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James N Brashear Jr. & Elizabeth Pratt Brashear

Parents of 14 children, all born in Perry County, they are:  Rhoda, Ray
(lived 3 days), Hiram P. (lived to be 104 yrs. old), Elzira, Martha, Sampson
(Capt. in WW1) died  in France, Ezekiel, Robert Lee (whose grandson used to
be Chief of Police in Hazard), Joel, Preston, Marion (Postmaster at Viper for
years), Lucinda, Anna and Eli (the good old boy of Viper).  Submitted by
Frankie Lane Campbell Roberts of Dayton, Ohio.  Photo taken around 1904

James N. Brashear, Jr. volunteered for service in the Confederate Army on
Sept. 12, 1862 and was assigned to Company B, 13th Kentucky Calvary Regiment
in which he served for the duration of the Civil War.  He married Elizabeth
Pratt and they had 14 children as named above.