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colleen Banks Pelfrey 19:46:31 9/14/2004

I was born in Hazard in 1930 ,married when I was 16, still married 58 years to the same man. seven children I dont think any one would remember me but I still call Hazard my Home. ienjoy reading about avawam Ky when I was a young girl. colleen pelfrey

colleen Banks Pelfrey From Portsmouth Ohio

Clara Nordstedt 05:08:48 9/14/2004

Hi Mildred McIntosh. Your Grandfather's brother Robert was married to my Great Aunt Mollie. I tried to send an email. Your address is not correct. I tried to send an email, but it would not go. The www before the address should not be there.

Clara Nordstedt From Gainesville, Florida

floyd taylor jr. 20:45:12 9/13/2004

great sight. love to speak to someone who knew ruffus taylor.

floyd taylor jr. From st. paul va.

Juanita Engle 16:07:17 9/13/2004

I check in almost ever day to see what is new, or different.Have had great response with my adds. Thanks to all. Love you to Fern

Juanita Engle From Fort Scott, Kansas

Fern C. Woolsey 14:49:07 9/13/2004

Some months ago I submitted a bit of information hopeing to be reunited with missing relatives. I was reunited with two relatives since. Looking forward to hearing from other's. Ary Kentucky will always hold fond memories. Love you Aunt Juanita.

Fern C. Woolsey From New York or

Connie (Combs) Pigman 21:02:14 9/11/2004

I am still enjoying your web site. I found it by accident but certainly put it in my favorites. Your pages are quite impressive. I am from Lothair and now reside in Manchester KY. I graduated from HHS in 1966 and married Bennie Pigman (Lothair) in 1968. Thanks for rekindeling old memories.

Connie (Combs) Pigman From Manchester KY

Glynna Richie 18:46:55 9/11/2004

I just today met the Big D at Food City. Thanks for having him on all his programs.

Glynna Richie

James H. Dobyns 09:59:01 9/11/2004

I peek at the site ever so often to see if any of my 1942 Hazard High School graduating class mates have found it. As a war-time class we split to everywhere and to the best of my knowledge have never had a re-union. Maybe exchanging stories (those of us who are left) on web sites is as close as we will ever get. I enjoyed my years in Hazard (born there in 1924, left but returned in 1936 until 1942) and still consider it my home town. Jim Dobyns, son of Miriam P. Dobyns who was known to many as a busy community musician.

James H. Dobyns From Rochester, MN

Gerry Adams Bowling(Jurlean Adams) 20:01:30 9/10/2004

This Is the greatest web page ever.Error in Feb. 2-04 page.

Gerry Adams Bowling(Jurlean Adams) From Hazard, Ky.

zola colwell collins 10:51:52 9/09/2004

i am the grandaughter of james colwell elizabeth fugate.i check this site each day trying to find family.thia is a great site,if u no either of these people i'd love to chat

zola colwell collins From indiana

linda thornton 04:06:40 9/09/2004

e-mail the administrater to send your pictures.GOOD MORNING TO ALL MY OLD FRIENDS IN KY.

linda thornton From houston;tx.

mildred mcintosh 17:28:13 9/08/2004

I so love your website i am the granddaughter of filmore mcintosh the daughter of harold mcintosh i have amazing pictures of hazard and so many stories of my people i was raised in fla but made many trips back to hazard with my dad and would like to share my old old pictures that i inherited with any one interested

mildred mcintosh From gulfport fla

Imogene 12:52:06 9/08/2004

The address for the newspaper in Hazard, Kentucky is: Hazard Herald, P O Drawer 869, Hazard KY 41701 Phone 606-436-5771 Fax 606-436-3140 They do mail it to people out of State.

Imogene From Florida

Connie White 11:21:10 9/08/2004

i loved the pictures of the 27 flood. I have never seen anything like it.

Connie White From hazard

John E. Noble 08:07:07 9/08/2004

I just love this web site. Would like to hear from some of the old schoolmates, and Walkertown friends. Keep up the good work on here.....

John E. Noble From Knoxville, TN.

Setys Combs-Kelly 16:56:03 9/07/2004

OK. Whoever runs this board needs to register me on the community forum. I tried to log on (again)-no luck error. I tried to re-register-no luck ERROR a user already has this name. Help!

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, Oh

Setys Kelly 16:49:35 9/07/2004

I am looking for the address to the Hazard paper. Do they mail it to people out of state? I am also looking for a way to submit photos. I have several, and would like to find some information on them.

Setys Kelly From Springfield, OH

vicki taylor 06:18:28 9/07/2004

hello to anyone who remembers my family. my mother"s name was Irene Johnson, she married Willie Taylor. we moved away when i was 2, my aunt and uncle owned and operated Watts grocery store in Vicco. my greatgrand mothers name was Ella Summer who married Grover Johnson. I would love to hear from you. I got to go back to Vicco last year. I hope to hear from you.

vicki taylor From fayetteville arkansas

Jackie T. (Walker)_ Burton 15:26:05 9/04/2004

I was Hazard . My families are still some there. I am a WALKER from around Walkertown. I am a Napier,Combs,Stacy , and Davidson as well. Interested in sharing pictures/photos,etc.

Jackie T. (Walker)_ Burton From Dallas, Ga.

Misty 17:19:16 9/03/2004

hey i would just like to say good job on bad tom smith's bloody record. Im his great great grandaughter.

Misty From London, ky

JANE BAKER 13:42:32 9/03/2004



martha jane baker 13:40:16 9/03/2004


martha jane baker From grayslake,il

carol 13:18:06 9/03/2004

to the lady in london, ky who visitedthis website, i have family therewould like to hear from ya!

carol From cleveland, TN

Gordon Barnett 17:34:57 9/02/2004

Like this Web Site. I'm doing some ancestry work on the Young family anyone with any info. on decendants of Drury Young His two sons Reece David and William can email me. Thanks Gordon

Gordon Barnett From Hazard Kentucky

Kayluh Ayers 11:49:30 9/02/2004

I live in Ritchie County and its pretty cool. I grew up in Parkersburg. I came across this page. Now heres what I wrote. Later!

Kayluh Ayers From Ritchie County

Kayluh Ayers 11:47:35 9/02/2004

cool .....

Kayluh Ayers From Ritchie County

Katie Deaton Hubbs 15:29:38 8/31/2004

Hello Hazard , my daddy was from a place called butterfly mountain he was born on or about 1914 to James Tony Deaton and Evaline Spicer Deaton His mother died when he was six johnny was four an Dan only two there were also older children goodlou brown callie and halley if you know anything about this family please e-mail me God bless also I am the grandaughter of the late Sam Raleigh of Whick Breathitt county

Katie Deaton Hubbs From home
katie bea

cindy stout 11:29:56 8/31/2004

i just came across this website and it is very nice i was born in letcher co

cindy stout From johnson city tn.

Bob Williams 07:04:11 8/31/2004

I am looking for a friend named Robert Warren if anyone has information about him it would be helpful. thank you very much and GO HAZARD BULLDOGS

Bob Williams From Muncie Indiana

Diane Kinney 09:00:47 8/30/2004

Am looking for information on Oakley Gibson and family. He was born about 1906 in Ky. Died 1964 in Cincy. Married Dorothea Baker(?),children-Robert born 1928-died 1990s, William Born 1929 died 1973, Charles born 1933 died early 50s in Korea, Donald born 1993 died 1981. It is believed they came from in or around Hazard-moved to Cincinnati sometime after 1936. I would really appreciate any information.Do really enjoy this site. Hazard looks like the kind of place I would like to have grown up in.

Diane Kinney From Cincinnati, Ohio

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