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10/31/2000 to 9/12/2005

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Jimmie Williams 10:55:02 9/21/2001

To whom it May Concern: A few months I had contacted my nephew with John Graves , the son of the late Loiuse (Fugate)Graves on Ball Creek, Ary, KY.Also grandson of my Uncle James (Boss Jim) Fugate. Due to a computer problem, I lost his email address. If anyone should know John Graves Email address, please have him contact me again. I would most greatly apreciate it. This was the first contact with him since he was a a young teen. Thank you.Jim

Jimmie Williams From Waterford, MI

Pauline Burke 08:23:46 9/21/2001

I like this site very much. I enjoy reading everything on it.

Pauline Burke From Viper, Kentucky

Becky Wienert 21:47:39 9/19/2001

Enjoyed very much the opinions of others.

Becky Wienert From Tucson, Arizona

Denise Banks-Wilson 14:56:26 9/19/2001

I love this site. It's great to see information about members of my family, and view photographs of the places I've visited.

Denise Banks-Wilson From Muhlenberg County, KY

Vickie Baker Sargent 15:11:18 9/18/2001

Even though I have moved a many of a mile away, my heart and family are back in Hazard, Ky. And no matter where I go I know Hazard is my home town. I love you mom & dad

Vickie Baker Sargent From Parkersburg, WV

Helen Holliday Alcorn 08:27:56 9/17/2001

Thanks for the memories. It's like a trip back home! Although I moved away in 1959 my Love of Hazard and the mountains and of friends and family will always be there.

Helen Holliday Alcorn From St. Petersburg, Florida

Scott Sampsell 22:45:56 9/16/2001

Any of my old friends see this email or get in touch with me.

Scott Sampsell From still right here

Vaughn Hall 19:50:43 9/16/2001


Vaughn Hall From Newport KY 41071

Shelby Jean Ward (Davis) 09:49:47 9/16/2001

Hi again. I would like to find an old school mate Lucy Short. Last known as Lucy Combs. was married to Charles Combs and living on Lotts Crk. We went to Dudly school before it was burned down. Sorry to say my brother Clarence was the one who did it. If any one out there knows me from school please e-mail me. My dad Ross Davis used to have a radio program on wkic,and was one of the Ky. Mountain Boys, with Elson and Charlie Haley, and Corbitt Grigsby. I was in Hazard a few weeks ago, to take my mom to her final resting place. I didn't have any time to see very much, but it sure has changed a lot. it is still a beautiful place. I have both fond, and not so fond memories.I would like to find some pic.s and info on wkic if anyone knows where i can find this please get in touch.

Shelby Jean Ward (Davis) From Chillicothe, Ohio

Shelby J. Ward (Davis) 09:20:05 9/16/2001

Hi I was born and raised in Bulan Ky. Daughter of Ross and Inos Davis. We resided on Duane Mountain.

Shelby J. Ward (Davis) From Chillicothe, ohio

Dave Lewis 13:59:06 9/15/2001

Nice to see that video, I was born in Hazard, but grew up in Wallins Creek by Harlan, dont remember much of Hazards, but the video was great

Dave Lewis From Wisconsin

Billy Thomas 18:44:22 9/12/2001

Love Hazard & Perry county still, have some property in Avawam, hope to come back soon to the prettiest girls in the world. Love ya, later.

Billy Thomas From Lancaster, Ohio

Cathaleen 19:22:55 9/11/2001

Dear friends, I am grand-daughter of Orpha Napier,twin to sister Opsie Napier, born Nov. 1892, I have been doing our family history since 1983 and can't find anything on her. Their parents are William Napier, born 1865, Polly Eversole Baker, born around 1870. This is believed to be in Perry county. I you know anything, please contact me.

Cathaleen From Jackson, Ky

Bill Card 19:04:02 9/11/2001

Would like to hear from folks that lived in Harveyton and Blue Diamond in 1940s and 50s.

Bill Card From Waynesville, Ohio

Jennifer 15:09:04 9/11/2001

My mother is from Combs Branch. Her name is Billie Jean Cornett. I would like to here from anyone who is from that area. I would also like to her from any Cornetts, Ritchies,Bushes, Engles, Combs, or Gross. My mothers is looking for information on her father Chairles Gross he was born in Jackson KY in the0 1930's. His parents names were Berry and Lucie (?) Gross. I think they lived in Danfork Ky. I want to talk to everyone family or friend.

Jennifer From Alden, NY

Gary P. Napier 15:53:35 9/10/2001

Hi everyone! Great website. I went to Walkertown from 1959-63, and have alot of good memories from there. I lived down from the Goose going toward Napier school. Son of Jerry and Wilma Napier, we moved to Kettering Ohio Dec of 63, and man what a culture change! Hazard is still my home at heart!

Gary P. Napier From Fort Wayne, IN

Moses Davis 10:01:24 9/10/2001

I'm from Hazard Ky. I now live in Florida. If anybody remembers me. E.mail me.

Moses Davis From Port Charlotte, FL

Debbie Grames 22:07:16 9/09/2001

Hi. My mom Velma May Green (Stacy) grew up in Hazard area in the 40's and early 50's. She is looking for a few of her old friends. The main one she is trying to get in touch with is Thelma Mae Hurt. She would like to talk to anyone else but Thelma was a good friend. If anyone knows where she is please email me or if anyone would like to contact her please email me and I will pass it on to her.

Debbie Grames From Monroe,mi

Donnie Bowling 21:02:51 9/09/2001

Hi, I'm Donnie's wife (Debbie) and I'm trying to gets his roots up. His parents George & Lonnie Opal (Green)lived in Hazard, Vicco,Glomar, and Don was born in a coal camp, which?, in 1949. He also has a brother, William and sister Judy. George's parents name were William Pierce and Mattie or Hattie. Lonnie's was Mattie & Roy Green. George still has family living there.Earl & Betty Cutty.His uncle Sam & Hazel had 13 children, some still their. His Uncles names were Aster, Hillard,Walter,Sam & Bud. Anyone with further info please contact me so I can make his Roots, Please e-mail me at or It would be great to get this family, names, relatives, etc. thank you Gerge worked in the Coal Mines for 25yrs. before moving to Detroit, Michigan in 1965. I couldn't even get records from the mines, for they closed, but did have affidavids signed by , don't remember. George was never able to collect for Black Lung, which he died from Lung Disease. Still would like to hear from relatives. I'm sure glad to accidently finding this site, interesting reading about his Roots. Thank You Debbie Bowling

Donnie Bowling From Jackson, Michigan

Tony Williams 11:57:55 9/09/2001

Great forum! It is great to be able see the old places. does anyone know if there are reunions for MC Napier high school?

Tony Williams From Louisville, KY

Vanessa Ritchie 06:36:32 9/09/2001

Yes, the address is:

Vanessa Ritchie

Connie Hudson 05:40:56 9/09/2001

A friend mentioned Black Gold Festival this month in Hazard KY. Is there a website where I can find more information?Thanks

Connie Hudson From Louisville, Ky

LINDA LEWIS 20:52:42 9/08/2001



ShirleyRiddleStacy 13:57:56 9/08/2001

To Rosilata and Lloyd....Thanks for the info. For some reason the keyboard at my house will not pick up th @ sign too clearly. I hope to correct the problem by purchasing a new keyboard soon. Again thanks to the both of you.

ShirleyRiddleStacy From Phoenix, Az

Jennifer 13:10:37 9/08/2001

I'am Cherokee/Shawnee and would like to talk with anyone who is my family. My Grandma was Savannah and my Grandpa was Robert Cornett. I hope to here from anyone soon

Jennifer From Buffalo Ny

BILLIEJEAN CORNETT 13:01:24 9/08/2001

Hi I just want all you to know that I'am thinking of each and everyone of ya! I would love to here from anyone who is from my good home place.My parents are Robert and Savannha Cornett. I also need information on a Charles Gross, Berry Gross and Lucey Gross of Hazard KY ( I'am not sure on the spelling of Lucey's name) any info is help for my search.


Helen Williams 11:10:27 9/07/2001

On Saturday, September 29,2001, we are throwing a big Bulldog Bash! This will be a Hazard High School alumni reunion, for all graduates over the age of 21.Proceeds will benefit our new Endowment Fund. I am collecting old pictures, newspapers, HHS memoriblia, etc that will be of interest to attendees. If anyone has something they would be willing to share or let us copy, that would be just great! We would also appreciate any old stories that would be of interest and recipes from alumni to be compiled into a cookbook in the near future. Any questions, just contact me at HHS class of 1971.

Helen Williams From Hazard

Raymond Sizemore 08:27:28 9/07/2001

My parents are Ira B Sizemore son of Roy and Polly Sizemore and Ailene Whitaker daughter of Clyde and Cora Whitaker I grew up in Cincinnati,OH but was lucky enough to experience the joys of country living growing up because we went to hazard all the time growing up as kids i am 31 years old and have been going down for memorial weekend every since to clean off the grave yards and camp at trace branch or the place my dad lived on lick branch. Drop a line if you know my family I would to here from you.

Raymond Sizemore From Cincinnati,OH

Jimmy L. Couch 21:42:51 9/06/2001

If you would like a copy of the Blue Diamod Story, an historical documentary of the Leatherwood Coal Camp, please contact me at: Jimmy L. Couch, 9902 Fairmount Rd. Louisville, Ky. e-mail: Phone-(502) 231-0552.

Jimmy L. Couch From Louisville, Ky

jimmy vanover 20:12:50 9/06/2001

HI i love this mybe some of my fanily will see this and e-mail me

jimmy vanover

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