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Shirley Combs Thompson 09:55:24 3/31/2005

Hi! I am returing to Perry County this weekend to show my daughter where I was born and lived for 9 years. On my father's side, grandfather was Jess Combs and my grandmother was Polly Bailey Combs (lived in Glomar). On my mother's side, was Robert Joseph and grandmother Cloie Wooten (lived in Diblock). My parent's names are Silas Combs and Alphia Joseph Combs. They were born in 1930 and 1932. I know that I have a cousin named Robert Joseph who lives in Diblock. When he was little him nickname was "Goo". If any one knows him, let me know? Any one who knows anything about these people would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Shirley Combs Thompson From New Lexington, Ohio

jordan baker 06:22:25 3/31/2005

i liked looking at the flood pics i wasnt there but they made me feel like was right there.

jordan baker From perry county

Paul Ritchie Hobbs 10:44:17 3/30/2005

Grew up in Airport Gardens and attended Dennis C. Wooten and left in the early 90's. Would like to know what happened to my classmates. Any info on Kara Stacy, D.J. Grigsby, Christina Eversole or her brother DW, Sherridan VanArsdale, Michael Wooten, etc. Most of the them went to Perry County Central I think. Thanks

Paul Ritchie Hobbs From Louisville, Ky.

Thelma Noe 20:15:11 3/29/2005

The Dilce Combs Grand Reunion will be May 28, 2005 at Whitaker Athletic Center at Jeff. This reunion is for all former DC students and teachers. Email or for more info.

Thelma Noe From Jeff, KY

lon a. maggard 15:56:22 3/28/2005

hey everybody! just found this site...this is great! moved from hazard in 1963, to lex., ky. worked there for about 12 yrs. on k.s.p., been working for csx since 1990. still come to eastern ky. every chance i get, usually don't get past hyden where some of our family property is located. who still lives in hazard from the 1967 class? HOW is Pee Wee...whew!

lon a. maggard From jacksonville, fl.

David Eversole 11:51:48 3/28/2005

hey just started looking at your site, im from hazard and have been gone for about a year. looking at all the history in those mountains mkes me miss home, you have a great website, keep up the good work

David Eversole From Glasgow ky

David Eversole 11:39:08 3/28/2005

I have lived in hazard all my life, utill this last year. I had no idea all of the history that hazard has.You have a great web site, very good detail, it makes me proud to say im for harzard.

David Eversole From Glasgow ky

Whitney Barker 09:40:55 3/28/2005

My wife is from Big Stone Gap, VA and I Love to tune in to your station when we travel to SW VA. Keep up the good work, and we love the bluegrass on Sat.

Whitney Barker From Waynesboro, VA

Christine (Jones) Furlong 17:06:30 3/27/2005

Hello Perry Co..Love going back home and reminissing about old days with my mom and siblings..Run into a few old school buddies once in a while.Miss the mountains and consider it my first home although Indiana is home away from home..

Christine (Jones) Furlong From Indiana

Julie "Whitehead" Hook 13:25:10 3/27/2005

Hazard will always hold my heart. Texas pays the bills!

Julie "Whitehead" Hook From Houston, Texas

dean napier 10:59:06 3/26/2005

I'm looking for a sister whom was born at Mt. Mary Hospital. She was born around 1959 or somewhere close to that I have been looking for her since she was giving away she has 1 brother and 2 sister's. Her birth name was Kathy Napier, her birth mother name was Aileen Napier, if any one has any information on this please write back on the Guestbook and I will be looking back on this web site from time to time. Thanks

dean napier From hazard,ke ntucky

Patricia (Horton) Todd 10:22:41 3/26/2005

I love the site. It brings back fond memories. I was born there in 1936 and moved to Tampa, FL in 1944.

Patricia (Horton) Todd From Bradenton, Florida

leo 18:51:12 3/25/2005

hazard a wonderful place,never met any nicer folks,would like to move back someday

leo From texas

Madonna 16:42:18 3/23/2005

Trying to find classmates from the Robert W. Combs school. I was in the first grade in the year of 1964 or 1965. I have a groub picture, but I don't know who any of them are. If anyone was in the first grade those years and had a Ms. Roark for a teacher please contact me. My e-mail is

Madonna From scottsburg, In

Mary Couch 11:16:22 3/23/2005

My Father was Ed Couch my Mother was Velva Fields. Ed's Parents ware Elisha Couch and Sophia (Sandlin)Couch. Im doing a family tree and found some info but If anyone knows anything on Velva or have Pictures of others I have mentioned Please Let Me Know. They are all from Owsley County KY Thank you

Mary Couch From Shelbyville KY

Debra Thompson 07:46:04 3/23/2005

Loving listening to the Boys State Tournament games. I'm as nervous as I was when I was there Saturday morning. Any way I could get a tape copy of these games?

Debra Thompson From London

frances himes 05:55:55 3/23/2005


frances himes From LONDON, KENTUCKY 40475

Ralph Causey 19:02:56 3/22/2005

Wrong email address

Ralph Causey

Ralph Causey 18:00:16 3/22/2005

Nice place to visit have lots of friends here. Nice place to live.

Ralph Causey From Happy Ky.

Claude Amon Holland Jr. 09:56:29 3/22/2005

Sure like this web site, My GREAT GRANDFATHER, REV.HIRAM THOMAS HOLLAND, preach and lived in Hazard, Kentucky,about 1865/75? Then moved too Gatliff,Whitley,ky. Sure would loved too had, hear him preach. would like too hear from family, in Hazard, or any of you good folks

Claude Amon Holland Jr. From ANDERSON,INDIANA

Heather (Deaton) Totton 20:42:50 3/21/2005

I actually came across this site by accident. Much to my surprise, I've found a LOT of interesting information. A large portion of my family is from Hazard and most even still remain there. I was hoping to "run into" someone that might know some of my family or family stories.

Heather (Deaton) Totton From Indianapolis, IN

Setys Combs-Kelly 08:41:24 3/21/2005

Hello. I am returning to Hazard for a visit this weekend. 3/25-3/27. I would love to talk with anyone who knew Ernest and Naomi (Honeybunch) Combs. They were may parents. Also, anyone related to Clara Noble Combs or JOhn Fields Combs, Bentley Combs or his wife Mary Messer. Please contact my email Thank you.

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfied, OH

STEPHANIE MOSLEY 18:01:41 3/20/2005



Former Resident 15:26:57 3/20/2005

Does anyone have any info on the Watts family from Rowdy.Some of the names were Hershelene, Savanna, and I have probably mispelled the names. Went to school with them. Thanks

Former Resident From Ft. Scott, Kansas

robbie cart 14:19:51 3/20/2005

mothers maiden name was helen louise feltner, dad's name was robert cart. i was born in hazard april 1952, havent been back since i was in grade school, am also related to the combs family, grandmother was cora lee combs feltner, love your guest book, any one remember me, email please

robbie cart From moncks corner,south carolina

robbie cart 22:23:03 3/19/2005

just found this web site while surfing. was born in hazard in 1952. mom was helen feltner(maiden name) related to feltners and combs. havent been home in a long time, would love to hear from anyone who might know me or is related. thanks

robbie cart From moncks corner,s.c.

Vickie Bellingham 08:02:35 3/19/2005

I am looking for Christine Hughes. My birth Mother. Please email if you can help? Thanks.(I Believe that) George Stamper was my Great Great Grandpa. His daughter Polly Stamper at age 17 married Barn Combs age 24 on 2/19/1910. They would been my Great Grandparents.Their children was:Lizzie Combs Born 4/16/1921Oakley Combs Born 1/20/1924Ira Combs Born 8/25/1929Beacher Combs Born 11/08/1930 There daughter Oakley Combs would be my Grandma. Her children are:James A. Hughes Born 3/31/48Christine Hughes Born 8/14/50Jackie R. Hughes Born 1/8/54Mac M. Hughes Born 1/17/55Oakley must have later married a Herald?????? She had 2 more childrenStanley T Herald Born 10/30/57Marshall G Herald Born 12/19/59Dose anyone know anyone???? I need to find my birth mom.

Vickie Bellingham From Indiana

Shirley A. (Clark) Graham 18:52:50 3/18/2005

Hi everyone these archives gets better with each passing year. Thanks to each who works so hard for us to enjoy.I graduated from Leatherwood High School in 1958, also attended Livingston Grade School. Would love to hear from any friends. God bless. Love you Shirl.

Shirley A. (Clark) Graham From Ft. Pierce, Fl.

Chet Lawson 17:54:03 3/18/2005

I have tried 14 different names and combinations to register for the community Forum. I keep getting the message that I used invalid letters or charaters. Can some give me an Example of what would be valid Thank You

Chet Lawson From Troy, N. C.

Diana Watts 11:39:03 3/18/2005

What a treat...this is such a great web-site! I'm from Leatherwood, KY. (near Blue Diamond Coal Camp) I've been in CA since 2000, and very homesick and this web-site is the BEST!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart! I would like to here from someone back home or if you know someone that lives out here in Northern CA let me know. Thanks again!

Diana Watts From Brentwood, CA (Northern CA)

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