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Kandi Cornett 16:44:49 11/14/2000

I'm the great-grandaughter of Green Cornett. This town of Hazard has changed so dramatically since his days as a teen.

Kandi Cornett From Leatherwood

Lola Feltner 13:50:19 11/14/2000

This is a great website. Thank you for all the info I have learned from it. I have alot of great memories in Hazard.

Lola Feltner From Waukegan, IL

Glynna Sue Miniard Richie 13:05:33 11/14/2000

Mickey Shepherd if you see this I would love to hear from you. Ida said she saw your name here and we are always looking for classmates.

Glynna Sue Miniard Richie From Hardburly,Ky.41747

Jacqueline Clemens 11:54:51 11/14/2000

I'm researching my family. We are descendants of the original Francis and Benjamin Clemon, Sr. (Clements) who came from Virginia to Breathitt (on the Quicksand) in the late 1700's. In addition to this Clemons clan, I also descend from Combs (Thomas, old Tom?-who married America Ellen and died in Ohio in 1940's) and the Nobles (Ira Noble+Sarah Mullins> Green Noble,1874-1942+Malinda McIntosh> Lawson Noble -died 1949 in Ohio+Margaret Combs). Any info anyone can share would be greatly appr

Jacqueline Clemens From San Francisco

Shelby Jean (Napier) Roberts 11:42:29 11/14/2000

Graduated from M.C. Napier in 58 would love a copy of our year book either 57, 58. Would appreciate any info on this. Really do miss the hills.

Shelby Jean (Napier) Roberts

IdaLee Hansel 10:19:04 11/14/2000

I am here at this site at least three times a day hoping to see a familiar name. I did today. Cleta Faye Sheppard if you see This email me, please as I would like to talk with you, as my mom, Ruby Stacy, thought the world of you, as do I. A long ago Friend, Ida Lee Stacy Hansel email

IdaLee Hansel From Spartanburg SC

E. L. COMBS 07:41:27 11/14/2000

Dear Guest Book. I hope you realize how wonderful your book is, and how many people you have helped find long-lost-loved ones. Best site I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Thank You.

E. L. COMBS From Clay City, Ky 40321-0113

E. L. COMBS 07:35:13 11/14/2000

BUGSY RITCHIE: Computer lost files cannot contact you. Please advise if you have new EMAIL. Thank You

E. L. COMBS From Clay City Ky POB113 Ky 40312-0113

Denton Howard 19:41:43 11/13/2000

Enjoyed the Site. Thanks to those who must have worked so hard. Denton

Denton Howard From Jonesboro, Indiana

Vickie Stigall 19:28:22 11/13/2000

Thank you for your reply it helped me alot it still hasn't cleared ip a lot but I'm gonna keep looking. Thank you again.

Vickie Stigall From Peebles, Ohio

Delmer Jones Jr 18:42:22 11/13/2000

Just wanted to let you know that I have been here.

Delmer Jones Jr From Perry County

Lisa Armfield Prather 18:03:50 11/13/2000

Just a short hello to everyone in Hazard, KY.

Lisa Armfield Prather From Tenn

Vickie Stigall 17:21:19 11/13/2000

I like the site but i am also looking for info on a bus wreck that happened in May 27 in the early 50's the bus ran into the Big Sandy river 27 children the bus was 27 any info e-mail me.

Vickie Stigall From Peebles Ohio

Andrea Feltner Hodge 16:52:15 11/13/2000

My parents are from the Hazard/Bonnyman area. My dad is Irvine Feltner. If anyone remembers growing up with him and his family in the Blue Diamond/Bonnyman/Sapphire Hollow area, please send me an e-mail. I know he would love to hear from some of his friends from the past.

Andrea Feltner Hodge From Franklin, Ohio

Becky 10:10:00 11/13/2000

I love this site, also love looking at it with my parents who grew up there.

Becky From michigan

Gwendolyn (Bailey) Goss 22:05:30 11/12/2000

Like the website. My father, Fred Weldon Bailey, whose father Francis [Frank] Bailey, was born in Hazard. No one ever spoke about his family except my mother Rusleen. She said the family was large and they lived in the hills. I want to thank you for putting the history of the places on here for us. I would not ever have heard about them otherwise.

Gwendolyn (Bailey) Goss From Van Buren, Ar.

Renee Noyes-Fields 19:13:06 11/12/2000

It's been a few months since I signed in so I thought I'd update my entry. I'm still waiting to here from all those who attended M.C.N during the years of 85-89. I know you Navajos are out there somewhere and I would like to hear from you. I tried to reach as many 89 grads as possible for the ten year reunion, but some of you are still MISSING IN ACTION. I would like to contact as many of you as I can,,, Anyone who would like to e-mail PLEASE do so at

Renee Noyes-Fields From Busy, Ky

Jimmy (Jimbo) Luttrell 18:18:28 11/12/2000

Hello everyone, just wanted to add a comment about the industrial park there in Perry co. I was in Hazard visiting a couple of weeks ago and make a little side trip through the industrial park. I was amazed at what i saw. The folks in Perry co. Have a park that rivals and surpasses anything they have in central Ky. I sure hope that industries take notice of this fine facility.

Jimmy (Jimbo) Luttrell From Lexington, Ky

Norma (Duff) Lawrence 05:58:03 11/11/2000

What a great web site, by signing the guest book in Aug. I found a long lost class mate and friend, We were in the first class to graduate from MC Napier, we attended First Creek High School and lived in Blue Diamond. If there are any more class mates or old friends out there would I would love to hear from you. e-mail me.

Norma (Duff) Lawrence From Louisville, Ky.

Rosalita Wilcox Wright 20:23:32 11/10/2000

Surely someone knows my relatives in or around Airport Gardens/Hazard

Rosalita Wilcox Wright From Ringgold, Ga. 30736

Tim Maggard 17:51:51 11/10/2000

My folks grew up in hazard, walkertown, and a few other communities around Eastern Ky, and my roots go way back. Bad Mose Feltner, Idabell Feltner, Julian Maggard, Billie Ernestine Vitatoe Maggard, all spent much of there life in Hazard. Thanks for such a wonderful web site. It really brought back the memories.

Tim Maggard From Lehigh acres, Fl.

E. L. Combs 13:49:54 11/10/2000

Great site. Would like to hear from anyone that knew the Combs family on Montgomery Ck, Knott County

E. L. Combs From Clay City Ky 40312

Elizabeth Snyder Duncan 19:04:06 11/09/2000

I am using Web Tv keyboard. It is hard to do if you are used to typing on a regular keyboard. I just want to say I am enjoying the photos and remembering the past thru them Please keep them coming!

Elizabeth Snyder Duncan From HaZARD, kENTUCKY

Elizabeth Snyder Duncan 18:54:08 11/09/2000

I enjoy seeing some of the old phots. They bring back memories that I had stored away in my mind long ago. Keep sending them in.

Elizabeth Snyder Duncan From Hazard, Kentuckt 41701
elizabeth716hky@Net t.v.

Allene Owens Bowman 18:27:05 11/07/2000

What a great site, Ive enjoyed reading and looking at the information in this site. My family is originally from Leatherwood/Hazard area. I have many wonderful memories of summer vacations and holidays spent with my grandparents.

Allene Owens Bowman From Troy OH

Charlene (Thorpe) Combs 21:25:55 11/06/2000

Have been away from Eastern Kentucky a very long time but, the land and its people are still in my heart. This is a great web site.

Charlene (Thorpe) Combs From Texas

Kim Gayhart 20:26:11 11/06/2000

i look at this web site alot it is great keep up the good work.

Kim Gayhart From georgia

Regina Dees Patterson 19:32:24 11/06/2000

My parents moved to Hazard in 1957. My father(Bobby Dees Sr.) was a State Policeman in Hazard and we lived there until 1971. I was born there in 1964. One of my parents friends were Henry & Lola Roberts. I think he was the Sheriff. I have a brother (Bobby Dees) and a sister (Redonna Dees). If anyone has any idea what happened to the Roberts, please let me know. Thanks

Regina Dees Patterson From Mississippi

Rosalita Wright 18:46:52 11/06/2000

Does anyone know Dorothy Fugate and Ruth Combs? I sure would like to communicate with my best friends from M.C. Napier, 1963! Then there is Nancy Nickell Wiles, Carol Bryant?, Dorothy Dykes?, and lots of others. Mike Hampton, from Ft. Oglethorpe, I received your e-mail, took it out of town with me and forgot to bring it home. I lived in and around Hazard all my life: Wooten, Big Creek, Whitesburg, etc. Are there any graduates of Cumberland College out there? I graduated from there in 1967. Keep those e-mails coming!

Rosalita Wright From Ringgold, Ga. 30736

Bonita Hall Chandler 12:32:15 11/06/2000

From the Hills of left fork Masons Creekmiss it a lot. This web page is great

Bonita Hall Chandler From Marietta Ga

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