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Angela Feltner Swann 22:16:03 7/27/2005

My parents were Patricia Combs Feltner and Roger Leon Feltner. They are both deceased. I am simply trying to gather some history-this is a nice site. Hazard is home to me to in so many ways. Many of my fondest childhood memories are of my cousins and I playing in the hills and creeks. We came up just about every weekend. My parents are buried there now.

Angela Feltner Swann From Lexington,KY

David Eversole 19:48:52 7/27/2005

just checking hazards home page out, im from hazard but have lost track of many freinds since i have left. i miss the hills of east ky some any one who gets this that knows me drop a line

David Eversole From Glasgow, ky

melda b day 18:43:25 7/27/2005

u have done a great job keep up the good work

melda b day From leslie co

Neal Mercer 06:46:03 7/27/2005

Jerry Williams, email me when you have the time

Neal Mercer From Tennessee

Bertra Jones 15:05:54 7/25/2005

I was born in Benham in 1945 my Dad work the blue diamond mine we moved from there when I was a year old would like to find someone my age that maybe their dad would know mine

Bertra Jones From Longwood FL.

James 20:20:01 7/24/2005

just want to say drop me a line if you know me like to here from you i moved to ga in 1988 just drop me a line email

James From Dalton Ga

Dean Fisher 15:24:19 7/24/2005

Im trying to find out any thing about Arnold Thomas from Kodak,, he was my grand father, he worked at Meem -Haskins mine.

Dean Fisher From Cincinnnati,Ohio
lawrencedfisher@aol .com

Joseph Aubry 19:56:36 7/22/2005

Does any one know where Betty Jean Robinson's real mother died. This is Annie (Gray)(Rhodes)Collins. Maiden name Gray. She is buried in the Collins family (as Annie Collins) graveyard about 7 miles west of Hyden, Kentucky just off route 421 north on Cane Fork Road. Betty Jean Robinson is a singer with a program on T.B.N. Medloy Mountian. Her real mother married a Jimmey Collins and is buried under that name Collins. I would like to what state and county she died in. She is not list in the Kentucky death records under any of these names. Betty Jean Robinson whos maiden name is Rhodes came from the Pineville, Straight Creek area and know lives in Franklin, Tennessee. My E - MAIL address is If anyone has any information or knows who does (and how to contack them) I would like and answer as soon as possible. Thank You.

Joseph Aubry From Ottawa, Illinois

Shirlene (Hamilton) Epperson 22:42:46 7/21/2005

Hello everyone, I,m trying to get in touch with friends that i grew up with in blue-diamond camp at leatherwood. We moved from leatherwood in 63. I went to Livingston grade school and then to Leatherwood high school. If anyone remembers me you can e-mail me at or give me a call at 606- 476-8897.

Shirlene (Hamilton) Epperson From Cornettsville, Kentucky

Craig Dobson 12:05:06 7/20/2005

Hello hazard, I am a native of Hazard and I moved when I was very young. I still wish I could come and visit. If anyone could give me some tips on what there is to do there now, and any other good stuff you know. Love all and miss you KY.

Craig Dobson From Moores Hill, IN

CARL GENE LAWSON JR. 17:00:54 7/19/2005


CARL GENE LAWSON JR. From leota in.

wanda(PELFREY)Bradford 16:06:12 7/19/2005

To Olliie mobelini was my adopted mother's sister.James and Virgie Pelfrey raised me . They also adopted Merrill who was Bobbie Mobelinis brother.e-mail me. i check my e-mail more than i do this site.

wanda(PELFREY)Bradford From Inverness,Fl.

Dennis Mullins 14:18:25 7/19/2005

I am from Hindman Kentucky,and currently live in Fairborn Ohio. I played Bluegrass Music on WKIC AM Radio Station, in the late fourties and early Fifties with one of my Brothers, Two uncles, along with a Fiddle Player by the name of Bobby Summers. We were sponsered by the Dow Drug Store, and Blue Flash Refrigeration Co. We also played at Pikeville, Ky. We had the Singing Miner on some of our shows. We played some pretty hot licks back then. I bought my first "Gibson" Guitar on Main Street in Hazard. God Bless Hazard. I worked at Carrs Fork Coal Co, # 7, as a coupler on a Motor. One of the Couplers that worked with me was Billie Steele, and the Big Boss up there at this time was Roger Alexander. Vicco was a Booming Mine town at that time, and the Sheriff in Vicco was a Man by the name of Amber Deaton. This Man you didn't want to cross. I continue to visit Hazard quite often. I went on to Retire from the Air Force with 22 plus years, and continued to work for the Government for an additional 22 plus years. Anyone remember some of these times, and our music drom me a line.

Dennis Mullins From Fairborn, Ohio

Chasity 09:19:29 7/19/2005

I would like to say hi to everyone back home...I sure miss Hazard more and more time I spend away from there...Anyone who knows me write me some time....

Chasity From from Perry County....Glowmar,But now live in Georgia

John David Daniels 00:56:19 7/19/2005

if any one out there remembers me i attended school at allen elementary at allen ky also prestonsburg high that was back in the 7o's i lived up in a little plkace called cow creek if any of my school mates remember me reply back to my email address i live in missouri now been away from home a long time i still miss it i like this web site

John David Daniels From allen kentucky

LowellColwell 12:42:21 7/18/2005

KODAK School Reunion Carr Creek St ParkLitt Carr Campgrounds, WILLOW Shelter House23 JULY 2005 at 12:00 Noon Til ???

LowellColwell From St Marys Oh

Curt Campbell 18:02:44 7/17/2005

Does anyone know of any Grace Bible Study Groups in the London/Corbin area? Or any Grace Believers that live in the London/Corbin area besides us? We are starving for fellowship...Curt and Rhonda

Curt Campbell From London, Ky.

Dave Baker 12:42:01 7/17/2005

Hello! Enjoyed your site. My life started in Confluence KY (about 10 miles from Hazard-as the crow flies)in 1941. My father, Ira J. Baker and mother, Viola Begley Baker moved to Cincinnati Ohio in 1943. I have many relatives in this area with whom I have lost contact. I would especially like to find out if my cousin, Louise Sizemore is still in the Hazard, Anco or Vico area. With best regards, Dave Baker.

Dave Baker From westminster colorado

hazard_hobo 06:21:12 7/17/2005

does anyone out there know when the passenger trains quit running in hazard?


Charlie Walker 21:33:22 7/16/2005

Hi, my name is Charlie Walker, I live in Fort Wayne Indiana but from Hazard. Have alot of memories from here. Anyone who reads this and knows me, drop me a line. Would love to hear from home.

Charlie Walker From Perry co.

shawna hayes 08:36:11 7/16/2005

I was born and raised in hazard, in harveyton. I went to M.C. Napier and finished in 1989. I've never been anywhere else that was more beautiful or that made me happier. I'll never have friends like the friends I have back home. William Godsey is my best friend, I love you. I wish I could go home.

shawna hayes From loganville georgia

melda b day 21:55:42 7/15/2005

i enjoy going throuh this guest bookand seeing who else has sined it u have done a great job god bless u

melda b day From leslie co

larry cornett 03:52:04 7/15/2005

i love this site just looking for people that i went to school with .i graduated from delice combs in 1976

larry cornett From leatherwood ky

Amanda Allen 23:03:55 7/14/2005

i just wanted to say... Isn't Hazard great?!?! anyone wanna talk about this small but great city(or Nething else) drop me aline

Amanda Allen From hazard, kentucky

Marie Morris-Ferguson 19:28:16 7/14/2005

I am looking for Rosabell Napier, the daughter of my Uncle Bill Napier. Any information would be appreciated in locating my cousin. My Dad and her Dad was brothers.

Marie Morris-Ferguson From Cincinnati, ohio

Roy Lee Wagers 15:05:49 7/14/2005

I was born in Clay Co. Ky. I would like to say hello to aun't nan.

Roy Lee Wagers From Graham, Oklahoma

carol 11:02:47 7/14/2005

I remember a wanada pelfrey. Are u any kid to ollie and bobby mobiline? I was raise in lothair and the black gold holler during the 50 amd 60.

carol From perry

Glenn Gibson 09:46:30 7/14/2005

Could my home email address be added to your registry? Thank you!

Glenn Gibson From Indiana

Tessie Fugate White 17:30:53 7/13/2005

Hi, name is Tessie Fugate White, was raised in dwarf ky, been a long time since I have been back that way,,If anyone remembers me please send an email. went to Robinson ELem. all 8 years. MCNapier for 2

Tessie Fugate White From Mcbee South Carolina

wanda(Pelfrey)Bradford 15:29:53 7/13/2005

In reply to James Cuddy ,born on Black Gold Hill, Lothair, ky. I, too spent the firs 14or 15 years on Black gold Hill. My fater and mother were James and Virgie Pelfrey. i do remember the Cuddy's Would be glad to communicate.

wanda(Pelfrey)Bradford From Inverness,Fl.,34452

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