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Ida Lee Hansel 10:46:37 8/08/2001

Just viewed the Combs High School pictures again as my sister-in-law, Gail Hansel Frederick of Trenton, KY, told me she was the second girl, left to right, in the pic of Mrs. Bartlett's Classroom. Thanks to Maxine (I think she is the one who sent these in) for all of the good memories of the people in the pics and their spouses, etc. ILH

Ida Lee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

Lula Gibson 21:29:55 8/07/2001

I am very honored to have my name in the guest book. I am 25 years old and I would like for all to know that I am very proud to be a resident of the state of Kentucky. I can sit on my porch in the early mornings on a hot summer day and listen to the birds and watch kids play in the yard. That my friends is a life not drugs, alcohol and all other things that cause trouble. Thank you, Lula

Lula Gibson From Vicco,Ky

Sheila Engle Feltner 01:59:12 8/07/2001

I love the web site! I have great memories there in Hazard. The pictures from Paul's book are wonderful! He used to teach me in school (1985). Keep up the good work Paul!

Sheila Engle Feltner From Lexington, KY

Patsy Barnhardt 06:32:44 8/04/2001

I love your site. The bits of history and the old pics are great. I am currently living in Canada but I was born in Corbin Ky. I miss Kentucky so much. Canada is nice but it doesn't compare to Ky.In my opinion it is definately the most beautiful state in the US. Patsy Barnhardt

Patsy Barnhardt From Chepstow Ontario Canada

Nancy Barbieux 06:06:03 8/04/2001

I just found your site.Its great !! I am doing my husband's family tree. I hope someone can help me. He and his family were all born in Allais. He was born in 1934. His grandparents supposedly founded Allais. His grandmother was Felicity Allais. She and her brother A.L. Allaise, a Methodist minister and Felicity's husband,a Barbieux came from France and Belgium.I believe they owned a coal mine at one time. Other family names are Morris, Poindexter. Please email me direct if you have any info on these families. Thanks

Nancy Barbieux From Cincinnati

Bruce Stewart 21:45:36 8/03/2001

From Cornett HillDilce Combs High '54-57

Bruce Stewart From Durham N.C.

Marie Morris 15:29:46 8/03/2001

I love hazard's website.

Marie Morris From Cincinnatim, Ohio

Wilma Homsey 20:43:58 8/02/2001

hi again, i must make a correction.i am not from brownsfork ky, im from oklahoma.but i have ky in my blood. thanks again. Wilma.

Wilma Homsey From Oklahoma

Wilma Homsey 20:37:52 8/02/2001

Hello everyone in Hazard. I was born in knott co grandfather was from brownsfork. his name was George Oliver.he had two brother's i believe their names were Jim & John. and one sister I think her name was susie, his mother's name was Susan or Susanna.if anyone knows anything about these people i would greatly apprecate the information. my father's name was Will/ Bill oliver.I love this web site. thank's

Wilma Homsey From brownsfork ky

regina 17:48:56 8/02/2001

i am very proud to say that i have lived in the jeff community for most of my life. i was raised in kenmont, moved to leatherwood ky, when i married and returned to jeff in 1984. i was a statzer before i married. my father was arthur statzer, who ran statzer electric shop until his death in oct of 1999. i would love to here from anyone from kenmont or the jeff area. i graduated from dilce combs high school in 1978.

regina From jeff, kentucky

pam sizemore 17:26:01 8/02/2001

Hi every I was born in Hazard lived in jackson my parents were Judy brown and herman sizemore I would really like to here from anybody who knows me or my family

pam sizemore From FL

Mary Wilcox Daton 16:47:07 8/02/2001

It' great seeing all the interest people are showing in this site. I love to check in from time to time to see if old friends are there.

Mary Wilcox Daton From North Vernon, In.

mattalou hudson campbell 20:19:53 8/01/2001

hi everyone, i live in breathitt county. i visit hazard regular. i love it. if anyone knows me ,e-mail me. thanks

mattalou hudson campbell From southfork,breathitt county,ky.

sandy miller coffey 19:16:11 8/01/2001

I would love to hear from 1983 class mates of M.C. Napier. Where are you guys at?

sandy miller coffey From cynthiana,ky

Teresa Hucks Thames 06:16:59 8/01/2001

I grew up near Pigeon Roost and attended Robinson Elementary and MC Napier graduated in 75 would love to hear from old friends and relatives.

Teresa Hucks Thames From Charleston, South Carolilna

James P. Smith, Sr. 14:57:04 7/30/2001

I injoy reading items on this site I recently emailed the Hazard-Herald about trying to locate my half-sister Wanda Sue Smith Ihave not receive a reply from them yet. but this sie has a lot of features. injoyed it. Jim Smith

James P. Smith, Sr. From Rt.2 B0x143Jr Fouke, Arkansas 71837

Teresa Hucks Thames 06:51:13 7/30/2001

Hey to all back in Hazard. Would love to hear from MC Napier Grads of 75. Or anyone else that remembers me from the good ole days.So drop me a line and lets get reacquainted!!!

Teresa Hucks Thames From Charleston, sc.

Glenn Stanfill 05:55:28 7/30/2001

This is a real blessing, Anyone who grew up in Ajax and knows Ralph Stanfill I am his son. I am related to Hollifields,Patricks,Campbells,Fugate's (Janet Fugate from Grape vine) and who knows who else so basically we are all kin Love you all. Glenn & Jan Stanfill

Glenn Stanfill From Mouth of Lotts Creek

Sherrie Banks Josey 19:18:56 7/29/2001

Hi I really have enjoyed this site. Hoping to find family members from Hazard. Upper 2nd creek. My mother was Christine Howard and father was Clyde Banks. Grandparents were Bill and LillieMae Howard. Would love to hear from any and all family members.

Sherrie Banks Josey From Silver Springs, Fl

Barbara Sharp 19:16:59 7/29/2001

Hello to all my cousins still in/around Hazard. My mother was so excited to learn about this info available over the internet. Is it in BOOK FORM?

Barbara Sharp From Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

Juanita (Engle) Brown 17:53:59 7/29/2001

This message is for vivian Neace,(campbell) formaly of Rowdy, please respond.

Juanita (Engle) Brown From Pleasanton Kansasa

jimmy vanover 16:11:41 7/29/2001

Ilove this page I was born in Hazard my father move to ohio when I was a boy so I didn't get to know most of my family my father name was matt vanover and my mother name was lois field

jimmy vanover From Mantachie ms

sharon 14:34:19 7/29/2001

hey this is sharon couch and i heard about the website and decided to check i out and i started looking and its pretty intresting to look and read about all the different peoples lifes im from SAUL KY.

sharon From saul- perry county

pearl fox 08:26:08 7/29/2001

almost like going home.went to school at bluediamond first creek in1954-57 love to here from anyone that may remember my family my father was wheeler hamblin mother renda white hamblin 4 girls mary ollie rosalee pearlie 1boy nathan hamblin. we also lived at forked mouth. we also went to church at the bluediamond church of god my sisters use to sing there as the hamblin sisters .going to church,school there was the best time of of my younger life. contact me at anyone who can remberme or my family.

pearl fox From austin in

RUTH WILLIAMS 05:50:53 7/29/2001



sharonand charlene couch 21:46:19 7/28/2001

well we was just searching the web abd we decided to look up hazard chat and we found your web sight and it is a very intresting site and i will enjoy reading it

sharonand charlene couch From saul perry county

Faye (Barnett) Barker 18:28:53 7/28/2001

This is the best site on the internet. Whenever I am feeling low I just go to the Hazard site and it always puts a smile on my face. I feel like I am back on home ground. Thanks so much for allowing us to come back home.

Faye (Barnett) Barker From Palm Harbor, Florida

mavis utley 19:45:59 7/27/2001

would like to hear from any one from harveyton ky. who knew the utleyfamily

mavis utley From la

Jack (Don ) Gross 16:30:17 7/27/2001

I grew up in Walkertown, lived there from 1933-1951, when I left Hazard to join the Air Force. I delivered the Hazard Herald and The Courier Journal in Walkertown, Wabaco, Hazard, and Big Bottom from 1945-1951 while attending Hazard High School (two years) and Combs High School (one year). I got my GED shortly after entering the Air Force. My HHS class was 1952. I'm trying to get in touch with Kinnard White, I understand he has moved back to Hazard. If anyone knows his phone No. please send it to :

Jack (Don ) Gross From Madison, AL 35758

Phyllis, Linda Lee, Dianne, & Mickey Robinson 12:59:36 7/27/2001

There is no better site than the Hazard, Kentucky web site, and those of us who grew up there were the luckiest people on earth. We love Hazard, all the memories, all the people, all the pictures, & Richard Blount's 8-Ball Pool Room Story. What a Hoot! Although we visit Hazard often on the Internet, it is still not the same as sitting at Don's eating soupbeans & cornbread. Andwe are still fussing about whether Zita's lemon, chocolate, butterscotch, or apple pie took the prize. Johnny & Martha Doris Robinson's girls

Phyllis, Linda Lee, Dianne, & Mickey Robinson From Hamilton, Ohio

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