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misfit 17:57:50 11/01/2004

Been here all my life grad HHS and worked here the last 35 years any other lifers?

misfit From Hazard

Teresa 10:11:50 10/31/2004

Hi, I'm looking for anyone that knew my dad Lawrence (Buddy) Noble. He was killed in 1967. I would love to hear from any of his friends. He lived in Hazard. I think around Vicco or something like that.

Teresa From London,Ky

EWELL EDWARD RITCHIE 11:45:07 10/30/2004



Lori Lee 19:29:54 10/28/2004

I am trying to find out any information about a past relative who was from Pigeon Roost. Her name was Cornelia Rasner and she married Henry Peter Uhl. I think her father was William Rasner

Lori Lee From Danville

Sandra L. Combs Hanson 19:00:23 10/27/2004

Looking for anyone that knew my dad, Calloway Combs. He lived on town Mountain. We moved away January 1966. My Dad has passed away, but it's nice to hear stories of him growing up. If anyone know's anything about his childhood please e-mail me. thank you

Sandra L. Combs Hanson From Hawaii

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 16:42:58 10/27/2004

Correction on e-mail from the request for information about how I could get in touch with Sue Gayhart who attended Blue Diamond School in 1967. I am hoping someone out there can help me mend fences. Thanks Evelyn Hurt

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

thomas jewell 06:10:56 10/26/2004

would like to know if anyone has any information on jewell family. my dad is dead and would not tell me much about family history. my father was william jewell, his father was theodore or ted jewell who lived in perry county and then moved to london,ky. my grandma was mary crawford. my step grandma as far as i know lives in london.

thomas jewell From cincinnati, ohio

Chasity Combs 20:21:28 10/25/2004

Hey everyone....How is all doing in Hazard,sure wish I were there...I miss it very much!!!Anyone who knows me feel free to write me anytime.........

Chasity Combs From Georgia

Israel McIntosh 17:59:59 10/25/2004

I am the grandson of Vembert Mcintosh and Wanda Faye Cohcran.Last time I was in Hazard I was about 3or4 years old.I plan on coming back in the spring.This is agreat sight and I'm proud to have relatives from such agreat area.If anyone living in Hazard or from there know my grandparents I'd love to hear from you.

Israel McIntosh From Carlisle Ohio

Houston E. Hatler 11:27:21 10/25/2004

My father was the First Baptist minister in 1937-1950. Enjoyed this site very much.

Houston E. Hatler From Duluth, GA 30097

lowell Colwell 19:22:04 10/22/2004

This is a great site and the info is great. Even the picture of the old School House, The Kimbrow House and the Mining Boarding House can all be seen, Even the toilets I Yi Yi

lowell Colwell From St Marys OH.... via Kodak Ky

Neal Mercer 05:44:24 10/22/2004

Hi Folks from Glomawr. Linda, I went to school with some of the Felteners, Ralph, Freeman, Floyd. Been years ago. Chasity, I know your dad Bo Combs. Knew all of his Brothers and Sisters also. Janis and Seph, Ived changeg Email write me see you

Neal Mercer From Murfreesboro,Tennessee

xoxoxoxo 23:25:35 10/20/2004

does anyone know mike combs that use to live at jeff ky if so e-mail me at he was a old friend would like to talk to him. hes proabaly about 26 years old please let me know. THANK YOU

xoxoxoxo From kentucky

Mattie Marie (Campbell) Stacy 23:18:08 10/20/2004

I really miss Hazard.If anyone knows me and would like to send me an e-mail and let me know who you are maybe we can chat.Hows the krypton pentecostal church doing pastor Carl Wayne Johnson.

Mattie Marie (Campbell) Stacy From Montpelier Indiana

Anna Tammy Ricky 15:56:48 10/20/2004

The pictures were cool.

Anna Tammy Ricky From Hodgenville Ky

jerry proffitt [profitt] 10:40:30 10/20/2004

son to orville,and grandson to the late william profitt,and the recently departed eva profitt

jerry proffitt [profitt] From louisville ky

wanda brummett 17:31:41 10/19/2004

i am the grandaughter of jim and cinda eversole.i lived with them on rush creek until the buckhorn lake was built

wanda brummett From indiana

Ken Whitaker 12:43:16 10/19/2004

Does anyone have information on a Roscoe Halcomb and wife Ethel who lived in Daisy. Would appreciate any information on their family or parents.

Ken Whitaker

Justin Ryan Osborn 00:00:21 10/19/2004

I am a former student of Pcchs and would have graduated from there in 1996 if i hadnt had to move....One of my friends was named Shawn Coots and him and i still keep in contact.I am looking for anyone else that might have known me from that years graduating class or the 1997 year.The website is awesome by the way!!!!!!!

Justin Ryan Osborn From Lawrenceburg,Indiana

Nancy C Cabrera Stratton 05:50:44 10/18/2004

My father was from Hazzard. He always talked about the big Sandy River. His name was John Stratton, two brothers, General and Ross. He also had a half brother named George Statton. Anyone who has any information about them please contact me. Thanks

Nancy C Cabrera Stratton From Brandon, Florida

Chasity Combs 05:13:22 10/18/2004

Hey Naomi,I got your emails last night,you are welcome to call anytime,would love to hear some stories about my dad.Thanks so much....

Chasity Combs From Georgia

Imogene 05:06:39 10/17/2004

Hi Chasity I've e-mailed you a couple of times, are you getting my messages? E-mail me Carla's phone number and I'll call you guys. Martina was your Dad's neighbor for a long time and she can tell you stories about him, she's a very good friend of mine.

Imogene From Florida

Chasity 20:31:41 10/16/2004

Hey Everyone in Hazard Kentucky...I wanted to drop in and say hello,still miss my home town...havent been gone but 3 months and it feels much longer than that,I miss the mountains and all my friends and family....

Chasity From Georgia

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 17:05:00 10/16/2004

I am still trying to locate a girl I went to school with at Blue Diamond her name is Sue Gayhard. I would love to hear from anyone that knows her. I have something to say to her that is long over-due. I was unkind to her as a child and I want to tell her how sorry I am. So please help me to clear the air and consicense.Evelyn

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 17:01:13 10/16/2004

Can anyone let me know if Jk Overbee passed when I was down for my Uncle's Funeral I heard that he did. He was my x-Father in-law I was married to his son Dana Ralph (Nick)He was a good man I really liked him.Evelyn

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

Paul Hammons 16:51:42 10/16/2004

Hoping some one in Hazard will remember my family woh lived there untill the early fifties then moved to Dayton O, My fathers mane was James he had two brothers John and Palmer I would likje to hear from anyone who might have known them

Paul Hammons From Dayton Ohio

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) 16:38:59 10/16/2004

This web site is great. I Was born and raised in Harazd moved to Cincinnatiwhen I was 13.I go back to visit but not as often as I would like. I recently got back I was down for My Uncle Brown's Hurt's Funeral he was a great man. I only wish I could have gotten to know him better. He had a gentle heart and soul.KENTUCKY WOMAN TO THE END!E Beasley(Hurt)

Evelyn Beasley (Hurt) From Cincinnati, Ohio

peggy[sexton] jenkins 19:12:41 10/15/2004

great sight!

peggy[sexton] jenkins From arkansas

Becky Steele 14:13:46 10/15/2004

Just surfed your site! Very nice! Looking for a fellow by the name of David L. Shepard who originally was from Hazard area. David served in Vietnam with my husband in 68/69. Just stopped by for a visit in hopes of tripping over some info.

Becky Steele

eugene griffioen 12:17:30 10/15/2004

interesting.nice people nice place

eugene griffioen From lucan,ontario,canada

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