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House of Chimes

Ideal Furniture Company was organized in 1918 on Main Street in Hazard.  Fifty years ago, in 1941 the company installed a set of Westminster Chimes.  For many years the chimes played every fifteen minutes and were heard at the top of each hour.  Programs of sacred, classical and semi-classical music were played each afternoon at five pm and on Sunday mornings at 9:30.  The Nation's Prayer Minute was announced each evening at six pm by the playing of Sweet Hour of Prayer.  After the installation of the chimes, Ideal Furniture became known to many as The Home of Chimes.  The Ideal Furniture Company building later housed Home Office Supply.  Share your comments with us

"When I was a little girl living on High Street, I always thought the chimes were coming from the First Methodist Church.  I remember the beautiful chimes and listened to them every day.  It's been such fun to go back and explore your website.  Hats off to your marvelous staff."  Claudia Shepherd Purdom, Cynthiana, Ky.

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