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Holly 10:32:39 11/24/2000

Even though I wasn't alive during the times in when most of these pictures were taken, I'm glad they're on here because they tell me a lot about my home's past.

Holly From Hazard

Helen 09:52:47 11/24/2000

hello.I am Helen. I was married to a Fraley for 19 years. I loved his grandpa, JohnFraley. He raised his 2 sons in Hazard. His wife was Ida Mae (Hightower) Fraley. She had 2 small sons when John married her. He worked in the Blue Diamond Mines. Since he married IdaMae she had 2 sons. James & Clarence.. He raised them as his own when they came to Cincinnati in the 1940's. I was married to a Fraley. My son who is a Fraley, is not really a Fraley by bloodline. Cause his grandpawas just the little boy adoped and raised by the John Fraley (coal miner) who fell in love and married Ida w her two little boys. So John Fraley has died and so has Ida Mae. It was too scandalous back then. I would ask her what was the name of the father of her babies. As an old woman, she acted evasive. ...So I do not know my son's true bloodline on his father's side. His great-granfather was NOT really related to the "son" he raised who later became my "father-in-law" and my son's grandpa. He died recently. I have German-English heritage. My son was so dark at birth. He is handsome (20yrs) and looks almost American-Indian. Some folks ask him if he is Spanish or Italian. Dark eyes and hair... Blue Diamond Mines in Hazard??. Not sure. John Fraley worked there. Ida Mae Hightower had about 3 sisters. There were good church-going people. A comment made by a relative that her babie's father (not married?) was a Mine foreman at Blue Diamond Mine. Was there an "Arp" or "Ard" who workd in Blue Diamond Mines in the 1920's -1930's who may have known John Fraley?. Please comment. I loved him. He kept a garden in his yard till he was in his 80's then died. I wish I knew more about him as a coal miner. I regret I did not ask him more about his past.. He belonged to The Gem & Mineral Society. He collected gems & rocks and polished them. He displayed them in Gem & Mineral shows in Cincinnati. Anyone who knew him or Ida Mae please write. Helen, former daughter-in-law of James Fraley (John's adopted son). Thanks.

Helen From Cincinnati, Ohio

Friendly Fred 17:27:56 11/23/2000

Mr. Baker: Perhaps you meant Freddie SALYERS from Hardburley, instead of Freddie SAWYERS, huh?

Friendly Fred From Hazard, Kentucky

Joseph Wells III 14:29:46 11/23/2000

Grandson of Cora Wells who lived up Messer Branch

Joseph Wells III From Ft. Worth, TX

Andrew Baker,Jr 17:28:35 11/22/2000

M. C. Napier class of 1964 looking for an old friend Freddy Eugene Sawyers from Hardburly, Ky.

Andrew Baker,Jr From Joliet, IL

Joyce Carter 16:07:17 11/22/2000

Just wanted to wish Hazard a Happy Thanksgiving.

Joyce Carter From Denver Colo

Shirley Riddle Stacy 12:40:52 11/22/2000

Just to let let all know that I just realized that my first comment had the word hello spelled incorrectly. Please forgive me and I hope everyone around the old home front is doing great.

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Phoenix, AZ

Jessica Johnson 09:30:04 11/22/2000

Hi uncle Shane, it's me Jessica I just wanted to say Hi. Just visting your web site, wishing I was in Kentucky where it is snowing.

Jessica Johnson From Plant City, FL

Steve Tunder 22:00:56 11/21/2000

Hello Yancey. Nice web site. I'm into Astronomy too. I've got a 16-inch Dobsonian and enjoy the Liberty net while looking at the night sky. What a great combination..the heavens and the Liberty net. 73's----Steve Tunder--N8WGM

Steve Tunder From Freeport, Ohio

Matisa Olinger-Wilbon 15:15:39 11/21/2000

This website is very interesting. As a native of Hazard, this is a great site for me to learn some history.

Matisa Olinger-Wilbon From Columbus, OH

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy 14:50:56 11/21/2000

Just dropping in to say hell to all around the area who might remember me. Was raised in Lothair, graduated from HHS in 1955. Would love to hear from anyone that went to school with me. Left the area in 1959 and have lived in Phoenix since 1972.

Shirley (Riddle) Stacy From Phoenix Az

Jonathan Reed 13:21:45 11/21/2000

I grew up in Glowmar in the 80's. I attended R. W. Combs and PCC. My grandparents were Rocky and Mallie Moore. Anyone who knows me can e-mail me anytime. I am also looking for pictures of the old coal temple in Glowmar and all over perry county in the '20s through the '60s.

Jonathan Reed

Ronnie Eversole Sr. 09:01:02 11/21/2000

I attended M.C. Napier 1962-1966, lived in Hazard Ky all of my life except 2 years I spent in the army. There was 29 of us drafted in the army in 1968 from Hazard. Some of the guys may still be around Hazard but a lot have left many years ago, but if anyone sees this message drop a line I would like to hear from any of you. I was seperated from everyone after AIT, I was sent to Panama, then was sent to Vietnam for 1 year.

Ronnie Eversole Sr. From Big Creek, Kentucky

bill 08:35:44 11/21/2000

This is a wonderful place to live. Great way to raise kids in the heart of the mountains.

bill From Hazard

Marcia Miller 16:58:45 11/20/2000

Nancy Combs if you see this please write me. Helen said you have a computer. Love to hear from you. Marcia Howard Miller

Marcia Miller From Hopkinsville

Wanda 13:43:48 11/20/2000

I was born in Chavies,Ky to Kelly Stidham and Maggie ( Thorpe ) Stidham.We moved to Indian Head,Ky. when I was 5 or 6 .My dad was a coal miner.We moved to Harveyton,Ky.when I was 12.I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters.I lived at Harveyton until I was 18.I really enjoy this web site.Keep up the good work.

Wanda From California,Ky.

Ernie Campbell 17:34:43 11/19/2000

My name is Ernie Campbell I was from williams branch son of Bill and Rachel I was a mc napier student 65 66 67 68 I enjoy reading articles in the guest book keep on keeping on

Ernie Campbell From Knott Co

Lauretta "Moore" Jacobs 15:38:12 11/19/2000

I was raised in hazard,ky to rockford and mallie moore of glomawr, ky and granddaughter of eckyt and loretta "combs" moore and bedford and cynthia "fletcher" brewer if anyone would like to write to me my e-mail is

Lauretta "Moore" Jacobs From kendallville ind

kill bill 18:39:08 11/18/2000

Congrates Hazard kentucky. I hear you just got rid of that stiking helment law. We have never had it up here in Delawere or not as long as i have been riding for the last 20 years. Just stumbled across your pics of Hazard looks like a little slice of heaven would love to come visit some time. I have always loved the south and plan to move down there some day. Maybe I'll ride my old '95 Dina Lowride in to that great looking small town of yours. Tell me, are there lots of friendly people down there for this broking down old biker to have a beer and a chat with?

kill bill From Wilmington Delawere

Charlotte Davis 17:36:54 11/18/2000

I am pleased with all the photos I saw on this web site however I am disappointed that there seems to be no photos of early coal miners. I do not understand this.

Charlotte Davis From hazard

Angela Stacy 17:07:30 11/18/2000

I love your wesite my mom is doing her family tree right now!!!

Angela Stacy From Hazarad KY

Patricia (Horton) Todd 13:18:33 11/18/2000

Happy Thanksgiving to the people of Hazard, especially the ones living on Wooton. I was born on Wooton but moved to Florida when I was very young.God bless and keep you in His care.

Patricia (Horton) Todd From Northern Ohio, USA

David 19:58:06 11/17/2000

I love this site I chat all the time thanks!

David From Perry Lostcreek

Gwendolyn P. Stowers 07:23:25 11/17/2000

Hi all, amazing what you find while looking for other things. I am the grandaughter of Peggy Godsey and Henry Combs. I've only been to Hazard twice, but a lot of Dad's family still live there. He was John M. Combs and my mom was Geneva Steele.

Gwendolyn P. Stowers From Vermilion, Ohio

Robin 20:40:49 11/16/2000

Hello, everyone.. How has everybody been.. Well anyway I am 16 years old and I go to Hazard High School.. I am a Sophmore right now.. I have lived here since i was about 2 or 3.. Well I will catch back up with you all later I have school.. :) if there is anybody out there that wants to know about someone or something I may can help.. I will be glad to hear from you..

Robin From Hazard,Kentcuky

Gregory Shane Stewart 17:38:52 11/16/2000

Hey, just found web page, my grandma and grandpa introduced me to Hazard, Ky, I like seeing pictures of where they grew up, some day will visit with my grandparents.

Gregory Shane Stewart From Troy,Ohio

Glenn Cask 15:24:29 11/16/2000

Hi everybody who remembers me! I would just like to say I miss the old high school days. Good luck with life. SEE YA!!!!

Glenn Cask From VA

Tabitha Wilkerson 08:36:24 11/16/2000

I have family members that live in Hazard and haven't seen or heard from them in 2 years and have no idea how to get in touch with them. I am the daughter of Gary Wilkerson and haven't really talked to him in a while. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him or Robyn (Suzie) Wilkerson, I would greatly appreciate it. Please leave me an e-mail if you have any information.

Tabitha Wilkerson From Cumming, GA

Nita Owens Adams 09:41:02 11/15/2000

You cannot imagine my delight when I found this site from the genealogy website CyndisList. I have spent hours pouring over the old pictures and the Guest Book Archives and have already located 5 friends from the 30s, 40s and 50s when I lived in Hazard. It's been such fun getting reacquainted via the internet. Right after my marriage in 1954, I moved with my husband, Laddie Adams, to Oklahoma where we've been these 46 plus years. He pastored several churches in Western OK and retired in 1996 from the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. I worked for over 20 years for David Boren when he was Governor of OK and later when he was US Senator. I retired in 1995 just 3 months before the bombing. The building where I worked was directly across from the Federal Building and was completely gutted by the bomb; several of my friends were injured and three were among those killed. I really love the Oklahoma sunsets, complete ground to ground rainbows and the wide open night skies and while I miss the mountains, I do feel at home here. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful web site. I have sung the Singing Miner's theme song for years to my family and it was a real thrill to finally let them hear the real thing! All the pictures brought back many fond memories of Don's, the HHS band with William Walter Hall directing, Mrs. Emma Ross's English class at HHS, Mrs. Dobyns music, speech and vocal lessons and our trips to the Cincinnati Zoo to hear the operas and to ride the roller coaster. What a great place to grow up!I would love to hear from any of you who graduated in 1950 (or before or after) who were classmates. It will be such fun remembering old times.

Nita Owens Adams From Oklahoma City, OK

Michelle Campbell 20:56:14 11/14/2000

This is a wonderful collection of memories and a fantastic forum for me to keep in touch and find out about my heritage. Thank you for all of your hard work on the website.

Michelle Campbell From Arizona

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