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The Mother Goose

The Mother Goose building in Hazard is a monument that should remind us of George Stacy's imagination and creative genius.   Stacy started working on the house in 1935.  It was completed in 1940.  The Goose continues to attract attention around the world.  It's been featured in the New York Times & on the Oprah Winfrey Show. 
Larger view, Side view

"When you get a gander at this house in Hazard Kentucky, you might think you've gone quackers, but it really is a Mother Goose house complete with egg shaped windows.  It's been a fixture here for over 60 years." - Oprah Winfrey

Besides it's eight egg shaped windows, this unique home features automobile lights that serve as the Goose's eyes.  At one time the lights blinked to passing motorist.  It was built by George Stacy who lived at the Mother Goose house until his death many years ago..  "As far as I know, the goose was all my husband's idea, Ollie Stacy said a few years ago.  "I have no idea how he came up with that notion.  He came home one day with the idea in his mind.  I was surprised and I didn't think he would go through with it.  He should have been an architect," Ollie Stacy said.  Putting his plan into action, George Stacy went out to Big Creek and shot a goose.  His wife, Ollie cooked it carefully, leaving the skeleton intact but removing all the meat.  He used the skeleton to scale the building by, as a sort of a natural blueprint.  According to Ollie it was a sacrifice to construct the goose building.  They started with nothing and lived in an old shack above the site.  Ollie said they didn't have the money but were determined to do it anyway. "It took us forever to build it.  We'd work a while and build a while," remembered Stacy.  It took them six years to complete the project.  The exterior of the Mother Goose house is made of sandstone from creeks from all over the area, most of it hauled to the site by George Stacy's three sons.    The roof of the building is ribbed just like a goose.  The head of the goose is about 15 feet high.  There is a tail at the other end of the roof.   It was built in an oval shape to symbolize a nest.  Eli Brashear with the Home Lumber Company in Hazard milled the lumber which was numbered and fixed to make the skeleton.  Charlie Presnell and Ivis Jones did the stone work, Lee Spalding poured the concrete and Corvitt Brown supervised the woodwork.  The goose, which now serves as an apartment, has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bath, dining room, and large family room.  Some have suggested that the structure be converted into a gift shop or museum.  Sid Adams who at one time leased the house said tourists would stop frequently to ask about it and take pictures.  "A group of Texans in a bus - I mean like 40 - stopped one time.  Everybody asks, 'What is it?'" Apparently, however, no one has ever figured out why George Stacy chose to make the roof of his home look like a goose, a fowl he never seemed particularly fond of according to his wife.   The Mother Goose building was originally planned as a home, and the Stacy's lived there for many years.  The grocery store was added later.  Today most people have an affectionate feeling for the Perry County landmark.  The Mother Goose building is the creation of a man who was born in Hazard, a man who worked for the L and N railroad.  It seems amazing that one day he just came home with the idea to do such a thing.  "He was like that," remembered his wife Ollie.  The people of Hazard are lucky that he was.  Though he has been gone for 45 years, he left a little bit of fantasy in an otherwise down to earth town.  The building is a concrete hint to the magic of imagination that lies within us all, just waiting for a chance to hatch out and become real just like the Mother Goose. 

Mother Goose Myth: For years it has been rumored that there are rocks inside the Mother Goose house from every state.  There are rocks from many states and Canada inside, but not from every state. Click here for an article on the Mother Goose by Car & Driver Magazine.

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"It's interesting. You really don't appreciate something until you are away from it for awhile.  I grew up less than a mile from the Mother Goose.  I always thought it was an interesting building, but now I see it for just how special it is.  Just like the beautiful mountains in Southeast Kentucky.  I have lived in Los Angeles for fifteen years and I truly love my yearly visit to the mountains of Kentucky.  Each visit consists of a drive past the Mother Goose." Dwight Turner, Hollywood, CA

"We were in Hazard for family reunions.  We got to stop in the Goose for a visit.  I loved it.  The lady there is a Stacy, no kin.  She was so nice.  I sat and talked to her for a while.  She took me through the house.  She said her father in law built it.  I lived in Hazard as a child but never got to go to the Goose.  Thanks so much for this treasure that I will never forget."  Pam (Stacy) Blankenship in Missouri

"My mother and father met there.  So, thank God for 'The Goose' or I wouldn't be here!  lol."  Randall Deaton, Hazard, KY

"My grandpa was the one who helped collect the rocks for the Mother Goose.  He said it took tje, 10 days to find all the rocks they needed.  They found most of them in the river, and had to swim to the bottom of it to get the rocks." Kristy Wooten in KY

"I have been told, by my sister-in-law Virginia Brown Luttrell, that her father Corbett Brown built the Mother Goose building.  Can anyone else confirm this?  I know that the credit has always been given to George Stacy.  According to my sister-in-law her dad built the house for George Stacy." Jimmy Luttrell, Versailles, KY

"I remember going to the Mother Goose store with my Granny Stidham in the early sixties.  The building still fascinates me." Debbie Begley, Cold Spring, KY

Around 10 years ago when I still lived in Hazard my mother in law came for a visit and one of the places we drove past was Mother Goose.  She looked at me and said 'I know this place, a cat died there.'  I looked at her knowing she was from Hazard and had never seen the place before, so I asked, 'how do you know that?' She said, 'it kept going round, and round and couldn't find a corner.'  Vickie Baker Sargent, Parkersburg, WV

"I am 84 years old and remember it quite well, I grew up in Hazard and lived 20 miles from the Goose house, at Carrs Fork, in Scuddy, KY.  The post office near me was in Jeff.  My borther still lives in Hazard.  His name is Hadward Napier."  Hazel Napier, Elizabethtown, KY

"As a child until I was 15, we went to Hazard to the drive-in movies & we always went to see the Goose.  So in 1998 we had our reunion up from where the Goose is located & all of us had to go to see if the Goose was still standing.  Yes, it was there.  We loved the old Goose." Fran Ellwood, Boron, CA

"I have never seen anything like this.  Thanks very much."  Foley Thornton, Morganton, NC

"I remember 'The Goose' as being one of a few places where you could get soft ice cream in a cone.  I grew up in nearby Leslie County, but Live in North Carolina now." Schuyler Day, Kernersville, NC

"I love the Mother Goose House.  I was taken to see it when I was a teen.  My mother talks about her walks to get ice cream from her uncle George Stacy who owned the Mother Goose house.  She and her sisters would walk down 2nd Creek to get ice cream.  I grew up seeing a huge color picture of the Mother Goose House in my room when I was a little girl.  It has wonderful memories for my mother and I love hearing the stories from her." Cynthia in Bloomington, Indiana

"I have never been to Kentucky, let alone to the Mother Goose house.  Some five years back I started a little project to find out how much you can find about a little community on a different continent through the net.  There was no reason at all to choose Hazard in Perry County.  It just happened the first small community I found.  The project was forgotten for a while now and then but I always seem to come back to it.  Through this project I found out about the Mother Goose house and each time I come back to my search about Hazard I look it up again.  It is such a quaint little building.  If you look at it from a continent away your mind tells you it is rather ridiculous but your feelings say it is such good fun.  The man that build it must have had a very bright and happy place somewhere in his mind.  I just plain love it!" Ferdinand Spoel, The Netherlands

"I see the Mother Goose every day because I live right in front of it." Shawn, Hazard, KY

"I have actually been in the Mother Goose.  As a child we lived just down the road from the store.  I would walk up to catch the school bus across the street from the Goose.  I remember the store when Goldie was there.  Another memory is walking up to the store and sometimes visiting in the 'Mother Goose' for cookies and milk.  I still go to Hazard every 4-6 weeks and I have made sure that my granddaughter has seen this wonderful landmark.  She is 4 years old and was as excited about seeing it as I was as a child.  I am so glad that it is still there."  Joyce Feltner Hardy, Irvine, KY

"Hello my name is Charlotte Cornett, and I ran into this site and think that I might be related to the woman that built this house.  My dad's side of the family is from Hazard, so maybe I am related to her some how.  I have also heard stories about this house from my grandmother, if you could email me back if you are familiar with any other Cornett's, Thank you!" Charlotte Cornett, Lexington, KY

"I remember when the Goose was a gift shop and sold soft ice cream.  I still have the little cedar chest my Dad bought for me.  Great memories of the Goose.  Love it!"  Donna in Prestonsburg, KY

"The Mother Goose House was in my Bristol Herald Courier paper.  It is really neat.  Hope to see it in person one day soon." S. Lester, Gate City, VA

"I hope someone saves this.  My mother lived close by and use to walk by it."  David Kinser, Fayetteville, TN

"I haven't just seen it but remember when it was a busy store." Clarence M. Caudill, Letcher, KY

"I actually worked in the Mother Goose Market about 16 years ago.  I remember getting off the school bus at the Mother Goose and she always seemed to look down at me and smile in a kind of storybook/Alfred Hitchcock sort of way.  I also remember being a little nervous when the owner sent me into her 'belly' which served as the owner's office at the time.  The Mother Goose always seemed to be almost alive to me, and I got the papers and exited as quickly as possible.  Luckily, my slightly morbid and overactive imagination led me to film school here in San Francisco.  I'll never forget her." Kevin Deaton, Treasure Island, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

"I was born in Lothair in October of 1929.  My father's name was Dewey Adams, my mother's name was Grace Fields, of Big Creek.  I attended school at Defiance and Vicco, went into the Army and later the Air Force where I stayed for the next 22 years.  As a child I would pass by the Mother Goose.  I remember it as a grocery store.  We have been to Hazard twice this year...and each time we take pictures to share with our California friends.  Personally I think the building should be turned into a museum, for all to see and share."  Charlie Adams, Victorville, California

"Driving to my grandmother's house was made even more fun as we made it a ritual to stop at the Mother Goose house.  I loved to go in and look around at all the shelves and pick out a soda and a candy bar.  I always had my face pressed to the window looking for that familiar shape, hoping that mom wouldn't forget to stop.  I was never disappointed.  I haven't been back for so many years but I intend to drive by the next time I'm passing through on my way to Vicco and Allock.  The Goose is a landmark and should be preserved for future generations to enjoy as many in the past and present have.  Thank you."  Ada L. Rudd, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have eaten several times at the Goose over the years visiting with old friends.  The atmosphere is always friendly and warm, not to mention the FOOD.  Thanks Hazard." Jennifer Smith, Corbin, KY

 "I think that the Mother Goose is a treasure to Hazard Kentucky.  My mother and grandmother said that it has been there ever since they can remember and I hope that she is still standing when my kids are born so they can see something that my family has seen for generations." Ashley in Hazard, KY 

"I remember shopping at the store there with my parents (Oscar & Addie Cornett) and my grandparents (Sheriff Bill Cornett & Rhoda Cornett). We passed it often.  It was on our way to town.  We lived in Hardburly in the '60's.  I always asked them to slow down so I could look at the Goose, of course they seldom did."  Charlotte Cornett Surratt, Vine Grove, KY    

"The Goose is a favorite boyhood attraction of mine.  Monroe Fugate owned it and the market when he was my teacher and principal in high school at M.C. Napier in 1955-58.  He was also a friend after school.  I really loved the Goose."  John Myers, Middletown, Ohio

"I remember the first time I saw the Goose.  We were visiting my grandmother in Bulan.  My dad took me and my brother Jim for a ride and we stopped at the Mother Goose.  He bought us each a Kit Kat Bar.  I guess I was about 4 and my brother was 3.  This was about 1974." Tom Asbury, Wolfpen, KY

"I have lived in Hazard all my life and grew up at Wabaco where the goose is located and I never knew the real story until I read the article here.  This is so amazing but the building around the goose has changed somewhat since the picture above.  I hope they always keep the Goose here because it really is something to see.  My children love to go by there all the time and I always remember going to the Mother Goose restaurant before school every morning years ago so please don't tear it down.  Keep the goose alive.  I would donate money or what ever to keep its up keep.  Thank you." Mary Feltner, Hazard, KY

"I grew up on Lost Creek 78-93 and remember when I first saw the Goose.  Every time I rode by the goose I was fascinated by the whole thing. Seems as if it never grew too old to look up and marvel at the giant goose.  To this day when I drive past the goose I still have a great appreciation for it.  I was shocked a couple of years back to see that a show called Extreme Homes was coming on HGTV about the Mother Goose and I recorded it.  Sherman Neace owned it at that time and he took the cameraman inside which I had never seen before.  The inside is as much if not more astonishing than the outside. The rafters look like the ribs of the goose which amazed me. It also has a ladder that goes up into the head of the goose.  Man, how I would have loved to go inside that thing when I was a kid. Too bad there isn't more creative people like the builders of the goose around because every town needs a landmark like The Mother Goose." Matthew Sizemore, London, KY 

 "I use to visit old Mother Goose when I was a boy.  It was a supermarket back then, run by Monroe Fugate.  That was the good old days."  Gary Fugate, Salem, OH

"I was born & raised in Hazard Kentucky and moved to Chattanooga, Tn when I was 18 to go to college.  After graduating from Lee University, I moved to Nashville, Tn 3 yrs ago to pursue my dream of singing Country Music!  The moral of this message is I have an old high school buddy (Bill Sumner) that lived there during my last two years of high school and during that time I stayed several night in the Big Mother Goose!  My father 'Fuzz' Barger grew up there and still lives there!  I love my memories of such a great place to grow up - Hazard, Ky!" Kovie Barger, Nashville, TN  

"I'm from Viper, Ky., and I remember the Goose from when I was a child.  When we would go to visit my great grandmother, I would always say, 'there's the goose.'  Now, when we sometimes come to town, I still drive by to see it.  My friends don't believe me when I say I've seen a house shaped like a goose."  Deidra in Commerce, GA

"My great grandfather, Robert Carson Ritchie helped build the Mother Goose.  Every time I come back home to visit, I drive by there and remember my great grandfather."  Jennifer Sexton, Kendallville, IN

"I remember my dad driving us to the Blue Goose as kids from Roxana in nearby Letcher County.  My mom was not so happy as dad would get some spirits at a store close by.  We loved to see the Goose and dad loved his package." Ken Frazier, Milford, Ohio

"I remember going to the Mother Goose as a child and remember buying grapes there, and my sister, Joy, and I eating them as we played when we got home." Faith Bowling, Abq. NM

"My Father was Ted Hurley.  He could really play the guitar.  He had a gift.  Some of my favorite memories are of the times when he and my brother Jr. lived in the house, just behind The Goose.  My Dad played music at the Colonial Club. maybe some of you remember him."  Ken Hurley, Newark, Ohio

"My Grandparents Van & Rebecca Combs lived in Happy, KY.  I used to visit the every summer and remember the Goose so much.  Seeing it on the net really brings back old memories." Pamela Miller

"As long as I can remember, this goose has captivated my imagination......I still recall Goldie....Thanks for the memories Mother Goose."  Mary Belle, Hazard, KY

"I have played in the house with Zek Smith's daughter when my parents, Elbert and Lonnie Ritchie, visited the Smiths." Geneva Richie Hunley, Denton, Texas

"My mother use to shop at the Mother Goose store located next door to the Goose house.  We lived on lost creek from 72 to 76." Ronald Fugate, Hobart, Indiana

"I remember seeing the Goose, when I was a little girl visiting my Grandma, Polly Engle, who lived in Dwarf.  Every time I get a chance to come back to Hazard. I make sure I go see the Goose.  Reminds me of all the great times with my Grandma.  Such fond memories!!"  Wanda Engle, Newark, Ohio

"I was raised in Hazard and I saw the Goose every day.  Why are the windows square now/they used to be round.  Why change it?"  Linda Dalton, Houston, TX

"I remember seeing this all the time, when I went to Hazard.  I lived in Perry County at Fusonia, KY."  Wilma Wells, London, KY

"Was born & raised in Tribby, left there in 1960.  The Goose was my place to get pickled bologna to bring home when we visited every year.  Will never forget the place." Bernice Smith Hurley, Fox River Grove, IL

"I used to live across the street from the Goose.  I loved to eat at the restaurant and hang out with my friends, Mike Gay and Jeff
Strong."  Grant Coleman, Chattanooga, TN

"I love how this building was constructed.  I also like the egg shaped windows.  This guy really knows his stuff."  Ricky Williams, Busy KY

"I remember my father, Enos, my mom, Otilla, and my siblings, Gayle, Sandy and Tommy going there when I was a little guy. On a Sunday drive, we would make my Dad pull over so we could look at the Goose. My family has endured much sadness and loss, the years have been tough, but the Goose still stands. Every time I go by it I can see my family through the eyes and wonder of a small child. I can hear the voices of my family and like many others memories fill my heart and mind. I have had the joy of bringing my own sons to see this wonder from a wonderful place." Donald (Duke) Combs, Greenville, S.C.

"I loved going 'The Goose!'  That's what we called it. I remember the pretty lady, Ollie, whom I called 'My Lady.'  She was always kind and talked with the children in the store.  I would go with my Dad, Earl Wooton, or with my Papa, Sam Ward.  It is one of my special childhood memories -- one that I related to my children as they grew up in Ohio." Louise Wooton McKim, Kenova, WV

"We were in Hazard recently and I took a friend from out West to see the Mother Goose. I must say I was most embarrassed at the condition of the lower building.  It was very much in need of some repair and some cleaning up.  It was very dirty around the exterior of the building as well as the building itself.   Please.....if you intend to present this as a place to see in Hazard.....whoever is responsible needs to be aware of the image it is giving at this time. Thank you." Elizabeth, Ohio

"I'm from Hazard by way of Viper and Mason's Creek, off Hwy 7. I remember the Goose well as we'd always pass it going through the little town of Jeff, on the way to Hazard, which was not mentioned in the article. This may be because it is a little place on the outskirts of Hazard.  Eli Brashear was a distant cousin of mine. A friend shared this story with me and I was amazed that Oprah had mentioned it on her show but glad that its history is being shared with others.  It definitely is a historic landmark in Hazard." Virginia (Whitaker) Buckingham, Russell Springs, KY

"I have recently married into the Godsey family and the first place I was taken in Hazard was to see the goose!! What I great time I had seeing it and Hazard in general." Caron Mary Godsey, Australia

"One of my earliest and fondest childhood memories is of my grandmother and I walking down to 'the goose' to get groceries and a peach Nehi out of the old pop machine outside the store. It makes me miss her and Hazard every time I see it. I make it down to Hazard 3 or 4 times a year to visit friends and to visit my grandparents' graves at Riverside Cemetery and I always have to go visit the Mother Goose every time! I hope they never tear it down!" J. Pratt, Lexington, KY

"I spent several night in the goose house with my cousin Fred Smith.  Her parents, Zeke and Mae Smith, owners of Smith Maytag, were the first to live in the Goose house after it was completed.  My uncle would turn the eye lights on for us.  Quite an experience." Mildred Bays Haygood, McDonough, GA

"I lived 'above' the Goose for about a year... in a duplex about half way up the hill... no one ever had a problem locating us!" Rachel Scanlon, Florence, AL

"I remember the Goose very well. It is a landmark for Hazard. I lived in Walkertown in the '60's and I enjoyed that area very much. My friend, Thad Duffs' family owned a carryout by the goose. We used to visit often. I really miss it and someday hope to return to my old roots in eastern Kentucky." Carlos B. Smith, Columbus, Ohio

"I went to school at Dennis C. Wooten and A. B. Combs. We use to pass the Mother Goose daily going to and from school." Mattie Daugherty Morton, Lexington, KY

"How wonderful, to find on the Internet, a piece of my youth. The story about the Mother Goose makes me homesick for Hazard." Annette Creech Franck, Celilna, Ohio

"I saw the Goose for the first time in June 2002. I made a video of it and showed a lot of people. We all got a good laugh out of it. It's a really nice building and the store next door, named the Mother Goose market, carries on the history of the building, even though it is an apartment now -  I think! Being from Western Kentucky and being married to a lady from Leatherwood, its great to go to the other side of the state and enjoy the different culture that eastern Kentucky has. I always look forward to our trip there each summer. The folks in eastern Kentucky are some of the worlds finest....God Bless." Larry Probus Beaver Dam, KY

"I have the fondest of memories of Mother Goose. I have often told my family of the Goose winking at me. Needless to say here is proof that it did indeed wink. Now they won't think I am ready for the white straight jacket. This has just made my day. What a wonderful memory." Carol Jean Noplis-Arnold, Pickerington, Ohio

"I can remember my Aunts being waitresses there and eating many times, as we lived in Leslie County and traveled to Hazard to visit or to shop, but always to eat at the GOOSE. Thanks for keeping this memory alive!" Vickie Rogers, Hamilton , OH

"I was born and raised across the river from the Goose. Late at night you could see the eyes and how they lit up. Truly this is a lifetime memory for me and though I don't live there anymore, when I pass by the 'Goose' I am reminded of my childhood and the good memories associated." Will Fugate, Chavies, KY

"I used to live on Amber Road next to the Mother Goose. After school on Friday at Walkertown Primary we would go down to get candy. I never forget the memories." Antonella, Houston, TX

"I remember when the old Mother Goose was a  store. I used to go in there a lot back then." Dora Stacy, Versailles, KY

"I was born in Hazard in 1947 to Charles & Peggy Haney. I love to hear all about Kentucky and I love  the Mother Goose House." Shirley G. Davis Haney, New Phila., Ohio

"My grandmother, Stella Stacy, and I walked 12 miles once a month to shop for food 40 years ago." Don Stacy, Seymour IN

"I remember clearly in the early 80s when I was a child. we frequently ate breakfast at the Mother Goose. I was always excited and mesmerized by the restaurant." James White 

"I was born in Hazard and lived on Big Willard until I joined the Army in 1970. I have lived in Germany for the last 15 years and just moved to Columbus, Ohio in January 2002. I was just playing on the net when I found the information about Mother Goose. I remember my father used to live down the street and he used to tell me that they used to turn the goose around once a year to clean. The last time I was there about 17 years ago I drove past the goose to show my daughter. That was about all I good find that I remembered." Tom Miniard Jr., Columbus, Ohio

"I have had the privilege of seeing the goose in person, and I was happy to see the goose in the opening of a show called Extreme Homes. Long live the goose." Benita, Ohio

"My ex and now deceased father in law, Clarence Whitaker, told me he helped build that goose. I always thought it was his idea. He was from there." Barbara Walker

"I remember this building from many years ago. After I was married and left Whitesburg, Kentucky, I took my children so they could see the building. Since the new road has been built I haven't been that way in several years. I have some pictures of it from back in the early 60's. Thanks for printing this on the computer. I can't wait until my husband wakes up so I can show it to him." Rose Ballard Durham, Harrison, Ohio

"I remember the Goose, but we called it the Blue Goose. Just remember how unusual it was." Doris L Walker Cook, Franklin, Ohio

"Every time I pass the Mother Goose house, I think of the dream I had the night I had gotten back from a camp site in Buckhorn and had learned about nature. I dreamed that I would always be close to the mother nature." Stacy, Hazard, KY

"This building was owned by my Aunt and Uncle and in the early 60's we would go there after church.  I have had many meals in the restaurant that was there.  It is a childhood memory that I will never forget." Donald Murrell, Carthage, NY

"I was born in Hardburley KY in 1945 to Mary Begley and Harold Perkins.  Once a week we always stopped at the Goose for ice cream - big day for us.  Once a year we go visit the Goose house. Still looks good.  Brings back good memories." Linda Perkins-Millberg, High lake Albion, IN

"My fondest memories of the Mother Goose was when my Daddy, John Combs, and my Grandma, Olivet Combs Couch, would go and buy groceries and always buy pickled bologna to bring back home to Texas for all of us to eat.  We thought that was really a treat.  I had 't seen a goose on a building until we shopped there and to me being a little girl at six or so it was something to see.  My uncles would tell me stories about how they would turn the goose around and put her tail in the front of the store. (ha).  We always came there to buy Pickled Bologna to take back home."  Leah K. Combs (Ballard),  Hooks, Texas

"I was born and raised in Fairborn, Ohio until I was 14 or 15.  We always visited Hazard frequently, cause family lived here.  Then in 1974 we moved to Kentucky.  I can always remember the Mother Goose when I was very young just visiting.  And then when we moved here.  We would go to the Mother Goose Store to buy grocery's.  We loved eating in the restaurant.  When my kids were born, I showed them the Mother Goose.  They were always fascinated with it.  I went to M. C. Napier High School and graduated in 1979.  I moved to Ohio after graduating, and met my husband who is from West Virginia.  Came back to KY to get married, but then returned to Ohio.  Lived there for a few years then my husband went into the Armed Forces.  After leaving the Army, we returned to Hazard, where we have lived now since 1984.  Hazard will always be my real home.  I have two kids now.  One is a girl -19 and a boy -16.  They go to Perry Co Central High School.  The one that replaced the old M. C. Napier.  I now live right next to the Homeplace Clinic in the Straight stretch on Rt. 476.  Would love to hear from any of my old friends that I have lost contact with."  Opal (Allen) Chafin, Ary, KY

"As a kid, I loved to go to the Mother Goose Market and see the big duck sitting there.  As an adult, I lived up the street from it for 13 years.  I don't think I ever drove by without looking at it and smiling.  Hope it last forever."  Willie Begley, Paris

"I can remember when my mom took us out one day for a walk.  We came upon this building that scared me to death at first, but as I stood there and looked at it for a while my mom told us the story of the house, which was a store at this time.  My first bag of candy was bought there.  Now that I see it again, I get that same warm felling I had when I was four, and now I've told my kids about this building.  Some day soon, I'll take them by there and let them see it for the first time.  Thanks for the memories."  Norma Jean Hatton (Stidham), Dayton , OH

"I worked at the super market in 1956 & '57, for Mr.  Monroe Fugate while I was at M. C. Napier H. S.  Then I left to join the Army."  Boyd Allen Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Hello Everyone.  I have a question.  My dad told me of a time in the 1940s he was living in the Hilton coal camp and he remembers seeing the Blue Goose store from his plank house.  Is he incorrect?  Does he mean the Mother Goose House? Was the Hilton coal camp next to the Mother Goose House?"  Milton Combs, Tokyo, Japan

Hi all!  When I was a boy I lived in eye view of the goose, and never knew how important it was until now, and seeing it on national TV.  I now have a picture in my home of the goose that my aunt from Hazard sent to me.  My roots are still deep in Hazard and I will always consider it home."  Gary P. Napier, Fort Wayne, IN

"I was born and raised in Hazard, KY up until 1991 when my father joined the military.  I remember when I was a little girl and every time we would drive past Mother Goose that we were almost to my Granny's house.  Now every time I come home to visit my family and friends (Johnson's, Couch's, Joseph's, Harness'), I make my husband drive by the Goose because I don't feel like I've made the complete trip until I've seen it.  I really love this website, it keeps me closer to my hometown and reminds me that I'm due for another visit."  Kelli Brown, Clarksville, TN

"I remember when the Mother Goose was a restaurant and grocery.  Company would come from out of town and we would go out and eat at the Mother Goose.  Some of the best fried chicken I remember.  And the cherry Cokes, oh so good!"  Jeff Skaggs Haleyville, AL

 "I use to love going to the goose store with my grandfather, John Mitchell.  That was one thing I looked forward to when visiting him.  I was born in Hazard.  I love going back to visit."  Gail Mitchell,  Ohio

"I wish this place was my home.  I love to go to Hazard to see this big goose. I have seen the inside of this place on TV."  Tawynia, Hazard, KY

"I have lived close to the Mother Goose most all my life.  I was born on Dec.10, 1946.  I have always wanted to live there."  Carol, Hazard, KY

"My grandfather built it.  1940 I believe.  I was raised in nearby Combs KY."  Charlie Pressnell, Macon GA

"I really like these pictures."  Mary Mcintosh, Beattyville KY

"All my life I have lived down the road from the Mother Goose.  I was born in Hazard on May 21 1981 and every time I see the goose I still wonder what was on that persons mind to build such a house and live in it.  I'm very glad they had such a mind and intuition to build such a place.  A place that will forever live in my mind and heart."  Daniel C. Hall, Hazard, KY

"I remember the Mother Goose structure as a grocery store.  I grew in up in Hazard, KY between 1948 and 1970.  The memories are still cherished.  I hope it is put on the national historic sites and kept up for all to visit.  Why not make it Hazard's museum."  Paulette Combs Roberts, Columbus, IN

"What a great find!!!  I always loved going to the Goose and still drive by when visiting.  My sons have seen it many times and still wish I had gotten to live there for awhile.  Me, too. My mother, Nola Bell Begley, remembers me always calling it 'Goose Airplane' and I remember the airplane that used to fly around it's head.  Whatever happened to the plane?  This website is a great link to home.  Thanks."  Laura Begley Thompson, Westerville, Ohio

"My family and I lived in the goose for a time in the late 1980's.  As a former resident, I can truly say it is the most unique house I have ever lived in.  Long live the goose."  Rea, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Before I was ever born, my father, Cleon Smith, was a meat cutter at the Mother Goose.  We lived in Perry County until I was 14 years old.  We moved to London in 1979 and my father died of lung cancer in 1995.  He is missed very much."  Dora Smith Vance, London, KY

"I was born & raised in Hardburley, Kentucky but never got to see the goose until I was about 18 years old, but I made sure all my kids got to see it.  They just loved it.  Someone would ask why the goose faced the road.  I told my kids, so her eggs wouldn't roll out in the road.  They didn't believe me so...."  Mary Conley, Wolcottville, In

"I lived in Hazard all my life and never thought a hillbilly land mark would be known world wide."  Chris Walker, Whitesburg, KY

"Loved the goose.  When we went back to Hazard on trips, our dad would wake us up when we got to the goose.  A wonderful memory."  Sue Walker, Slidell. Louisiana

"I remember vividly visualizing some kind of big duck on the roof of a small structure.  I was only 5 years old when we moved from Jeff, a small community about 5 miles from Hazard, to Louisville.  Once a year, my parents would take our family to visit my grandmother in Vicco until she passed away in '72.  This goose, which I always mistakenly thought was a Mallard Duck for the longest time, always stood out as an icon of Hazard to me.  I think it is very unique and should be made into either a museum, or a small Bed 'n Breakfast cafe."  Sharon, Louisville, Ky

"When I was a child growing up and passing by the Mother Goose House, I always wondered how it might look inside and until this day still do.  As a teenager in the fifties, it was so much fun to pull up at the drive-thru to order a hot dog, listen to music and chat with friends.  The Mother Goose holds a special place in my heart.  My children also enjoyed visiting the Mother Goose when visiting relatives and always wondered as I did, how it may look on the inside.  We all have pictures of the Mother Goose Store in the family albums."  Pauline Engle Allen, Ocala, FL

When I lived in Allais in the '50's I knew the Mother Goose as the Blue Goose.  I'm surprised to see it called Mother Goose.  Thanks for all your memories."  Joyce (Walker) Lucas, Brownsburg, IN

"I remember the Goose very well, as we lived in the area from 1947 thru 1956.  Hazard has a special place in my heart, my many friends I have there, met and married my wife there, and four of our children were born at the Mt Mary Hospital on High Street.  I sold Insurance there for 3 plus years.  Keep up the good work. and the area for MSA out of Pgh, Pa for 20 more, The mountains has the best people of anywhere I've ever been, friendly, accommodating, trusting, and open, Retired in Fla. Woody Hurley Sr.,  Florida

"I was raised in Manchester Kentucky.  We had family in Hazard.  I can remember as a kid seeing the Mother Goose House.  It stands out in my memory because we passed it a lot.  As a child it was something to talk about.  It still is with my own children now."  Roy  Spurlock, Hamilton, Ohio

I  was  born  on  Millbranch near  Dwarf, Kentucky  about 15 miles from  Hazard.  I first saw the goose when I was just about five and always go back to see it."  Mr. Stacy, Ohio

"My father lives in Wabaco right below the Mother Goose.  He has lived there for 50 years.  I also lived there for 15 years."  John Jackson Peavley, Knoxville, Tennessee

"When I lived down yonder in Hazard, I remember sometimes walking to M. C. Napier High down the street pass the Mother Goose house.  That was back in the 1991-1997 that I lived there.  It was like you was safe with Mother Goose watching you.  I'm so glad I found this web site because when ever I get home sick I can always come home to this web site."  Adam Park, Neton Falls, Ohio

When I was a little girl in the forties and early fifties, me and my father, Ray Cornett, would go to the Mother Goose house and shop for groceries.  I am so glad that you put a picture for the world to see of this because I have told my grandchildren many stories about this house and thought they might never be able to see it.  We live in Chicago so it was a distant dream for me. Now we can really share memories of my childhood home.  Thank You."  Virginia Cornett

"Whenever my mom would take to my grandma house the trip would not be complete without a trip to the "goose" for moonpies and pickled bologna in a gallon jar.  And of course my older brother asking that all important question of: Why does the goose face the road?  I'm just glad that it is still there so that I can share the experience with my children."  Linda (Young) Evans, Ohio

"My grandfather, Cleon Smith, was a meat cutter at the Mother Goose before my mom was ever born.  He said that the Mother Goose was the best store in Hazard just because he worked there."  Stuart Vance, London, KY

"My mother was born in Preachertown, Ky.  I was raised to be proud of my roots.  Today surfing the net looking at old pictures of her childhood as she holds our family future in her hands ......low and behold we come across this page.  I'll quote her; 'The mother goose house is who I am.'  As she shared with me about her child memories walking past the home with her Mom and Dad. What a blessed day.  Her Name is Mae Thacker, daughter of Tom and Callie Thacker."  Tony, Atlanta, Georgia

"I grew up in Perry County, Lost Creek to be exact, and I always thought the goose was really cool as a little girl.  My mom worked at the goose for a few years and me and my daddy would go pick her up from work.  I remember just looking at that Goose wondering what was inside and just itching to go in.  As I grew older it just became and ordinary thing to me and I had forgotten how unique it really was until I read this article.  Thanks for the pictures and trip down memory lane."  Pam Combs Arnold, Ontario Canada

"We moved to Cincinnati from Hazard in 1956.  Since my grandparents lived in Hazard we visited probably a dozen times each year.  A highlight of each trip was shopping at the 'Goose' with my grandmother who lived in Walkertown.  She would never shop anywhere but the Goose.  It was in her words 'the best they is...'" (William) Dale Grigsby, Cincinnati, OH

"I think it's the coolest house I've ever seen and I would love to live there."  Sabrina, Hardburly, KY

"I just recently had the chance to visit the Mother Goose House with my mother (Jalia) and my sister (Shonda).  I have to say it was one of the best times of my life.  Just to be in the same area that my grandparents (Matilda Stamper & John Turner) lived in, so long ago.  My mother spent hours telling tales of when she was a little girl growing up in Hazard.  We tried to find the house that she lived in, but we just couldn't find it.  Does anyone out there know how I would go about finding older maps of the city?  Before the 1960's the names of some of the places would be Allais, also Walkertown.  Thanks again for the memories!"  Anne M (Price) Pritchett, Indiana

"The goose is a very creative building!  I hope it lasts a long time!"  Emily Duke, Hazard, KY

"My aunt and uncle, Mabel and Zeke Smith, were the residents of the Goose House for a short period.  I remember visiting it and making fun of Uncle Zeke for living in such a goofy house.  It was nice to see that it is still standing.  I think it should be Hazard's contribution to American culture."  Dwight Baker, Vero Beach, FL

"I remember the first time I saw the Mother Goose as a child.  My family lived at Ivis in Knott County at the time and we went to Hazard for eye exams and went by the building.  I have often stopped to just remember those days when I am back Home in the Mountains."  Nell (Howard) Bee, Hampton, Va

"My father, Eli N. (Nick) Brashear, did the drawings which his father, Eli H. Brashear, used to mill and cut the lumber to build the unusual frame of the Goose.  I was born in 1944.  When I was a little boy, in the late forties and early fifties, my dad would take my brother and me for Sunday afternoon drives, often ending up in Walkertown for an ice cream cone from the Pet Dairy shop across the road from the Goose.  I remember going to a few Hazard Bomber games at Bomber Park, also across the road from the Goose.  Each time I saw the Goose I marveled at it, and still do when I visit Hazard.  I have fond memories of that unique building and am proud that some of my family helped realize Mr. Stacy's dream.  It pleases me that the Goose lives on."  Joe Brashear, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I remember the Goose well.  My aunt and uncle, John and Zola Davidson, owned Davidson Motor Company right across the street from the Goose.  When I was a little girl we spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle's place because Davidson Motor Company had an upstairs that consisted of apartments.  Zola and John lived in one of the apartments upstairs and of course ran the company downstairs.  Their apartment was bigger than our house.  I would spend the night with my cousins and we would make many trips to the Goose.  It was a sight for us kids to see and everyone knew just where it was when mentioned."  Linda Thomas, Birmingham, Alabama

"What I remember is the Colonial Club, the nearby night spot, not the Mother Goose!"  V. Martin Ogrosky, Charlotte, NC

"My grandfather Zeke Smyth helped build the goose.  Zeke and Mae Smith along with children Hilda, Freda and Darwin were the first to occupy the goose house.  They lived in the goose for several months while Zeke built a new building for Smith Maytag."  Tim Brown, Orlando, Florida

"Lived across the street 1944-1964."  Garry Combs, Lexington, KY

"I have family in the Hazard area. I have visited the area a lot.  I tell everyone about the goose house.  It is one of my fondest memories of Hazard.  I visit every time I'm in town."  Jackie Mercer  Ironton, Ohio

"I remember going to the store there with my big mommy and also with my own parents, (Campbell).  I was born in Hazard but raised in Michigan, but I was raised country.  I married my husband, Clarence Howard from there also.  I remember a taxi driver, Carfield Dedion or something close to that name dying of a heart attack there in front of the store.  Yes, I have some good memories of Hazard and would not trade it for the world.  I have a lot of kinfolk there; Grigsbys, Campbells, Jones, Bakers, Combs, Morris, & Howards.  That about covers everything or everybody.  Thanks for the memories.  Glenna Howard, Chattanooga, TN

"I've never seen anything like this! How unusual!  I really enjoy the Hazard homepage!"  Lynne, Bowling Green, KY

"What's the address for the house?  Please respond asap!!!"  Brandon,   Midland, TX

"I remember seeing the old goose house every summer when I would come to Hazard to visit family.  I knew when I saw it I was almost to my aunt and uncle, the Harveys, or great grandparents, Jim and Susan Stacy.  All of my family comes from down there and it was the sign that the long drive was almost over and the good times were about to begin, just like the EAT sign at a little diner a few miles from Christopher.  Thanks for reminding me of all those summers and that I am way overdue for another visit.  There is still some family living there."  Carol Herald   Bromley, KY

"I remember the Mother Goose Market.  My mother told me that the man who wanted to build it asked my grandfather to draw up the plans for it.  He didn't, she didn't know why he would not."  Billie Ruth (Strong) Gayheart

"The goose brings back floods of fond memories.  All the vacations my parents took me on were to Wooton, KY to visit my mammy and papo (Noah and Cora Begley) and of course my aunts and uncles (Ruby, Opal, Rex, Raymond, Elmer and Geraldine, she worked at the store).  When we went shopping in Hazard we always stopped at the Goose.  It's a unique structure and I always thought of it as something special.  I'm glad it's still around and really was surprised when I saw it on Oprah."  Gwen Walther, Shepherd, MI

"I was born and raised in Hazard and can remember feeling sorry for anyone who didn't live there.  I can remember being fascinated by the Goose when I was a little girl.  I wanted to live in that goose house with the cutest, egg-shaped windows in the whole world!  It warms my heart to see it always featured in the introduction to one of the 'unusual home' shows on HGTV.  I have learned even more about the history of the house just reading comments and information provided on HazardKentucky.com.  Thanks for the memories!" Shawnee Dix Averitt, Naples, FL

"I was born at Allais Ky, and my Grandparents are buried in the cemetery across the road from the Goose House so this is a early memory of mine."  Sandra Sue Sumler Jones

"I remember about seven or eight years ago, my friend and I went up to Ohio and visited Grandma Stacy, (that is what we called her).  I remember staying overnight in her house only to be awakened by the smell of her homemade biscuits, gravy, eggs and the fixins.  She sat down and told us the history of the Mother Goose and more and I am glad we recorded it.  I love her very much.  She is the most generous, loving person I know."  J.C. Hazard, KY

"I love the Mother Goose house because I lived in Kentucky for 21 years."  Tommy B  Justice, CT

"The Mother Goose has always been a special landmark to me.  I grew up in City Fuel hollow near there and that was where we bought much of our food.  My earliest memories of the Mother Goose was the ice cream cones that was sold out the window of one of the round adjoining buildings.  My Great uncle, Grover Hurt raised me and he told me of talking to George Stacy and George had plans for other novelty buildings but he died before he was able to finish them. One was to have a revolving top but I can't remember what he wanted to put on it. I loved growing up in Hazard." Carol Hurt Staten, Dayton, OH

Students in Mrs. Castle's Primary Class at Dennis Wooton Elementary were asked to share their comments on the Mother Goose:

Student 1: "One time, my uncle told me that when he was a little boy he went inside the goose and saw all kinds of boxes."

Student 2: "I remember my mama worked in the store beside the goose and she took me inside the goose building, it was cold and weird."

Student 3:  "When I first saw the Mother Goose, my aunt told me that I could go touch it.  It felt rusty and old because it's been there for a long time."

Student 4:  "Back in the 60's or 70's, my great grandmother worked at the grocery store and my cousin wants to work there one day."

Student 5: "I remember when I was 5 years old, every time we would pass the Mother Goose, we would say my cousin lived in the eyes, my uncle lived in the nose, and my other cousin lived in the other eye!, it was a fun game."

Student 6:  "When my mom was little she went inside the goose and old people lived there."

Student 7: "  Once I was in the Mother Goose because my mom knew a girl and she done her nails for her there"

"I remember shopping at the Mother Goose super market in the 50's and it was run by Monroe Fugate or owned by him.  It seemed much bigger and more impressive back then."  Dolores Durbin Yant, Port Charlotte, Fl

"I worked at the Mother Goose when I was a young boy.  I have been inside the Goose's head.  It is a beautiful piece of art and we are proud to have it in our town." Edward Couch, Busy, KY

"Mother Goose was completed the year I was born.  I was born on Georges Branch.  I moved to  when I was a year old.  When I was growing up, every time we went to Hazard to visit, our mom and dad would drive out of their way to show us the Mother Goose building.  I am 60 now and still enjoy looking at it."  Norma Tackett Combs,  Amelia, OH

"The best and I mean the best place to get pickle bologna."  Evelyn Bryant, Newport, KY

"The Ol' Goose brings back many memories.  We past by the goose on the way to my in laws home in Lotts Creek.  My kids looks forward to seeing the goose as much as they looked forward to seeing their grandparents."  Earleen Cornett Gramm,  Burton, MI

"I can remember all the times I would drive by The Mother Goose and tell my mother, 'Look Mom, it's Mother Goose!'  I always loved seeing The Goose, it brought a light to my day every time I saw it.  This Goose has been in this town for as long as I've been alive, and longer!  It has been a part  of Hazard, is a part of Hazard, and will continue to be a part of Hazard for many years to come.  I thank you, George Stacy, for your wonderful home!!!"  Ivy Brashear, Viper, KY

"My mother is from Hazard and I can remember going to the Goose with my grandparents Leonard & Luvernia Fugate every time we would visit.  Seeing this picture brought back a lot of memories of some special people that I love and miss very much. Thank You!!!"  Lisa Griffin, Fort Wayne, IN

"I'm the daughter of Troy McDaniel & the granddaughter of George and Elsie McDaniel.  I remember very well my grandparents raised me and took me to the Mother Goose Market.  I loved it so much.  I have fond memories.  My grandparents had a grocery at Scuddy and also at Littcarr Ky.  But I enjoyed them taking me to the beautiful Mother Goose.  Thanks for this web site.  When I saw it I cried."  Shirley McDaniel Jones Quartzsite, AZ

"Yes I do remember the old Mother Goose located in Wabaco, KY, across from the old Colonial Club.  The most important thing I can remember is when we were very small our Daddy, Charles Patterson, would cash script at the old Algoma Commissary to get money to hire Mr. Toney Roberts from Lothair to drive our family to Troublesome to visit our Aunt Ruth and Uncle Alonzo Patterson for the weekend. We could not afford a car ourselves.  Those were the good old days.  Us children, June Louise and Merrill Patterson, could not wait for the weekend.   Our Dad would always stop at the Mother Goose to buy gasoline and get us a bag of candy to eat on the way."   June Patterson, Hazard (Lothair) KY

"When I was a child we lived in Hindman, Kentucky, and we would go to Hazard sometimes and I always looked forward to seeing Mother Goose.  I especially remember my grandpa taking me to the Mother Goose Restaurant and getting me a cheeseburger and milkshakes.  I am glad of this website so my daughter can see part of my childhood."  Jeff Thacker, Kendallville, Indiana

"I use to live in Blue Diamond, born in Walkers Branch.  My brother, Ned Slone, lives on Gays Creek.  I was born in 1937 and left Kentucky about 1950.  I use to pass the Goose almost every day.  I miss Blue Diamond and going over Crawford Mountian."  Dexter J. Slone, Rolling Meawods, IL

"The Goose is a part of us."  Jimmy Fields

"I was checking an article in my e-mail and just kept clicking on the connect message and what did I find!!!!!  THE MOTHER GOOSE of Hazard.  This has always been of interest to me since I was a small girl.  The first time I remember seeing the Mother Goose I was a very young girl of 6 or 7.  I have passed this on to other family members.  I have taken my children and grandchildren to see the GOOSE.  It is one of my favorite memories of my mountain home."  Nell (Howard) Bee, Hampton, VA

"I roofed the goose approximately 1980 with my brother, Seldon Young, for Doc Walker.  My parents used to shop there when I was a growing child.  It was such a thrill to roof 'the goose store.'  It's surely a valuable piece of Hazard's history."  Roy Young, Hazard KY

"Visiting Hazard as a kid in the '60s and '70s, and living there in the late '70s I loved seeing the Goose.  It's always been my favorite landmark of Hazard or anywhere else really.  One time while helping my friend, Anthony Smith, deliver newspapers, we were invited to take a peek inside.  It was a thrill for me to actually see inside the back of the Goose for a few seconds.  I'll never forget it.  I visit Hazard at least once a year and I always drive my daughters pass the Goose and sometimes take a picture of them near it." Greg Bailey, Alvaton, KY

"I grew up in Perry County & I was always curious about the goose building."  Shiela Langdon, Texas

"I have lived beside the Mother Goose my entire life.  It has always been the first place I show off when visitors come to town.  Too bad it isn't the prosperous business it was when I was growing up.  It used to be one of the nicest grocery stores in the area and everyone was always so friendly.  Wish we could have the small town atmosphere back like we once had, including Main Street stores with TG&Y, Newberry's, Home office Supply, Goad Hardware, Steeles, and etc.  Miss the Jaycees dime booth at Christmas."  Terry Anderson Feltner, Hazard, KY

"Thanks for the info on the Mother Goose! Thanks to George Stacy for building it. It is the great land mark of Hazard, KY.  Everyone who lived there loved the Goose. We hope it will stay there forever!"  Lucille Jones, Hartford City, Indiana

"As a child my mother would bring us to Hazard to visit our grandmother.  A visit was never complete without a trip to The Mother Goose to get an R.C Cola or a Orange Crush and a Moon pie.  It was always a big thrill.  In all my travels to different states I've never seen anything like it."  Lisa Baker, Ohio

"I have grown up in Hazard and have always lived close to the Mother Goose.  It's something I have seen everyday and hopefully will always continue to see in Hazard."  Joanna, Hazard, KY

"I also have grown up near the Goose for the last 30 years of my life. I love it.  I have a great feeling of pride for the Goose.  It is a shame that it is not open to the public to enjoy.  Also, to one of the viewers, Jenny Maggard, I would love to talk to you. I used to love Goldie and Monroe Fugate.  They owned it when I was a little girl and that was when the restaurant and the store were in their glory. Granny Stacy lived in the Goose at that time. She was a wonderful person. She was great to all of us kids. She loved showing off her little Goose house."  Mollie Greenlee Salyers, Wabaco, KY

"I have been in the 'Goose' many times.  My Aunt and Uncle (Monroe and Goldia Fugate use to run the Mother Goose Market and I use to work there my Sophomore year in High School.  Lots of memories there for me!"  Jenny Maggard, Hindman, KY

"I was raised in Hazard and always think of the Goose when I recall home.  I seem to always take pictures of it when I go home!  As a teenager, I remember taking my Aunt Ruth and Mamma to the drive-in restaurant at the Goose and getting an ice cream cone for 5 cents.  We got upset when the price went up to 10 cents!"  Donna Lawson Glenn, Middleburg, FL

"I think that the idea of a building with a mother goose on the top was a great idea!  I love it.  I remember I used to go by the building and would want to stop and play in the house. I wish that the eyes still blinked though.  I did not know that it was ever like that!  I think someone should devote their time to get the lights in the eyes back on!"  Shannon Clemons, Jackson, KY

'The Goose' was featured on HGTV's show, Extreme Homes.  On the show's introduction, you can catch a brief glimpse of this landmark.  Check out the article at www.hgtv.com  Steve Turner, Jeff, KY

"I lived in Hazard for many years and always had an eye catcher when I drove by the Goose.  I think someone should restore it as good as possible."  Thomas Spencer, Scottsburg, Indiana

"My Mamaw & Papaw Combs were from Hazard.  My fondest memory, from our many trips to Hazard from Pennsylvania, is the excitement and anticipation of seeing our favorite landmark - the 'goose' - signaling we were just minutes away."  Nana Varee Juarbe, Alexandria, VA

"I wish my house was shaped like a goose.  I think it's really neat.  I wish my mom and dad had built our house like that.  When I was younger I can remember asking my granny who would ever build a house shaped as a Goose, but now when I look at it I think it's so awesome."  Jessica Wooten

"The Goose has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  There is hardly a day goes by that I don't see the Goose and marvel over the way that one man's ingenious imagination created a monument for all of us to enjoy.  The Mother Goose turned 60 this year and we are still enjoying it.  I think George Stacy would have been proud."  Leo, Wabaco, KY - Home of the Goose!

"About eight years ago a new grocery store chain came to the Kansas City area called the 'Hen House'.  Having lived in Hazard I assumed these huge stores would have hen shapes on top.  This is not so, although the 'o' in 'Hen House' is shaped like an egg with a silhouette of a hen."  Jerry Riscovallez, Mission, Kansas

"I think that the Mother Goose is cool." James Trent, Sassafras, KY

"Brings a lot of memories to mind and makes the kids smile."  Jesse Feltner, Waukegan, Il

"The Mother Goose really is a beautiful piece of architecture.  It has been here forever and we have all grown to love her splendor and beauty.  Hope she stays there forever."  Ruth Williams, Fisty, KY (Knott County)

"I live in Hazard and it feels good to know that people can view our monuments like the Mother Goose and admire it. I live maybe one minute from the Mother Goose and still to this day I look upon it with amazement."  Brandi Overbee, Hazard/Wabaco, KY

"The photo of the structure looks different in the Car and Driver magazine photo. Does anybody know if the bottom of the 'Goose' was built into it later or what?  I was just curious.  I have lived in this area for over 25 years and I still check it out every single time that I drive by. This is definitely an amazing creation by Mr. Stacy!  Congratulations to you, Mr. Stacy for giving us a wonderful piece of your time to create this beautiful landmark here in Hazard. I think it is such a funny but wonderful site to see!  I love it!  I sure hope that Sherman Neace takes great efforts to keep it restored to 'like-new' condition always!"  Crystal, Hazard, KY

"Came upon page by accident. I think it's great.  My Aunt Esta used to own the Mother Goose Grocery. I myself lived in Hazard from 1962-1966."  Michael Murrell, Oviedo, Fl.

"My husband and I have spent many hours on your website, we enjoy it so much. My husband is Phillip Combs from Dwarf, KY.  He graduated from M C Napier in 1975 and worked at the Goose while going to high school."  Phillip & Elisibeth Pat Combs, Celina, Ohio

"I grew up on Lotts Creek and I would go there with my dad or grandpa. A joke that I always heard was: you know why the Mother Goose's head is turned toward the road? If it was turned the other way it would crap in the road." Phillip Lucas, Romecity, IN

"'Why does the goose face the road?', Granny said.  'I don't know....Why?', said I.  'Because if it didn't it would go poop in the road!'  I never tired of this exchange between my Granny and me because it always brought on a case of the giggles!  Driving by the Mother Goose house will always be one of my favorite memories of sharing summers in Hazard with my Granny, Georgia Wehrley.  God bless her soul."  Carrie Minton, Dayton, OH

"When I was little, my granny used to tell me that if you are driving by the Goose late at night it might turn around and poop on your car."  Amy

"I lived in Vicco, KY, graduated in 1950 from Vicco High School.  I remember the Hole In the Wall Restaurant in Vicco very well, and the Mother Goose in Hazard. My dad, Chester Roberts, owned a Taxi Cab Company at Taxi Alley in Hazard." Nelllie Roberts, Port Orange, FL

"I love the goose."  Amy Watts, Hazard, KY

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