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Arbert Johnson 13:37:42 10/28/2001

I grew up in the area around Hazard and Hyden. I left M.C. Napier in 70 - 71. Does anyone remember the Johnson clan (11 children)? Our parents were George and Edna Wilson Johnson.

Arbert Johnson From Falmouth, Kentucky

Danny Kirk 06:09:45 10/28/2001

Like your page. Sure is interesting and I liked all the pictures. I am originally from Harlan and have ben in hazard many times.

Danny Kirk From Nashville, TN.

Tammy Evans 05:03:02 10/28/2001

This is a very interesting site. I've been working on our family tree and it's led me here. My grandmother's brother LEONARD ANGEL lived somewhere around Chavies. He is buried somewhere there. He died either in 1954 or 1957. If anyone has any information about him or his family please contact me.

Tammy Evans From Beattyville, KY

Janice Campbell 01:19:00 10/28/2001

I just found this site, and i love it because i was born and raised in Hazard Ky.I would love to hear from people that know me,it's the best.

Janice Campbell From Indianapolis, In.

Eric Williams 23:25:27 10/27/2001

Hello everyone: My name is Eric Williams. I was born on June 10, 1958, at Homeplace (a hospital at that time), in Ary, Kentucky. I lived in Ary and attended Robinson Elementary in the first grade. My teacher was Sally Combs and my aunt Stella was the third grade teacher there at the time. I'm now 43 years old, but I have a lot of vivid memories of those years - especially the flood of 1963. My dad, John M., worked in a grocery store at the mouth of ball.Since I'm probably related to most of the folks writing to this page, it would be nice to communicate.

Eric Williams From English, In. 47118

Roy Everett Couch 16:44:26 10/27/2001

Hello Hazard, been gone for a long, long time but my heart remains up in Blue Grass Holler. Hello Ida Hansel down in Spartanburg, SC, haven't heard from you for a while? My Father was Henry Couch, Mother Zola Napier, Grandfather Noah Couch.

Roy Everett Couch From Ann Arbor, Michigan

johnny and laura begley 18:55:11 10/26/2001

We would just like to say hi to everyone in hazard. We are from hazard of course.

johnny and laura begley From berea,ky

Barbara Spencer 16:40:16 10/25/2001

looking for anyone that might know a Roy Feltner who married a woman named Agnes. They had 2 daughters- Shirley and Gwendolyn- Gwendolyn was born in 1940. Any info would help.

Barbara Spencer From Florida

Rikki Lin Daniels 14:18:18 10/25/2001

I was glad to find the site I haven't been home since I was 12, god How I miss it would love to get back when I can! Trying to start getting family history going!

Rikki Lin Daniels From florida

Timothy D. Morgan 20:00:22 10/24/2001

This is a very good web page with alot of history about the area. I was born up the road in Whitesburg I return from time to time to see family.

Timothy D. Morgan From Powderly, Ky.

Tena Rice Toft 11:06:26 10/24/2001

Hello to everyone from Hazard and Perry County. I am Tena Rice Toft. My Father grew up in Scuddy, and had 11 brothers and sisters.

Tena Rice Toft From Cincinnati, Ohio

Jimmy Vanover 20:06:42 10/21/2001

Hi again I been away i long time so this is spec my Father was matt vanover and my mother was lois jean Feilds love to talk to someone you new them

Jimmy Vanover From mantachie ms

Jauna Noble 20:23:43 10/20/2001

hi everyone i am 13 years old and i have lived in Hazard kentucky allyears of my life except when i was two and my family moved to indiana for a year hello hazard kentucky

Jauna Noble From Hazard Ky

WANDA STACY 20:12:38 10/20/2001



Lyndon C Lee 16:54:18 10/19/2001

I Wish I Was Home

Lyndon C Lee From Lakeland Fl.

MIKE CHILDERS 04:54:41 10/19/2001



Rosalita Wright 19:11:40 10/17/2001

I meant to tell you that my maiden name is Wilcox and we lived in Airport Gardens. I moved away from there in fall of 1963.

Rosalita Wright From Georgia

Rosalita Wright 19:09:49 10/17/2001

It has just been a year since I found this site quite by accident! I have found much joy in sharing with lots of people on the Faith and Prayer Forum. I feel that I have found some very great friends! I would love to find old friends from M.C. Napier High, 59-63.

Rosalita Wright From Georgia

patty trent 16:35:06 10/17/2001

This is my favorite site ever. I go daily to the faith and prayer board on community forum. I love this site.

patty trent From hazard ky.

Cecil Ison 09:46:08 10/17/2001

Thanks to all the folks who made this great web sit possible. "A country with no regard for its past will have little worth remembering in the future" Abraham Lincoln

Cecil Ison From Daniel Boone National Forest

Danny Ray Elkins "NEW SOUNDS" Productions 21:28:42 10/16/2001

Great sight I love the Black Gold Fest ...dre

Danny Ray Elkins "NEW SOUNDS" Productions From Ashland KY

tawynia ritchie 16:14:45 10/16/2001

I love your web site

tawynia ritchie From hazard kentucky

Freda Napier 00:32:04 10/16/2001

I've really enjoyed this little trip thru Hazard. I am a Napier born in Walkertown. My father is E.C. Napier, and my mom is Rosie Armstrong Napier. The met in Februaru, 1948 at the bus station in Hazard where my Mom worked. My oldest brother still lives at Big Willard. I am he granddaughter of rpha Napier, and Martha Campbell Napier. We are always looking for relatives. Please write me at

Freda Napier From Cincinnati, Ohio

Bud Thomas 19:20:12 10/15/2001

My Name Is Bud Thomas raised Scuddy Ky I was there from 1922 to 1942. My Father was Charlie Thomas, Della Thomas Mother. I knew 2 boys who killed taxi driver. Coy Combs, Sexton boy with 1 leg 2 girls lived at georges branch.

Bud Thomas From Trafford, Alabama

Jamie kilburn 22:21:51 10/14/2001

Just wanted to say hello I went to M.C. Napier in85-87 I didnt graduate that would have been in 89. I new the family of Dolly Sizemore that JoJo is looking for YOu may want to look for Maggie Sizemore on Laurel ST. in hazard kentucky.Hope this helps you.

Jamie kilburn From Combs KY

nicole 14:01:18 10/14/2001


nicole From canada b.c

Ellen Epperson Combs Browder 12:03:01 10/13/2001

Regarding the posting in relation to Effie Lee Gilbertand Glomawr Elementary, I wouldlike to say that I am sorry tohear of her home-going, but Iknow she led a long and enjoyable life. She was such awonderful teacher and friend. Ilearned so many things from herthat were not directly related to the curriculum that she sodiligently taught. She was alady, a good christian woman,she enjoyed life with a passionfor music and drama. She put somuch of her heart into thingssuch as our eighth grade playsand our graduation. I attendedGlomawr the school year of 51-52and I will always have very pleasant memories of that learning experience.

Ellen Epperson Combs Browder From Louisville, KY

Ronnie W. Blair 13:03:26 10/12/2001

It's nice to see names that bring back Hazard life memories. I attended Dilce Combs High and my wife Versie Ann (Gwinn) Blair attended M.C. Napier. We are currently living in W.KY and I am the pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Ledbetter, Ky. We would like to hear from some old friends as we have been gone from Hazard since '96. My e-mail is: mcbcpastor@juno.comAnn's e-mail is: You can also check out our church web-site which will also take you over to our family page.http://homestead/ look forward to hearing from some "old" friends.

Ronnie W. Blair From Paducah, Ky

Dennis Collins 12:39:24 10/12/2001

Nice web page. Loved the photos. I wasborn in Bonnyman and my parents were Robert Collins and Martha Jane CampbellI would like to hear from anyone fromPerry County. I attended lst Creek Highschool and I moved to Indiana after mysophmore year. Would like to hear fromschoolmates and relatives

Dennis Collins From Orange Park, Florida

Stephanie Allen-Sharp 18:58:47 10/11/2001

This is my first time visiting this site and it is great to see familiar names signed on the guest book. I graduated from MC Napier in 1990 and would love to hear from any old classmates and friends.

Stephanie Allen-Sharp From Little Rock, AR

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