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MICHAEL RICHIE 07:28:21 11/30/2004



Billie sue bustle 00:52:57 11/29/2004

My dad was Daw or Daugh Henson he lived with Inez Stanfield my mother I was adopted as a child and was raised in Laurel co. ky. I am looking for members of my family I have a sister that would be about 50 that I never met if any of you went to school with a redhaired girl named Pauline around perry county please email me at

Billie sue bustle From Lily,ky

Billie sue bustle 00:52:49 11/29/2004

My dad was Daw or Daugh Henson he lived with Inez Stanfield my mother I was adopted as a child and was raised in Laurel co. ky. I am looking for members of my family I have a sister that would be about 50 that I never met if any of you went to school with a redhaired girl named Pauline around perry county please email me at

Billie sue bustle From Lily,ky

Jack Benton Gross 07:36:55 11/28/2004

I really enjoy this website. It allows me to keep up with my hometown news and happenings. HHS 1972.

Jack Benton Gross From Harrodsburg, Ky.

LReeves 16:15:47 11/27/2004

Libby Linda McIntosh lives in Hazard


Sandra H 20:15:21 11/26/2004

I think that this is a really good site for the people that lived around Hazard, this brings back a lot of treasered memories for the people that lived in hazerd during these years.....

Sandra H From viper,ky

Mrs. Joyce J Carter 04:26:23 11/25/2004

Happy Thanksgiving Hazard,my birth place and home of my heart.I wish you well.

Mrs. Joyce J Carter From Denver Colorado

judy combs 13:15:18 11/24/2004

Hello everyone, just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there. Thank you again for this great site. I have really enjoyed reading all the information and talking to different. Keep up the great work, what a wonderful way to help someone that lives away from there when they get homesick. All my childhood memories about growing up in Hazard will remain with me forever. All of you be safe and well and may the sunshine always shine upon your face! HAVE A WONDERFUL TURKEY DAY11111

judy combs From Round Lake Illinois

Libby" Riggs" Rice 08:41:43 11/24/2004

This site is great. Looking for Linda"McIntosh" Whitt and Iris Tucker. Would love to hear from them.

Libby" Riggs" Rice From Everett, Pa.

hazardmemories 17:38:18 11/23/2004

For those of you who would like to visit the Bobby Davis Museum when you are in town, see their website at for directions and other information. They have some lovely nostalgic gifts for all you Hazard/Perry County natives out there, such as The Goose Pillow and some other items.

hazardmemories From Hazard, Kentucky

eva reddick 10:35:54 11/23/2004

what a wonderfull web site,use to go to hazard,great little town,except the cops are happy to stop you

eva reddick From wolfe county

george collins 16:50:17 11/22/2004

To wish all a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!keep up the good work you all do at wsgs!!!

george collins From collinsville, VA

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 15:40:50 11/22/2004

Happy Holidays to all of you back in Hazard. I remember the smells from Thanksgiving dinner on the Mountain nothing like it.Evelyn Beasley (Hurt)

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

Magdlene Phillips (Hensley) 05:07:41 11/22/2004

I think this is a grate wed site I visit it oftenI'm looking for family & friendsI went to school at big willardMy Dad's name was Harrison Hensley. My Mother's name was Vina hensley

Magdlene Phillips (Hensley) From Tampa Florida

cm cunningham 10:55:55 11/21/2004

I'm looking for information about my father's family, by the last name of Roberts. They were from Vicco. My father's name was Johhny B. His father I believe was Robert E. Lee Roberts and his mother was Hattie or Mattie May. His sisters were Pearly May and Ethel.

cm cunningham From cincinnati

Wydell Kallies(Elvis) 17:59:37 11/19/2004

I'm looking for Wayney Couch and his brothers and sisters. Lisa, JR, missy, & Bobby.

Wydell Kallies(Elvis) From wi./ use to be talman street chi. ill.

jerry 13:29:17 11/19/2004

i wrote the first one wrong my dads name is orville, his dads name is william, and his dads dad name was joseph profitt

jerry From louisville

jerry 13:25:36 11/19/2004

i am wanting to see if anybody has information on my family.their last name is profitt. i think my dads first name is william died around 1907. as far as i know we have our own grave site.they are from perry and letcher. my dads dad name was joseph profitt.

jerry From louisville

Pat Smith 10:30:50 11/18/2004

I enjoy checking in on the Hazard site to read everyone's comments. I have never made any of my own until now. My brother,Bobby Hurt, tells me that it is about time I did! He always did try to tell me what to do. Ha I JUST WANT TO WISH EVERYONE HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GOD'S RICHEST BLESSINGS.

Pat Smith From Peebles,Ohio

Bobby Hurt 08:13:58 11/18/2004

Wishing all my family and friends in the hazard/perry co. a HAPPY HOLIDAY and Hoping the new year brings all Health,wealth and happiness..PS. Don't be fooled by wishing you were anywhere but Hazard! You'd only be a homesick Ky boy/girl wishing to be HOME!!!!

Bobby Hurt From Birmingham, Al.

Imogene Park 14:36:24 11/16/2004

For everyone that's asked me how I got the listings for the Cemeteries in Perry County, Ky, here is the address to order the Books. Helen P. Horne, 148 Chester Street, Hazard KY 41701-1947 They are $20.00 each now and there are 5 of them, I, II, III, IV, and V. Number IV has Riverside Cemetery in it.

Imogene Park From Florida

Lynda Combs Gipson 23:41:28 11/15/2004

I would like to invite anyone who would like to do their family tree to my mailing list on yahoo called KyPerryKnott@yahoogroups. We already have about 60 members helping each other doing genealogy. Please email me, so I can invite you. (there is no charge, its all FREE!)Lynda

Lynda Combs Gipson From Kentucky

Shirley Riddle Stacy 20:55:11 11/15/2004

Would like to wish everyone in and around the Hazard area , "Happy Holiday" Season and may all your wishes come true.

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Peoria Arizona

Kolby epperson 11:50:25 11/15/2004

hello my fellow people. i just wanted to say that i love this county people are very friendly here. and please dont email me i dont like talking to people i dont know. SO DONT EMAIL ME!

Kolby epperson From hazard

sarah 05:29:39 11/15/2004


sarah From busy,ky.

Franky Smithers 04:44:57 11/15/2004

Cool site! Please keep updating.

Franky Smithers From San Fernando, Ca

GRANT COLEMAN 21:30:40 11/14/2004

Iused to live in hazard in 1978.went to mc napier high school.Imiss it.

GRANT COLEMAN From chattanooga tn

lon maggard 17:24:26 11/13/2004

hello hazard!!!!! yes, i remember. it's been a long time. this is a great site to visit! how's pee wee?

lon maggard From jacksonville, fl.

Michelle 16:26:36 11/12/2004

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who answered me on the cemetery name in Jeff. I really appreciate that and all the kind words that were said about my grandmother Geraldine Campbell. Happy Holidays!

Michelle From Kentucky

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 14:28:14 11/12/2004

Years ago a store on Main Street sold a Monopoly Game of Hazard does anyone know where I could get one of these it would be a nice memory of the place I called home for many years.

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

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