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Blue Diamond Coal Company in the late 1940s   Notice the miner's bath house and tipple.  

Click here Leatherwood, KY around 1985  shows the main mine offices, commissary & department store at Leatherwood #1, Blue Diamond Coal Company
Click here Aerial View of Leatherwood in 1962 shows the company stores, the post office, commissary, "Y" Pool Hall, & the main business part of the coal community.

"My Father, Charles E. Suttles, drove the ambulance for Local Union 8280 to Hazard, Lexington, Harlan etc., for members of the community, and with injured or deceased miner's from inside the mine's at Leatherwood.  These pictures were donated by both my Father Charles "Gene" Suttles, and Son Gary E. Suttles (born and attended school at Leatherwood from grades K-Freshman in HS, 1962, from the class of 1966)"   Gary E. Suttles  bassin@bright.net

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