James D. Smedley 18:11:54 11/26/2001

Remember Me Anybody?

James D. Smedley From Cinti. OH.

Kay (O'Steen) Hewins 16:49:21 11/26/2001

Another memory lane item...this is to Mrs. Ovetta Basey...She was my 8th grade English teacher. I really appreciate all the "life" lessons that she taught. I wrote a college essay for one of my education classes about her. So if anyone sees her, please tell her that she is one of my favorite teachers. She ranks up there with Haliburton Greer!

Kay (O'Steen) Hewins From Wathena, Kansas

Kay (O'Steen) Hewins 16:40:59 11/26/2001

I was just looking at the site about Mrs. Willoughby...I think I had her as a Sunday School teacher at the Lothair Baptist least she seems very familiar to me and I know I didn't have her as a first grade teacher...I had Mrs. Stevens, whom I dearly loved! What years did she teach SS at Lothair? Also, speaking of teachers...who remembers Mrs. Compton's "500 manners" during recess and the smell of coffee and chocolate! I love smell even though it means I was one of the students writing during recess for looking out the window when the fire truck went by! Hey!...I still remember my manners today!

Kay (O'Steen) Hewins From Wathena, Kansas

sam gross 10:05:05 11/26/2001

Great site keep up the good work,and hi to all my old friends.

sam gross From Hazard, KY

Reuben R. Sizemore 07:40:32 11/26/2001

If anyone knows me,E-mail me sometimes.I went to school at Buckhorn high 65-69. Knew a few people that went to M.C. Napier. Wondering where everyone went to. Bye

Reuben R. Sizemore From Mt. Washington, Ky.

Betty Strong Hobbs 07:32:58 11/25/2001

I am looking for any one in Lexington,Ky who is from Hazard 1940-1950 these are the years I worked there at Don`s & Begley Drug store

Betty Strong Hobbs From Fort Wayne, In 46825

Kathy Triplett Whitlock 23:33:39 11/24/2001

This is for the person Combs who posted the website for Knott Central Alumni. I cannot find it! I have tried every search engine and even tried to go directly to it. Can you help me?

Kathy Triplett Whitlock From Lexington, Ky

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