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someone 07:58:07 3/09/2001

I'm studying coal history, and this website has been very resourceful.James Madison Middle School, Madisonville,KY

someone From i don't know
none ya

carol 06:41:12 3/09/2001

love looking at the hazard pages graduated in 1981 from dilce combs high school I see a lot of people i graduated with now would like to hear from some i don't see anymore.

carol From viper

ROBERT WILLIAMS 21:42:28 3/08/2001

I was borned and raised in Hardburly,I attended school there from 1939 to 1947. I shall always remember Hardburly and Perry county. ANY BODY OUT FROM THAT TIME PERIOD THANKS, Have a good day.

ROBERT WILLIAMS From Somerset, Kentucky

harlan turner 19:19:17 3/08/2001

hi i really enjoy your web site it is great i have got in touch with two of my cousins that i had no idea where they were at . still have not heared from any of my school friends from combs high school .i attended there in the 40's left there in 48. but i am still waiting .i am sure some one remembers me . for i was no little angel had lots of fun with estill king jr. and j.m. ellington. and a lot of other friends thank you harlan

harlan turner From middletown ohio 45044

Pam Durbin Melton 18:19:46 3/08/2001

Hi everyone. I loved visiting the web page of my hometown. I would love to hear from old friends. I haven't seen some friends I went to school with at Roy G. Eversole in years: If anyone knows where Cheryl Combs might be, please e-mail me. She may have a different last name now, but she is the daughter of Marcus and Wanda Combs. Thanks. If there is anyone else there that can remember me, please e-mail me. It's been a long time.

Pam Durbin Melton From Corbin, KY

harlan turner 19:11:32 3/07/2001

hi i lived in combs ky went to school at combs school on the hill , i remember sherman cody , henry robinson. verlie turner . oakley combs . anne combs. as some of my fine teachers . i left school in 1948 and went to the service and never returned to combs to live . i lived many years in the house right at the end of the railroad bridge . i have always missed hearing the old steam engines switching the loaded rail cars from the tipple between our house and the tunnel. my brothers name is joe. him and i would love to hear from anyone that remembers us if you knew us please e-mail me thank you harlan turner

harlan turner From middletown oh.

Alleen Fowler 09:05:32 3/07/2001

I think it is great that Hazard has this for me and my family to see. I love looking at the old pictures. Needed to find out the old hospital name that was beside the court house. My husband was born there.

Alleen Fowler From Cutshin, Kentucky

Linda Leach 05:29:15 3/07/2001

I use to know a Gary Combs fron Foursean.Ky who had a sister by the name of Brenda. Are you the same Gary Combs?

Linda Leach From Orlando Fl

Gary Combs 21:51:08 3/06/2001

Just thinking of home

Gary Combs From Florence ky.

April Hagans 21:39:17 3/06/2001

Hello to all the people who used to be located or still is located in hazard. If anyone has any basketball pictures from when Calvin Hagans,Gregory Witson,"Happy"Mobelini and anyone else that played in that time period please post them on the site or email them to me

April Hagans From Hazard,ky

Shirley A. Clark Graham 16:16:16 3/06/2001

Each time I visit this special site it's just keeps getting better.While reading the Guest Book realized there is a need for CLASSMATES to get in touch with each other. For those of you who are interested go to: www.classmates.comI personally have found several of my classmates from the LEATHERWOOD HIGH graduating class of 1958. It is free just need to register. Good luck & enjoy.Shirl. in Fl.

Shirley A. Clark Graham From Fl.

Molly (Shepherd) Vanover 14:48:19 3/06/2001

I was born in Hazard Ky lived around hazard and hindman moved away as child. my father was kilce shepherd, and my mother wa nancy ritchie shepherd. if anyone knows anything about them and their familys would love to hear from you.

Molly (Shepherd) Vanover From Mc Arthur Ohio

tony shuty 11:52:13 3/06/2001

The cristmas party im talking about bellow was when the miners were on strike

tony shuty From negaunee mich
tonchka@web tv

tony shuty 11:36:55 3/06/2001

like the site ,my father came to america in 1911 and worek there till he was killed in #4 kearsarge mine copper mine in 1953 age 62 i worked in the copper mines from 56 tothere close in 68 then went to work in mather b shaft in Negaunee iron mine in69 to79 till its close then went surface mining till i retired in 99 MY father was on his way to the miners union chistmas party for kids in 1913 it was in the italian hall in Calumet Michigan upstairs hall the door at the enteranceopened inward someone bielieved it was a company man shouted fire from the doorway at the bottom of the stairs the people rushed down the stairs and could not open the door because it opened inward ,76people smothered on the steps mostly children becuse of this state law was made that doors had to open outward,they never found out who shouted fire .The mines here went thru hell here like your people did .I loved the song kentucky sung by ROY Orbison when i die brry me in kentucky wish I new whee i could by it.I salute all the miners luck to all.

tony shuty From negaunee michigan
tonchka @ web tv

tammy from chicago 09:19:42 3/06/2001

hey everyone, hazard is a great little town. ilived there for 1 yr. one great year.

tammy from chicago

Barbara Sturgill 03:08:58 3/06/2001

Great web site. I was born and raised in Harlan Co.

Barbara Sturgill From Tn

Byron Owens 02:02:53 3/06/2001

Well lets see, hey I think Hazard is a great place and have lived in its neighboring county all of my life. I think Hazard should expand a little and let more business come in to the community. I work in Hazard and will remain as long as i can.

Byron Owens From knott co.

Dillo Whitaker 19:30:51 3/05/2001

I was born on grapevine&raised on First Creek.My dad was Sam Whitaker.He worked for Blue Diamond Coal Co.I went to school at Blue Diamond grade school&First Creek High SchoolI love the Hazard history&looking at the way things were in the old days.

Dillo Whitaker From Griffin,Ga.

Patricia B 20:19:01 3/04/2001

I would like to tell you all how much I enjoy your Hazzard CCounty site. I have read all your letters of all the different topics. I find them very interesting reading and I think its wonderful that you are recording your history and stories, sometimes we get too busy to remember the importance of passing on the stories and the history. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate reading it.

Patricia B From Ontario Canada

Gerty Ammerman 17:14:02 3/04/2001

I am the daughter of Daisy Cornett Smith and Dan Smith, granddaughter of Will B. Cornett,an early seriff of Perry Co., neice of one time mayor, Doug Combs. Dan and Daisy were residents of Perry Co. before moving to Indiana. Dan is now 90 years old and Daisy is 86. If anyone remembers them, please contact me and I will forward messages to them. Thanks

Gerty Ammerman From Sunman, In.

judy earls 12:31:47 3/04/2001

i thought it was very interesting, and someday hope to come there!

judy earls From manchester tn

Dr. C. Vernon Cooper, Jr 11:38:34 3/04/2001

A great town to live in. I was born here, raised here and enjoy life in Hazard.

Dr. C. Vernon Cooper, Jr From Hazard, Kentucky

Linda (Turner) McSherry-Young 06:22:52 3/04/2001

I've reviewed the Hazard Guest Book from beginning to end and don't find a lot of people from Leatherwood who have signed in. Where are you? I'm new to the web but intend to keep checking the site for the purpose of locating old neighbors and friends. Anyone out there interested in the Leatherwood Reunion (held each year) may want to get in touch with me in early September for details of the 2001 get together.

Linda (Turner) McSherry-Young From Dayton, OH

Jessika Dee 05:34:51 3/04/2001

This is really so much better than the last time I was on here. I rerally like this sight now. Thanks

Jessika Dee From Cornettsville

Doc Worthington 00:12:53 3/04/2001

Looking for Patricia Lou Barger, formerly of Buckhorn, important that she be located.

Doc Worthington From Alabama

John Dayton and Bobby Wombles 13:33:41 3/03/2001

Bobby was born above Stiles Jewelry Store on Main St., 1940...visiting in California where John and I discovered the site. Wo

John Dayton and Bobby Wombles From Shadow Hills, Ca. 91040

donna combs 12:55:32 3/03/2001

johnnystrong you do not know me but I know your sister muzzy and brother bo you proably remember my older sister Dianne she cheered with muzzy at dilce. I cheered when Bo played at D.C. Muzzy comes to the reunions every year enjoy seeing her every year she brought Bo last year I had not seen him in 20 years.I think you e-mail my couisin frances himes{MIDGE}MY EX PLAYED BALL WITH BO AT D.C.IN THE 60'S TELL MUZZY AND JACK HELLO SHE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT

donna combs From vicco

jamie thompson 08:39:16 3/03/2001

i lived in combs ky in1946. my son and daughter wre both born in hazard . one in the year of1946 and 1947imy husband worked at sunfire coal co in combs i was excited to find all this on the net

jamie thompson From dayton ohio

Lynda Combs Gipson 05:54:29 3/03/2001

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW:(Again we are NOT making a profit! And, we have found alot of errors made in the other transcription and have corrected them to the VERY best of our abilty! We three feel this is as true transcription as your going to get!)Hurray!!!Lynda1920 Perry Co. Ky. Census Vol#1 and Vol#2 is now ready for sale.Vol#1 has 569 pages and Vol#2 has 611 pages for a total of 1180 pages.Lynda Combs Gipson, Jimmie CrashedOne Combs and Norma Combs Tyree started the transcription 18 Nov 1999 and completed it 28 Feb 2001. As you may have guessed from the names we are all from Kentucky. All three of us have been into family Genealogy for quite sometime and we feel that we have a very good knowledge of the families of Perry Co. It took untold number of hours to do the census, not to mention the money the three of us spent. But we had a lot of fun doing it. We feel it is a very comprehensive and as complete and true to what the enumerators put into the original census as possible.Theres a total of 21 precincts with each precinct in a HouseHold listing and an all person Alphabetical index at the end of each precinct with cross reference for the years 1910, 1900 and 1880 Perry where the heads of household could be identified.We are sorry that we can not offer the volumes any cheaper but as you know there is no market for this sort of publication and I have to work with a company that has good copying prices but still dosnít come close to a book publishers prices.If your interested each volume is $48.00 each and a very special price for both volums is $90, price includes shiping and handling.Contact or send payment to (please specify exactly what you want and include a phone nr. so if I need to call you back I can).Jimmie CrashedOne Combs180 Circle Dr.Bridge City, Tx. 77611409 735 9530e-mail:

Lynda Combs Gipson From Kentucky

Peg Legg 02:17:48 3/03/2001

nice place, hazard,,,good people

Peg Legg From earth

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