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lou baker 08:23:48 11/09/2001

Everyone is right!! this is a great site.Love keeping in touch with old friends

lou baker From hazard

Cynthia Craven 12:11:18 11/08/2001

For anyone out there researching the Tyre Riddle line of the Riddle Family (my grandparents were Jim and Mary Riddle of Cornettsville, my mom is Doris Riddle) you may want to visit the "Riddles of Stokes County (NC)" web page at

Cynthia Craven From Charleston, SC

Tawynia Williams 17:55:50 11/07/2001

I like your Web Site,I read it all of the time,I have lived at this address know for 6 years now,I like want people write.

Tawynia Williams From Pigonroost Rd Perry county

gene moore 07:53:14 11/07/2001

i like hazard ky

gene moore From hazard ky

Judy Parsons 22:37:15 11/06/2001

Like your website. Came across it while helping a friend to find her birth family. Freda Napier was born in Blue Diamond in 1948. I am trying to find her birth mother, Inez Napier. Would appreciate any information. Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from some of you readers.

Judy Parsons From Ohio

doug slough 14:57:25 11/06/2001

i will never forget wkic and the staff doug slough

doug slough From wytheville va

Debbie 14:21:56 11/06/2001

Would anyone happen to know the family of Finley Fee b. approx. 1877, his wife Dora Napier Fee b.1899? d. 11-23-1959 Harlan, and their two children, Preston Fee b. 4-19-1931 Perry County, and Viola Fee b. 1-15-1928 Perry County. If anyone knows of this family please e-mail me, thank you.

Debbie From Tacoma, WA

Anonymous 01:15:08 11/06/2001

The Hazard Ky webpage was very refreshing and very, um, how can I say this? Standard. Hazard is not the perfect little town that this site deems it to be. I saw very little about Hazard High School today, I saw nothing about the urban community of Hazard, such as the Black churches, NAACP, and so forth. And just out of curiosity, you wrote enough about legends of Hazard, but what about Urban Legends? Ghost stories if you will. Does Hazard have any haunted houses, cemetaries, hospitals, hotels, or ghosts? That might make things a little more interesting.

Anonymous From Hazard, KY

Malvery Brewer 20:36:58 11/05/2001

Sorry I forgot to tell you all where I lived in Bulan! I lived right above the old coal tiple! My papa work there many of years! I live in the double wide on the hIll! Brewer's lane! My father still owns the place! All of my family lives in bulan almost! Right in that straight of bulan! Beside of the fire staition! Jakes Branch! If anyone knows me please write me! Would love to get back in touch! Or if anyone knows my family would love to get to know them! Thanks Malvery!!!

Malvery Brewer

Mary Conley 05:26:31 11/05/2001

I have just been looking at some beautiful pictures,I love these old pictures brings back a lot of dad was Sam Begley of hardburley ky.whey I saw the old tipple it reminded me of how dad worked so hard in the mines,I never got to see him much,Im so glad things are better fo the folks down in the old place.I just found the old school house picture in hardburly sending soon. Mary c.

Mary Conley From Wolcottville In 46795

Little Dove 04:46:31 11/05/2001

Does anyone know the Tucker family from Dwarf, Ky.if so please e-mail me. (Little )

Little Dove From Indianapolis, In.

Lori Smith 01:04:54 11/05/2001

I happened to stumble across this web-site almost a month ago and have enjoyed reading everyones messages. I was born and raised in Hazard, attended Hazard High School and graduated in 1994. I moved to a nice community in Tennessee shortly after High School and have lived here ever since. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Lori Smith From Tennessee

Malvery Brewer 22:23:20 11/04/2001

Hey I love this site! :) I use to live in hazard but moved when i was 15! I'm 18 know! I went to Dennis Wooton, A.B.Combs , and Perry Cental for alittle bit! I miss all my friends and would love to hear from them! Email me if you want to get back in touch! I use to hang out with Mekisha Little , Jessica Smith , Margaret Sizemore and Many more but them girls where like my Best friends! I use to hang out with Jessica Stacy, Ashley Felther ,Amanda Baker and Eugeina Brewer in school! Would love to know how everyone is! My moms name is Barbara Caudill and My fathers name is David Brewer! My real Father is Herues Begley but everyone from hazard knows me bye Malvery Brewer! David Brewer has rasied me sence i was 3 years old so i call him my Father! My sister's name is Heather Brewer but she is married now! Her name is Heather Campell now! She has a little boy now named David Lee Thomas Campell! Long name! LOL If anyone knows her feel free to email me about her! She would love to here from her old friends too! She is 19 years old! She went to PCCHS! My grandma name is Patricia Noble! She goes by Pat! My papa name is Gernal Noble! HE is my step papa! My Papa name is Bill Caudill! My Mother had to bothers named Jimmy Dale Caudill and Ronald (Ronnie) Caudill! My mother is 39 years old and went to mc napier! Her two bothers also went to mc napier! If anyone knows anyone in my family please feel free to email me and let me know somethings about them! :) Also my Grandma's madien name is Dunn! My grandma's mothers name is Mae Dunn and she has two daughters named Judy Dunn and Pat Noble! She has a son named Jerry Dunn and Judy and Jerry are twins! Sorry I made this So long I just wanted to get some of my family members in here to see if anyone knew them! But thanks for the great site! I miss hazard alot but I come home almost every other weekend! Thanks Malvery :)

Malvery Brewer

Ronnie Combs 21:39:30 11/04/2001

Good luck with your future Jackie Fugate. Love the mountains and the people of Kentucky!!

Ronnie Combs From Ashley,In.

martha feltner barker 01:31:53 11/04/2001

hello hazard iwas born and raised in hazard ky. very proud of it. i go down there every other month so i can see my mother. she is 81 yrs old,i sure miss glomwar when ime up here. and the mountains.i like all the people down there but most of them are kin to me.well i will be down there in one week.if anyone knowsme or leo barker just email us.leo went to school at dilce combs in 1957. see me bye for now.

martha feltner barker From 6520s co rd 900 w commiskey in 47227

Diana Shepherd 19:12:13 11/03/2001

It is great what you have done with this website. I just have one problem with it how do u log into chat??

Diana Shepherd From Pikeville, Ky

Robert A. Feltner Jr. & wife Rita 09:01:30 11/03/2001

Great idea so now my husband and I can research his roots. But it would be easier if you had a way to get back to the home page instead of having to constantly re-entering the net everytime we print a page of photos for our album. Robert was born in Scuddy but since the main town is Hazard it is just as good for info.

Robert A. Feltner Jr. & wife Rita From Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

Nell Tackett 18:41:09 11/02/2001

I really like this s

Nell Tackett From Bulan,Ky.

Lawrence Combs 16:08:46 11/02/2001

Hello Hazard,I was born and raised in Darfork,Ky my dads name was Calloway Combs moms name is Geneve Collect-Combs,My dada was raised in the head of Darfork hallow,I drove a school bus for the Perry Co. School Borad from 1990 til 1998 my bus #'s were 71,0197,if any of my old riders see this please e-mail me great site love it alot ,brings back some great times .

Lawrence Combs From Williamsburg,Ky

Marie Morris 20:20:35 11/01/2001

It gives me great pleasure to sign on this website and find friends that I have not talked to in thirty some years. Thank you for all the work that goes into making this such a great place to visit.

Marie Morris From Bonita Springs, Florida

Alan Hazard 01:11:44 11/01/2001

I always enjoy visiting your interesting site. It holds a special significance to our family as I am an honourary citizen, courtesy of Bobby Danner Snr and Mayor Gorman. regards..Alan Hazard.....Australia

Alan Hazard From Australia

Charles M. Adams 18:25:58 10/31/2001

We visited Hazard recently, couldn't get enough of the wonderful hospitality, also "SHUCKIE" beans!!

Charles M. Adams From Victorville, California

Maggie and Carol 08:54:20 10/31/2001

Im related to the Combs in Hazard. Went down to visit lately and its not the same. If anyone reading this is related to the Combs please e-mail me would love to chat. We hung at the Dairy Queen when we went there. It would have been in the 70s and 80s.

Maggie and Carol From Northen Ky

Brenda Tolson 13:53:55 10/30/2001

Hello everyone in Hazard ..I lived there in the 60's ..If anyone remembers me or my family --please email me !!

Brenda Tolson

Dave Williams 06:08:33 10/30/2001

i have family from my dads side that live in vico. and if any one knows my granfather Gib Williams i would love to hear from you. i have not been to vico or hazard sence my grandmother viola mae family live on southern ohio me and my family just move here to ky hoping to here from soom one soon

Dave Williams From mt sterling ky

vivian caudill 05:03:42 10/30/2001

great site hazard!. would love to hear from anyone with any info on my grandfather who passed away in 96. robert cornett of big creek in perry county, originally from first creek. his mom's name was rebecca? not sure of her last name, he married delphia eversole in 1945 or maybe 46, worked at blue diamond mine almost all his life.robert and delphia have several children. would love to hear from anyone that was familiar with him or worked with him at the mines.please respond at

vivian caudill From hazard

Rose Mary Couch Stacy 09:54:07 10/29/2001

I went to M. C. Napier High School during 1980-1984. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me or was in the same group that I hung out in. I've been married and divorced 2 times. I have 2 children, 1 son who just turned 17 and 1 daughter who turned 13 in September. I lived in Yerkes, Kentucky at the time I went to High School. I look forward to hearing from any of my old classmates. E-mail me at

Rose Mary Couch Stacy From Hazard, Kentucky

Janice ( Neace) Campbell 20:13:56 10/28/2001

Hi, i was born and raised in Perry Co.i just found this site and really do like it alot,I grew up in Darfork and Bulan and lived on Dewain Mountain for awhile,if anyone sees this and remembers me,i would love to hear from you.Ilove to hear from people from down home.My e-mail address is

Janice ( Neace) Campbell From Indianapolis, Ind.

Carl Gene Lawson Jr. 16:00:59 10/28/2001

Hello Hazard I graduated at Dilce Combs Memorial in 1958. Went into the Navy, and thene the Army. Married Susie Spencer and raised 4 children 3 boys 1 girl. Am a master electrician here in Scottsburg.I miss the mountains verry much. I visit every chance I get. Have seen a lot of the world, but there is nothing like Perry co. Kentucky. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE THERE.

Carl Gene Lawson Jr. From Scottsburg Indiana

Manuel Moore 14:30:36 10/28/2001

I grew up in Hazard and Graduated from MCN in 1994. I sometimes miss Hazard and my family but seldom get to go home to visit. Hazard is a great little piece of rural Kentucky that everyone should see. Great web site glad that i stumbled across it by mistake.

Manuel Moore From Lexington, KY

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