Perry County Sheriff Bill Cornett, kneeling, displays a confiscated moonshine still.  Cornett was Sheriff from 1954 until 1957.  Perry County deputies Junior Young (left) and Charlie Stidham (right) are also pictured.  Want to add your two cents worth?  Submit your comments below. 

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"As a former moonshiner in the hills around Cutshin in Leslie County I have boiled off many gallons of corn whiskey both straight corn and thumped. I have constructed many stills and wooden boxes to hold mash in. But I have never seen a still that looked that one pictured on this page. In order to make whiskey, the coil or worm must be immersed in cold water to cause the steam to condense releasing the alcohol in a small stream into our mason jars. I quit the business long ago but at eighty three years old I could still make a rig today."  Donald (Dan) Caudill  Gulfport, Mississippi