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JENNYLEE 20:51:46 1/15/2001



david tolson 19:57:40 1/15/2001

i really loved the site , i grew up there from 1960 -1974 went to roy g eversole, and started at hhs before moving to louisville, went to school as david spencer

david tolson From lou. ky

Michael Barnes 10:50:07 1/15/2001

I have been a fan of WSGS for many years and I can depend on this fine radio station for all the latest news weather and sports. I'm 23 years old and I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FINE NO BETTER COUNTRY STATION THEN THIS ONE ONE. I LOVE WSGS, MICHAEL BARNES

Michael Barnes From Busy, KY Perry County

Vernessa Osborne 16:01:12 1/14/2001

My husbands family is from Hazard Ky. We are trying to find out wht happened to some of his family members Malvie Osborne.Joe Campbell he had 3 daughters Viola,Gladys,Dale Dale suppossly lives in Hazard still. His father lied and said that his mother Gladys had passed away and he gave the mine co. to Malvie we are trying to find out any information if you know anything let us

Vernessa Osborne From Peoria Illinois

Walter Robert Crain Couch 15:26:05 1/14/2001

I was born in Hazard, my family moved from fourseam in 1953-54. Visited my Grandad Couch up Fourseam way. Still have family living up in the mountains from fourseam. Place has really changed, not much there anymore. If anyone has any information on the Lumpkins' please e-mail me. Walt

Walter Robert Crain Couch From Wabash Indiana

dexter j slone 19:21:18 1/13/2001

i was born in walkers branch 1937 my fathers name was bert slone my moms name was delia her madin name was napier any one knowing them would sure like to hear from you some of my relatives names roscoe walker jasper slone he was pastor in wabbaco across the train bridge on the hill he is my fathers brother god bless for now

dexter j slone From rolling meadows ill
kentucky guy

Nate Groover 01:31:16 1/12/2001

My great grandfather was Bailey P Wooten. He was Attorney General of KY from Hazzard. My grandmother used to own the drug store with the lawyers office on the second floor. I always loved my trips to Hazzard with my family. This is a great way to get back there.

Nate Groover From Altus AFB OK

Karla J. 20:04:18 1/11/2001

I love this chat room. Ienjoy chatting to my friends and my boyfriend when im longdistance and cant use the phone. This website really comes in handy to also meet new people!

Karla J. From Knott county

Linda Bailey Dunn 18:11:59 1/11/2001

Thank you! I usually visit this site everyday and I always find it to be new and interesting!

Linda Bailey Dunn

sarah combs 09:47:48 1/11/2001

hello i just thought i would drop a few lines since there is nothing else to do but if they are any one who wants to talk email me and i will get back to you

sarah combs From lotts creek

Delana 20:50:23 1/10/2001

I am looking for my biological father. His name is Leon Colwell. Iwas born in Kentucky but didn't live there long. I was adopted and I do know that Leon is a minister.Idont know what church he is in but if any one knows him please contact me. There are medical things I need to know for my self. Thanks so much.

Delana From Vermont

Alan Hazard 01:05:39 1/10/2001

Very interesting site. Well done! I would have liked to have found a map of Kentucky,& USA, which would give me a better understanding of Hazard's location.Regards.

Alan Hazard From New South Wales, Australia

Mary Lillian Combs Livesay 21:30:19 1/09/2001

dad and mom both were from perry co. Ballard Combs and Mar Jane Jones any know of they e-mail me please

Mary Lillian Combs Livesay From Bean Station TN

Rose Anna Williams 16:13:00 1/09/2001

This is a great page. whomever is responsible for this page you are doing a great job.If anyone wants to email me. I am from Leslie County.{Confluence,Ky}I was born and raised in Leslie County.

Rose Anna Williams From Viper,ky.

Kathriona Langan 14:59:29 1/09/2001

This goes out to all of my B-5 buddies that check this. Hopefully I will talk to yall soon. Love Kat

Kathriona Langan From WCSU

Lisa (Stacy) Zornes 12:27:47 1/09/2001

I just found the Hazard website and I was so happy about it. I am from Hazard. I was born in Mount Mary Hospital, which burned many years ago. If anyone has any pictures of the hospital, please contact me at my e-mail address. Both my parents are from Hazard and their parents as well. I was a Stacy before I married. Thanks for a great website!

Lisa (Stacy) Zornes From Lewis County, Kentucky

Brian Gaze 10:16:32 1/09/2001

Hello to all of you out there, wherever you may be! I was an Americorps NCCC volunteer in Hazard for two months last winter and loved it. My team worked on the abandoned building that I believe is now apartments and known as Jarnigan Place, across the street from frances's in Airport Gardens. If anyone remembers us, please drop me a line. PS- anyone who may know Scott McReynolds or Matt Pratt give them a hello from me (or better yet, give them my email) thanks...

Brian Gaze From San Diego, CA

Joey Morris 18:11:47 1/08/2001

I really like your site it gas a lot of great pictures and information about the town and county.

Joey Morris From Perry County, Kentucky

dexter j slone 17:32:49 1/08/2001

i was born in hazard ky 1937 at walkersbranch fathers name was bert slone my moms maiden name was delia napier her maiden name was bell napier

dexter j slone From rolling meadows il
kentucky guy @msn com

martha barker 16:13:57 1/08/2001


martha barker From commiskey in 47227

Susan Moore Ashley 07:38:54 1/08/2001

I love this site.. Would love to hear from my old friends from Walkertown....

Susan Moore Ashley From Knott County

wanda faye neace 21:06:32 1/07/2001

I visit the guest book page ever few days to see what you people write.very interesting

wanda faye neace From perry county

Virginia (Baker) Elam 15:41:30 1/07/2001

I graduated from Hazard High School in 1953. Lived in Hazard all my life until 1956 when I marrried Donald Ray Elam who also graduated from Hazard High School a couple of years before I did. We then moved to Louisville, Ky

Virginia (Baker) Elam From Lexington KY

dorlis eldridge tooker 11:33:45 1/07/2001

i am a former resident of perry county, used to live in combs, my dad, henry eldridge, moved his family to michigan 2 days before the 1963 flood. seeing the pictures of the flood has brought back many memories.

dorlis eldridge tooker From nicholson, ga. 30565

Fred Hensley 20:20:47 1/06/2001

Leila Gross Engle---Do you have a sisternamed Betty Jo Gross Miller?

Fred Hensley From Fort Worth, Texas

Leila Gross Engle 19:45:35 1/06/2001

Just a note to tell everyone "hello".Hazard is the only place to live!

Leila Gross Engle From Hazard- Engle Funeral Home

Michelle Risner-Hamilton 21:19:51 1/05/2001

Hello to everyone! I come from a long line of Kentuckians! My father was born in Breathitt County and a lot of my family (Risner's) live in Salyerville and Mt. Sterling(My Mamaw and Papaw's names are Earsie (Montgomery) and Cisco Risner) and my mother was born in Hazard County and lived in Kitts. Her Daddy was a coal miner and they lived in a mining camp. Her parents names were Kelly and Effie(Andrews) Price. My Granny owned a restaurant in the hollow they lived in - her name was Edith (Casey) Andrews and I believe the name of the diner was Andrew's Dixie Cafe. My grandpa was Dorsey Price. I believe they left Kentucky for Ohio in approximately 1956. Anyone who knows ANY of the above mentioned family members, PLEASE email me! I would love to hear from you! My husband's family is from Pikeville area, Little Mud, Big Mud, Greasy Creek - my father in law is Lucky Hamilton, but he goes by Clark Hamilton down there. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Michelle Risner-Hamilton From Norwalk, Ohio

Melissa Noyes 20:25:36 1/05/2001

Your setup is very well done.

Melissa Noyes From Hazard, KY

Liz Lucero 19:34:53 1/05/2001

Great place and a great site. I'm looking for Taylor Fletcher. anyone know anything about him let me know.

Liz Lucero From New Richmond, Ohio

Melissa Noyes 15:18:08 1/05/2001

Very good work with your setup

Melissa Noyes From Hazard

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