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FLOYD 10:34:55 6/29/2004



D Rogers 05:46:27 6/29/2004

My father in law was from hazard a great man. I miss him.

D Rogers From Indiana

MARTHA JANE BAKER 01:22:30 6/29/2004



Jackie(Davis) Lovitt 19:40:58 6/28/2004

Would like to hear from someone who went to the old Dudley School before it was burned best friends were Brenda Miller and Cena Combs if anyone can give me any Information I would greatly appreciate It. e-mail me.

Jackie(Davis) Lovitt From Fort Pierce,Florida

Former Napier D.E student 19:10:16 6/28/2004

On August 29 1980,I was waiting for mrs.Asher to come and unlock her classroom,I decided to take a "leak" in a corner of the building where I was waiting, while I was in the process of completing my task mrs. Asher suddenly appeared! I dont know if she saw me or not,-My most imbarrassing moment!!!-

Former Napier D.E student

Louise Miller 07:17:10 6/28/2004

Enjoy your web site.My daughter and I just returned from a visit to KY. We stayed a week in Frankfort and a week in Hazard,my daughter is into genology.Everyone was wonderful to us.I'm amazed how much Hazard has grown since my last visit in the 80's.Thanks to all for your hospitality.Louise and Mary Lou

Louise Miller From Alexander, VA

joyce 17:03:54 6/27/2004

My dad was from Hazard. (Virtue Miller)

joyce From caledonia,ohio

Linda Whitaker 10:36:55 6/27/2004

Hello,I am married to Larry Whitaker.Larry graduated from Hazard High school in 1965.I am trying to find some of the people he went to school with at that time.He says that probably everyone he knew at that time has left and moved to other locations.He was raised around Letcher county,but moved around alot as a teenager,I would love to recieve any information from anyone that could help me with this. Thank you,Linda whitaker

Linda Whitaker From Tigrett,Tn.(northwest tn.)

nancy 20:37:54 6/26/2004

In loving memory of my husband of more than 36 years, Roger D. Kilburn, who passed away April 12,2003. He was born at Hardburly, Ky. and was a Vietnam Veteran. Sadly missed by wife,1 brother, 2 daughters, and 4 grand children. MISSED AND LOVED SO MUCH.

nancy From ohio

Thomas Smith 02:01:42 6/26/2004

I am now 40 yrs old. Those I spent the 1st twenty years with and around seem to have vanished away. I grew up in Wabaco and went to Walkertown Grade school, Hazard and Napier High schools. I certainly miss what, in retrospect, seemed to be very care free days. I would be thrilled to hear from some of my old friends. Feeling Nostalgic, Thomas.

Thomas Smith From Leslie County

Former Napier DE student 10:14:51 6/25/2004

Arround November of 1978, WE had DECA competition at Hazard community college,I had parlementary procedure, I sliped out of going to it,The very next day, Lonita Sasher said"I didnt know what to think when they said that he didnt show up"

Former Napier DE student From Hazard KY

Jim Sewell 20:29:00 6/23/2004

I was only in Hazard one time. I played football at Boyd County High and we came down to Hazard to play a game. It was Hazard HS's Homecoming and raining like I never saw. The field was nothing bit mud and although we lost...16-8 I think, I will always remember the trip, the game and the loss. That was in the 1971 season. Great website!

Jim Sewell From Mission Viejo, California

Jim Brewer 10:39:01 6/23/2004

I lived in Hazard from 1955 to 1959. I worked at the UMWA hospital and was active in the Civil Air Patrol. Anybody still around from that era ?

Jim Brewer From Mexico Beach, FL

Jeff Fields 10:19:27 6/23/2004

Howdy. I am new to this site and I have been looking for some information about my father's family. His dad's name was, William Fields. His mom's was Matilda Ingram or Ison. She was born in Hazzard KY. He was born in Blackey KY. Their children are Alec,Arron,Paul(my dad),Clifford,Herschel,Helen,Gladyus,Irene, and Edna. I would appreciate any help you can give. I guess the year's would be 1930 back to 1880. Hope that isn't to far back.ThanksJeff

Jeff Fields From Blackey/Whitesburg

jay reed 10:18:36 6/23/2004

loved the site.i was born and raised in glowmar during the 80's and 90's.anyone who knows me or my family(moores and reeds)please feel to email me,i would like to hear from you.i really miss it

jay reed From kendallville indiana

Alison Rogers 22:31:41 6/22/2004

If any one has any pics of my grandfather or father that they would like to share please e-mail me i would love to see them. my grandfather is carl h rogers and my father is gary edison rogers these men are the best thing that happen to me but they r no longer with me carl died dec 17 1999 and gary died july 4 2001

Alison Rogers From hazard Ky

betty sue burton 16:27:52 6/22/2004

i was born i hazard 1949 to the barnets and burton i now live in ohio would like some information on my family if any. dad was ernest burton thank you. i had 4 other brothers who now live in michigan my grandmothers name was susie barnett

betty sue burton From harzard ky
b/brain bdowns

betty sue burton 15:47:52 6/22/2004

i was born i hazard 1949 to the barnets and burton i now live in ohio would like some information on my family if any. dad was ernest burton thank you. i had 4 other brothers who now live in michigan

betty sue burton From harzard ky
b/brain bdowns

betty sue burton 15:43:54 6/22/2004

i was born i hazard 1949 to the barnets and burton i now live ohio and would like some information on my family if any. dad was ernest burton thank you. i had 4 other brothers who now live in michigan

betty sue burton From harzard ky
b/brain bdowns

James Brewer 14:16:55 6/22/2004

I love to find out new things that went on in my grandpa nad grandmas time its COOL!

James Brewer From Hazard, Ky

joel donnelly 13:20:20 6/22/2004

Love the site. My father was born in Hazard back in the 30's. I am looking for any information on a Whitelaw Carns and Sallie Price who were my great grandparents.

joel donnelly From Cincinnati, OHIO

Setys Combs-Kelly 02:36:10 6/21/2004

Am looking for Stacy that signed in looking for info about her Granfather Clarence Combs. She left no e-mail address. My father, Ernest Combs, had a brother named Clarence. Does anyone know who this Stacy is?

Setys Combs-Kelly From Springfield, OH

brittany costello 21:08:06 6/20/2004

vicco is a great place and it is a great place to raise kids because that were i was raised up at. an everbody no everybody. vicco is a part of hazard ,ky and hazard is the queen city of the mountain.

brittany costello From vicco ky

pamela vanschoyck/smith 07:19:00 6/19/2004

thanks for all the information and pictures. i am looking for some pictures of family. charlie stidham was my grandfather who was the sherrif of hazard, i know in the 60's. if anyone can help it would be appreciated. thanks

pamela vanschoyck/smith From lima, ohio

Jennifer Eades Morrison 11:01:09 6/18/2004

Is there anyone who graduated from Buckhorn High School in 1993 out there??

Jennifer Eades Morrison From Tennessee

Shirley Riddle Stacy 10:21:03 6/17/2004

Just spent a week in the Hazard area. I am originally from there and I must say that the mountains and scenery there are still beautiful. Got to see a lot of "old" friends and "places" and it will always be my hometown. Shirley

Shirley Riddle Stacy From Arizona

wanda sutphin 00:08:24 6/17/2004

I enjoy your website. I'm always looking to see if I can find out any information about the Finleys. My Grandfather, Brack Finley drove for the Hazard Bus line. My mother, Wanda Finley lived in Forseam when she was a teenager. I'll keep looking around, maybe I'll find something yet.

wanda sutphin From Madison WV 25130

Manuel Holland 15:00:28 6/16/2004

Hazard ky is the queen city and allways will be the only place to live god bless our town for every aman

Manuel Holland From upper sec, creek

Marie Britton 09:01:58 6/16/2004

i lived in Hazard for about 10 years and loved it. Nice little town back then, wish it was still like that. Good luck Hazard.

Marie Britton From Okeana, Ohio

Sarah 08:59:36 6/16/2004

Perry County is a great place to live. There's no place like home. We have our problems but who doesn't?

Sarah From Perry County

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