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Anthony Walton 06:19:53 12/04/2000

Hello to all! I love the site. My family tree starts in Buckhorn Ky. with my great,great grandfather(Ivan McIntosh)He was married to paulie Ann. My great grandfather is Clark Gay,and my grandfather is Roy Gay.I am starting a collection of photos for my family tree. If anyone knows or has any informaion of this klan. I would be in your debt. On a personal note My family, and I plan on moving to Ky. Back to my roots sort of speak.If anyone can send info on eastern Ky. Please do @

Anthony Walton From Towanda,Kansas

Chasity Caudill 19:17:41 12/03/2000

Hey!!! I'm chasity, you know the one dating Franklin?!!! Well I just thought that I would sign the guest book for the fun of it!!!!

Chasity Caudill From Viper/Hazard

Charlene Combs 17:29:24 12/03/2000

Happy Birthday Johnny. Love You, Aunt Charlene.

Charlene Combs From Texas

Allison Brashear Ramsey 07:52:49 12/03/2000

I just thought that I would drop a line to say hello to everyone out there. Great site, I enjoy visiting to keep up with my hometown.

Allison Brashear Ramsey From Williamstown, KY

Luke Ritchie 19:26:27 12/02/2000

I don't remember a lot about Hazard, I used to visit my great aunt/uncle Austin and Catherine Ritchie with my grandparents Myles and Lillian Ritchie when I was young. I do remember having some of the best times in my life when I was visiting though. Those were the good ol' days.

Luke Ritchie From Middletown, Ohio

Luke Ritchie 19:21:19 12/02/2000

Very nice site.

Luke Ritchie From Middletown, Ohio

Faye (Barnett) Barker 18:23:10 12/02/2000

I live in Palm Harbor Florida. I was born at Fourseam Coal Co. and lived at Glomawr, Ky. for 5 years before moving to Leatherwood,Ky.I lived there for 5 years. I have lived in Florida 16 years.

Faye (Barnett) Barker From Palm Harbor,Florida

Louise Davis Smith 20:01:52 12/01/2000

I live in Dayton, OH. I miss those mountains - go back every chance I get. Hazard will always be my home if any one can remember me please feel free to e-mail, God bless.

Louise Davis Smith From Fourseam Coal Co

Gary E. Suttles, Sr. 15:27:55 12/01/2000

Age 52, born in Leatherwood, Ky. 28 Feb 48. Attended Livingston Grade School, had a beautiful lst grade teacher, Miss Harper, one kid was 16 A>C> Wells, and was in my class, never will forget that. Came to Ohio, August l962. My Grandmother Nell Suttles, was the Head Cook at the Leatherwood HS, and Mr. Woods, was the Principal. My Dad Charles, better known as Gene Suttles, worked at the mines, and drove Ambulance to Hazard, and other places as needed. My Family was large and pretty well know in Leatherwood. Calvin Suttles, Uncle, now deceased, Jimmy Suttles, Uncle, A. C. Spencer Uncle, Dimples Suttles, Aunt, Emma Jo Suttles, Aunt just to name a few. This is a neat and informative site!!!! Looking for my first love... Name was Phyllis Deaton, father was EARL, she married a Gary CAMPBELL, thought someone said her folks still lived in Hazard area. Was her mother every Postmaster in HAZARD? Posting showed she divorced, remarried and relocated.....ANYONE KNOW OF HER? Address, phone number, email Address...A lot of friend's and classmates moved to JACKSON, and I guess just about any place after the mines shut down....Grandfather was CHARLIE SUTTLES, now deceased....Would like to talk with persons who lived, worked, and went to school in Leatherwood, and who might know me. Thanks for taking time to read this, I know it is rather long, Sorry! Will try to get my hands on some pictures and add to this site in the near future.....Have a nice day! Gary E. Suttles, US Army Retired Presently a US Postal Employee in Springfield, Ohio (City Letter Carrier) Thanks, again ya'all.

Gary E. Suttles, Sr. From Springfield, Ohio

pat 06:11:44 12/01/2000

Hi my name is Pat. I`m 38 and looking for some friends. Just moved back to Hazard. I lived in Letcher Co. for 6 yrs and all my old friends are married or something. If anyone would like to talk,let me know.

pat From Hazard

Jean Clutts Ross/Bobby Ross 21:24:11 11/30/2000

Our son, Wayne, in Albany, NY, told us about this website a few weeks ago. Wehave thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the guest book remarks. We graduated from Hazard High School in 1947 and 1948. We have lived in Charlotte, NC for 33 years where Bobby pastors Eastway Drive Church of God. We recently attended the 40'sreunion for HHS students in Lexingtonand enjoyed seeing old friends and ourwonderful science teacher, Eula MaeMorgan. Thanks for this website!!

Jean Clutts Ross/Bobby Ross From Charlotte, NC

Lisa Hoskins 17:13:42 11/30/2000

Great site! I need lots of Kentucky links for my search. Surnames include Hoskins/Bowling/Bolling and Bundy just to name a few. Homepage addy is ""

Lisa Hoskins From Michigan

Greg 15:10:35 11/30/2000

I'm looking for some old classmates of mine. if I wouldn't have moved I would have graduated from HHS last year (2000). I went to Walkertown Elementary where I then went to Roy G. Eversole Middle School. If there is anyone out there that is from the class of 2000 and might remember a Greg that moved away his 7th grade year, hit me up. I'm lookin for ya. Later.


Shirley 12:16:13 11/30/2000

Hi my name is Shirley.... I really think that it is cool that Hazard has their own site. Anyway I'm the girl that was on the HBO movie about American Hollow... I'm really embrrassed of it, they made it look like something that it wasn't... I'm really sorry for this movie because I know it's caused alot of problems and I've lost alot of friends because of it.. anyway, don't think bad of me because I'm really a nice person... e-mail me anytime if you have any questions about it.

Shirley From Hazard

BARBARA (MOORE) GOLLIHUE 06:57:12 11/30/2000

I have been sitting here reading these posts for about an hour now. I visit the message boards often but can't seem to get in contact with people I grew up with. I was raised in the Bonneyman/Typo area and graduated from M C Napier in 1967. I have been trying to find some of the people I went to school with like Connie Owens, Patricia Roberts, and several others. If you knew me I would love to talk about old times. you can contact me


Candi Crowe 18:52:11 11/29/2000

The web-site has great pictures from Hazard's past!! I am a 1999 graduate of Hazard High School and would love to hear from anyone I went to school with!

Candi Crowe From Hazard

Johnny W. Stanley 15:48:46 11/29/2000

Hi, have no kin living here but I have enjoyed looking at the site and the pitures. You need to be proud of this site, it is one, if not the best sites I have been too, So who knows I may use some of the interesting things I see and read in my book History of America.

Johnny W. Stanley From Chatsworth,Ga.

Timothy D. Ballard 00:57:08 11/29/2000

Looking for my past.

Timothy D. Ballard From Lake Station, Indiana

Shonda Nichle Combs 20:43:58 11/28/2000

Hey everyone! I'm a local teenager from Perry county and I visit this website everyday. I love it!!! But, we need a larger chatroom!!!

Shonda Nichle Combs From Rowdy,Ky/perry co.

Rube 12:34:00 11/28/2000


Rube From Hazard

Jessica Bowen 12:25:27 11/28/2000

Love the website please e_mail me!!!

Jessica Bowen From Hazard

Bobby Mills 07:14:16 11/28/2000

ATT. VICKIE FIELDS GLAD you tried to answer. please try again, hard to find people who went to the HILL.

Bobby Mills From Paris Tenn.

Vickie Fields 15:08:43 11/27/2000

Hello Hazard I read the guest book and read a note from Bobby Mills but I tried to email him but had the wrong address if you see this please respond I also attended Cornett Hill school thank you.

Vickie Fields From Glomawr

Kathy Cook 12:12:56 11/27/2000

My family on my mother's side comes from Hazard. My grandmother was born and raised in Hazard. She is 91 yrs old now and still lives in the same house on Big Creek her and my grandfather bought some 50 years ago. Her family name is Vanover, she married a Williams.

Kathy Cook From Alexandria, VA

Bobby Mills 11:25:17 11/27/2000

Hello Perry county lived there until I was ten anyone out there that went to Cornett Hill School?

Bobby Mills From Paris Tenn.

Thomas J. Steinsdorfer 11:06:49 11/27/2000

Hi I would like to say hi to everone who went to DILCE COMBS just sitting hear having fun hope you are too.

Thomas J. Steinsdorfer From GLOWMAR

THOMAS J STEINSDORFER 11:00:20 11/27/2000

I wold like to say hi to everone who went to dilce combs having fun hop you are tohi i wold like to say hi to everone who went to DILCE COMBS just seting hear having fun hop you are


Rosalita Wilcox Wright 10:07:25 11/27/2000

Do the same people always use this guest book and the message boards? I can't seem to hear from anyone! (Have had a few responses about cousins.

Rosalita Wilcox Wright From Ringgold, Ga.

Lisa Grigsby 19:59:25 11/25/2000

I am originally from Hazard. My parents are Leroy Grigsby and Darlene Napier Grigsby. My mom was killed 6 years ago in an auto accident. She was born in 1956 in Hazard, KY. Just hoping to find anyone who may have known her or gone to school with her. Thanks in advance for any help.

Lisa Grigsby From Campbellsville, KY

Paul Hughes 15:36:33 11/25/2000

if anyone knows the Hughes family feel free to get in touch.

Paul Hughes From hazard

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