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The Hurst-Snyder Hospital was organized in 1930 by Dr. Dana Snyder and Dr. Taylor Hurst.  The hospital began serving the public in the Hurst Building (now the Radio Building) at the corner of Main and Morgan streets.  In 1936 the hospital moved to the corner of High and Lovern Streets.  Although it closed many years ago, the original building that was home to the hospital, still stands today across from the Perry County Library.  

The medical staff at the Hurst-Snyder Hospital included Dr. Dana Snyder, his father, Dr. S.B. Snyder, Dr. Taylor Hurst, Dr. Paul W. Gutsche, Dr. D.L. Upchurch and many others through the years.  In 1950 Mrs. Eliza J. Shackelford headed the Nursing Department and Miss Helen Holsclaw was the director of the Clinical and X-Ray department.  The office and bookkeeping department was managed by Mrs. Robert Mistler.  The hospital had a full-time staff of 21 people. 

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"I won't soon forget the old Hurst/Snyder Hospital.  I was a teenager and sporting brand new shoes with leather heels.  It had been raining, and as I started down the steps in front of the hospital, both feet slipped and I bounced down every one of those steps on my rear end. I wasn't badly hurt, but somewhat bruised and embarrassed a lot. That was over 50 yrs ago, but the image is still clear in my mind."  Glen Boling, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. gboling@mediaone.net

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