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PAULINE JONES CAMPBELL P 16:28:36 4/24/2001



Nancy Landrum 13:34:27 4/24/2001

Bobby Young, formerly of Blue Diamond and a 1958 MC Napier graduate, passed away on April 23, 2001. Visitation is Wed. 6-8 pm and funeral service is 11 am Thurs. at Morton & Whetstone Funeral Home in Vandalia, Ohio. Bobby is a good friend that will be missed by all who knew him.

Nancy Landrum

brittane mullins 10:00:48 4/24/2001

i love travis

brittane mullins From knott co.

jacob Runion 15:34:52 4/23/2001

ello hazard this is jake and i love going down there. We visit hazard several times a year because we have relatives in the area. we hope someday to live in your fine community. so take care. from jake and family from greenfield In.

jacob Runion From greenfield

ALFRED FUGATE 18:08:27 4/22/2001

hello if anyone that i went to highschool with let me here from you .

ALFRED FUGATE From cinn. ohio

cliff donovan--W9KK 09:20:29 4/22/2001

Hello Yancey, worked you on 75 Meters the other nite, see you soon.73 Cliff--W9KK

cliff donovan--W9KK From Kankakee, IL

TERESA HOOKER 20:28:28 4/21/2001

It is a cool site. I lived in kodak when i was small. I just found this site about 3 weeks ago. I try to get on every week.


Terry Stull 07:32:09 4/21/2001

I would like to thank each and every person that has anything to do with this site. My Mother was from Typo, I now nothing at all about the area. I did go there once when I was about 3-4 years old. I have been desperatly trying to find out a little about my heritage, and this site has been very helpful. My mother is Betty Jo Baker, her father owned Crusoe's store in typo. Again, thank you all...Regards Terry Stull

Terry Stull From Chicago

Sabrina 11 14:34:38 4/20/2001

Love your sight and thanks for signing my guest book... Keep up the good work... and good luck

Sabrina 11 From West midlands

Betty Davidson Hewitt 20:19:14 4/19/2001

Well folks I have spent several houra on this site and I have never had so much fun in my old life. I graduated from MCN in 1957 but there is much more history in my heart about Hazard than I can share. This site gives me a chance to show my children about my past much better than I can tell them. Thank you Web Master and I can feel all the work that has gone into this wonderful project. My step-father was Cyle Davidson. We lived in Bonnyman right across from Dayton Dunn's Store. My email address is

Betty Davidson Hewitt From Gainesville, Florida

ocus dobson 10:43:32 4/19/2001

enjoy the site.I played baseball for Lus Oxley's american legion team in the late forties and had a brief time with the Bombers in 1950. would love to hear from anyone who remembers these great times

ocus dobson From ashland, KY

Barbara Hampton Simpson 10:28:40 4/19/2001

I forgot to mention Gene Kelley - I saw your message and remember you! Also, I see messages from Bobby Danner and I think he is Faye (Hendrickson) Danner's son. Bobby, tell your mom I said hi. We went all through school together. Also, I remember the Flanary boys, the Cody's who lived up on the hill. Does anyone know where Sandra Cornett lives now? Also, I would like to get Edith Davis Stacy's e-mail address again - I had it and then lost it. My e-mail at work is and at home

Barbara Hampton Simpson

Barbara Hampton Simpson 10:12:02 4/19/2001

After looking through several pages of signings, I saw several messages from my classmates at Hazard High School - Hasadore Hall, George Oliver, Martha Hall, Nan Baker. I would love getting messages from people I knew through school. I went to Lothair Grade School and graduated from HHS in 1961. Barbara (Hampton) Simpson

Barbara Hampton Simpson From Middlesboro, Kentucky

wilma feltner mattox 18:38:40 4/18/2001

Im from grapevine daughter of nora miller. miss ky very much. mainly the mountains. this webb sight is great.

wilma feltner mattox From homosassa fl

CandieBar 15:04:16 4/18/2001

this place is cool


Dan Bodenbender 08:15:24 4/18/2001

My birth name was David Arnold lloyd born to the former Flora Mae Burkhart of Lothair. I had many brothers and sisters (10) possibly. I was adopted in 1948 and would like to know if any of my relatives are still around. The fathers name was James Lloyd last known address was Tecumseh/Monroe Michigan area.We are all getting up there in years and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank -You My home phone is 423-760-4657 or 423 493-0136.

Dan Bodenbender From Chattanooga,Tennessee

Bob Combs 06:00:01 4/18/2001

I enjoy this site very much. I never lived in Hazard but my dad's family is from here. I have aunts and uncles and more cousins than you can shake a stick at in the Hazard area. I was just down there this week to attend my granny's funeral. Her name is Nettie Combs and died at the tender age of 104! I'll keep checking back, the pictures are a big treat!

Bob Combs From Urbana, Ohio

angie manley 18:15:39 4/17/2001

i love this place. my cousin is a sherrif in perry county.his name is ken thompson. i think he is a sherrif's deputy. not sherriff

angie manley From new carlisle,ohio

Kenneth Riley Combs 17:14:45 4/17/2001

Every two years, we go to Bradleyville, Mo. for a Combs family reunion. We will go this year at the end of June. In 1988, we visited Hazard and Combs and Happy, Ky. and heard of a Combs reunion every 4th of July at Buckhorn Lake. Do you still have them and do we need a reservation to attend? Please e-mail me at if you have the information I need. Thanks P.S. My grandpa Enoch Combs was born in Red Fox, Ky. and I have several aunts and uncles born in Kentucky, also.

Kenneth Riley Combs From Redding, California

angie morgan manley 21:08:54 4/16/2001

my parents were from perry co. i love it .my mother is buried in yerkes, so i go every year on memorial day to visit.

angie morgan manley From ohio

Betty Davidson Hewitt 05:54:11 4/16/2001

I an so pleased to see this web site. I was born in Hazard in 1938 at the Hurst & Snyder Hospital.

Betty Davidson Hewitt From Gainesville, Florida

Clara Davidson Nordstedt 05:24:39 4/16/2001

A relative told me about this web site today. It really brings back a lot of memories. Great job!

Clara Davidson Nordstedt From Gainesville, Florida

Sandy Stacy Bellomy 19:53:48 4/15/2001

Really nice site!!

Sandy Stacy Bellomy From S.E.Tn.

Roger D. Banks 07:02:34 4/15/2001

Happy Easter to all and we can face tomorrow because he lives.What a wonderful day to celebrate the resurrection on "Christ".Hope all are enjoying this time of the year and I am sure the mountains are in full bloom.

Roger D. Banks From Muhlenberg County

Betty Jane Begley Coots 13:11:13 4/14/2001

Just wanted to wish all my family andfriends in Hazard,Buckhorn and all ofPerry County and especially the WebMaster, "HAPPY EASTER!"

Betty Jane Begley Coots From Marietta,Ga.30066

Kimberly Fugate 11:25:36 4/14/2001

Ilove hazard ky. was raised in breathitt co. but still love hazard last time i was down 2 years ago coming down soon to see y'all

Kimberly Fugate From michigan

Tanya Wonnell 16:50:05 4/12/2001

My mother is from Hazard, KY. Her name was Rayma Sue Hall. I remember making a visit every year to Hazard for our family reunion. This web page was great!

Tanya Wonnell From Tecumseh, MI

Glen Brashear 20:51:20 4/11/2001

Hello Hazard! Help, I've been stuck outside Dallas Texas for 23 years and I can't get out. I would like an email from anyone who knew my grandmother and frandfather, they were Herman and Ida Brashear. Her maiden name was McIntyre. I would also like to talk to anyone who knew my great-grandfather, Harm Brashear. My last memory of Hazard was in 1960 when my father carried me across a swinging bridge to get to my great-grandmother's house. We then had to walk a railroad track to get around the mountain and up to her house. Any comments welcome!

Glen Brashear From Allen, Texas

Tommy Crawford jr. 15:57:37 4/11/2001

I was born in Hazard but grew up in Chicago. I remember the times my dad use to take me to the Royal Bar when we were on vacation, they had the best hot dogs in the world. As I look through this website it brings back memories I didnt know I could remember. To the small town of Hazard, we still love you.

Tommy Crawford jr. From Versailles, Indiana

Linda Weiss Brodie 07:46:03 4/11/2001

Hello, Hazard. What a treat! Does anyone remember Majors' Dept. store from the 1950's? Our dad was manager - Carl Weiss. He died in 1956 and we all moved away in 1957. Would love to hear from anyone. Hello to the Petreys. I have some old photos too that I'll send. Some Hal Cooner took.

Linda Weiss Brodie From Eugene, Or

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