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avis morgan 08:28:52 2/22/2001

hello all,my family was from hazard and hyden .grandparents are myrtle morgan/asher and lawerence asher..greatgrand parents...Lee and Nancy Morgan...any one with information of these familys please respond

avis morgan From dayton, ohio

matt 13:07:56 2/21/2001

great site keep up the good work.

matt From busy ky

janice keys 08:16:37 2/21/2001

just had lunch with my dad,Lus Oxley,and told him about this web site.He said that he would love to hear from anyone in and around Hazard who remembers him. you can drop him a line at 7201 Dogwood Lane Middletown MD 21769 thanks he will love it.

janice keys From rockville md

James Hayes Stidham 17:31:06 2/20/2001

Hi, I was just doing a little research into my family background. My dad, Hayes Stidham is from the Hazard area. Kodak is listed as his official birthplace. We visited once a year when I was small until my grandmother, Hattie Thomas Stidham passed away. His father was Jasper "Jaz" Stidham. He had a number of brothers and sisters, Georgia, Joyce, Jessie, Elmo, Lillie, Albeo, Jasper, Richard Singleton, and Charles that I can find. I had a number of cousins that I played with as a child too. They included children of Albeo and Nellie Sue (Fields) Stidham:James Hayes, Elaine, David, Daniel, and Homer. I would greatly appreciate any information that I could get on any of these relatives. We have fond memories of our summer visits to eastern Kentucky and plan to visit in the near future. We'd like to look them up! Thanks!

James Hayes Stidham From Radcliff, Kentucky

Eva Cornett 14:03:47 2/20/2001

"Hello" to everyone in Hazard. I grew up in Lothair and my husband grew up in Fourseam. I moved away in 1966. Still miss the mountains. This site is great!

Eva Cornett From Indpls., Indiana

Julia C. Radom (Hill) 08:17:14 2/20/2001

How nice to be able to visit my hometown anytime I wish!

Julia C. Radom (Hill) From Chicago, Illinois

TERESA HOOKER 07:17:51 2/20/2001



Maxine Roberts 22:34:16 2/19/2001

Hazard, a great place to be from.Gaduated from M.C.Napier High in 1953.

Maxine Roberts
Maxibelle 2001@ yahoo,com

Maxine Roberts 22:32:03 2/19/2001

Hazard, a great place to be from.Gaduated from M.C.Napier High in 1953.

Maxine Roberts
Maxibelle 2001@ yahoo,com

ZORA GRINDSTAFF 19:56:20 2/19/2001

This is a real nice site. I don't know a lot of names on here but it's nice reading about home.I was born on the right hand fork of Mases creek in 1953 to Julis and Ruby (Williams)Grindstaff. We departed in 1963 and moved to Tremont, about 6 miles south of Harlan. From there to near Lexington to Flint Michigan> In 1974 I joined the army and traveled around the world for 20 yeras. Again a real nice site. Zora


Michael E Couch 11:45:05 2/19/2001

Would love to meet some of my kin folkdown there in Hazard.My grandpa was a coal miner in the 30s-40s his name was Henry Couch. last time I was in Hazard was in 1980 and i never got to meet manyrelatives on my dads side. So if that name sounds familiar give me an e-mailat

Michael E Couch From Ann Arbor, Mi.

Virgil Combs 05:01:30 2/19/2001

My Grandfathers name was (James Combs)and my fathers name (John C Combs). Both came to Fla. in the 1920's from Hazzard, Kentucky to live in Mount Dora, Fl. I have a son named John Carlton Combs who lives in Orlando,Fl.and a Daughter named Valerie Jones who lives in Telford, Pa. My Daughter would like to start a family tree and if there is anyone out there that can help, please send a message to my E-Mail above.

Virgil Combs From Casselberry, Fl. 32707

ED HENSLEY 19:15:03 2/18/2001

I would like to hear from anybody from Squabble Creek, Longs Creek, or around Buckhorn.

ED HENSLEY From Kokomo Indiana
jean111541@aol .com

Roger Williams 17:50:41 2/18/2001

Thanks for a wonderful website.I am from Leatherwood and went to Dilce Combs High School in the late 70's. This site is a great joy to me. If anyone went there around that time please contact me.

Roger Williams From Wabash, Indiana

Mirya Glover 15:38:51 2/18/2001

Is there any way I could get a list of the people buried in the HURT Family Cemetery that is either on Lower Second Creek Road or Upper Second Creek Road. I have so many family members that are buried there and no one has been able to get a list of people there. Is there somewhere I could write to for that or the person in charge of the cemetery or owns the land. Please help!!!!!

Mirya Glover From Cincinnati, Ohio

Mirya Glover 15:35:58 2/18/2001

I am the Daughter of Sharon HURT. Here is how I relate to Hazard HURTs1)William HURT and Lucy ? 2)Andrew Jackson HURT and Eliza COMBS 3)Henry Carlow HURT and Sally Ann JENT Children of these two are: 4)Zola Hurt 4)Andrew Jackson "Jackie" Hurt 4)Johnny Hurt+Betsy Russell 4)Maude Hurt d: Abt. 1997 in Hazard Nursing Home in Perry County, Kentucky 4)Reuben Hurt d: 1988 in Perry County, Kentucky 4)Thelma Hurt 4)Thomas Hiram Hurt b: Unknown in Hazard, KENTUCKY IN PERRY CO.+Ernestine Morgan 5)Sharon HURT + Charles GLOVER 6)Mirya Glover (me)Almost all of my family is from Hazard and I have always wanted to visit there but have neither the time nor the money to do so. I would love to correspond with anyone that is a descendant of this HURT line.

Mirya Glover From Cincinnati, Ohio

Randy Fugate 14:26:09 2/18/2001

It is nice to know Hazard is keeping up with all of today's technology..nice site webmaster..lots of memories from older years, although I would like to see some pics from the early 80s when Hazard and HCC was my stomping ground. Anyone reading this that may remember me from whereever/whenever, feel free to drop me a mail and I will definitely get back with you.Randy FugateMSgt, USAF

Randy Fugate From Randolph AFB, TX

virginia Crowe 22:03:45 2/17/2001

I'm not from Hazard, but this has to be the nicest place on the internet.Enjoyed the visit.

virginia Crowe From Winchester KY

Julie Decker 18:22:24 2/17/2001

My father was born there. His name is Silas Junior Shepherd. His parents was Sie and Judy Napier Shepherd of Leatherwood. They are both past away. My name is Julie Diana Shepherd Decker. I am married and have two children. I have more family that lives there. I have been researching my family history. I would like to know more about my family. I need information on the Shepherds and Napiers. Does anybody have any information they can share with me? Please let me know.

Julie Decker From Hartford, Kentucky

Peggy Patrick Moseley "PAT" 17:18:06 2/17/2001

I was born in Knott Co. I attended high school at Hindman Settlement schoolin 1954-55 and M>C> Napier in 1957. I still have a lot of relatives in Knott and Perry counties. I have lived in Ga, for 40 years. I would love to hear from friends and relatives or anyone who remembers me. "Thanks" Pat moseley

Peggy Patrick Moseley "PAT" From Lyons, ga.

Michelle Steele 15:35:28 2/17/2001

I am looking for my relatives who live in falmouth KY. My Father name was Warren Steele and his father name was Corbet Steele. I remember visiting my fathers Uncles farm there when I was very young. His name was Garnet Steele his wife was Beula and his sister Bessie was living at the farm also. I have seen a picture of my Great Grandfathers log cabin which is apparently now in a park in Falmouth and the cabin is the rangers station. If any one has any information about anyone related to me I would appreciate any news. I am 47 years old.

Michelle Steele From Clinton Twp. Michigan

Daniel Grahame Hingley 10:04:48 2/17/2001

I am enjoying the various sites of Perry County Indiana. My Great Relatives the Kitterman family once resided in the area. Since the internet and easy access to www information I am hoping that some of these Kitterman people still reside within Perry County. If they do it would be great to hear from them. my email address is above. Thanks Dan.

Daniel Grahame Hingley From British Columbia Canada

Faith Berry 05:48:52 2/17/2001

Love this site. My grandmother,Sue Godsey Combs,was a sister of Dr.M.E.Combs. I would like to hear from anyone with any photos,news from papers or anything with their names on it. I can't find where she went to school,nursing training,etc. If you have located any info about her or our family, please e-mail me....Thanks

Faith Berry From Louisville, Ky.

krista olinger 20:47:24 2/16/2001

hey wassup hazard, well i'just thought i would drop a line to say whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp , and hazard lady bulldogs rule!!!!!

krista olinger From

IdaLee hansel 18:23:31 2/16/2001

Emmanuel Salley - did you live on Liberty St. at one time and we knew you only as Manuel. If you would like to email me I would love to talk with you. Ida Lee Stacy (Hansel)

IdaLee hansel From Spartanburg SC

Billy Bob Thorton 18:03:08 2/16/2001

Umm yes my name is Billy Bob Thorton i was aroud during the 57 flood yes my house got washed away boy that was back in the day when me and my folks lived with me grandpapy washed his tater garden out i recon

Billy Bob Thorton From Hazard

EMMANUEL SALLEY 17:56:09 2/16/2001



Leonard McDaniel 08:18:42 2/16/2001

My Grandparents lived in hazard during the flood.My grandfather also worked in the coal mines.I would love to hear from any one who new my family.their names were Monroe and Laura McDanieltheir children were Leonard Sr,Marcus,Oscar,Loreen,Dorothy,Onita,and James.

Leonard McDaniel From Lynchburg,Ohio

Donna Jupin 22:54:08 2/15/2001

I am not from Hazard,Kentucky.Nor have I visited there either.I plan to make a visit there in early June 2001.To meet my husband's kin folk.They are the descendants of Robert Bush & Margaret Campbell.And I believe my husband's(Timothy Jupin) Uncle owns Bush's Garage in Hazard.If you could tell them we are planning a trip out there in June with Timothy mother Nancy,so be watching for us.I also want to thank you for this web site.

Donna Jupin From Norman, Oklahoma

Roger D. Banks 15:30:24 2/15/2001

Haven't signed in lately and thought I would let all my schoolmates and old friends know that I am still visiting the web site daily.Please feel free to e-mail me if you still remember me.My e-mail address is

Roger D. Banks From Muhlenberg County

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