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Campbell Bend School

As you know from my previous submissions (Cousins: One Family's Photo Album), I adore my cousins and life in Perry County - way back when.  This picture was taken roughly 50 years ago.  It's the Christmas present day at Campbell Bend School, located between Napfor and Dunraven.  This is the same school where my grandfather, Woolery Campbell, used to teach.  I'm not sure who the presents were from.  I know they got some support from the Appalachian Children's Fund.  Four of the students are cousins of mine from the same family.  They are Cleo, Retta (Loretta), Don and Earl Campbell.  Their parents were my Aunt Gypsy, daughter of Woolery, and Uncle Oscar Campbell.  

I have been corresponding with a man in San Diego named Bill Dobson.  He has been extremely generous sharing his memories.  The following quote is from a letter I got from him.  "The Grigsy Grade School was only a few yards from the mouth of Grigsby Branch.  Marcum Smith (Della Mae's father) operated the Smith Store there all the years that I grew up - from about 9 to 20 years old.  His children still has the store as far as I know.  This is on Lotts Creek a few miles from Bulan, KY.

Grigsby Grade School (1946)

(Left to right) Omer Williams, still living in the area I think, Eulanda Sue Young, our teacher, Don Feltner, deceased, unknown - possibly Joann (Joan) Grigsby, Bill Dobson, Della Mae Smith, deceased, Mertin Grigsby, unknown - possibly Louise Combs, Leonard Grigsby

Eva McCleland, Los Banos, CA  evamc@pacbell.net