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jackie nooten 08:02:49 8/30/2004

I'm not from Hazard/Perry but I still love this web site better than ours at Theres more friendly talks and discussions on your forums. Hey our chicken festival is in Sept. Check it out at: and hear that rooster crow. Y'all R welcome to email me.

jackie nooten From London-Laurel

cassie hensley begley 19:13:35 8/29/2004

hello i love the web site, i am the Grand Daughter of George and Elizabeth Bowling Barger,i grew up in the Elkhorn section of Leslie co ky. own some land at the barger's old home place. the barger family cemetery is located there my grand mother flowers are still there.also the well. this year i redone the well with a bucket and rope and showed my g-children how to draw water they were amaze, i also have a little garden,chickens and dogs there.i fell like i've gone back to my roots it is fun if you don't have to live that way and i did grew up living like that and i'm glad to kmow that side of life, the cemetery area is beatiful, near the cemetery there is a picnic area with tree swing's, tables, shed, grill's, and "a up town out house" any one wanting to see or use this area is welcome. we also have elkhorn reunion church service there the third sunday of July @ 1pm food @ 2pm come come and enjoy,

cassie hensley begley From hyden ky 41749

Lemuel Hale 10:40:04 8/29/2004

I grew up around Trace. Went to Trace School, farmed & raised corn. Worked in the mines some, and palyed Bluegrass with The Hall Brothers. We'd splurge once in awhile and stop and get a nickel ice-cream cone. Remember those days? Used to ride the bus to Vicco for about a quarter, take in a show, have a hamburger, play the jukebox for a nickel, ride the bus back & still have 15 cents left out of my dollar! I enjoyed getting a Pepsi because that was the biggest bottle for a nickel. Or a double Cola for the same price.

Lemuel Hale From Tacoma, Washington

Bob Walker 05:50:51 8/29/2004

looking for Donna Lawson,from the old Walkertown days..I hear she lives somewhere here close to me and I would like to get to see her again after all these years..

Bob Walker From Seminole,Florida

Bonnie 21:44:28 8/28/2004

Hi, im doing research on my familys history, starting with my dads side of the family. His name is Vernon Hundley Sr, his fathers name was Frank Finley and his mothers name was Julie Ann (Hayes). Any information would be helpful.Thank-you.Bonnie Hundley

Bonnie From Williamsburg Ky

David Smith 08:49:38 8/28/2004

Greetings to all in Hazard and Perry County, KY ! I am searching for information about my Mother's biological family. She was born in Hazard on June 23, 1939 (she's 65 now) and was given up for adoption shortly after her birth. She was adopted from the All Prayer and Foundlings Home in Louisville later in the summer of 1939 and raised as an only child. Both of her adoptive parents are deceased. To the best of my knowledge, her birth name was Nancy Eleanor Jones. She spent her entire life in Louisville, married and raised four children (I am the eldest). My parents are both retired now and moved to Tucson, Arizona 3 years ago. As far as I know, she may have been born to a young unwed mother, maybe her birth gave a family just one too many mouths to feed, the reason for the adoption is not clear. I have visited Hazard many times, and love the area...even worked there for a week at the renovated elementary school in Ary a few years ago installing new cabinets and countertops. While there, have done some research in the archives of local newspapers and at the courthouse, but with no luck. On one visit, I was inside a tavern, and a man asked me if I was related to "so and so", remarking that we looked nearly identical to one another. That got my interest at the time. However, I am searching for her biological family for my own reasons. I was born with major medical problems, and after 14 various operations, am still leading a normal and productive life. There is no need to go into all of the details in a public forum. Any information that I may receive will be held in confidence. My Mother is not aware of my present search. I may be contacted at the listed email address, and I thank anyone in advance for any light that you may shed on this subject. I need to learn about the medical histories of this side of my "true family"...I want to know about one-half of my "true heritage", grandparents, maybe even real aunts and uncles, first cousins, etc. I grew up with parents who were both only children. Any help from anyone, will be greatly appreciated.

David Smith From Crestwood, KY ( Louisville native )

BLACK GOLD FESTIVAL 23:11:20 8/27/2004

The Black Gold Festival starts on Thursday, Sept. 16 and runs thru Sunday,Sept.


Darlene 05:43:50 8/27/2004

The Black-Gold Festivals starts thursday Sept 16 thur Sept 20 It is allway the third week of Sept, and it is a great festivals.

Darlene From Richmond,Kentucky.

Christine (Jones) Furlong 05:43:47 8/27/2004

I am from the Ary area,(Williams Branch) and I miss it very much.visit as often as I can,but that is never enough..My family still resides there.

Christine (Jones) Furlong From Indiana

carol 16:19:40 8/26/2004

The Black Gold festivl is the 19th throu the 21 of

carol From perry

Margaret Mills 10:12:11 8/26/2004

We'd like to attend the Black Gold Festival this year but we aren't sure of the date. We come every summer to Lotts Creek School and would like to bring a group for the festival this fall. Thanks.

Margaret Mills From Cleveland, Ohio

Linda Joyce Hall Bryant 05:57:34 8/26/2004

I really enjoy the black gold festival. The crafts are nice. The entertainment is wonderful. See you all there. 2004

Linda Joyce Hall Bryant From Campton,Ky.

LINDA DALTON-THORNTON 17:11:08 8/25/2004



Darlene Kusek (NOBLE) 16:47:30 8/25/2004

I love this site, was just reading all the entries, my mom and dad are from fisty, Randall Noble and Gladys Ann Noble ( Owens ) I have cousins their Robert ( Robbie) and Richard ( Ricky )Noble. I'm also looking for any information on my grandfather Rex Noble who married a young lady named carrie after he and my grandmother Beulah Noble ( Petrey) were divorced. Any info on my maternal grandparents would be appreciated also Ernest Owens and Manetta Owens ( Cornett)

Darlene Kusek (NOBLE) From Chicago Il

Don Collins 16:22:02 8/25/2004

I am from Lothair, and my Papaw and Mamaw were Galen & Margaret Howard,My Mothers name was Flossie Howard, and I had Aunts Hazel, and Audrey, and Uncles named Bill, Charles, Hubert, and Woodrow. If anyone knew any or all of them please drop me a line. They have all passed, and I would like to hear from anyone who knew them.

Don Collins From Benzonia Michigan

Donna Combs 10:17:31 8/25/2004

I enjoyed the website and visit it often.

Donna Combs From Prestonsburg, KY

maryanne birmingam 10:14:39 8/25/2004

I am the daughter of Mr. Harry George Birmingham Jr.who was raised in Hardburly and I visited his hometown in 1976.

maryanne birmingam From mitchell south dakota

Scott Napier 05:26:41 8/25/2004

i really enjoy photo

Scott Napier From crittenden ky

Ola Faye Williams-Stephenson 20:55:58 8/24/2004

I was born in Hazard in 1948 and my mother was Elizabeth Ball. I attended the Perry county schools until we moved to Viper and I graduated from Dilce Combs in 1967. I am trying to find if anyone knew my mother and possibly could share some news about her. I really would appreciate it since I know of no relatives on my mothers side. Thanks.

Ola Faye Williams-Stephenson From Bradenton, Florida

Phyllis Miller 17:09:25 8/24/2004

I recently visited Hazard to look around and see where my father lived. It was a nice trip and I will visit again.

Phyllis Miller From Outer Banks, North Carolina

Lester Lee Lewis 09:04:12 8/24/2004

I was a young lad from Glomawr. That was many years ago. Now i no longer live there. I left in 1943. Moved to Ohio, and now to Florida.My Father was Troy Lewis. If you didn't know me then, I will give you an oppertinuty now. I love those hills.

Lester Lee Lewis From Gainesville, Fl.

Charles Glenn Nolan 10:06:51 8/22/2004

My family history shows that I am related to Chief Redbird (which the redbird river is named after). However I can't seem to find anything out about him. If anyone knows how I can fill in the gaps, I would appreicate any information. Remember to Pray for America and our Troops.

Charles Glenn Nolan From Burnwell, Ky

cassie begley 09:50:47 8/21/2004

Hello looking for family from bowlingtown ky, g-father was george barger son of henry, mother was elizabeth bowling daughter of john.they moved to elkhorn leslie co and lived there till their death

cassie begley From hyden kentucky

linda smiechewicz 16:14:12 8/20/2004

Hi, I came across this site and I hope to meet people from the Hazard Ky. area that would have any information about my Dad and his family. His name was Garfiel Slone, his Dad was Bryan Slone, mother, Canzalla Slone.His siblings are Wendell,Jessi,Herb,Willie,Tom(Hatcher) and a sister Bonnie. If you have any information please e-mail me I would be so thrilled to hear from someone that knew my Dad. My Moms name was Marcella(Woody)Slone.Than-You,Linda

linda smiechewicz From Columbus, Ohio

Just Joan 19:24:38 8/19/2004

I like the website, just found it by accident tonight.. I have family from Upper Second Creek.. My Grandparents, are buried in the Combs Cemetery, their names are (Warnie and Mary Salyers). Thank you, I will have to come back and read some more.. Just Joan

Just Joan From Florida

eddie ashmore 17:49:51 8/18/2004

does anyone remember the edwards,bill bill,john john.wilbur,thomas,they used to be regulars at dwarf chyuch of god

eddie ashmore From glomar

Eddie Sizemore 15:51:39 8/18/2004

I use to eat the footlong hotdogs at Mays dairy Bar everytime I could get some money and sneak out of the house.They were so good I would never share them with anyone.

Eddie Sizemore From Acapulco Mexico

Donna Reed 19:39:58 8/16/2004

Shirley, I am also from Hazard. My husband's family are all in or around Tucson. Some in the Phoenix area. It is nice seeing someone on here from Arizona.

Donna Reed From Wooton, KY

Verda Bowling/Reed 13:41:24 8/16/2004

I found a picture of my Grandmother(Verda Reed) and she has a waitress outfit on that says white tower. There is a another lady standing beside her which I dont have a clue who she is either .I was wondering if any one knows where this was at or have any info on the place . My family is from Lecther . My Grandparents are Earl(living in Heaven) and Audrey Halcomb.Which live up line fork .My other side is Claude and Verda Reed (both with God). If ya know them please drop me a line ..Thanks Robin

Verda Bowling/Reed From Angola, ind

Tammy (Lewis) Dicken 12:36:51 8/16/2004

It has been a long time since I was home. If you remember me let me hear from ya.

Tammy (Lewis) Dicken

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