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barbkleiva 13:10:11 1/05/2001

does anyone know who i can call to find a book that my great uncle wrote, who was the chief of police for hazard Kentucky in the 1940's. his name is Joe Walker. any information would be greatly appreciated.

barbkleiva From chicago,il

Sara Noble 11:44:23 1/05/2001

I have family in Hazard and I am also related to several Combs'. If you would like a copy, I have my family history. it may be helpful to you. just e-mail me and let me know.

Sara Noble

THE FARLERS J.D. ,BETTY,JAMES JAMIE 11:35:06 1/05/2001

I am a 1979 Graud.Buckhorn h.s.


Anjanette (Smith) Prewitt 22:31:50 1/04/2001

Hey old friends! We're trying to plan the DCHS 10 year reunion for the class of 1991. Drop me a line and let me know where you are! If you didn't graduate with me, drop me a note anyway! I love chatting with old friends. :-)

Anjanette (Smith) Prewitt From London, Kentucky

Scott Carter 09:14:29 1/04/2001

What a great site! I have especially enjoyed the photo archive. I am trying to do some research on my family as well. Though I am not aware of any relatives in Hazard, I am trying to research areas in Lincoln County. My great great grandfather established Halls Gap and I am looking for a site like this one where I might find a photo archive of that area. Once again thank you, I have really enjoyed your site. Well done Hazard!

Scott Carter From Louisville, Ky

Chris Williams 05:49:25 1/04/2001

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew the address and phone number to the Perry County Speedway. I would appreciate any information sent to my email address,, thanks, have a great New Year!!!

Chris Williams From Knott County

barbkleiva 13:04:02 1/03/2001

My dad grewup in hazard kentucky many years ago. Even though my grandfather didn't have much (only a shotgun house) he was always a gracious man. Thanks for a wonderful site (I know my father appreciates it)..


Andrew Feltner 09:47:05 1/03/2001

I was just wondering if anyone remembers my Grandfather WG,or Wallas Gene Feltner from Hazard KY. Any help would be appriciated!

Andrew Feltner From Crawfordsville IN

tracy 19:53:46 1/02/2001

Hey to everyone. I have lived in Perry Co. most of my life and I love it. Happy holidays to all my friends. And to everyone who went to Dilce Combs.

tracy From george's branch

Debby Davidson Zdan 18:15:10 1/02/2001

Living in Hazard and going to H.H.S. were some of the best memories of my life. Any other old folks who remember those years between 1967-1969???

Debby Davidson Zdan From Virginia

Martha Hall Quigley 17:25:10 1/02/2001

Best wishes to Hazard and Perry County natives all over the world from the Bobby Davis Museum and Park, used to be Hazard Perry County Museum. Love to have you stop by when in town. See our most recent book in the classifieds and as headliner in the web site.

Martha Hall Quigley From Hazard

robert cornett 07:54:04 1/01/2001

happy new year trish thanks for highway songs and waiting out the cold snap ya keep me heart poundin like a little drum i can't wait for spring to spin my wheels on a good dirt road did allison moorer record alabama song? thought i saw it on cmt once she's got a fine sound goin i believe send down an angel really is cool don't ya think? i was busy pumping gasoline the first time ya played think it over and i missed it will ya send it out my way again sometime? please gotta go gotta go to lawrenceburg tennessee tomorrow bye see ya on the radio!

robert cornett From dwarf

BOBBY MILLS 07:37:19 1/01/2001



betty s. reynolds, hatcher 23:30:16 12/31/2000

born july 1st. 1943, masons creek viperdaughter of benton& katie reynoldsi really enjoyed this web site. i found a lot of names that i remembered from mychildhood days.

betty s. reynolds, hatcher From warsaw in.

Charlene Combs 21:27:45 12/31/2000

HAPPY NEW YEAR Hazard and Perry County.Joe, Betty, John, Jeff, Heather, Emma, CountryBob, and John Wayne Stewart: THE BEST OF THE NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

Charlene Combs From Texas

lauren noble 20:31:07 12/31/2000

like i think harzed is a preaty cool place and that the people are nice to ( and my grandmother lives there)i love to vist her on the weekends and that is where i stay on the weekend. thank you very much

lauren noble From knott county

MICHAEL JENT 18:41:43 12/31/2000



HEATHER WILLIAMS 18:38:08 12/31/2000



KAYLA HAMMONDS 18:23:01 12/31/2000



Tommy Deaton 11:54:47 12/31/2000

What do most people do in Perry County for a living? Would it be selling pot, or has a new drug maid it that way? I know when I lived there little kids talked about their pot patches. Do you know most coal miners don't have anything to show for all the hard work they have done. What can we do to make Perry County a better place to live? I know one thing people need to get more involved with what going on. Don't make it easy for the Lawyers'to take the money. People don't fall behind I take great pride in growing up in Hazard, Kentucky. I think Hazard should be recognized for all the coal and hard work from the men, that supplied 70% or the world with coal. Now look at Texas it's big because of oil. The money from the coal isn't going to Hazard where is it going? Someone please reply let me know what's really going on.

Tommy Deaton From Tacoma, Washington

Chasity Michelle Caudill 22:41:25 12/30/2000

Yo I just wanted to send out a hello to all my peeps of kentucky; Frances, Kesha, my friends at alternative (not including tj drey and steven). And to a very special person in my life *Franklin* I love him very much with all my heart....

Chasity Michelle Caudill From Viper/Hazard Kentucky

Evelyn (Hurt) Bolton 19:42:50 12/30/2000

Wanted to make sure that I gave the correct e-mail address. Getting in touch with Sue is very Thanks

Evelyn (Hurt) Bolton From Erlanger, Kentucky

Evelyn (Hurt) Bolton 19:28:26 12/30/2000

This Web Site is great !!! I was born and raised in Hazard, I lived in Bonnyman,Blue Diamond Typo and many other places. My Parents are Everett & Loraine Hurt. I would like to ask your help I have a wrong to make right, but in order to do that I need to know how to get in touch with an old classmate.We attended Blue Diamond school togetherin between the years 1962 to 1966. Her name is SUE GAYHART she lived in Blue Diamond had a sister named Gloria Faye. I would so appreciate any help in making amends. Thank you Evelyn(Hurt) Bolton

Evelyn (Hurt) Bolton From Erlanger,Kentucky

Jessica 14:37:55 12/30/2000

It's been months since I've visited this site.Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone.

Jessica From Lexington,Ky

Vera Feltner Hudson 13:19:26 12/30/2000

Just wanted to wish everyone in and around Hazard a very happy New Year. I really love this site. Thanks

Vera Feltner Hudson From Texas

Faye Barker 17:27:06 12/29/2000

I just wanted to wish all my relatives and friends A very Happy New Year. I was born and raised in Hazard many years ago.I do miss the hills and all the people in Kentucky.

Faye Barker From Florida

Shirley Riddle Stacy 13:52:39 12/29/2000

Just signing on today to say Happy New Year to all the relatives and friends that are living in the area of Hazard. Hope the next twelve months will be great for all.

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Phoenix Az

ryan 22:12:21 12/28/2000

kentucky is where i live all my life. I plan to live here tha rest of it to. I think it is the best place to live and have peace

ryan From kentucky

Yancey Bowling 17:37:29 12/28/2000

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all...My web page...

Yancey Bowling From Combs,Ky

Tommy Deaton 20:35:54 12/27/2000

Well if you ask me they could stand for some newer picture in this here web page. I grew up in Hazard and this web page doesn't remind me of home, sorry to say. Well if anybody knows me give me a haller on this here email address. Well everbody I sometimes wish I was there but there's this thing called work that a man sometimes haves to travel to find and the coal is gone with the wind. You people let the lawers take all the money, as much coal as that place had to offer it should be a lot bigger than it is. And the school's well I wont go there.

Tommy Deaton From Tacoma, WA

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