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Hazard Rexall Drugs has moved!

We are no longer located on Main Street in Hazard, where we have been since 1912.  We have moved to cyberspace to join the family at HazardKentucky.com.  Tell your friends about our new home on the Internet.


When Hazard Drug first opened in 1912, the sinking of the Titanic was fresh on the minds of people everywhere.  Main Street was a dirt road and the main source of transportation was either by train or on horseback.  It would be years before a car would drive down the streets of Hazard.

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Crowd in front of Hazard Drug (1912)

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The interior of Hazard Drug remained basically unchanged for almost 90 years 

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Rexall's (1940s)

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Rexall's in 1953 (left),
Phillip Wright in front of the business in 1984

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"Welcome to the permanent home of Hazard Rexall Drug on the Internet.  We never close in cyberspace and offer the best milk shakes, hot coffee and cherry Cokes around."  Jay Lasslo

"I read my first comic book from the rack stand at Rexall Drug and had my first banana split there also.  After Sunday School and Church on Sundays always had to have a cherry coke.  Thanks for the memories!"  Angelene Boyas North, Bradenton, FL  abnorth@netzero.net

"My last visit to Hazard was in July, 1987.  I worked at the Hazard Rexall Drug from 1960 through 1962 at the soda fountain.  I worked for Joe Duncan.  He was a very nice person to work for.  One of the ladies who worked with me, was named Avonelle.  I am so sorry to know that with my next visit, I will not be able to visit Rexall Drug."  Clara (Davidson) Nordstedt, Gainesville, Florida  Nordstedt@earthlink.com

"I was born and raised at Hardburly.  I remember the drug store and visited often.  MY wife of 45 years worked there when she was in high school.  In later years we would stop in when we came home to visit.  Claudia passed away in September 2000.  With the loss of the drug store and Claudia my world became smaller."  Chester Lawson, Troy, N.C.  claws@ac.net

"My husband and I have wonderful memories of the sandwich shoppe.  It was there many years ago that we started courting one another.  Now that we have grown children of our own those were the memories that we shared with them.  We've made many wonderful dear friends there in the past.  It is so sad to think that we won't be visiting there anymore.  Even though it may not be the same building, I hope so much that it is rebuilt.  I want my children to be able to have wonderful memories of downtown Hazard also."  Linda Miller, Hazard, KY  aria@tgtel.com

"I came to Hazard and helped start radio station WKIC.  I married Betty Rogers while I was there.  I am sorry to hear about your fire."  Eugene S Adams Decatur, GA  gene.adams@att.net

"I remember going over to Hazard Drug for a PayDay and a Pepsi.  Every now and then I would get a lemonade.  It never tasted the same anywhere else.  Also, the pimento cheese sandwiches."  Joe Eversole, New York, NY  jce1@nyu.edu

"I grew up on Troublsome Creek in Perry County during the '70s and '80s.  We would come to town about once or twice a week.  One of those trips didn't get made without stopping at the Rexall Drug Store for a hot dog and a cherry Pepsi."  Charles Stacy, Hazard KY  charlie_stacy@hotmail.com

"My husband is a pharmacist and together we owned and operated the Hazard Rexall Drug store from 1952-1989.  The Hazard Rexall Drug was home to my husband, Joe, and to me and our two sons, Bruce and Dana Joe for many years.  We spent a good part of our lives in one of those buildings that was destroyed. I can close my eyes right now and see the people that we served.  Alison Wells' father, Garland, and her grandfather, Courtney, both attorneys, had their law offices in the building for as long as I can remember.  The Bailey P. Wotton's owned that building at the time we were renting and were wonderful to us.  They had moved to Frankfort from Hazard but still returned quite often to see us and to see about the upkeep of their building.  Time moves on, but we must not let the recent fire destroy our hopes and dreams of a better Main Street for that is the heart and soul of any city."  Elizabeth S, Duncan  elilsduncan@yahoo.com

"I was a teenager in the late '40`s working there.  It was a fun place to work, every one knew every one in town.  Our city policeman came in every day for refreshments and to give us a hard time.  One of them was a real stinker, sooooo to get even with him we put SAL-A-PATIKA in his milkshake.  Well that kept him home for a couple of days.  I often think of my home town and hope to go back some day.  Thank you for this web site.  I have been able to keep in touch with my dear friends from the past.  I was able to locate one friend I had lost track of after 50 years.  Keep up the good work."  Betty Strong Hobbs, Fort Wayne, IN  seh222@yahoo.com

"I remember when I use to walk to Hazard every Saturday either through the tunnel or around the road from Lothair.  I lived across from the power company.  I would go to the drug store often.  I hated to hear that it burned down.  I am the last of the Fergusons."  Bill Ferguson, Dunbar, West Virginia

"The last time I was there was this summer around September 14th, I think, Eva (Campbell) McCleland had flown in from Los Banos, CA, for a family reunion and the burial of her cousin, Jerri Campbell Flinchum (with whom I graduated from Hazard High in 1952), and we ate at the Sandwich Shoppe.  I still, and probably will always, refer to it as most Hazardites will, as The Rexall Drug.  Eva Mae had brought with her a recorder and we sat and ate and described what was happening to her mother, Ella Campbell.  We told her what was on the walls, and what we had ordered, etc., but we had no idea that would be the last time we would meet there.  I saw several almost familiar faces coming and going, and met a young man from Harlan County who had brought a group of youngsters to a Space Exhibit.  He was most talkative to us that day.  He had just lost one of his twin daughters to cancer at a very young age; he showed us her picture and remembered her with such grace.  We ordered sandwiches and chips and although it was not the same taste, it was good.  Of course, as for myself, I was back in time and seeing the old Hazard Drug as it was and could almost see the tables and booths and where friends gathered everyday, sitting almost in the same spot.  Most of them are gone now, but being there in body brought them to me in mind and it was a pleasure sitting there reminiscing.  Names popped into my head as my thoughts were actively bringing everything to mind again and I guess you might say, Eva and I visited in the present, and I visited, as I am sure she did also, in the past in our thoughts that day, never once thinking it would be our last visit to one of Hazard's most well know landmarks.  What a loss!  It goes in the past with Steele's Drug, The Sweet Shoppe, Newberry's, Scott's The Grand and all the rest.  Oh, how I wish I could be like the girl in OUR TOWN, to go back one more time and walk down Main Street and visit, the 10 cent stores and buy candy, Don's and buy burger and fries and a piece of Zeta's pie, to the Hazard Drug for a break, coke and sandwich, and down the other side to The Sweet Shoppe and talk with Nell, Dell and Babe while eating the best hot dog in town, and my old teen age haunt, Steele's Drug, where we would sit and listen to the juke box and size up the cute fellows that would walk in, and sitting with dates, especially two that I fondly remember, but did not marry."  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC  i.hansel@att.net

"I lived in Hardburly but went to school at Hazard High from 1947 to 1951.  Since I rode the bus to Hardburly..after school..I was also in the band..there were always times to kill..and I would go to Hazard Drug store because it was teen-age friendly..Like Ida Lee says..it was also a good place to take your date..or to be with your friends.  Everyone who remembers those times will surely miss the store."  George Birmingham, San Jose, CA  mapche@ave.net

"I worked at the Hazard Drug. I'm so sorry to hear that it burned.  Gosh it's been 50 + yrs ago that I worked there, but I can never forget all of the Soda's, Sundae's, & Milkshakes I made and the coffee I poured.  I also made some lasting friendships there. I remember the Hazard Drug as a fun place to work, I sure wish I could have seen it once more and enjoyed a cup of coffee or a Soda at the fountain.  I live in Texas now & haven't been back since 1983.  I have so many fond memories of Hazard  & all the places I worked, and all the nice people there."  Vera Feltner Hudson  vhudson@ticnet.com

"One thing I liked about Main street was every morning about 10 '0 clock everybody that had a business on Main street use to slip out the back door and go down to Hazard Drug because they charged a nickel for a cup of coffee.  The other places charged a dime.  We'd go in there and have a meeting and straighten out the world situation and have a cup of coffee and swap a few tall tales."  Hazard Photographer, Hal Cooner

"Everyone always came to town, especially the kids...We went to the Drug Stores for a 5 cent cherry Pepsi." The Big Dipper

"I'd window-shop all the way to the parking lot at the east end of Main Street, stopping in Rexall Drugs to look at and buy comic books. They were a quarter apiece back then. A three-dollar allowance which I earned, every penny went a long way back then." Larry Coots, Pomfret Center, CT

"I am really sorry to hear about the fire. This destroyed many landmarks from my past.  I spent many hours in the Hazard Drug."  Richard C. Ward, Lexington, KY  rcw_wtc@msn.com

"I am sorry about the fire.  I heard it on the police scanner when it first happened.  Hope you can start a new place. It looks so different on Main Street with the buildings gone.  The one building that was torn down before your building - I got a bedroom 16x12 made from the wood from it.  God Bless You."  Tawynia Ritchie, Dwarf KY  brigetjoanne@yahoo.com

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The staff of Hazard Drug

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